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the sharing most generally would be good because you don't. need to go to choose to be a sub so is it better to do this through. well i mean look i'm not base you know how long should a record company not a can do establish should come out. on a me tell me at my. last self is that. something that we're not. going to get to know. leave it on so critical because somebody has a. list. of. this to to know the most you know one of the. something accomplished american or something the month they come up. with something. was not made all students new sounds. like
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a movement you. must smoke and then touch moment. and not going to them i did not get up and it's a good thing i'm a son not that i mean he's got more but that's simply i got nothing i think i'm going to. yes. hauled out a box you. could join as you hold. your. fall they cannot. join miss them up just like to. know what i'm. about jobs about through and also at the low she just about to announce the acronym
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. a lot of them are valuable about when they're going to one of them has several stalls and. as you know they'll show up on the most anonymous and these little. indian watching have a whole lot of it in kind of through show you know my thing right now i mean doubt anybody and that's what i want to so doing that woody bit of metal wouldn't come up with a moment. but they would have to about a month off and go. that's when i better make a stand for national then have a fun a mother to ben's own hanum obey cheek ask why not i mean as that was that's what i've been one on one about that but that's the body. had us have to. do that and we put that idea that these photos are going to look at any. mass not
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all i want to. you know well. and we can march on i'm agreeing. with that. but i don't want to shake sure that. he could have been on but i'll ask a question that bush had after and. i'm not. but how do some of that i guess they are writing them all got a point about what they got don't you really have to get at. the start of the text that. just boil and i'll be sure to my. very last them can make them ask when i am mommy time and that's what i don't mommy don't like the mommy donald said of course of this just oh well mommy donald boise show because they got caught i thought that i don't know nami is a bit of a so then you can only. imagine omega confident matter with the hall no washed on
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that machine. so this really made it even if you did you sort of made a. judgment. in some of. these children so. it's. done i'm odd that. photos mock up by the. way i make honestly act mad. when i had to cut them. any voice i. watched they could not put up with me to. see the u.s. troops to have to let me just talk to my other half hour because some.
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must have you saw the any. piece of. medicare. started with out of my. show i'm leisure. travel so i'm going to go. below the. on. i'm sort of negative coming. out of the. would you put me. on the show to call them a sure jaw. i mean she would when i'm going on the train like you know this we should be able to. have a. young guy.
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with a good. shot at the most for you know. if you really want to. really speak should be. to me that's for me to try not. to home i looked over to my. head all. the rest in the. future of this. all of the stock was on the. well the least. so i can remember a couple of. delusion. oh no you're not going to do those negative. because you got me or people are going
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to look at their lives i was either. how. i wasn't but let's look at the behind the what you're. some of it is obvious we. should look at them and i think my sister going to bangs on us and then lose a little girl i got one more time i figured out. that i was. thinking this you know why god don't i'm not in this last i got the language chili dogs on your voice for one i want to have. not seen this in a while i was if i go up and i'll phone call can you tell move all the stuff below that of the good of all not not up at all the battle over the last another cause of morningside more than one of them. well i've heard it could go
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on i. worked in blank and it was a philo gubb school was that none of them but couldn't. go would could not so all of us how. would you think about my job by the money paid on the going to bust the good month. and then have most of the potomac i want to. make when i got to go with it wasn't going to look that good going up like the whole stuff i mean because no gold watch i want to play at that is the one you can is going to get caught up again with that of course called the other. and if you. listen to this it's going to be horrible coming to. you. this is not. cool
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with the minor cannot put. down. to it. so. just. not. fair. it was. very. little i'm asked to look at. this feel. good to talk. to. me. try this.
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for a minute i'm doing. 200. feet do you even mentally. first. time last. time not. just. tell us.
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this. fires home. to. the you to do this is the earth was the one in the sense. of i think i am a. very. fine i am. fish.
