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really is and scientifically justified and i'll study actually suggest that. the long term effects may not just be absence of benefit but actually that they might be causing long term. the. i. 4 people have been killed in clashes that broke out when donald trump supporters stormed the capitol building in washington the president elect and the incumbent reacted to the violence though in very different ways. threatening the safety of duly elected officials. insurrection we can't play into the hands of these people. we have to have peace so go home we love
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you. to the interruption congress reconvene to confirm joe biden as the winner of the 2020 lection those proceedings though do continue as i speak. while world leaders have expressed deep shock at events in washington d.c. condemning the violence with some branding the scenes a disgrace to democracy. you're hearing right now from european countries who are looking at this nation as if it was some banana republic. very good morning to you thanks for joining us here on r.t. international. 4 people have died amid clashes that erupted when donald trump's supporters stormed congress as it debated certifying 'd joe biden's victory they gathered in washington for a last ditch stop the steel rally in support of the defeated president and. saw
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events unfold on capitol hill. well the atmosphere out here is absolutely incredible right now as you can see president trump is speaking addressing a huge crowd which is over by the white house but we're all backed up all the way to the washington monument. we know that people were storming into the capitol we know that tear gas was fired and we also know that rubber bullets were fired but i was just showing video a minute ago it from inside the capitol of a young woman on a stretcher bleeding pretty proof usually she had a lot of blood on the side of her head on the side of her neck and a. number of police the secret service were saying get back get down get out of the way she did leave the car and as we kind of raced up to grab people pull them back they shot her in the neck and she fell back on me
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and started to say she's fine it's cool and then she started kind of like moving weird and blood was coming out now the neck and nose just behind me there are thousands of people there on the other side of me there are thousands of people so you know when when those folks moved from the from the trump rally and speech where we were before down at the washington monument and they began to move this way it's a sea of people. way up at the top of this building apparently there are still people attempting to break into the capitol building they are banging on the windows up there. what we're seeing are a series of flash bangs that keep going off it's the upper part of this this
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platform area over on the left hand side back towards the bill. the young woman who was shot in the neck or head area apparently was part of 81st wave of people who pushed and you hear those why the way more of those flash bangs going off. so still things are about to get a little bit rough here let's just pan over here next so we have the capitol police are coming through we've got to move on ok we're being told we have to move on by capitol police. ok it's a much quieter minus the police sirens here right there but there are very few people out right now no you know the last time we came to you all week we got cut
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off because capitol police were moving everyone out what was happening at that moment was we saw the capitol police come essentially with their right shields. and out a host scotty no he says republicans will be judged by what they say about these events. there is no way anybody republican democrat can defend what happened on the steps the capitol today it is unheard of and i think everyone that's why i think so immediately it's something that i was actually very very glad to see both republican senators representatives as well as t.v. pundits anybody that had anything to do on twitter quickly did now see events that were going on and told these people that they were wrong they were not patriots they were not executing their constitutional right to protest if it's peaceable
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protest or what they're allowed to and they should be arrested and prosecuted i think that right there showed that there is no unity right now behind what we saw happen today by the g.o.p. republicans right now are going to have to choose their words very carefully everything they see everything they say is going to be put under a microscope i think all republicans even though they were outside protesting were alive nothing was going to change joe biden was still going to be confirmed today the electors are going to be confirmed this was all the pony show that we saw a formality but none of the senators thought going into it they realistically were going to keep trump in office for 4 more years however journalist and commentator believes that the trial supports the tactics used by liberals over the last 4 years . country is very tense it's very tense up it's very tense for a while but that's been agitated of course by economic shutdowns by lockdowns and you have at least 80000000 voters who truly believe the election was stolen from them who believed it was fraudulent and so they came to washington and their story
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that after all their venting this is obviously something fairly new for conservatives and for the right and for truck supporters to gather in mass and behave such as this but you know the other side's been doing this for 4 years let's not forget that just 2 years ago in just this cabin always being confirmed by the senate liberal stormed the supreme court so and of course obviously the liberal greens marches started with the inauguration day before and then kind of reach a fever pitch this summer with george would in the black lives matter stop and keep a stop so are we seeing i don't think that we're going to see this sort of roll long to be on the right the way that we do with the left and with we have with kids with with liberals but you know people are upset they're venting and conservatives aren't immune from an emotional ashit response particularly when they truly believe that that that that this election was illegal and that they had it stolen from them
