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tv   News  RT  January 1, 2021 2:00pm-2:31pm EST

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when you. with fireworks but scaled down celebrations people see how 2020 the new year with hopes of a brighter 12 months ahead. several countries consider introducing covert passports companies develop mobile apps to enforce compliance but there are warnings of significant complications. and take a devastating toll on the french hospitality sector we hear from a small business owner who describes the desperate plight some people are in. my neighbor lived right in front of my house had a restaurant for 2 generations during the 2nd lockdown everyone had to close again
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but some roadside restaurants were authorized to open and as she was not on the list the next day she hanged herself. in the united states 2021 with a grim registering its highest daily death toll. 10 pm generally the 1st this is our team from moscow on call in bray with global stories that we're tracking. cities worldwide have seen in 2021 with fireworks lighting up the sky to celebrate the end of a challenging but memorable year.
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then you hear speeches world leaders paid tribute to medical workers on the front lines of the pandemic but warned of further difficulties ahead it is a historic crisis that has imposed much on everyone and too much on song i don't think i'm exaggerating when i say that never in the last 15 years have all of us fallen the old year so difficult when the 1st month of the year will be difficult and at least until the spring the epidemic will continue to weigh a lot on the life of our country so i can imagine that there will be plenty of people who'd be only too happy to say goodbye to the grimness of 2020 we will end the pandemic once and for all this is one of the most extraordinary scientific industrial and medical feats of history not everyone is sitting at the festive table right now where lots of people are still in hospitals and i'm sure they feel
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the support of their loved ones and friends you know there's a war and there are you me with all my heart and i wish you a speedy recovery mr and a happy return. in central london small crowds gathered to see in the new defiance of tight restrictions and he showed up to disperse them on the capital's lockdown mixing between households is banned. in new york usually packed times square also so far fewer people than usual with holiday events down get less to chat with more things and the thought is of going too far and limiting people's freedoms. fortunately i'm not sure i share that optimism at this point i mean especially as someone who lives in new york city we already have the blasio our mayor and well more governor still pretty a very dark picture of what's ahead i believe they said broadway still won't be open until 2022 i don't really see the sort of one party rule progressive
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democrat stronghold cities in america necessarily need to get help with getting back to normal i mean these these governments and these these rulers have shown just how much they're easy to become tyrannical they're petty tyrants ironical i think they want to give up that little level of control so easily and i don't think they're going to get it completely locked on their states they have their ruling almost by anything but military rule when you they have you know. forces roaming the streets making sure people wear it masks in shops they've got the national guard in new york deployed at the airports to make sure you pull up these illegal help surveys when you get off the plane you remember these are the same people that told us 2 weeks to slow the spread and here we are 9 months later. the united states has registered more than 3800 to daily deaths from cope it tragically records to that in the year one of the worst affected areas new york had almost 8000 new infections could have opened up to how the pandemics change the city. as
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the new year rolls around many in new york city are hoping that 2021 will be completely different the incoming administration of joe biden is promising that they will turn things around with coded 19 with very swift measures and a local government is reassuring everyone that soon things will be back to normal. here in new york city all of the country we're getting a shot of hope we now know that we will ultimately defeat the coronavirus but what will this new normal be a lot of things won't be like that old pre lockdown world before the masks and temperature checks are one of many small businesses will be gone over 30 different retail and restaurant chains filed for bankruptcy in 2021 and many more are downsizing stores and restaurants shutting down during the pandemic big tech is now moving in amazon facebook and google have moved thousands of their employees to the big apple the 3 tech giants now have over $22000.00 employees in new york city and
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more are expected these silicon valley giants are buying up iconic office buildings another aspect of new york city life public transportation is also not doing so well the jobs of thousands of transit workers are on the brink as the trains shut down each night in order to be clean and comply with health regulations new york city is going to enter 2021 with a significant loss at this point the city has actually dropped off the list of america's top 10 zip codes many rich folks have packed up and moved on the cost of rent has decreased by 30 percent so how normal will this new normal be once restrictions are finally lifted it looks like many things have changed in a way that is not easily reversed. r.t. new york. politicians around the world are insisting that corona virus vaccines will stay voluntary that said many countries are already preparing for