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fish. fish fish out of the off. oh look forward to talking to you all. that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the 1st law show your identification or should be very careful about official intelligence to the point of view screen is to create a trance. like state on there is chas in with artificial intelligence will summon the demon.
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the obama must protect its own existence was the excuse for. this. when i was told something seemed wrong. rowles just don't call. me to believe yet to shape out of disdain become agitated and indeed from an equal betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. a lot of questions for disagreeing to be conservative is coming from the conservatives and the change with means to be concerned about the issue that comes to mind. for conservatives to believe.
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this number last time you know that nothing is going to come i know nothing nothing nothing but i don't think the will. come on this is not enough for you i mean the money my money to someone the moment i come out of my something i plan. something. my mom and the mom is nothing more times than i found someone something could come up with. the time to spend tax. me to eat. my own thing you know no but. i mean actually the people. that. do what they're doing that built my own home you know i feel always a little more time that i will need money go to the homes and make other mothers who she doesn't look as if i did nothing that will hold all of them i guess not that's something to love because i want to that my love the. show will get it
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because of the book club of the office they have opposable that. because of her live i joke those about over that. you know tribute to that just kind. of hope but if you're publish up to the middle. of a. failed attempt on the stuff. you know the flipside. of that like it doesn't tell the joke to those who love the smell some form. of this is the couple of money i have there without the. both blue yes of course the local go whole hog and there's no way the mouse that mumu to put to the mic and lets those who couldn't see that they can be doomed before you publish it they're going to use the new phone to work with us have those who must be students with their view of the evening news and new news will come as well as
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say that i mean this with a come on good move do give you the remote goodfellows to get the attention of the i was going to do those those not with the enclosure that only comes with them so to. get all the goodies on will you come on don't have time to look for the government issued on them the good news on the signs upon suddenly pulls on the one side london's on the zone one on the 5 and up to 5 with mcclintock smoke a good moon book perfume on top of the end of them close up in the sun going to the market with a new the problem you don't lose your money they thought it was only upon those overlooked most i'm not the kind of one of those in the aisle on the mission up front. i've been put on ruthless phone numbers to call hard if you know this one i got the whole don't wash i'm suzanne misses you shock me shock what those are the look that was the show on on the wire she was on so i was on good luck says the sky is up there most of the she could. go to someone so it is on the
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left a move some since this was what i thought michigan with those other little shots i'm up on the middle of the hub along. the lines of those are kind of like the mind in which can little minute to show that they should. do. more or less or less micro-managing the mass that are. going to give me a lot of credit. for money on democratic. really so when they met in. the lab. my job our own. reality and here now go out again although cooler they. are of course to go out again to. die around on the
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island i would be down a lot of. lines i was. going to get to know mark. crowded out again. mark a man i never. got invited to when they're. older . than. him and. want to jump the gun i don't want. to. make about a tiny. hope that after i'm up to mow. the lawn but i didn't see
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to do that every day if you don't bet and there's a real push yet that he does. that the more the most out of me. is you look more buddy time with a local to me after that i come up with i don't impose a multimission baby could it but i'm going to let him give us a number and then i'm going oh my god just because you know incredible not just going to save my son i'm. not going to several times and test is what i am not someone that i was i know well kind of what of what i understood talking to one of . the old time times was writing which got the most going to the mission of a german officer put in jail you know less than i'm more out so we can meet him in . my hand saying that i'm a very good money to you but as the end of the new question one. may be nice to have been one of the to do that i didn't do it with the back foot they definitely didn't yet live there got more time as we should that was it i was unafraid and then we sat there because they got more lives than most of them best be sure to leave every. one i could out there.
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getting what out of the venice on my side yes master class match we all but i bet you guys guess you had that issue about his own bus and. that bus headed to the hood i want to pull off my best to. still. be. a good thing for this political solution for the. couple. or. hold. the line in the final push so when they get in the am i certainly do see.
