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tv   News  RT  January 6, 2021 12:00am-12:31am EST

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benefit of actually very very because. germany extends its lockdown until the end of the month with tougher and pandemic rules than before. elsewhere washington's mayor calls in the national guard ahead of a rally of trump supporters still hoping to overturn the election as the president warned to stay away from the capitol and orders federal officials to treat the activists as terrorists. so a british court is set to decide whether to release julian assange after a u.s. extradition request is denied on health grounds. plus a french quarter allows the police to record a greater amount of personal information on protesters in the name of state
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security despite fears basic freedoms are being endangered. by their very good morning to you and thanks for joining us here on r.t. international. germany has toughened up its anti pandemic rules and extended its lockdown the country has now surpassed 35000 related deaths if i don't know by going live to burlington our correspondent peter all of a risk on the early morning shift across this story peter no one else in europe seems to really succeeded in trying to slow down the pace of the pandemic what's germany doing to try and defy anyone else's achievements. well angle of merkel on the leaders of germany 16 states came to an agreement of sorts on choose day that it will see an extension of the lockdown here in germany
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what about means is that schools gyms non-essential retail will all be closed through until the end of january there's also some new additions to these measures that are being taken when it comes to contacts that you're allowed to have outside of your own household well that's now limited to one person from one of the household also in areas that have. that have at it and new infections all of above 200 per 100000 people there's going to be a restriction on your movement you're not allowed to leave a 15 kilometer radius of where you live angle americal said on tuesday after coming to this agreement with the leaders of the states that these new measures would necessary. give theo's the we are now there a close to full capacity in some hospitals which is also one of the reasons for us
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to introduce these far reaching madness today. well there had been some calls from epidemiologists for these measures to go further but what we do have is a very tenuous 10 to this tentative i beg your pardon agreement between the federal government here in berlin and the leaders of germany's regions we've already heard but it was just moments after the deal was done the agreement was made we heard from the leaders inside lower saxony saying they weren't going to restrict anybody smoove mint we've also heard from leaders involved in vote and book saying that they would look into it but that they weren't keen on restricting the movement of their citizens in the state of mecklenburg western pomerania they're saying they want to open the school so there isn't agreement among the states just yet when it comes to how they should be tackling this and that lack of agreement we've also
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seen among demonstrators who continued to come out onto the streets of germany to protest against lockdown measures just last weekend in nuremberg the riot police had to turn up. well i'm glad merkel also defended germany's vaccination program on to state have been criticized for being too late silly slow him being rolled out we had heard earlier in the week from health minister yen spawn saying that all germans who wanted a vaccination should be able to have had one by basically the summer this year she said that's moving the the right pace and in the right direction as far as she's
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concerned these new measures those that were agreed to or. sort of by the leaders of all of germany 16 states will be reviewed again on the 25th of january when they'll decide whether to extend them through into february your life in lockdown continues in germany is detail there by our correspondent in berlin peter of thank you. change of pace now donald trump has warned for activists to stay away from washington ahead of a planned rally of his supporters the u.s. president's also warded federal officials to treat the movement as a terrorist war and tea for activists have brutally attacked our law abiding friends neighbors and business owners and destroyed historic landmarks that our communities have cherished for decades this violence and lawlessness has no place in the united states and will be called out for the domestic terrorism that it is.
