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tv   Documentary  RT  November 25, 2020 11:30am-12:00pm EST

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it, along with $300.00 tons of humanitarian aid, that's why the russian demining operation is also underway to allow people to return to that international, coming up to 70 evening here in moscow. with the headlines on more stories at the top of the again you know, when i was just the last look at just what i thought it would be. now most of it
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from the left now, but i don't want to know this. why is there? no. but we did enough and then some of that, but enough of that most of it out and then you have a sense and at that that the lesson and the second one is the book adopted me over the c.c. list. i wanted to be dug in, and when i am in earnest, which money, you know, then you must, as you know, you're not seeing how easy it would be. i would call me when i looked up until now, but i found out today, gosh, i'm going to yeah, you're going to write into my yeah. because russian asylum b.n.
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. i mean, by the end of it, i mean by that, i mean it all in my and i'll say by either with it. all right, joey. then we know a lot of those women to get out back in africa. it on their moment to give you your company though, said they on your wish member not only and also not really much there aren't really your share are left by the heirs. we might get a lesser sissy out of this understanding and to have it in there to be your we had to do was to move around the only mother that made on me equal marriage. but there was that. i mean, if we all said yes, each woman, if you don't get any other than the mentality, what about the mother or
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not. but the nearly as easy as i used to make a year or just i want to gather measures in the years that i've left. i mean you know my roomie puzzle up. i don't leave out the gays have it out up are the they are and are all that, but don't really lemonade out or there's arson and we're not. gotcha. anyone can ok get all of the of almost a good and evil hour. maybe that you are not going to see, seek it out and then to fleece up with what is it,
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believe it or leave that it's actually a hole in there, maybe one or the arguments are that one of them according to i started it all on tape one of them, they're going to yell me share me in, you know that which i know both you don't make up but you know, when they get out
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of the premier of the national forum, an awful mess commits a home your money. look at those with any other shine, you know, he will gladly sharply at the maybe all of your almost all good to see most to look at will read my 1st. it will be 30, 7 years of the jump example that i made my heart on our body thought he had that he only mildly monley my little well you are seeing what you'll get along,
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but it don't get is that hard work given getting there cannot be enough, once i get out there, we got all you can get into. we're only one of the number, you know, i don't know who our city will get the new this is a white that, i mean really important is that while the others are there being only mother communal, wanna put it. i'm a couple, i don't know, they feel icky. you know, my mother called one of the of us. me but i have yes, only yellow. see on me guys. i know my good shag,
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a knob on the elevator. me you know you're going. i study them a bush. yeah. your dad, you know, leave it thought out. you know, the thought of it all get, get bashed down. they will burn, you know, but that was a bash. i thought there goes a g.m. of the well as i may have had, but i want to be me by and not get it. when my boys were young, most of the day, you know me if i'm me, the eyes rolling. she's the man says he measures the measures now that this removal
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of my ego money, half a mile. i don't see a gate give. i want to know, you know, but the little that they don't get last night. they be the watch and that do not believe there's that and then when i guess they either get good as well. i can. yeah. get into cash at that point i, you know, i don't know if the time that would of mean that if i find me ask again, not in any of you know, when i get it will jump it again and then it all equally, each of us 3 an ego that i would have one me not only as you and others as the other
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yeah, you make it you and i want to like them. i just, i want to live in what i thought and thought i worry is the only known motion and either the generic. i love my you made me actual cash r.c. . yes. do manually because there are 100 question and we call it and we can use, you know, you're there with them. there's a perry does and there's apparently dug a bush understand book you're going to be if i feel
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a little meant that i get out and i will meet the dalai lama as a new era of only political humanity no matter made for a better milan, italy europe or shockey? yes. i will need them. and miss carney and michelle might not know my what do you call not a mile a mile a mile amaral never was economic the perfect argument yellow as a european. they're going to and she, owner of the nation on earth as you want to have that you're not at the equilibrium oil money though, he would look at me a lot on how many they don't know. i don't know, think she no medical particular your medical journal and even the english. i want those tiny bit of a stock letter was good to get a job on what do you even believe that
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it will know what to do. and that validates mike, you know, i don't know you do you see here and hear more of that? this is a reunion. i don't want to have when you really don't want to save your sorry for being a bit of a little baby nearly did about that. most of the comment asked that this country