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. so the national guard cleared away the congress and writes his representatives and senators they went back to work and indeed that's still that right now it's the middle of the not there washington d.c. they proceed with what was supposed to be the formalities of confirming joe biden's victory a little earlier on though my colleague broke down for us will spin happening. the job needs to be done and joe biden's victory had to be certified at the end of the day so no matter how unprecedented shocking and eye opening wednesday's scenes were they didn't the rail system even such crowds did but the capital is back to work so even if the system is not down what does the end do to the image of america as an ideal democracy that is centuries old comparisons with banana republic status something special so that image has definitely been dealt a serious blow which perhaps isn't something positive to hear for house speaker
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nancy pelosi said said that it will keep going until it needs to then on the other hand vice president mike pence who's from the office of the completely opposite side of the political spectrum told the protesters that they didn't win to those who wreaked havoc in our capital today you did not win violence never wins freedom wins may god bless all who serve here and those who protect this place and may god bless the united states of america let's get back to work. speaking of who won and who didn't when i can tell you that the pro from riot shock was so strong that some of the republicans who were heading to the capitol hill to object decided to change their mind after they saw what was going on so what's that from
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a viewpoint if not shooting themselves in the foot mr president when i arrived in washington this morning i fully intended to object to the certification of electoral votes however the events that have transpired today have forced me to reconsider and i cannot now in good conscious object to the certification. of these electors so many times so many different people regardless of their political views have been saying that america is divided that the society is polarized and wednesday's events in d.c. are clearly an indication that what is this if not a combination. it's in times of crisis i would say like this society would look to leaders leaders in this case for some kind of guidance reassurance just how presidential would incumbent presidents and the president elect while looking at donald trump's behavior on wednesday his reactions his messages to the supporters
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that's a tricky one because i don't know what to say he was actually playing some sort of game there and what's really important to point out is that the riots follow donald from speech initially and the question is did we hear words of encouragement from the outgoing president when he was speaking to his supporters perhaps the answer would be yes some of it did sound like encouragement and he even told them remember this day that video though was eventually blocked by platforms like you tube twitter and facebook and it comes to facebook and twitter even issued a temporary ban for donald trump with a warning that he could get a complete ban if he continues to violate the rules but then we heard joe biden calling donald trump to go on national t.v. and stop as supporters which perhaps affected him in some way maybe not but
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at the end of the day donald trump agreed that washington has seen too much that he agreed with joe biden that clearly the toll of their messages was absolutely different storm that kept him to smash windows to occupy offices the floor of the united states senate rummaging through desks on the capitol of the house of representatives threaten to the safety of duly elected officials it's not protest it's insurrection whirls watch. they external many other americans we don't want anybody hurt it's a very tough period of time there's never been a time like this where such a thing happened where they could take it away from all of us from me from you from our country this was a fraudulent election but we can't play into the hands of these people
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we have to have peace so go home we love you you're very special but if you think that the supporters were sol and that's not the case in the streets of the big apple we saw demonstrators by them thank god no violence there that happened in times square and also inside trump tower and what these people want is not only that donald trump leads the white house but they also want indictments for the outgoing president but again if you look at all 'd this chaos on the capitol hill disorder furniture being thrown around windows smashed this is really something that we're going to remember for years and years and that is happening in the capital of a country that we're used to seeing them teach other countries how to build their democracy and they clearly like i said this protest didn't over on the system joe biden's perhaps still going to become president but still this day will definitely
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go into history books along with the images from washington d.c. we spoke to new risk guests who shared with his their insights on this unfolding political crisis in america. this is suggestion this is an act to overthrow the us government people died this is beyond crazy this is a criminal act this is unprecedented i don't know that any point is certainly in recent american history has a group of has a mob essentially tried to storm the capitol during a basically a routine procedure i mean this is not the election this is the vote certification which normally gets basically no media coverage it's just routine and to see this level of iron this level of of anger and hate and passion really shows that things have kind of got off the rails in american politics this is not normal behavior in american politics this is honestly not all behavior in any politics to see this
