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in a world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. for a mate in the shallowness. unprecedented display of authority by big tech social media sites moved to purge the u.s. president and some of his supporters as well from the platform storm trunks now banned from twitter permanently about how his tweets might be received and interpreted baseball has become a way to power of course the problem is that tran addressed these people and did them too much on the capital. base but also extends its ban on trump's account they definitely years from one of the president's allies who believes it's part of a wider trend. for the 1st time in the history of our country we have the
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censorship of all the communications. in other news the hunger in prime minister lashes out at what he calls the e.u. slow efforts to roll out mass vaccination saying the country's been in talks with suppliers not approved by the block. further and a very good morning to you watching r.t. international. first this hour and a precedented display of authority by big tech social media sites moved to purge the u.s. president and some of his supporters for their platforms twitter has permanently suspended president trump's account citing quote the risk of further incitement of violence let's get more on the story now from our correspondent right against if he joins me in the studio. a surprise and yet in some ways no surprise whatsoever 1st of all that it is
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a big deal let's talk about the significance well it's game changing this is this is historic thing you know historically censorship has been something the has been done but by tyrants by dictators but also democratic governor. certain points in history but but it has always been the state really that has carried out censorship and what we're witnessing now is the power to censor being taken from government and used by billionaires to take billionaires so in effect it is no longer the state's elected governments or one elected governments it is now billionaires tech billionaires who control these huge platforms like facebook like twitter especially in this age in this digital couvade age where communication is a critically on line and they have taken unto themselves the power to decide what
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can be said and what carte we are living in all wells 19 eighty-four free speech no longer exists in america it died with big and what's left is only there for a chosen few this is absolute insanity to it it may ban me for this but i am willing to accept the fate of your decision to permanently ban president trump is a serious mistake the ayatollah can tweet but trump can't says a lot about the people who run twitter silence and people not to mention the president of the us is what happens in china not our country. i mean it's it's no secret that the they hated the guy donald trump they hated him all these 4 years they tolerated him and their platforms this is after all the president of the united states you can't very well especially in the middle of his term show him the sort of disrespect required to to ban his account and they did it because they
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believe that i said they because it is a duly twitter it's facebook. instagram it's snap chat they have all acted in concert and they have. interpreted his tweets he didn't actually still tell its followers to tell the crowds to go storm cavalierly told them to march on it and since then he has condemned what has happened nevertheless they have chosen and this is this is a subject they intend you know and intended step they have choosing to translate his tweets to view them as calling for insurrection is calling for his followers to storm. to storm the capitol hill and now at this point they have acted in concert they have banned him everywhere which which is you know it is humiliating also this is the most powerful person in the world dollar don't trust the president of the united states and he is still the president of the united states nevertheless the they have
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a view they believe that they now have the power to do this in nothing will come of it donald trump and try tweeting from the official presidential account of the pewters account and these tweets were quickly scrubbed he did say though that he wouldn't be silenced it must be noted that the seasoned just the tech giants acting as they see fit many people including politicians previous administrations they have come out and strongly condemned what what trump did and what happened on capitol hill knows they've done for silicon valley companies to stop enabling this morse's behavior and going further than they have already but permanently banned this man from their platforms and put in place policies to prevent their technology from being used by the nation's leaders to fuel insurrection. if we talk specifically to start with twitter i mean i was having a conversation with
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a colleague in the newsroom just a few days ago when the idea was put out there that he was on a final warning it was just a case of well it's not it's not if it's when how many days will it be as it is has been very few it could i suspect just what you could just gotten studies own social media organization than play by his own rules because these these organizations say house you come into our house you play by our rules but even then i would suspect he must have done something terrible to push them over the edge. well it's you know it he can be seen from from many different angles perhaps they thought that he was now particularly vulnerable particularly weak because what happened on capitol hill it was a disaster it was a political disaster for the united states this isn't something that is going to be forgotten this isn't something you could just give scrub out of memory it is now happened the united states which prodded self as the greatest democracy in the world the freest country in the world just parted itself as being that for many
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years which is exploited revolution and democracy regime change all over the world and suddenly there room people a room people citizens voters a storming parliament schooling capitol hill holds of congress people god people died if someone was shot inside the capitol hill. there is no under estimating how huge of an event this was and obviously the text writing that is viewed this public outrage the wives i should say that most of the outrages of the democratic side rather than the republican the conservative side many of them believe people were pushed to do this many of but the event believe that the election was stolen and there's very little communication between the 2 sides there but he's saying hold on you're mistaken the election was fair there's the sunni shouting and there's the sunni screaming and you know given what happened
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in capitol hill you can sort of understand. like i said these organizations have repeatedly said it's our house our rules you have to out here by them it's still nonetheless very strange to think if the president hasn't broken any laws that he says therefore the result of some kind of moral judgment it was a rather than a legal judgment there are repercussions there are there is and it's not just people who use social media who are going to be affected by these kind of decisions it's the platforms and sells well the. platforms being twitter for example the