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a possible come. these 2 are also preparing mobile applications so the authorities can check through people's phones whether they've had the job although the column trust networks already developed such an app in collaboration with airlines including virgin atlantic. but as to between paulk reports it leaves people with mixed messages on what exactly will happen if you're still not sure you want to get a code vaccine the choice might now be a little clear several countries are debating whether or not people who get the job should have certain privileges for being covered safe not a bad idea on paper but for those in the back of the line or just hesitant to inject a rapidly developed chemical cocktail life might not be the same sure you don't have to get an ocular rated but good luck if you want to travel or go to a bar or pretty much anything anywhere that requires your code pass several governments have already spoken against introducing such a system. have
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a very clear position on this as important as vaccination is for all of us there must be no special treatment for the votes in the distinguishing between the vaccinated and the notes vaccinated would be the same as making it mandatory it would divide society. there are no plans to introduce a vaccine passport to give people access to places such as pubs and restaurants once a coronavirus job becomes available but not everyone's so opposed to the idea now the moment when it's not possible to a flu vaccinations to everyone such a procedure is out of the question but the discussion about to come be still to know and even in countries that have said that they won't be introducing the covert passes some politicians are saying there's nothing they can really do against businesses requiring a proof of vaccination we are looking at the technology and of course a way of people being able to inform their physician that they have been vaccinated
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but also i think you'll probably find that restaurants and bars and cinemas and other venues sports venues will probably also use that system and companies including i.b.m. have taken matters into their own hands developing apps that would allow businesses to track employees and customers while there is an argument that encouraging more people to get the job will bring about the end of lockdowns but what about personal freedoms that's the thing though you had more stuff and restricted people from the missile base you've got the ship with all of the right pieces from print one from one for them to be able to live their life i mean what you eat in a country freedom of speech. is not really want to visit i think it's disgusting because it is a form of tyranny. that takes away our freedoms to travel freely. takes away our privacy completely i mean at the end of that people got their ferries about things and i don't want to be pushed into things you know
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a lot of people think they. will tell you what to do and so i think control of the . everything's up in the air at the moment some countries have taken the idea of passports in another direction instead of handing out vaccine passes spain has decided to do the on. visit and make a noddy list we'll set up a registry and share it with our european partners of those who have been offered vaccination and rejected it spain's health minister didn't specify what exactly what happens to those who get on this register but when a country starts making lists of people it usually doesn't and very well it's a scary thought it kind of reminds me a bit. of this is going too far but lists of people that are complying with something almost reminds me. of the yellow star on the sleeves of germany a lot i don't really know what. i don't like where people get what we should all be
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leery of when people get put on the list for being a particular type of person that's not doing something or is doing something or is of particular we are not to aware that it's discrimination as we know it is true interest i will tend to be against giving people. special rights or something just because the man after all is also a matter of how lucky are you to get in quickly and how low on the priority list that you may have to wait very long and she's sure that because it is doubtful it would be an irishman. here at r t we've worked 247 throughout the year to bring you the news as it happened and also plenty of you had to our website for update let's get taylor takes a look at the stories which generated the most clicks. bodybuilder. rallies rallies rallies will smith campaign oh hello good timing because i'm reading about you know
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no tory no hacking not today no i'm reading about you'll save stories on our website this year the one you clicked on the most part of your honesty i spend most of my time online going through all of the hate comments the trolls leave me on you tube so i've never really got round to check out our com but i'm glad i got the chance now let's see in this one came in. a concept body builders dream wedding to his girlfriend canceled because of covert on your probably moved by this morton dave's juliet oh just look at the pair in thailand so sweet. tom. and i see why you like the story his girlfriends of sex don't you know to fish but oh well what else what else ok well this one not quite as remounted but still determined 2nd.