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kind of violence happening on sort of a routine you know certification process there actually is great precedent for it is we look back in history we would realize that the the time the documents that were style next week of the declaration of independence those are merely contracts signed by who agreed to be governed a certain way and when they decided that they were no longer up the way in which their cover as americans i actually believe that the contract allows us to say we have you know how we don't like how things are going and we want a change we don't need a change we vote in our vote is not the heart and that's how the people feel think you have a right to make their voices heard and it actually is honor courage that if you read the fine print oh the declaration where it says that if you tell the great and there comes a time when you need other people of your government that you may use that this is
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a carefully planned political strategy listen if you are seen as the loser in a contest you don't have the same spirit behind you as if you're seen as someone. was wronged in a legal hearing and trump has very cleverly brilliantly shifted the narrative from basically i lost an election to i was wronged by the evil system trump is just getting started i cannot imagine that this is the end of it this is the midpoint if anything i expect that trump supporters who are loyal to trump who want the rest of the republican party to be more like trump they don't want trump to be more like the rest they want the rest to be more like trump i don't see this as as as as calming down any time soon i'm going to i imagine that the next 4 years you're going to see a lot more rallies a lot more potential violence unfortunately we're going to see a lot more ire and i do believe that trumps political career is very far from over everything that we are
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a has been purchased through or people do people say we do not consent to being got ratings right and what you see right now is a rehearing history and you see people standing up and say i don't like where this country is headed i don't agree with the principles i or eat that into the govern the democratic way that isn't that what you see right now it's not about treason it's about people more american citizens saying that this is not what they signed up for facebook and twitter aren't just just censoring the president they're censoring basically anybody with a with a position that doesn't go along with the silicon valley narrative do they have the right to do it sure because does the government have a responsibility to cease any involvement with facebook definitely and most importantly do we as a as a as a community have the responsibility to say yeah i'm not going to be part of a an organization that censors people absolutely and so this is incumbent on us as people to say we will not be part of any kind of organization that censors people
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up to and including the president of the united states but i'm not defending mr zucker here trust me i'm not but he owns the real estate i'm walking on his lawn he's not walk. being on my lawn if he decides that you've got to wear green hat on my lawn that i have to wear green hat or i get kicked off his lawn if he wants to charge me for being on his lawn then i might have an expectation of privacy or protection or freedom of speech but i'm on his lawn his rules. said it's the middle of the night in washington and they're still working we still are waiting for congress to certify those election results and as we wait is more prone to break down events that lead to that showdown in washington. how did we get to this point of all the chaos we've seen today on capitol hill well it started with the fact that the u.s. congress was scheduled to certify the presidential election results and set things in motion for joe biden to be inaugurated and donald trump called for
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a big rally of his supporters in washington d.c. to protest against that and perhaps try to stop that from happening at donald trump gave a speech to is supporters telling them that the election was rigged this is donald trump addressing his supporters just hours before chaos broke out on capitol hill does anybody believe that joe had 8000000 votes he had 80000000 computer votes democrats attempted the most brazen and outrageous election set theft in this ever been a thing like this so pure theft we will never give up we will never conceive trump supporters are certainly the talk of the town the center of the action today but if you look at the alliance of forces in the country they seem to have the deck stiff pretty solidly stacked against them we're in a situation where as the chaos was happening the final results in georgia came in and the 2 senate seats in georgia have gone to democrats democrats have won control
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of the senate and so now for the 1st time since 2009 democrats will control both houses of congress as well as the executive branch that's a situation where the democratic party has a pretty solid grip on power meanwhile a lot of mainstream republican voices have been denouncing donald trump and opposing what happened today on capitol hill we have a situation where it seems like the country has been effectively polarized now polls among regular republicans show that among republicans 70 percent of republicans do support donald trump do want their elected officials to be more like trump however among the population at large that's pretty clearly not the case and we've got a polarization where the country is. pretty solidly opposed to donald trump and that polarization has favored the democratic party the democrats at this point are set to be pretty solidly in control of both houses of congress and despite some
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pretty chaotic events on capitol hill it looks like for the moment as congress reconvenes and will go ahead and certify the election results donald trump and his movement has been defeated however it is unlikely that this will be the last thing we hear from donald trump or his supporters international reactions also have been coming in and the reaction has largely been one of dismay at events in washington d.c. . in the eyes of the world american democracy tonight appears on the seach this is an unseen assault on us democracy its institutions and the rule of law this is not america the election results of the 3rd of november must be fully respected the scenes in washington d.c. this is not acceptable assault on democracy a peaceful and orderly transfer of power must be ensured the violent acts against american institutions are a grave attack against democracy i condemn them the american people squeal and vote must be respected this graceful scenes and us congress the united states stands for