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platforms being facebook yes but then there are content providers like absolute apple's app store all the google stores. and what they've done is you we've seen over the past year or so with the past several years even conservative voices on line have been systematically silence removed from you tube removed from twitter political commentators conservative commentators republican figureheads they have be systematically removed from all these various platforms and now they've gone a step further and that is 2 the removal of parlor parlor which dubbed itself as an alternative a free speech alternative to twitter. and they they had you know they were growing quite quickly they had a large following conservative voices people who left facebook for example who
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left twitter who left you tube they went to parlor because it dubbed itself as the free speech alternative and they have removed parlor from the google store and now they're being removed from apple so they you give the access to them has been restricted again by the same people that removed donald trump from from twitter for example take a 1000000000. as there they have there now. and you know they have demonstrated that they are now king makers in the united states they can set the narrative they can patrol and police the narrative and they don't get to say who has a seat or who can speak and who card who can it's a side free speech and who cut because i can do right now on twitter and i can call for the overthrow of donald trump and nobody will but not i will get back on i could go and call for the overthrow of boris johnson the democratically elected
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prime minister of great britain i could call for the overthrow of the president of brazil and nobody's going to do anything but if i call for the overthrow of georgia biden that's it done and this is you know this is the new norm because it must be in the so they bad donald trump saying and he is a threat to democracy and the safety who decided that he was a threat was that the f.b.i. was at the cia or perhaps the pentagon would charged you know with providing security for the united states no no it wasn't that was none of them it was billionaires the run these take shots and the last words you know now there's yeah and this is only going to add fuel to that argument that many people have made that big tech is too big of doesn't need to be broken up perhaps it's a conversation that's definitely going to be had many thanks moran's bring us all the latest. now 8 the press spoke to long time republican
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strategist and trump just who the president granted clemency lost a stone was convicted of lying to congress and of witness tampering in 2019 he says the suppression of conservative voices has gone too far. for the 1st time in the history of our country we have the censorship of all mass communications whether it is whether is broadcast television network television whether it is cable whether it is print media or whether it is the internet there is one overwhelming trudging narrative being forced on the american people and that created the atmosphere in which legitimate compelling i would say overwhelming evidence of voter fraud in cyber manipulation of the vote was dismissed as conspiracy theory people who want to be in silence others that simply means that they cannot win a fact based debate that they're not interested in honest electoral competition or
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a battle of ideas they have no ideas other than central control and socialism rather than doing away with our constitutional rights and now we see. an effort to take what happened tragically at the capitol and use it as an excuse to curtail our civil liberties even further this is a dangerous dangerous slope for america and you can watch the full interview with roger stone on america's in the press and also on line of political dot t.v. . we also discussed the issue is rivera editorial director of reactionary times dot com federica bindy professor of political science there is a feline i mean freedom of speech is guaranteed. to be. violence that is a completely different thing this is why i think facebook did the right choice in silencing president around this weeks but i don't think it would be possible to
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stop him from your life what they're doing is they're going ahead and expressing our message to the american people and to a lot of these other silicon valley giant that it's ok to go ahead and censor a speech that you don't agree with and that is contrary to the spirit of the 1st amendment in america in contrary to the spirit of free speech the program with social media is that they have to comply with the french rules for instance in many european countries hate speech violence speech you know nancy nancy seem bolds those that are dying out from crimes are idolized on its own without if you built you're going if you're taking it there and yet i think are you. you are of the one percent that there were. with time i didn't the problem is not the
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election the problem is that trent addressed these people and i did them too much on the capital and this is intimidation the guy lost with peace and conditional there's nothing wrong with the church you know that's what i was more on that was not if you don't want wrote it in 1600 not a peaceful process there was a very violent protest which left 4 people die that i don't recall that priest will cross this one that you know smashes windows get inside you know what if if that happened on the new york shots that were fired from it about right. yet there was the police didn't respond soon enough and strong enough i'm very afraid because i just got the platforms off of you to. new year's eve they actually took the reactionary times facebook channel away and i'm afraid if you extrapolate that to a larger sense are they going to suddenly start the platforming stations did carry people like rush limbaugh sean hannity all the major conservative talk boyce's in
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america are they going to be silenced suddenly you know all the rules are changing and they're changing in real time you have a democratic party which is shown a lot of tendencies which lean towards fascism now have absolute power they have the house they have the senate and they have the white house where does it end the moment is really tense and the problem is and they repeat the trend incited to hate and violence he says nothing to do with concert but he says you're not you know only it was a big difference between the way the media treated president barack obama the way they treated president trump and i think we're already seeing that going back toward allow liberation let's see what do the rate what that means that abide look if you say that president trample was treated differently then then obama you have to give me the facts the numbers i did not ask there were 9 lives on the line from rather earth you don't want to t.v.