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a huge b.l.m. rally in new york whoa nothing new really have a protest today keep democracy in play why so many hits then. you know i've got a thousands gather here and it's ok but restaurants a shot and small businesses are killed to slow the spread trumps ronnie's of course the dobbs super spreaders it's almost like you're not convinced that covert doesn't attend democrat led romney's visit restaurants before 10 pm shocking well time for the big one then let's see what came out on top. what we have here facebook and it's fact checking all need stories yes you have i remember this now turns out the lead story here is that the independent group is
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absolutely packed with democrat donors i next c.n.n. people i'm finding they've developed an appetite for branding any news to the right of well the left hopes what you that's actually quite surprising because usually big tech just no right wing media content while that's a wrap on this year. here's hoping you keep one play king through 2021.
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every year with great pleasure to be answered questions from our viewers and this year is no different as usual your questions focus on future of. my panel and.
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more of our headline news in france has recorded 26000 new cases of covert in the past day that's the highest rate since mid november and the government has responded by tightening a night kind curfew in several cities. implemented nationwide all local lowdown we will propose an extension of the curfew which instead of starting at 8 pm will start at 6 pm in all the regions where it's needed is some cities or regions where the incidence rate is above the maximum alert level these measures will be implemented from generally 2nd 2021 on the side from the curfews bars and restaurants remain closed over the festive period and extends months of restrictions that have taken a devastating toll on the hospitality industry restaurant owner vincent mani i describe to us the desperate state people are in and how his neighbor was driven to
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suicide. this is from so i've been living in la trinité so mail for 16 years i have 12 hotel rooms sent to restaurants we serve from 40250000 per year we employ 12 people during the winter period and around $22.00 people during the summer period so being suddenly left without work for 5 months is not easy our commune is specialized in selling local products seafood we produce a lot of fish there are no more events there are no more buses there is nothing and on top of that we are closed in terms of health i took antidepressants i took sensitives i throw up every morning i don't sleep much and i don't sleep well and i think i'm not the only one in this position among people i know there was my neighbor who lived right in front of my house who had a restaurant for 2 generations she survived the 1st lock down she was 36 years old
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she had a roadside restaurant it was an establishment that everyone knew and appreciated during the 2nd lockdown everyone had to close again but some roadside restaurants were authorized to open and as she was not on the list the next day she hanged herself if you want to morbid detail it was her 11 year old son who took her down from the noose. a poll from a french socialist think tank suggests that 25 percent of traders most of whom have seen their income plummet have considered suicide and out of all of those who've lost their jobs the numbers even higher than 27 percent. the french economy shrunk by a record 13.8 percent back last spring when the 1st lockdown was in force a business is deemed not essential with the worst hit with the hospitality sector seeing a contraction of around 50 percent in output vincent bonnie a again says many business owners see no way out. of this for
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me if you want to close bars and restaurants that don't follow protocol that's fine but on the other hand most of my colleagues have scrupulously respected all the rules that have been imposed on us and today there is no study which proves that restaurants are a source of infection when you see people crowding in the subway i don't understand why there is less danger in supermarkets or in the subway than in a restaurant i didn't take a salary for 6 months so ultimately i paid to work luckily for me and my wife we've put some money aside we've put it aside but it melts like ice cubes in the sun so inevitably it makes us questions we wonder how it's going to be tomorrow if we'll be able to pay the rent if we'll be able to pay for the car if we'll be able to pay for the kids' school especially when we know that business owners and friends have no direct help at christmas my children told me daddy don't give us presents will
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sell all our toys instead to earn money to have food in. the united states has high tariffs on a range of european imports and a tit for tat move explaining the decision to trump administration accused europe of overreacting to the previous round of u.s. penalties. the you may do not the tours that i'm thorough increase the amount of routes away soon the u. needs to take some measure to compensate for this unfairness the latest u.s. levies target parts and winds from france and germany they come after the e.u. slapped taxes on $4000000000.00 worth of imports from america last november and those in turn were a response to american tariffs on $7500000000.00 of goods in 2019 of the core of the dispute is washington's long running claim that europe is unfairly subsidizing the aircraft maker airbus giving it an edge over u.s. rival boeing responding to the latest salvo from washington brussels accused of
