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tv   News  RT  January 10, 2021 4:00am-4:31am EST

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they have. within for green walls. to leave defense room. a violent riots uncomfortable hill that's being compared to a failed coup attempts leaves 5 people dead and dozens charged and arrested. also this week an unprecedented display of authority by big social media sites permanently banned the us president and some of his supporters from the platforms claiming that his posts could encourage further violence. another new breakthrough for julian assange. blocks of u.s. extradition request. by the judge largely supporting america's espionage charges against him saying that it sets a dangerous precedent. this is
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a battle for the knife with one really really great if you. look for human rights. from this rationale and the whole narrative. there and thanks so much for joining us this is the weekly. we'll begin with this week's unprecedented riots on capitol hill it was like a by some to a failed coup attempt thousands of supporters converged in washington on wednesday it was for a last ditch stop the steel rally following an address by the president they then stormed the congress building.
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but 5 people died as a result of the ensuing unrest think lead to the police officer dozens of people have been charged and arrested following the havoc on the americas ben swan was there and witnessed firsthand events. well the atmosphere out here is absolutely incredible right now as you can see president trump is speaking addressing a huge crowd which is over by the white house but we're all backed up all the way to the washington monument. we know that people were storming into the capitol we know that tear gas was fired and we also know that rubber bullets were fired but i was just showing video a minute ago it from inside the capitol of a young woman on a stretcher bleeding pretty proof usually had a lot of blood on the side of her head on the side of her neck and a. number of police and secret service were saying
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get back get down get out of the way she did leave the car and as we kind of raced up to grab people pull them back they shot her in the neck and she fell back on me and started to say she was fine at school and then she started kind of like moving weird and blood was coming out of the mouth and neck and nose just behind me there are thousands of people there on the other side of me there are thousands of people so you know when when those folks moved from the from the trump rally and speech where we were before down at the washington monument and they began to move this way it's a sea of people. way up at the top of this building apparently there are still people attempting to break into the capitol building there banging on the windows up there.
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what we're seeing are a series of flash bangs that keep going off it's the upper part of this this platform area over on the left hand side back towards the bill. the young woman who was shot in the neck or head area apparently was part of 81st wave of people who pushed and you hear those why the way more of those flash bangs going off. and so so things are about to get a little bit rough here let's just pan over here negative so we have the capitol police are coming through we've got to move on ok we're being told we have to move on by capitol police. gets a much quieter minus the police sirens here right there but there are very few people
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out right now no you know last time we came to you all we got cut off because capitol police were moving everyone out what was happening at that moment was we saw the capitol police come essentially with their right shields are. all living former u.s. presidents have condemned the violence at the capitol barack obama called it a great dishonor and shamed the nation while george w. bush rounded an insurrection worthy of a banana republic with more his own correspondent run against it. these scenes a usually an act of desperation i reproved heston's and disenchanted view does storming parliaments and government pub pounds willed wives from bolivia to get what america didn't expect to find itself on that least this is how elections
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a disputed in a but non republic not solid democratic republic but non a republic usually an unstable country with a huge wealth gap and reliant on the export of limited resources so how could this happen to america a nation that exploited regime change and revolution the new bully we salute the courage and strength to believe in people who have protested against a government trying to steal an election the united states supports the courageous decision by one. the president of your national assembly to assert that body is constitutional powers declare madeira are your serp are and call for the establishment of a transitional government with 15 weeks of protests jason hometown a centrist john a staring message to the rest of the world about the trains of freedom and justice turns out it's not soo fun when it happens to you today was
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a dark day in the history of the united states capitol we witnessed yesterday was not the scent. it was not disorder it was not protest it was chaos my shameful course made on our democracy it was an embarrassment and dual sides came out of this looking ugly the right to storming america's quaint temple of democracy the left for pretending they're actually against violent protests despite months of rockets and violent b.l.m. demonstrations and fiasco the season the sort of thing that's supposed to happen in america this is banana republic that we're watching happen this is what you expect to see in a banana republic journalists with equally confused a feeling of disbelief seemed to grip them to surreal i feel like i'm talking to a correspondent reporting from the you know bogota c.n.n.