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in the last 4 years how could you say either we're not treated differently you know me down there. we wall the u.s. flag was flown at half mast on the capitol building in washington on friday in honor of a policeman who died from injuries he received guarding the building from protesters he is the 5th person to have died as a result of the riots a federal murder investigation is expected to be opened into the case. in other news the bodies of a woman and a child have been recovered from an avalanche that. around 6 buildings at a local ski resort in the russian city of no risk which is located inside the arctic circle earlier a teenage boy who was pulled from the snow he said to be in a critical condition in hospital large rescue operation is still under way with emergency services sending more personnel to the side of the people who are reportedly still trapped under the snow before it is a ward of the risk of more avalanches in the area with local roads closed as
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a precaution the prosecutor's office is open an investigation following its. hungary's lashed out at the european union over what it sees as its tardy efforts at procuring a vaccine the country has broken ranks with brussels by entering jab negotiations with russia china and israel peter oliver has more. e.u. commission president is on the phone the line is struggling to keep the states in line when it comes to vaccines she's warned the nations not to try and do their own deals the only framework we are negotiating in is as $27.00 we do this together and nonmember state on this legal binding basis is allowed to negotiate in parallel or to have a contract and parallel the loudest voice unhappy at brussels being in so charge of banksy procurements is coming from hungary with prime minister viktor orban saying
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the current plan could lead to months more of a lock down if we only rely on the western vaccines the restrictions will have to be maintained for several more months if we can find a safe and proven vaccine elsewhere we can speed up the process mr obama said that hungry had received only 800000 doses of the pfizer take vaccine and was budapest to be able to choose its own deals unfortunately the e.u. is poaches of vaccines has been very slow so hungry is carrying out negotiations with israel russia and china as well because if we wait the vulnerable situation we currently have will persist the e.u. commission says that their plan will provide enough vaccine to cope but everyone in the e.u. and then some of the whole portfolio covers $2300000000.00 doses of vaccine. so this is more than enough to vaccinate the whole european population ever the euro skeptic in the block the hungarian prime minister also pointed to
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a fresh she breaks that in britain the vaccine program there is something to emulate the british instead of letting brussels do it negotiated for themselves and are in a much better position now earlier in the week the e.u. approved the us manufacturing vaccine for use it will. we rolled out on monday across the e.u. alongside the. take back seat feature all over r.t. . the coronavirus situation in france shows no sign of easing up authorities or extended restrictions already in place across the country the move comes to the dismay there of many businesses concerned of course about their futures on the dubin ski has more. france remains under couvade restrictions the border with the u.k. also remain closed for the moment for all but essential travel reasons the prime
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minister confirming what many fear that. the time cause and come to return to normal was to meet one person to intensive care every 7 minutes and one in 2 people in intensive care their focal the 90. that means the curfew currently set at 8 pm in most parts of france will continue at least for the next few weeks while a further 10 departments saying there could be tightened that will not start at 6 pm borders restaurants cultural places all hoped to be opening in the next 2 weeks that's now been pushed back with february looking more likely another blow to a sector which says it is all move verge of collapse. from 5 to 7 pm where people leave work so there's obviously a lot of turnover because when people leave at 5 they want to have wandered around so the situation has now been complicated. this 2 hour difference has
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a serious effect on revenue it's the time when people come in and try things so as a bakery clients no longer come in but nutritionally 85 percent of our sales revenue between 5 and 7 pm so there's a restaurant we try and get by we're now being hit even harder so we look for new solutions to survive front which has been criticised for being slow to roll out the vaccine program again 19 is also seeing a rise in a new variant that was detected last month in the u.k. that variant is said to spread much faster now the government says it's stepping up its vaccination campaign and there will be $600.00 centers open by the end of january but is also struggling to convince the many citizens that they need to. the jab.