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undermining the ongoing negotiations the u.s. action unilaterally disrupts the ongoing negotiation between the commission and u.s.t.r. to find a settlement of the long lasting aircraft disputes journalist thomas fassbender thinks we're seeing a global trend of governments trying to shield their industries from foreign competition. but this is a sign of an overall return of protectionist policies the heydays of the free international free trade and the model of reformers are over and i see this less bound to or a certain president in the us then to this general trend tariffs are always damaging for producers and customers both. in rio mehta this move is limited or great brandy's and wine from 2 countries germany and france and airplane parts i see this the overall significance of the decision i
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see less intimidating in the wish to damage somebody but to make it clearer. make it give a clear sign by the us that the future will be not as the past wars and the word to. america 1st survive his presidency joe biden knows that the that the europeans have a big interest in improving relations to washington which were almost frozen dead for the last years and for good for him it comes in handy in a way because his friendship will not be for free for the europeans and the more he has to offer in terms of favorite of. reductions or whatever the more he can ask in terms of what he wants to buy from the europeans in order to be good friends again . i knew in this hour dozens of people have been arrested in the us city of
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minneapolis during protests over a fatal police shooting the local police department released body can footage of the incident which happened on wednesday night and just to warn you that you might find the video we're about to show you disturbing. she was had happened as you can see outside a gas station when police were trying to arrest a felony suspect according to offices the suspect opened fire from his car police shot back killing the man who's been identified as 23 year old the law is the victim's parents who are somali immigrants have disputed the police account they say the sudden never opened fire on the police and they separated the family home
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these latest protests in minneapolis happened near the site where george floyd was killed back in may an incident that sparked a summer of on the rest. of
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us historian joel hold thinks the black life massive movement could mark a historic turning point. i would concur it's what happened in april 19th 68 in the united states after nobel laureate dr markham to king jr was killed at that particular moment you had demonstrations erupting from the east coast to the west from the atlantic to the pacific. however there is another aspect of what's happening today that in a sense is unpleasant don't know i mean the demonstrations global demonstrations well walk in auckland new zealand in sydney australia and london and one in berlin
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germany so that is unprecedented and i think it's very significant as well because if you look historically at the struggles of black americans what you'll find is that one of the ways we've made progress in the past is because de mint a national solidarity and so that gives me hope for the future and as for mr bike when he was in the u.s. senate he was in many ways according to the new york times the thought to protect this criminal justice system that has led to this catastrophe of black men in particular being unpleasant one of the problems with the. may say so is that there is a leader there decentralized and that is a direct result of the fact that however black people don't follow a centralized political war diseases such as the black panther party in the one
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$960.00 s. the government comes out their leaders and puts them in studio and kills them and so therefore in the end they have to is to have no leader you know people just spontaneously come to the streets now i understand that but what it does is it makes it difficult to play it makes it very difficult to channel that energy into politics. and that's how it looks from moscow this day wrapping up this hour for them with some more of the fireworks which welcomed in 2021 with some much needed sparkle and have a brighter 12 months ahead this is out today thanks for watching. if.
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6 you.
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think. welcome to the kaiser report 1st of the new year's day so we've got an excellent day on these christmas lights adorning the set i mean you know i took the money i save and i bought sacks all right so i'm going to turn to peak or is the editor over a crack and he's also an advisor at this point because. when else seemed wrong why don't we just don't hold. me to
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that he's yet to stamp out these days become active. and engaged equals betrayal. when so many find themselves will the party we choose to look for common ground. greetings and sell you tell you should swell come one and all to the 2nd part of our year end special we're really looking back at some of our most intriguing thought provoking and inspiring interviews from the last 365 days of the year for all of us here watching the hawks 2020 was without a doubt one of the most difficult years of our lives.


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