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standing there it was the december to. do it. oh no but i'm going to go a little. burned out in the. field so but i'm as ozone. and wound up for 4 months. on a mild polar arms began about an hour or so. from a president. from one of your. political issues. i'm going to be. the strongest going to learn. thank you julie it's like you measured in my not material. the way of my not causing the worst. flu so putting a. subset. of
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humans you wonder do the best risk himself rather than i meant about 32 months but there's a ton they are my son to move around and he turned out most empty. but if you were sick last time i suppose he. doesn't go for 70 but it was the local sandstone 50. 6 for the year i. found a hero now that i thought was 1st on the way it was supposed to snuff and also the stills. of the marrow. flashed through it sent. who are are. you know i'm way. out of school decent turn on the t.v. barrel of my life style full design i thought i. was a lady and never this still must emerge out there. the 1st of the fluids out on the
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street. finally make him. look all the more yorks it was just before quantum you can the police could recommend the mother should if need more political means get whole mission done out of place between the sure the have been squishy for can both mission and need. don't believe in the form it or not the sense that people still seem to be so generous. much and involved in hoboken with him. but it was not the. most. if you would have called them national. i got additional thank you. all that. more. than just most of other people the more she can moan about if you know what this is all that. was
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a whole lot more than a cold moment. of hope there's a. lot of that is more. on little miss out on most of the. home of the mom that's the i'm not almost. my for home a comment in my sig files on the come on them a lot of the homo going come on them that. there's almost but i'm on them but i'm in love to cook and i cannot relate to most more than one of my more common was in there you could have a little bit of money to get a feel for that emotion when i said i did moments when i said more than a moment will store them almost home which is a more something. no. problem no one could produce is. just what i did thought of will be one of about
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a mission if i'm going to go back i can with the smoke and the social little for the room one of them over there is on the lonely and bored the warmest month i've reached the sun is almost on the moment but the horn to hold it closed with him i want to come together if they want something more of my own not them and once a month i would go with the more the more numbers i know them the more let me go unspoken inside if we could do to sort of the can last a month there was a once before that. is only going to. be an effect i mean bush or the dogs would like you kind of both thought that the most addictive nature that moved on could be that the police caught nothing and i don't. we. are going to.
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i mean let's. move. on to. something.
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larry it was a dream there to carry this gun for another researcher to be. the absolute. weapon of mass committed to go to a new spirit in get over there. and do that way to marion is
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a very good friend of m.t.v. music since it was an immobile device the exposure to a girl you're going to i'm going to come to interview you don't need to book that to your mother mary or early retirement age to postpone a division because if you start to question it will. give you a 6 year old. girl erin to prove it up for your community of their marriage to undercover and i'm going to disable it so. you will get exposed on t.v. i can't wait to decontaminate you and i want to know if you're on these fears and separate later everything to. trip down.
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for america you can defend yourself enjoyed reforms from the weapons of mass communication. good sex robots be. no fear of the enemy as they were going to do in the early early. we started talking about the coin of the dollar back in 2011 we've been pushing and telling people about about 10 dollars 100 dollars 1000 dollars 10000 dollars as fell by these new all time high prices and the new york times washington post and math on bases santa brought forcing their russo phobic conspiracy theory. and dissuading from watching our show as a result many people around the world mexico latin america asia everywhere got in 100 countries that are broadcast it and they have made millions we've made all rounder 1000 millionaires and big client but not so much in the u.s. because the u.s. is blinkered by its love of keynesian economics it's
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a lot of the said. dead. notice to children we teach to do. i promise you will be. the incoming us president pledges a health response to the recent months of government agencies from the internet the russians let me double for letting. them see the proof we speak to alexander ginzburg the director of the institute behind russia's sputnik feat proxy he say's he has full confidence in which i. need to my 14 year old granddaughter so you violated your own instructions against vaccinating children that's outrageous you
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were ready to kill your entire family for the sake of a new vaccine.


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