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quickly became the subject of ridicule online as they haven't been attempts to storm the colombian parliament in decades to into also had a stellar movement listing who and why do venezuela's self-proclaimed president among the leaders who condemned what happened in capital hill who won why do over the past few years has repeatedly attempted a violent seizure of power attacks an army base and even climbed over the parliament fence him self. what happened will stay in america's record for good this isn't something that you can just forget the holds of congress to thaw out and a terrible precedent set. these very. pro-american references to a banana republic harkens back to the times of colonialism when the us invaded that
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eye which is 14 salim's in the beginning of the 20th century they want to project that this is a pristine democracy because how can they justify tensions with say. one mosque on be. in holcim in city if they don't have their own house in order for us let's be very clear we're talking about a democracy for the plutocrats and technocrats and big capital big money then yes the united states is a democracy if we're talking about democracy by and for the people not by and for the rich the ruling class. in the united states is a disgrace in terms of very serious measure of democracy i would guess shared with us their insights into the unfolding political crisis in america. this is sit decision this is an act to overthrow the u.s. government people died this is beyond crazy this is
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a criminal act this is unprecedented i don't know that any point is certainly in recent american history has a group of has a mob essentially tried to storm the capitol during a basically a routine procedure i mean this is not the election this is the vote certification which normally gets basically no media coverage it's just routine and to see this level of iron this level of of anger and hate and passion really shows that things have kind of got off the rails and there actually is great precedent or of yes we will have a history we wouldn't realize that the even the documents 'd that were style next declaration of independence those are merely contracts signed by who agreed to be governed a certain way and when they decided that they were no longer the breaking mr glover as americans i actually believe that the contract allows us to say we have you know
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how we don't like. and we want a change we didn't we didn't change we voted our vote is not the heart and that's how the people you know you have a right to make their voices heard trump is very cleverly brilliantly shifted the narrative from basically i lost an election to i was wrong by the evil system facebook and twitter are just just censoring the president they're censoring basically anybody with a with a position that doesn't go along with the silicon valley narrative do they have the right to do it sure because does the government have a responsibility to cease any involvement with facebook definitely and most importantly do we have as a as a community have the responsibility as a yeah i'm not going to be part of a an organization that censors people absolutely not to for. ending mr zucker here trust me i'm not but he owns the real estate i'm walking on his lawn he's not
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walking on my lawn if he decides that you've got to wear green had on my lawn that i have to wear green hat or i get kicked off his lawn if he wants to charge me for being on his lawn that i might have an expectation of privacy or protection board freedom of speech but i'm on his lawn here's rules. for following the chaotic camp at all see big tech flex its muscles in response to social media networks purging the us president and some of his supporters from the platforms twitter has permanently suspended donald trump's account which had 88000000 followers citing quote the risk of further incitement of violence triggered a war of reactions we are living in all wells 19 eighty-four free speech no longer exists in america it died with big and what's left is only there for a chosen few this is absolute insanity to it it may ban me for this but i am willing to accept the phase your decision to permanently banned president trump has a serious mistake the ayatollah can tweets but trump can't says
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a lot about the people who run twitter now is the time for silicon valley companies to stop enabling this monstrous behavior and go even further than they have already by permanently but in this manner from their platforms and put in place policies to prevent their technology from being used by the nation's leaders to feel insurrection donald trump spends years demagoguing lying spreading hate and propagating conspiracies and sweeter and the forces inciting violence social media companies have allowed this vile content to fester for too long and need to do much more but banning him is a good start. trump is not alone in falling victim to big tech censorship twitter has taken down the accounts of former national security advisor michael flynn extra employees sidney powell and other high profile supporters of the president also joined in and banned terms former chief strategists the ban and conservative friendly social media platform parlor was deleted 1st from the google play store and then from apple's store for failing to moderate the content posted by users
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amazon for its part has denied parlor the use of its servers the trombone inspired people though to become creative on social media.
