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tv   Cross Talk  RT  January 8, 2021 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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how long to use that really isn't scientifically justified by now study actually suggest that. the long term effects might not just be the absence of benefit but actually that it might be causing long term. what are permanently bans donald trump's accounts claiming there's a risk the president could incite further violence the censorship move follows facebook shutting down the president's top aides accusing him of undermining a peaceful transition of power. i. read. democrats leaked the draft of a new impeachment article against donald trump following the rest on capitol hill in a move critics say risks further dividing the country. this is banana republic that we're watching happen this is what you expect to see in
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a banana republic american politicians voiced their shock comparing the violence in the heart of washington to something seen in the so-called banana republic we look at whether there's much difference between the 2. and the mayor of london declares a major incident as a fast spreading strain of cold it pushes hospitals to the limits. wherever you are whoever you are whenever you are you're watching r t international i'm donald quarter taking you through the world news stories of the day welcome to the program. now donald trump has taken to his 2nd twitter account vowing he will not be silenced although that tweet itself was deleted just minutes later it comes after twitter permanently suspended the president's main account as well as his campaign account the platform claimed his posts risked inciting further violence. after close review of recent tweets from donald trump account and the
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context around them specifically how they're being received and interpreted on and off twitter we have permanently suspended the account due to the risk of further incitement of violence we will not be silenced twitter is not a bug free speech there are all the buzz promoting their radical left blood form where some of the most vicious people in the world to speak freely on their social media platforms such as discord and reddit have banned from supporting groups moreover the conservative friendly social media site parlor was suspended from the google play store with google citing quote user safety concerns earlier facebook extended its suspension of trump's account for at least 2 weeks meaning no more posts from trump until power has been transferred to joe biden here's how the company's boss mark zuckerberg defended the move over the last several years we have allowed president trump sees a platform consistent with our own rules at times removing content labeling his posts when the violates of policies but the current context is not fundamentally
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different involving the use of a platform to incite violence insurrection against a democratically elected government and despite the tough line from social media giants some think it's not enough former 1st lady michelle obama has called on silicon valley firms to boycott the president for life. knows they've done for silicon valley companies to stop enabling the small stores behave and go in further than they have already but they're mentally bent and these men from their platforms and put in place boluses to prevent that technology from being used by the nation's leaders to fuel insurrection i spoke about the issue to the author of thought criminal and professor of liberal studies michael wrecked and world i think that it's not the end of the day for trump unless he has no platform last and that's exactly what they're trying to do is to make sure he has no platforms left whatsoever so this is politically motivated censorship well he is being silenced i
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mean he's trying not to be silenced but he is being silenced what i read into it is that he has more to say and that he's you know he's going to continue despite the fact that he's given a near concession speech i think he's going to get tenure to call the election fraudulent or at least based on widespread fraud and malfeasance so they have been a political force and they've been driving censorship and propaganda for the last 40 years at least which was increased during the election season so there's no surprise now that given the incident in d.c. on january 6th that they have decided to utterly ban trump and it's quite a shocking development i think arties host of meet the press steve malzberg spoke to donald trump's longtime aide roger stone whom the president pardoned last year he thinks the suppression of conservative voices has gotten out of control. for the
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1st time in the history of our country we have the censorship of all mass communications whether it is whether it is broadcast television network television whether it is cable whether it is print media or whether it is the internet there is one overwhelming fraudulent narrative being forced on the american people and that created the atmosphere in which legitimate compelling i would say overwhelming evidence of voter fraud in cyber manipulation of the vote was dismissed as conspiracy theory people who want to be in in silence others that simply means that they cannot win a fact based debate that they're not interested in honest electoral competition or a battle of ideas they have no ideas other than central control and socialism rather than doing away with our constitutional rights and now what we see is an effort to take what happened tragically at the capitol and use it as an excuse to curtail our civil liberties even further this is
