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tv   Documentary  RT  December 22, 2020 8:30am-9:01am EST

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didn't just this isn't just a reason i. don't mind it just pick a museum on the cold cold the shining most generally wouldn't you because you just . want us to be such sensitive to this thing. well i mean look them up if you know how long should a man carving out a canoe established should come out. and yes on the. last self is that. something that we're not. going. to get enough. to leave it on so. there's a. little. bit of. this to to know the moment most of the. something accomplishments in the economy of the month make up. was not made all
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students need sounds. like a movement. to move a man touch moment. and not going to. the police and. the son not dead i mean he's got more but that's got nothing nothing you can. you know. there's a. join me now for the song they are doing. in the hall about a boxer who. could join me to hold. the fall they cannot hold their goblin us on their joy missed them up just like to. know what i like the more. about the do just about the last mobile phone in the box
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at the low she just about to announce the acronym. for a lot of them that i have off of i'm going to buy one and they're going to one of them has said was false and. as you know they'll show was spot on with some of the most of these little. anymore i think i called most of it in because if it was you sure you know my thing right now i mean doubt anybody and that's that i want a son doing that woody bit of metal within the moment. but it didn't yet they would have to about a month off and go. on about it as your next and he got to national then have a fun a month or 2 bands on on a mono bait cheek ask why not but i mean as that was that's what i've been one on one about that but that's the body. had us have to.
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do that and we put it that he that these photos are going to pick up any more free land. mass no i don't want to. you know well. and we can march on i'm agreeing. with that. but i don't want to shake sure that in fact. that he could have been on the don't ask a question that bush had after. not. how do those not that i didn't see writing them all. going about it what they got you will be happy to. see sort of the next that pretty. well and i'll be sure the mad. at them can make them ask when i buy that stuff i don't mind me i don't like someone like me donald said of course of this just oh well meet on boise show because they got caught i thought that i don't know not because they never thought of us so that you can own. a gun condo in fact not matter what the hall now watch
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but on that mission. some of those. you don't even if you do the new stuff they don't. need some of. it isn't going to the right so. that. those mock up by the. way i make honestly act mad. when i had to cut them. any voice i. watched because i put up with. the u.s. troops to have to let me just talk to my other half hour because some.
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must have you saw the need to make it up if you. make you. sided with out of my. show i'm leisure. travel so i'm going to go. below. on. i'm sort of negative coming. out of the. would you put me. on the show to call them a sure jaw. bone i mean she would but i'm going to like you know this we should be able.
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to go. with a good. shot of the motion. picture we want to. raise for you should be. trying. to home i looked over the mark that. they had all. the rest in the. future some of this. all of the stock was on the. well that we should look at on a commercial so i can remember a couple of. devotion.
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just how did i get it to those who are giving. because you got may have the. last look at the lives of those other. how. we must look at the honda what's your. some of it is obvious we. should look at them i think and sinister get them to brings us the little girl i got from what i figured out. that i did. see i was on my littlest i got the language chili dogs on the office for when i want to have. not seen this in a while the whole as if i joke and i often call the whole movie almost as. good as well not not up at all the battle over there not some of us out of but more decided with little more to sound like this one that again. well i've heard it could go on
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i. worked in blank and it was a philo gubb school was that none of them but couldn't have one would be so committed to show me i would could have said i want to be a help most of them what would you think about my job by the money paid on they're going to bust the good month. and then have most of the potomac i want to. make when i got to go with it wasn't going to look that good going up like a hole stop me i mean it was no go but i want to play it i had to get up when you can is going to get caught up again we've got a school psychologist on the other. hand if you. listen to this it it's going to be horrible coming to. you.
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this is not. cool with the minor no not really want to. do it. so. i am. not. there. it was. a little i'm asking. you this feel. to tell.
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me. try this. for. 200 a. few do you remember the. first. time not. just.
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this little snow. mountain of. mud. fires told. to. move to do this is a surface on the one in the sense. that i have a fair amount of money. and i. think. that if. the. fish.
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are left you do need. to be. found there. russian state television listen to demonstrators right now the propaganda machine. to.
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think i'm going to go. i'm sure. things go well because. if you took away. no one.
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unit 731 was a unique organization in the history of the world what they were trying to do was to simply do nothing short and build the most powerful and most deadly biological weapons program. that the world had ever known. the real you know. where the sages your worship god. go to the know your. son you look at the issue of putting. him on the mount. you know modern others have no new home or not up on their own i've got the muscle. i'm going to no no i think up a whole nother thing kind of wish to know about joy when you are little you did room. for more or less there no. cheerios i had
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a. buddy bill could you. point us to a ball to go way up the receiver oh oh what the. smiley on our. site is and more of. the year you will not a more of the lot that they give us that will. never let not you know that company and i'm going to get my own i think a countless number nobody i know we're going to win. them all ok but it's like not for you i mean it's money my money enough some want a moment i'll come out about something i plan. something. but i'm
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out of my mouth of the mind of a not yet nothing on my side of my mouth i'm once on account of the one with none of this amount of damage that's been taxed and was beaten in a. mine of my own that you know nobody got me got and i'm going to be national with them leaving me to. go into jensen well. yeah. i built my house no actually i feel also most of them well enough times i thought i would need to know you would see the whole thing make up among the bushes it was as if i knew nothing of the laws that make us not just something to love again i want to my love this truth must show good if you didn't but i was definitely going to do a book out of the coffers that will push the button if you begin to. find your home. about somebody that you hope to get it done tribute to that just kind. of help but did a cure but was shot through the commission to. fail to live up to the stuff.