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it's not the end of the day for trump unless he has no platform laughter and that's exactly what they're trying to do so this is politically motivated censorship he's trying not to be silenced but he is being silenced what i read into it is that he has more to say and that he's you know he's going to continue despite the fact that he's given a mere concession speech he's going to get tenure to call the election fraudulent or at least based on widespread fraud and malfeasance they have been
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a political force and they've been driving censorship and propaganda for last 40 years at least which will increase their. the election season so there is no surprise now that given the incident in d.c. on january 6th that they have decided i don't really trump it's quite a shocking development i think. so it's come a british judge refuses to. over to the american citing his failing mental health but still sides with washington's case against him to the dismay of press freedom with all story after the press.
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franklin kind of one of the architects of america. all this how it was going to ask when you can vote for free money the republic is done and this is what just happened in 2020 electoral people voted for free money and now it's officially per ben franklin it's done it's. done.
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this week's or a major development in julian assange long fight for freedom and a shock ruling a british judge blocked the publisher's extradition to america because of concerns about his mental health a london based correspondent was outside the courthouse when the news broke so i actually kind of fun that the decision was ruled in favor of juda so it just seems as though the judge was describing it was one this case is a final decision for many people his supporters and campaign is absolutely did celebrating hugging each other names just a dream it's true when i write her you. know. her. as long as julian has to endure suffering in isolation as an unconvicted prisoner in belmarsh
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prison and as long as our children continue to be the rest of their father's love and affection. we cannot celebrate. we will celebrate the day he comes home a glimpse of hope to start the new year and hopefully a new era. it is a day. was when for julian the songs. we have. just not noticed too. a win for journalists and so although today is a victory in essence for judas and the judge did of course say that it was not politically motivated enough a serious concern for journalism going forward on the future of journalism as well you know i spoke to rebecca vincent from reporters without borders and she says that journalists need to be protected so we read the very much and share the court's assessment of his serious mental health arrests but we're concerned that
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the rest of the decision leaves the door open for possible other prosecutions on similar grounds because until that point until she came to that point of the decision it seems very much that the case would have been in favor of the prosecution so without the mental health issues at play somebody else in that same situation could have indeed been extradited to the u.s. to face charges there so this pointed out broader systemic issues that need to be addressed the espionage act must be reformed it locks the public interest of funds any publisher any journalist any source finds himself subject to similar proceedings they cannot adequately defend themselves and we spoke to some of you get a songes of the high profile supporters who are also disturbed by the message the extradition ruling sends to journalists. this is a battle not just for the life of one great truly great journalist julian and sometimes it's a battle for the survival of the human race if we give up the full 3 states if we
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allow. the united states government to crucify a journalist on the grounds that he revealed war crimes by them. then we give up our access to the real world they say you can believe broke into lives and if somebody comes along and says actually you know what that's not true this government murdered journalists by machine gunning them from a helicopter in baghdad in 2007 and we know they did and here is the proof and we're going to publish it and then and and then we would say you can't do that because if you do we're going to kill you is that the well we want to live in now. in offense to the system has succeeded in intimidating the world and passing the
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message that this is what's going to happen to you if ever you have the idea of publishing our dirty secrets and making that known to the world the judgment it comes from this rationale and this whole narrative of criminalizing investigative journalism and book blowing at it or noise even to the tiny risks that it would still have that its own supreme court in the u.s. might overturn the judgment against to in essence based on on the 1st amendment the constitution as was done in the pentagon papers we have to recognize that other investigative journalist just who may not have. important health issue could still be extradited to the u.s. base and exactly the same charges. we are still very concerned by. the mentation of the british call didn't didn't. take into consideration all the good reasons you know to release. julian assange.