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interim supporters will gather in washington on wednesday and a last ditch protest against the election results will be officially confirmed we have dissipated by congress later in the day city officials fearing trouble have called in the national guard auntie's killem open picks up the story. this is it wednesday is the day that congress takes the final steps in certifying the next president however a storm seems to be brewing the need the surface as washington d.c. braces itself for a delusional maggots supporters they are heading to the capitol for a last ditch effort with a massive rally in the hopes of keeping donald trump in the white house while that's unlikely one thing is for sure we better batter down the hatches because it is likely to be a wild day. the
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democratic mayor 1000 or is very worried about the upcoming rally that is why she asked the national guard to step in in a country that is so divided at the moment it's no surprise that some find that to be somewhat hypocritical this democratic mayor made no such call for the national guard of the military to intervene when black lives matter wreaked havoc in washington d.c. in fact she called for the withdrawal of forces deployed to quell the riots may have been a real trump supporters when the ones bronzing a looting big screen t.v.'s from best buy tearing down the lincoln statues torching churches throwing rocks at police beating up innocent bystanders those were b.l.m. and the other joe biden supporter there is some jan you. and cause for concern the
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local police say guns could be involved we have received some information that there are individuals intent on bringing firearms into our city and that just will not be tolerated local police have posted signs all over the downtown d.c. area reminding people that it is illegal to carry guns now things might indeed get intense given what we've seen between the 2 sides in the past. as the 2020 election saga reaches its dramatic climax and the sun finally sets on the turbulent trump presidency something tells me that even after the crowds clear
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away and the new president is inaugurated trump won't be gone and neither will his supporters caleb mop and r.t. new york. meanwhile the u.s. state of georgia is counting votes in a crucial race to decide whether the democrats or republicans will take control of the american senate for the next 2 years president trump president elect biden they've both said they're confident the respective parties will claim victory. politicians cannot assert take or see our powers given granted 5 year mirka people on loan and we could never give that up if the liberal democrats take the senate or the white house and then i think in this white house we're going to fight like hell i'll tell you. the 2nd round votes in georgia was held after last november so no clear winners for the state's 2 senate seats democrats now have to win both seats and enough to take control of the chamber the
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republicans need only one seat in order to retain that advantage as things stand the republican candidate leads in one of the 2 faceoff for the states and my colleague in a nail discuss the possible outcomes of these elections with our guests. resting on voters of one state normally people don't know whether their senators will control the balance of power in congress when taking to the polls this is the exact opposite is that regardless of what happens in georgia over the next few days we are potentially looking at an interregnum where we're not going to see much legislation get passed you know through either chamber that there is a massive split in the republican party right now you have 12 g.o.p. senators for instance who are still trying to conceive past the election of president elect joe biden against the wishes of their own majority leader mitch mcconnell but bottom line unless we see some things like the buster reform which the minority leader chuck schumer has indicated he may or may not get into i think
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the point stands that we're going to have a divided government and a very. for the next 2 years at least they believe that should the senate go democratic which you would see is going on in the district of columbia d.c. as a state puerto rico a state with permanent democratic senators plus they remove all of the filibuster rule. which is basically what allow democrats to write any legislation do whatever they want to proceed to impact the supreme court and horror after horror of 2 including a socialist a o c type of what it shows that's what people are hearing and i think it's a bit of big exaggerated just a tad i guess a lot of truth to that so it seems right now that i don't believe both democrats would when but surely one could absolutely especially with the way we vote in this
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country even if only. the worst case scenario happens if it's even a fraction of the story being made near that a lot of republicans tend to believe what happened that's really bad i mean it is still. going to sink because we already know democrats actually don't like the constitution they believe it's a living document but it is not if it's a living document then that means it has no real bearing it means it can be whatever you choose for it to leave you in the republic it could be so boring in this country do is going to be nothing to talk about for years of joe biden oh my god a recent nationwide survey suggested over 70 percent of republican voters want their legislators to be more like trump than average member what american citizens are going to do tomorrow is to say i have a voice i think my vote was stolen right or wrong and i'm going to speak up but if you go and just look at what was done and blatantly obvious the
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absolute abject theft is a matter of fact the only one of the only instances of fraud was found to be a trump supporter who is also trying to build for his dead mother so that's why but what i would say is that the republican party has become the vanguard for whiteness and white supremacy that cannot be hidden anymore and if it doesn't do anything and so it mentioned this idea of civil war yet we are headed so that unfortunately i do agree. it's time to get back to a politics that is not so divided that is full of acquiescing but now it's we know we can have unity with you everywhere else you've ever been or no unity with you because you don't believe in liberty you don't believe in an alright and never hurt unity ear if you because the weak party was feckless the party was spineless and the g.o.p. is becoming feckless spineless and if they don't get a spine soon they're going to go away. a french court has ruled that the police can recall details personal information relating to activists
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and protesters in the name of state security trade unions those say that noting down political religious beliefs and social media activity endangers basic freedoms more on the story from paris. france's highest administrative court has found itself in the midst of a toxic debate the council of state has approved plans by the government to broaden the information that can be collected about individuals for intelligence files this includes political or religious convictions and if someone is a member of a union these decrees also authorize the recording of a person's social networks or even health data revealing the particular danger leading to an infringement of the right to demonstrate to a stigmatization the freedom of opinion union action the fact of being a member of the union which suggests that being a member of a trade union could be associated in one way or another with the imperatives of