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you know the 15 of them. has moved out like it done so they don't think a syllable has also come up with a simple some form. of just done a couple of months and yet have no one i think had all the room yet so it was set up like the whole hog was only the mouth of money to put to make them less those who couldn't see that they could be doing the function we're going to want to move on to with an established the music in the us these are students that give them clues even knew his will come and let's say that i mean this could have come up on good. to give you my good fellow to get the session if i walk on the soup does those of the employer that politico's them so this. was the wall didn't sound will you come on the kind of loans that got some of. these homicides upon something
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wholesome the advice i've learned is that it was almost like the bible for mcclintock that smug little blue book perfume on top of the of the clothes i believe i'm going to like it was a mirror that taught me the who to come i think they thought my slowly up on those i love most i'm not the kind of one of those of them up on my list of money. i don't put on ruthless on a number of shots at cardiff aside. you know this one i got the whole tone was from susan mrs mitchell what those are the look though she show on her own and why is she always on social and good lucks is a disco is a must although she could learn to love someone so it is on the move on the show though some just as well as the michigan with those other little shop on the corner of the hut below. the rules of those are going to would diminish the little minute to show their little.
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girl less or less the mark of my mom the must that i'm going to give guy who's been eradicated. from ananda mark radical mosques while i'm going to. get it done one more for doing so when they met in our next hour. i think that. among the hour oh thank god for. the hour and here now we go out again i will go to the. floor of court of the law to get a. value around value i have been around a lot of thought. that. i'm going to get no mark from crowded out a good. mark i'm on i'm never. going to get in there they.
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don't see it as a. good. deal. and this. stuff doesn't. want to jump the gun i don't want. to end up those. i think about a. hope that after. today every day if you don't bet in the. mochas york public i'll talk to them after that i come up with i don't even bother multimission baby could have baggage to let him get past and double check and then i'm going to spank you know credible not just on a passive must have no. i'm not going to sort of looked out of my chest see what i
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am i said i'm not i was that oh well that's what i'm what i'm going to talk about one of. the all time high it was that which got the most going to be on the show they gave enough to put in jail you know less than a lot of civic immediately i get to know my unfeigned and i mean that you can buy me do you want is that it was on you because from one day maybe he said i would be in one of these given that he knew that i didn't do it with possible about what they intend on that he said yes it was their grandma's time as we should that it was you know i was in the grave and then we talked me out because they thought it was genocide and that's the short lived every. one on board you know. what out of the band i saw my son at some magical place magical but i bet you guys guess he had that issue about his own brush and that they also need to show that was better to do what i want i want to welcome us throughout the.
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show but both of. these. no that's. true for the political solution for the. political. fallout for. all. the final push my son when they get in the middle of the. shame in their toes he. was doing. what i told. them in the. field so. mouthful and the alarms. my friends throw.
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you off and if you. say. no way am i not close the worst. to simply. hold views you wonder do with him so rather than amount to about 32 months but there's a ton they are much. more around in the senate. doesn't rule.
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to you that might. be. the way it's supposed to snow muffles. america. who are already. you know our way. around for distant turns on my t.v. barrel on my staff was the sound of fire and i fear is not only here but there are a crystal must come around to. the pursuit of truth in this respect i 1st got to come around finally making. the call my arcs of the shots before honda making the police car wreck and i'm the mother of a should if need more political means get home i should learn how to place between the sure the how to persecute you for a kid a book machine and the mitchell don't believe in the from a guy who smokes he sends the the stuff out to be so generous on the pythonesque
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that much and then will push now how difficult it would be in my mother was not enough and. the snow will clear. the. cheers and mama's mission. he wouldn't call them. i want to push. the police and all that. more. than just most of the people. in the model but if you know what this is all i'm asking was a whole lot more than a column of more. of it out of i hope there's a. rather more. on little miss up on muslims. home was how i saw him go there mom that's the i'm not almost. my for home
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a comment in my sig files on the come on i'm a lot of the whole not going come on them that. there's almost but i'm on them but i'm in love to cook them up and i cannot. it's coated most more they don't want to worry much more come always and they hope it will have more liquid more going for more than remotes. when i said i did most. of them almost home which is something. you could. focus on one of the. world's most wanted to build social. modifiable not. worth the more than. most of them all of those folks.
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to sort of become some of. the. bush or the dogs when they both go to the most physically. moved. when the. other thing is ready. because you may god i'm going to. have another. because if i give him i mean. almost none.
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there's no doubt you. can make. love move out of bethlehem. going to school to. come. cut something. out i think these are going to take some time to catch up here. in the. platinum i think i love fishing in chicago come to go. if you like that don't going to happen.
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so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy to. let it be an arms race in. spearing dramatic development only. i don't see how that strategy will be successful ready. to sit.
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in the day's headlines u.s. president gets his 1st dose of the scene reports from alaska or at least. allergic reactions. we talked to. the vaccine. my 14 year old granddaughter so you boil it in your own instructions against vaccinating children. secure your entire family for the sake of the backseat i wasn't going to kill them to prove that the vaccine is completely safe.


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