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a dangerous dangerous slope for america you can watch the full version of the interview with roger stone on an r.t. america's the press and online at portable t.v. house democrats are looking to get donald trump impeached again a 4 page draft of a new impeachment resolution against the president was leaked earlier the document claims trump incited insurrection at the capitol. donald trump engaged in high crimes and misdemeanors by willfully inciting violence against the government of the united states when for president trump by such conduct has demonstrated that he will remain a threat to national security democracy and the constitution if allowed to remain in office we have a leaked document that includes a plan to bring articles of impeachment against the president on monday and these articles of impeachment would be fast tracked voted on and the idea would be to remove donald trump from office now if this goes ahead this will be the 2nd time
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donald trump has been impeached you'll recall that he was impeached over a phone call that the ukrainian president however he was brought on articles and pete of impeachment the house voted to impeach him but then the senate voted not to remove him from office and you'll recall that entire incident so if this happens it will be the 2nd time that donald trump has been impeached in the us congress it's been widely reported that nancy pelosi spoke on a phone call saying that she favored the removal of donald trump from office either by the 25th amendment impeachment proceedings or having him resign that that is how she wanted donald trump to leave office from the presidency now it's interesting to note that both chuck schumer and nancy pelosi have been on the record advocating the impeachment of trump in the past take a listen what's happened at the u.s. capitol yesterday was an insurrection against the united states in science and by president trump this presidents must not hold office one day longer i joined
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a fair democratic leader and calling on the vice president to remove this president and i immediately invoking the 25th amendment this point republicans are voicing outrage because donald trump is only said to be in office for 12 more days this is only a symbolic gesture at best and they argue however we have democrats that are very adamant that it needs to happen we have a. situation where republicans are saying this will only intensify the situation the country now is the time to lower the political temperature they say this will only further divide the country impeaching the president was just lived in. country more i could reach toe to presidents of the buttons a day and blend to speak to a human we must work together so well with the membership and unite the country to solve america's challenges a politically motivated impeachment against a president with 12 days remaining in his term will only serve to further divide
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our great country we now have reports coming in that people who participated in events on wednesday on capitol hill are now being arrested a 60 year old man from arkansas who was photographed with his feet up on nancy pelosi as desk during the capitol hill storming and in infiltration that took place he's been arrested by the f.b.i. has as has another man who live streamed events inside of capitol hill during the protests they've been apprehended other people could be facing arrest very shortly so it seems like a crackdown is in the works democrats are moving against donald trump these are dramatic days in the united states these are certainly times that are going to be looked back on by historians these are big moments in american history. political activist and lawyer christian man sarah fears another impeachment will only add more fuel to the fire seeking another impeachment is the wrong way to go i think that we cannot forget what each impeachment has generated over the past years of
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the president say 40 years and now with the recent impeachment based on some absurd and ridiculous error accusing president trump of being some type of russian spy which was a little bit far fetched and ridiculous well i think it would be very wrong for the g.o.p. to go out and support an impeachment proceeding i would have to say that most of those senators and congressmen got elected because of trump otherwise many people would not have even voted for them or voted them in office just by having a different approach towards the g.o.p. supporters and trunk supporters by joe biden and the democrats i think it will help to heal the nation and once that process begins and think it will be an easier task what we have here is each side screaming all kinds of nonsense and generating a deep divide that has become dangerous and wednesday it was just a sign of it and last summer was the beginning of it. all living former u.s.