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as a journalist you know or just as an actor or a media actor in any case there are some discussions on the fact journalist or easy . bro in any case he committed a journalistic act you know by revealing. war crimes. by u.s. government in. iraq and afghanistan so you know one of you who acted as a journalist and. protection as a journalist washington was less than pleased with monday's decision by the judge not to extradite the whistleblower but the silence was denied bail and will remain in belmarsh prison or u.s. prosecutors appealed the court decision stateside the committee to protect journalists is urging the u.s. department of justice to drop all charges against the sanj we heartened that a british court has denied the united states' request to extradite julian the son
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the u.s. government's decision to charge the wiki leaks founder said a harmful legal precedent for the prosecution of journalists around the world simply for interacting with their sources we have the u.s. department of justice to refrain from further pursuing extradition through appeals and to drop all charges against a stone age it's not the 1st time that the u.k. has blocked us extradition request over mental health in 2002 british hacker gary mckinnon was accused of breaching u.s. military computer systems had he been found guilty he could have faced up to 70 years in prison in america after a decade long legal battle treason made then home secretary refused to send him stateside citing the risk of suicide r.t. spoke exclusively with mckinnon about the son's case. we should leave him be in this position you know 7 years in the ecuadorian embassy the best part of 2 years in belmarsh prison. for telling the truth you know he's not a criminal. jury and the killings did their best to always ensure that they have
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the intelligence assets in danger and it really has been journalism on trial mainly in what do you mainly to the heavy handed us authorities but also exacerbated by this particularly imbalanced treaty we have between a president and america can only imagine judy this is exactly the same as when i was under house arrest it was that my own house not in that ecuadorian embassy. it really is. incredibly difficult it's awful i got to the point of suicide i'm short periods and suicidal thoughts and you're trying to maintain normality you're trying to fight your case you're trying to live as normal a life as you can but you've got this unbearable pressure inside and when it goes on for 7 years 10 years it gets worse and worse and worse it is really really difficult to handle. also this week england has gotten tougher again in its response to the pandemic going into its 3rd lockdown since spring but its prime minister barak's johnson said he hopes this will help to contain
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a highly contagious varied to curb it which is currently spreading the country says the u.k.'s deadly infection rate hovers around the $60000.00 mark. we now have a new variant of the virus and it's been both frustrating and alarming to see the speed with which the new variant is spreading. our scientists have confirmed this new variant is between 50 and 70 percent more transmissible in england we was there for going to a national lockdown which is tough enough to contain this variant if come back full circle to to last march when we were told to stay home protect the n.h.s. and to save lives and that mantra was repeated by boris johnson again today and is in force once again what it means simply enough is that people in england are being told to stay home except for a number of reasons essential shopping work if that work can't be done from home
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exercise urgent medical needs or in cases where someone is threatened with domestic violence and has to get out there's also significant pressure coming for parents and students as primary and secondary schools will move to remote learning from to morrow and the closure of schools is a major government u. turn as the pm had said that he was determined the primary schools at least in england would stay open a tightening of restrictions as been seen across the u.k. just before johnson's announcement the mainland part of scotland also moved into lockdown and the new rules people there are required to stay at home and work remotely if possible and wales and northern ireland stricter measures in place since late december they've in the bar of the world health organization special envoy uncovered 19 says that there is a limit to how tough you can get on the virus. lockdown is designed to reduce transmission by reducing contacts and the new variant that is being discovered in kane. is now clearly why widespread is small transmissible so that
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does mean that if you want to get the same effect from the left arm with the new very end it has to be eban tough but you know there's a limit as to how tough you could make a lot down in any society without then damaging the society so that's why all governments have really very very tricky choices right now they have to decide to what degree they're prepared to ask their citizens to put up with any convenience for the sake of getting a transmission to stop a company this afternoon don't forget to check out more stories by heading to a website dot com. when else so it's seems wrong. but i'll. just don't call. me world
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yet to seep out of this thing comes to cancer. and it gains from it because betrayal. when something you find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. the way of life of reindeer hood is leading a traditionally nomadic lifestyle with the tundra is similar to a parallel reality which shockley contrasts with the usual realities of megacity while the men drive the hoods women carry the weight of the household work on their shoulders but no one would ever put housewife on this c.v. it's not considered a profession or an occupation that you get a salary or a pension fund in the vast expanse of russia there is a spot where a housewife could secure a regular employment status it's in the far north but there's just one tricky
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because unlike any other housewife such a woman would have to live in a chill a tent covered with randy hyde's that moves location several times a week. probably . soon as to. why yes. mr. did not say. that i would. show them which is. one of those feel that seemed that. we would sit to blow those nominees.


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