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internal security state security the fight against terrorism so what are these intelligence files and what exactly are they used for the decrees relate to 3 files these used to be limited to being about hooligans or violent demonstrators now they are being expanded to the list of data of people suspected of terrorist activities all those likely to undermine the integrity of france and its institutions files like this can help security services to keep an eye on individuals who are seen to pose a threat to sunny's lomis terrorist attacks were formed in 202033 since 2017 but some argue that concept behind these decrees is vague at best. the fact the authorities can collect data on a lifestyle a vague definition from the outset creates the threat of arbitrary nish each of us
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can become a subject of data collection if our behavior is considered likely threats to public safety. the green light for these decrees also comes at a particular. really sensitive time here in france at the end of 2020 there were mass demonstrations against 2 controversial draft laws ne by the government. meanwhile some police unions have denounced the global security not going far enough they say officers faced a threat just for doing their jobs and being targeted just this week due officers
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were. targeted by during a routine traffic stop but critics say these new these decrees show an all thora tarion drift in france this argument is waved like a red rag but it is not the subject terrorism is one of the goals but the main thing is the fight against hooligans sects the underground economy and protests violent terrorism is used to carry out political surveillance it is our trade union activity our reason for being which is targeted these decrees maintain the confusion between an activist a member even an employee who signs a petition and as a legal person the c g t can be called into question it is a risk for social democracy it's not the 1st time france has tried this in 2008 it launched the database which provoked outrage as it aimed to collect data around similar themes political and religious affiliation it was eventually dropped but
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given this a recent push by the french government to move towards tighter security measures despite the mass demonstrations and the. prove all that's come from the council of state many are concerned that france has crossed a red line and it may not retrieve that challenge even ski r.t. paris. coming up later on wednesday a british court will decide whether or not to release julian assange on bail it comes after his extradition to the us was blocked earlier in the week. well despite the u.k. ruling against the extradition press freedom groups are concerned by what the judge had to say she maintains the u.s. has a solid case against this and she only refused to send him stateside because of concerns
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over his mental health washington says that it will fall in appeal german m.p. 7 doug dillon says it's wrong that the song is still being detected. personally i'm very happy for him that he won't be extradited to do wes so far though i'm not happy with the ruling as i think that his mental conditions have nothing to do with the protection of press freedoms and i think it's kind of problematic to call his health issues and a risk of potential suicide as the only reasons to dodge his extradition i must say that the decision is not a reason to celebrate the freedom of speech free speech and the freedom of the media are still on trial bench would join us on the judge literally endorsed all the charges from the u.s. side and therefore back to criminalize ation of investigative journalism so unfortunately the battle is yet to end i'd like to state that the whole process wasn't supposed to exist at all because it doesn't fit with the constitutional state it embodies did talk of freedom of speech and press and this unprecedented
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case was created only under u.s. pressure do you key was washington's partner in crime as it held an innocent journalist in a maximum security prison for more than a year and a half in custody as if he was a particularly dangerous terrorist where he was isolated in his cell for 23 hours a day where he wasn't being protected since the very beginning of the pandemic he didn't put anyone in danger but the opposite surely before the verdict it was disclosed that he warned u.s. government about the leak he warned that it was necessary to protect those mentioned in domes leaks he did everything to protect them in fact. he disclosed crimes he made them public corruption and torture he published everything that was wrong so you want to happen again and that's why it's necessary to put in jail not him but those who committed those crimes or those who gave the orders. for global markets of a 100 a new year boost after russia and saudi arabia reached
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a compromise of oil production for the next 2 months a group of major producers agreed to keep the oil supply broadly steady in february and march that's after the pandemic for some economies back into lockdown more government struggle to roll out vaccines and more russia and kazakhstan have been permitted to add a combined $75000.00 barrels a day for both those months so idea rabia pledged an additional unilateral cut of a 1000000 barrels a day and he's been bused breaks down the deal you can see the full program here later today. saudi arabia and russia they were deadlocked monday over whether their producer's alliance should boost crude output but were able to actually come to an agreement on tuesday why was there such a deadlock and what was this compromise well it really came down to a timeline there was an original e agreed to timeline that said back last year when we were in the middle of this coronavirus that production levels with the cuts russia which kind of group oversees this opec plus a group of about 10 different suppliers worldwide saudi arabia represents about 11
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russia had agreed to go ahead and a hold down production but they had a deadline that was supposed to expire at the beginning of january in 2021 that would allow the production levels to come up again russia was supposed to start producing at least another half 1000000 barrels a day of oil but what the saudis are saying is let's hold off and let's wait that's what they couldn't come to an agreement on monday early the concerns over the speed of vaccine rollouts were actually part of the debate between saudi arabia and russia over oil production why is that it well yeah it really comes down to when it is normal whatever normal is ultimately going to look like going to be reached again and that's what it really comes down to is what some of the saudis are saying and their argument to the russians on monday was is that there is a vaccine rollout that's happening across the world is happening in the united states it's happening in europe but it's happening very slowly much slower than had been anticipated as you know brand right now in the u.s.