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presidents have condemned the violence in the capital barack obama's called it a great dishonor and shame george w. bush labeled it an insurrection worthy of a banana republic where a guy has been taking a closer look at these remarks. these scenes a usually an act of desperation i reproved heston's in disenchanted. parliaments and government compounds willed wives from believe year to get what america didn't expect was to find itself on that least this is how elections the disputed in a banana republic not solid democratic republic but republic usually an unstable country with a huge wealth gap and reliant on the export of limited resources so how could this happen to america a nation that exploited regime change and revolution googly we salute the courage and strength to believe in people who have protested against
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a government trying to steal an election the united states supports the courageous decision by one. the president of your national assembly to assert that body's constitutional powers declare madeira are your serp are and call for the establishment of a transitional government with 15 weeks of protests jason hometown a centrist john a staring message to the rest of the world about the trains of freedom and justice turns out it's not soo fun when it happens to you today was a dark day in the history of the united states capitol we witnessed yesterday was not the scent. it was not disorder it was not protest it was chaos and shameful of course made on our democracy it was an embarrassment and dual sides came out of this looking ugly the right to storming america's temple of
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democracy the left for pretending they're actually against violent protests the spike months of riots and violent b.l.m. demonstrations and it's a fiasco the season the sort of thing that's supposed to happen in america this is banana republic that we're watching happen this is what you expect to see in a banana republic journalists will equally confused that feeling of disbelief seemed to grip them to surreal i feel like i'm talking to a correspondent reporting from the you know bogota c.n.n. quickly became the subject of ridicule online as they haven't been attempts to storm the colombian parliament in decades to into also had a stellar movement listing who and why do venezuela's self-proclaimed president among the leaders who condemned what happened in capital hill who won by do over the past few years has repeatedly attempted a violent seizure of power attacks an army base and even climbed over the
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parliament fence him self. what happened will stay in america's record for good these isn't something that you can just forget the holds of congress should a thaw and a terrible precedent since professor of latin american studies at the city university of new york daniel shaw believes many in the us establishment view other countries as their colonies. these very. pro-american references to a banana republic harkens back to the challenge of colonialism when the us invaded naked eye which is 14 towns in the beginning of the 20th century you want to project that this is a pristine democracy because how can the justify tensions with. one mosque down. in holcim in
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a city if they don't have their own house in order for us let's be very clear with saddam out of democracy for the plutocrats and technocrats and big capital big money even yes the united states is a democracy which talking about democracy by and for the people not by and for the rich the ruling class. in the united states is a discrete insurer's a very serious measure of democracy. now in other news the bodies of a woman and a child have been recovered from an avalanche that engulfed around 6 buildings at a local ski resort in the russian city of norilsk which is located inside the arctic circle earlier a teenage boy was pulled from the snow he's in critical condition in the hospital a large rescue operation is still underway with emergency services sending more personnel to the site other people are still reportedly trapped under the snow in the authorities have warned of the risk of more avalanches in the area with local
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roads closed as a precaution the prosecutor's office has opened an investigation following the incident. hospitals in the british capital are reportedly being swamped by an intake of covert patients prompting the city's mayor to declare i major incident shoddy edwards dostie has the d.c. has the details. well we've covered 19 things can change very quickly and very dramatically and now the london master deckard has just declared a major incident in london and that follows extreme pressures on the n.h.s. particularly within the hospitals it comes as we've seen deaths absolutely so always seen the highest number on record since the pandemic plus more than a 1000000 people are now suffering with covert 19 up and down the country that's one in 50 across the united kingdom but in the capital alone it's one in 30 all of this that is placing a huge amount of pressure on to the n.h.s.