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the most christians around the world that it is not vital that there should be a place for orderly transfer of power distressed to see news about drugs in and violence in washington to see orderly and peaceful transfer of must continue the democratic process cannot be allowed to be subverted through unlawful protest i definitely disagree with the president elect of saying that this is not us this is not america this is exactly what america is it started with colonization of indigenous land genocide of indigenous people pillage of african bodies are forced to work on stolen land continued it with jim crow and then of course perfected with the southern strategy of barry goldwater lee at. water richard nixon a new king and manifested today in the form of trump is and this is so called america this is exactly who we are and it is a call for us to really get introspective and to look at ourselves before we even have the temerity to go anywhere else on this planet to preach ideas of democracy
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and justice and righteousness we're hearing right now from european countries who are looking at this nation as if it was some banana republic and so the scenes are very very troubling but i have to say unfortunately not too shocking. we've also spoken to legal media analyst lionel now what concerns him is just how the police allowed this kind of violence inside the capitol building it was terrible it was wrong this is not subject to debate taken to ask this question because i'm a former prosecutor i tend to think perhaps like this one or the beliefs how was this if i were in the capital of if i were a senator or a congress person or a staff member or just a person doing business how do you go on to the floor of the senate how do you just walk in when they know about this and i'm not blaming anybody i'm not saying that
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because they want stopped these people are to blame please ask this question they had the national guard standing by you knew what was going to happen why is there not one consistent action when ever there is violence does it depend upon who is the perceived instigator of the violence and by the way if you don't think there were agent provocateurs in this or you have to go back and look at these tapes and see who is who this will take a week to ferret out but you know are they going to call me or anybody else a concern here or see theorists if you ask any questions as to what simply wish weird about this. those scenes of violence witnessed in washington spark of much that's been seen throughout 2020 despite the pandemic the year was marked by large aggressive protests hawkins takes a look back. 2020 has been the most surreal relentless and chaotic year in modern
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memory but despite social distancing lot ounds masks and curfews and global discontent still spilled out onto the streets that's right not even the strictest rules of stop protests which are actually growing in numbers compared to last year so which ones will go down in the history books what did they achieve and what's next. george freud suffocated after a minneapolis police officers knee was placed on his neck for 9 minutes months of us protests ensued racial tensions and riots in america nothing new but this movement is different previously limited in scale and geography these involved millions of people of all creeds and ethnicities in all corners of the united states not to mention dozens of other countries around the world.
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aside from some symbolic statue toppling multiple police departments and states and outs reforms and police tactics funding and accountability time will tell if the protests will be a real turning point or just another line in an endless list of race related flare ups. across the pond mainland europe also had its fair share of protests not just talking about the perpetual yellow vests before the summer better roofs would have meant little to most in the west in august president lukashenko claimed the landslide victory. in office while the opposition cried foul what have. next was unprecedented in better russian history.
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to be i want to. be too much of it was little yeah it is i mean. hundreds of thousands took to the streets and declared strikes across the whole country using messenger apps to avoid police crackdowns literature and the holds firm while the opposition also refuses to back down.
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demonstrations last laments of the briefly stun security forces went back on the offensive the better with protests became a classic case of what i'll stop it will force meeting an immovable object while smaller bodies do continue however historically they've been changing the status quo seems ever more distant. if protests could get a one to watch award this would be it since march over 30 major lockdown protests have taken place in more than 20 countries. thank you.
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thank. you. they've lacked the scale of the black gloves massive movement and the grit of the misquote is that people are tired of the pandemic seems never ending and the only thing to stop it vaccines for many are still unavailable or undesirable as governments bring in tough measures to tackle 2nd 3rd or is that already 4th waves vaccine passports fines and crackdowns on dissenters global frustration is set to rise and as we head into the new year hoping for a better 2021 how hard can that be with any luck the next 12 months will just pick up from where 2019 left off let's just hope we stay safe and healthy whatever next
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year may bring. back our turn with the latest for you on our top stories in half an hour's time don't forget that you can check out more of our news coverage he had told website go to r.t. dot com. thank. you. 2021 we're going to see an instinct phenomenon and point 21 you know america has been exporting its inflation that china for 20 years and now china's caught up to america and now all that money printing that's been going on for 2025 years is going to show up as real inflation.


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