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and i wish the time a dentist so far as it is important to shore call and say no patients that fixing nation make sense you want to stop him endemic we need to go through this it doesn't hurt and we have total trust in our scientists and those who created this vaccine so i call and never want to get another latent dave jenkins to protect themselves and to protect the french population as a whole. we are committed to having the vaccine as soon as possible is a decisive step in the nationwide to attempt to control the pandemic. as new code of rape cases registered remain around the 15000 mark on
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a daily basis in france the government appears to be struggling with how to make a dent in a virus that said to have already claimed tens of thousands of lives. this virus like all viruses in general is constantly mutating all of its varieties both the one that was identified in the u.k. in the one that was noted in south africa and also go through the path of mutation as a result the virus becomes more infectious meaning it spreads faster not more powerful but more contagious but this may well happen in france in the case of those who have not traveled either to the u.k. or south africa do not know anyone who would associate themselves with these so-called patient 0 so in the end they mutated virus is more or less infectious wish justifies the control measures the restrictions the masks and all the precautions in general that reinforced. the pandemic is spelled disaster for many businesses not only in france but right around the world we spoke to some business owners about the challenges they're facing.
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if there is nothing we will be shutting down probably by march that's a realistic lookout we're going to be lost or ready for 50 employees you know it's hard to put on a good face for my saw to make them think everything's ok but sometimes it's really hard. lots lots of stuff police it's just the just the nature of based. on have made any redundancies personally everybody's kind of. up on travel you know at the end of the day so much so i want to look at the fact this is a business you know we'll try and get through it like everybody will and if it goes on another year how do you expect anybody to survive. the been done it made many people turn to online shopping spelling the disaster for
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long term does it like maybe look at the clothing sector has been hit particularly badly because we haven't had many states of. hosting the. games and but economically speaking only way postal brazenly telenovelas debt as we had hoped to follow losses during christmas just as the government can tell process is eating us out of the blow. of our clients hotels restaurants shops and events businesses which have been heavily impacted by the restrictions some of our clients are holding out but we don't know how much longer think in large scale the most difficult thing is not being able to plan ahead right now the big problem is the cash flow like a lot of our play is they're a bit like us so they don't have any cash so. they can have paid and suppose we've taken a very we don't have any cash we can appear so it kind of. and finally as
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part of our recap of the year just scan we take a look at tick tock which was the most downloaded out of 2020 well ahead of facebook whatsapp and even soon which took off as people shifted to working from home it has more. if someone asked me to think of words or names when looking back at 2020 through all the courses i don't look there as well as. logged out. by didn't i did then say take time. they say to really get to know someone you've got to walk a mile in their shoes so welcome to put the chinese alps 2020 under the microscope i've dragged you into the take talk you.
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enough of my own lame attempts of take talk even before last year the op was breaking one record after another over taking older apps but in the 1st quarter of 2020 it got the most downloads for any ever in a 3 months with 315000000 across the app store and google play. easy people just love silly home video it's like it's own pandemic with more and more users realizing they've been invited to a global stage bus it's actually about the real pandemic after all the best time to get carried away with filming how you dance in pajamas or how your pets screwed something up is when you're locked up.
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like when and what he was the year when any progressive business owner came to be understanding if you're not on take dog hell yeah you're missing out on at all for charities there's one big problem though getting to the bottom of how the cops i'll go with. how about how much cash very few in the old school rich and powerful club or lucky enough to even get close to the numbers of use young take talkers are getting here's a promotional take taught by amazon owned by the richest guy on earth. with 200000 hits that had graphics designers and more behind it and here's teleport from the philippines nodding to music. and maybe it's something that bees answer
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the day. with half a 1000000000 views no designer required so if you know the secret keeper to yourself the jackpot is all yours and to top it all off 21 feet will also be remembered for the mightiest of governments trying to take talk down probably not because it and these teenage success but in the name of american security well look you know sex stuff we may be banning exotic kid controls for security reasons but in china we protect the privacy. of american citizens and their information is a transit we have to have the total security from pick talk has too much data apparently it knows too much about you and me by the way probably no more than facebook or google wanted to ban the chinese judges overruled him he said in the us the power must be american owned at least in part now.


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