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and some even saying including the mayor of london himself that it's pushing the n.h.s. to breaking point the cost of control the risk of being overwhelmed what i mean by. the risk of the. hospitals are going out of the course of this week just to give you an idea then of what a major incident entails previously we've seen absolutely extreme circumstances for instance a grandfather tower fire truck to do was declared as a major incident so too was the westminster and london bridge terror attack as well so this really shouldn't be taken lightly plus in the past week we have seen sorry on the sussex areas declared major incidents as well what a major incident really means then is that various emergency services can now club together to help alleviate the pressures that are going on in the capital so now we're seeing around 100 firefighters jumping in to help the emergency services and driving ambulances throughout the capital plus we're seeing even the metropolitan
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police offering their support as well so that it can then is calling on the prime minister to introduce even further measures but what more does card really want considering the fact that the united kingdom is in a full scale national lockdown while london message to car and wants to see even places of worship closed as well but this major incident may come as a surprise to some but not all especially not those. on the front line here he says are tired exhausted and even traumatized with this latest 2nd wave of the pandemic past the n.h.s. chief says simon steven says hospital admissions are at a rate never seen before we are seeing. over 800 patients a day but machard to london hospitals with coronavirus i mean that is the equivalent of a nuisance almost as hospital full of covert patients fully staffed every day or new university college hospital full of coronavirus patients every day so it is absolutely vital that the measures that are now in force do begin to have an impact
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on slowing the and cutting the infections across london and the rest of the country the key messages from the united kingdom today is that the n.h.s. are on the brink they do need help they have very little else to give and essentially we are back and i have the storm microbiologist simon clark believes the new fast spreading variant of coal that has created a major challenge for the u.k. the. new strain which is moving fast most if not all of our sixpence it's certainly faster than i expected the numbers of new infections are going up very quickly indeed as are the number of hospitalizations and deaths and it is critical and i'd expect that if the hospitals do run out of capacity and it looks like in short order they're going to do that there will be nasty to treat have heart attacks strokes and perhaps involved in a road traffic accident or have come to some misfortune some other other way never
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mind the. replacement the replacement caps a treatment that you would normally expect so that's the real danger. brazil's called the death toll has hit 200000 making it the 2nd the 2nd worst affected nation after the united states and there's been a sharp jump in new cases over the crest. as holidays it's currently summer in brazil and large crowds enjoyed beach parties in rio de janeiro over the festive season or as in restaurants have been packed with social distancing a rarity throughout the pandemic president jarba also naro has resisted any tough restrictions of the fest federal level saying any curbs have to be enforced locally and he stuck to that view after the latest surge in cases saying life has to go on but. we have to face it we can't just continue with the old story of stay at home and deal with the economy later which is what some people want it's not going to
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work it can lead to even most severe consequences than the virus itself. brazil's president has urged his indian counterparts to speed up the delivery of 2000000 vaccines are currently being produced there that's despite brazil not yet approving any covert vaccine in contrast to argentina chile and mexico where inoculation campaigns are already in full swing the brazilian government has promised to catch up saying the 1st shots will be administered by mid february but the delays are causing frustration. you know we have a federal government that doesn't seem to boil there are about vaccines we should be build being vaccinated in europe and in south american contras includes in argentina chile and part of why but brazil is logging far behind we don't have the equipment all the drugs there is a lot of planning. the solution is within reach with the back since
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but because of political bickering and delays some worry that will see an even shot but in gruesome deaths. what happens in 2021 will depend on the vaccines it's what everyone was so we can get back to living our lives as before the editor in chief of brazil's opera mondi news agency believes the government is squarely to blame for the health crisis 1st of all is against vaccination in the 1st moments he was against the nation and now he is in fight against some volver news about 4 scenes i thought. if the chinese vic keen that if the vaccine if the russian vaccine because we have some women. we've. 'd walked both so mad does it just he talks about economy when we presume very in the. show. we've many jobless be
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po this situation is the math there is this conflict. to fabricate a national vaccination plan. that's the reason that main reason we delay in compare reason with. counties reason. and other news washington scrapped plans to slap new tariffs on luxury goods from france they were proposed last year in retaliation for paris taxing large tech firms charlotte dubinsky explains. well this is a huge step down from washington that was due to impose these additional taxes over the last few days on french luxury goods such as handbags but also on things such as cosmetics that were exported to the u.s. this would have added some 25 percent to those products in terms of cost and would