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only about a 3rd of the vaccine supply that sitting in hospitals right now has actually been been administered and so because it's taking longer considering the fact that we if we do go back and do another series of lockdowns as serious as we saw in the summertime you know air travel comes to a halt. vehicle travel comes to a halt there's just so many things that slow down in terms of oil production. all prices jumped 5 percent on news the deadlock of oil output levels had been resolved and followed a slight drop unchanged take you to the continued uncertainty a new covert lockdowns saudi arabia's permanent representative to the united nations told us he hopes the oil market will recover and stabilizing but the fact that we are able to reach agreements with russia on dollars is a positive indication for picked last minute or cripple us is there to stay and will continue to maintain discussions and coalition without major clears in the market so i think it all indicates
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a positive outlook i think other nations will benefit from this agreement did a really. good it isn't in the form of reduced output generally or women it is in the form of better prices so i think they will go along with this agreement and then they will support it and we are in continuous contact a lot of pick partners and mean we are trying to do something which rights to use it a consideration we think that there will be a recovery in the oil markets with a new year and with the improved economic situation and that will increase our of course trinity for. producing and selling large amounts quantities. and finally in our recap of big stories of 2020 almost 50000 refugees have returned to their homes in a go in a car a bar consecrating to the russian ministry of defense the disputed region continues
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to recover 2 months after the territorial war between armenia and azerbaijan stopped the military conflict cost thousands of lives. i'm being told it's about $160.00 millimeters in caliber which makes it a truly formidable project and you can see the amount of damage that it did here 1st and here used to be the gates well they are now completely gone these areas are being shelled relentlessly even though the closest military position is about 3 to 4 kilometers away that way but what you're hearing right now is them firing. he is very. we're being told to go to get down into bomb shelter this is where we're going to stay for now and then wait out wait out the shelling.
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going you know of course to smoke at it. i was in my room i was going to take when there was a loud bang it wasn't bearable there was one massive impact i suppose of rubble doris retard their hinges and windows shattered there isn't much left of the house . shelling in the city right now this is the least safest place. is the sluice to return this was. some agreement. we were going in we do this through. ok that was it that was very brief it was very quick but it's simply way way too dangerous for us to stay here for long that. 2 strikes obliterating everything in their path the altar the benches and one of the domes have been completely destroyed by.
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fire and we have to leave out. if. you believe he's the biggest lady in the water the russian peacekeeping contingent is being deployed on the car both contact line and the corridor linking the region to the republic are going to be a just you contingent crises getting a. lot of the new book. about the feel of the. east coast people bill joy of mad money. for the masses can plug the 1st new this year the most in. an average of out of a lot of places you could be i know this wednesday morning really great for you
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here with us here on r.t. international stick around a days on our top stories in 30 minutes. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race is often very dramatic developments only really and going to exist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk. the war in syria has lasted longer than world war 2. who has been suffering the most in this almost undoubtedly long conflict regular syrian
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people. need is more than when you my friend here she goes away. i could see everything with my own eyes and hear the stories of its residents one group in particular russian wives of syrian man. they were pleased to look up to its english nationalist movements. do no harm to shatter the cardinal george i'm just going. to in this episode we explore the ignorance and greed that led to our current crisis one of the 1st. medicine is do no harm.
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said that hypocrisy is was the 1st to say this and what that means is that the sure for any medical problem shouldn't be worse than the disease that you're trying to treat a big chunk of america is in chronic pain and pain meds back pain pain arthritis events real and it affects people's lives and they would like a way to live their lives to take care of their families without being in this name what the brain is trained is that different brains than their brain that's not in pain people have it in their hear there's a feel for something regardless of whatever modern iranians or something out there is going to you know there was this new road to lemonade all your inside the company and the drug came out they received so many letters from people who had been suffering for years with no relief he finally felt like through oxycontin they were getting to be alive again in a way they hadn't for years and that they considered
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a miracle drug is the best thing that happened to me if i wasn't on this medication i just would.


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