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have brought in around $1300000000.00 in terms of additional taxes now this was all in a dispute over the so-called gaffa tax this is a tax france has been talking about imposing on digital giants here in france on the revenues and the profits that they create here in france this is tech companies such as amazon such as google facebook and the u.s. has long said that taxing these companies for their profits in france in france would have been unfair this is what the u.s. trade representative is now saying the u.s. trade representative has decided to suspend the tariffs in light of the ongoing investigation of similar digital service taxes adopted all under consideration in 10 other jurisdictions those investigations have significantly progressed but have not yet reached a determination or possible trade actions well of course these taxes would have hit
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the exporters but the reality is they would have also hit consumers like you annoy you so if you're somebody who lives in the u.s. and you like a particular french brand of makeup such as lipstick you'd been paying 25 percent more for it tangy been buying it if these taxes had been put on the here in france we know that the digital giants and said that they would be looking at passing on those costs to consumers here so it could have meant that french consumers would have had to pay more say for their cloud services but of course this is now not going to happen at least for the moment but france isn't the only country in the e.u. that has been discussing how it taxes these digital giants for the profits made in european countries. we take note of the u.s. decision to postpone its unilateral trade measures against france relating to his digital service tax we stand ready to engage with the u.s. to find a solution however all such issues should be resolved at the world trade organization
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but let's be clear these talks have been suspended they have been taken off the table completely and they could come to bite in the future and this is not the only speak that is going on at the moment between the e.u. and the u.s. there's also this a long running dispute over subsidies given to the aircraft makers boeing that is seen in the u.s. and look to slap on fresh taxes in the next few days on certain french products such as french wine and spirits that is causing huge concern in that industry an industry itself pushing much decimated like many others during the 1900 pandemic and the e.u. has also issued retaliatory taxes. that too on some u.s. goods that come here to europe so it seems that trump may be about to leave office in the next few days but i didn't might be coming into
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a fresh new white house administration but the tensions do remain high on taxes and trade between the u.s. and the e.u. that's it for this hour my colleague neil harvey will be taking over just about 30 minutes with more news so on behalf of the art international team thanks for watching and we hope you have a great day. hello and welcome the ground stop where all things are considered on pure labelle a lot of questions what does it mean to be a conservative today is donald trump a conservative and did he change what it means to be a conservative what about the issue of clowns and finally what does it take for conservatives to win.
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these issues and more i'm joined by my guest and a caucus in greenville she is a newsmax insider as well as contributor to the washington examiner and in toronto we have arthur who wrote he is editor at large and being libertarian dot com all right cross talk rules in effect that means you can jump in in time you want and i always appreciate it ok let's go ahead and greenville in my introduction to ask the question what does it mean to be a conservative today in your mind what does it mean to be a conservative and let's keep in mind the tron presidency and the recent general election go ahead well in my mind it means to be conservative what has always meant that we are working to conserve the classical liberal values our country was founded upon but i think there's a role fracture with an conservatism these days i think trump has increased that fracture i think it was a system before he actually came into office but it has become deeper and more
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visible and i think that there are a lot of conservatives who want to move that movement into the action that he was mostly focusing on which has a lot more nationalism involved and isn't always as attached to our classical liberal foundations as i would like to see the movement attached to it so i think it'll be interesting to see where conservatism goes in the next couple of years. i don't think there's a solid answer for where it ends up right now there's there's sort of a battle to be fought. well so let me taking away from when you just said there you i guess i can read that into that is that true did not have a positive impact on conservatism. during his time in office well i guess it depends on the perspective you're looking at it from from my opinion you know as someone who is really concerned with free market values with individual liberty with limiting the government i didn't see a lot of that the trauma presidency that being said i do think for people who are more concerned with issues surrounding the culture war surrounding the popularity of the movement surrounding track dean a more diverse 6 population to the movement i think there were some positive
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takeaways that you could credit to him and i and i think that those are interesting and that's why i think i say there's a battle to be fought because there's a lot of new blood that he brought into conservatism there's a lot of people been pushed out because of him and conservatism and so if those people come back if those new people stay if there's going to have to be a turf war because i don't think they're fighting for the same ideology largely oh i don't think they are i am not point you and i will definitely integrate your own the in the same question to you i mean how has changed conservatives in america if at all and if it is a good or is it for the worse go ahead so i do think that he definitely changed and served as an america. that up until trauma you had a sort of conservative definitely since bush one bush 2 you had a certain services and that was very focused on. global expansion and very focused on what i guess would be termed neo conservatism.


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