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out of water, but i don't wish to know, but i don't know, but i haven't read the article though. you just want to change 100 pounds. well, i think a lot most any i read a manual, this company i bought, it came in the energy when it comes in and i had to be him again. and that was not just pocono, now. i'm not going but i don't look at my limbs. i don't know what they're going to listen, this does it. because if he doesn't know what happened, embracing the forming of an innocent lives guy that when he's up or doing this, you probably never stop when you're on a couple enough to go up with it. but this time it's on us, going to do a beginning to sort of movie star rocky over time. and there were many others. i mean, i wasn't important that's getting stevie wonder if he not that. i mean, maybe you know, not well the body you got,
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john plus ego to show him it is. i think about him look at that. he spent for the small part in the 1st number of cases. a couple of the stuff escape to make assisted. some throws pretty dense on the medical market, us, but ok, but he's a man, that's a political thing, i'm more creative, can be advanced in them. and this has sort of, i startle done without him difficult. and you know, i don't, i'm going to but i'm wondering what his philosophy on and genetics on other she really listening. she'll be the mother me, you love. and when i'm on a wonderful innocence, and i'm not alone asking if i am, i reminded you that i'm going ashley, another number one thing you know in order for some way or another way is the mocking and the i'm a mother to her son not give a neon, if you know he's on the 5th, then yes, but i'm not one of us, but in a polygamous couple who dobbed can impose, you know, with us, you know, the moment because they are saying no
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one else i'm sure seems wrong. when all the polls just don't own them to get to shape out just to come out to and engage with equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. have to see the seal will come. you start will you hold up another real world will know what you know. but what if in your ocean cruiser spirit was a march for said some of you up on the board was to be with
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a boy in the news new york city, but i'm still legal to sell rugs. yes. but if i wanted something new, there are these the idea of the local police, which is to be somewhat go well to start your own work or one with your means the use the chance to start to look at your bullshit. i would have looked this up which you might want to hear from the get it out and he gave them that little equalizer,
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the unit all the while my mother made it. ok, nobody baby me either thought i live if a meter is going up with a one month and if you know the laws of the thread, mommy, you may get lucky. little things are said to be said. reason you have no use, the internet will show up, but i'm sure you'll want to put on much air in not the day. you said you were going to commute those it up. what's the use of the un and new or theo to it. what then, fia killed legal scholars? mother sandra, one can be central to my us, maybe the home to mother and aunt to a little less about then there's thought when you look at this, we'll look at the mill. you're going to go notice pretty much what the name of the school was, comments, not as they are not on printed list, cannot write it. he simply must have got the name of the original that was looking
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for something. it is not a multiple column a little. there was one of them and outcomes is kimo. move it up with a look at the name was noticed in a most be a fast kid. misfiled panic, i had the luck and they gave up, was going on as usual, try if there is because this was familiar. ask and then it was before we were lucky to go it in times who i was now go complete. opposite the newsroom. and i would have a financing of how the national do not because there's no game, but i must say, i mean it's almost an ass, not ministers, especially not money when people are in the antarctic on promotion that if they want there's been times where it is probably others misrata on that last he was not different from the entire line of throws. if you go in and you see no different or better, just put it on the open or i would as the next authentic, it clearly felt and mention punish. my unusual when his rule is that if you feel people are most humans in their predicament, part of the ministry,
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if you were to allow encounter at this point in life and they cannot discount, not when there never was an easy hell. it's temporary and sell. ok if you already have and yes, you probably go says you better deal than going tougher by using break on the split other was hard on my parents how this happens. i look at, can i make any i wish i was them, but i doubt this. i want to get into that with others. i'm either going off on my own and started my blood. i was your backup. proceed to make it again, that are normally on the net or they're going to monitor what us we're going to do . you know, i myself was going to ask his, come on when i'm on the air force and i with this time last man, he roused himself proud of yourself or you have launched, you know, there and to me at. no, ronnie must have a horse and that is not fair. marty. i mean india government spending. what is it in again? i think that mothers remember their children,
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their whole lives. sometimes i think she's dead and i get very sad. maybe my mother has seen me but doesn't want to come forward because she doesn't want to reveal the secret. nobody knows it must also be hard to have a son appear in your life after so many years, especially if it was a secret. but it's hard as the years go by because we're not asking for anything unusual. sometimes i get angry when i notice resignation in myself. because i'm not so old. i'm 53. time is passing by. there are people older than me who disappeared before me. my mother was probably around 70 the women at the home were young. it would be so cruel to get to the end and find them in the ground.
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is probably in the ocean where we are moved to because remember who doesn't get a few days. yes, i say break a little business on the stump of only, you know, your guess miles beneath the cap where there are no better access. that is nina's get out. i stick it in the guy, get the gear or load in there. understand, begin, you know where to look at it in my hear, take it, you don't mean your urine. you can, you carry money here. it is. this that you are, this is low b. or superior about a car going when through are illegal again and when there is mario gains and using your cloak as soon mildly or as
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staff where i'll not be venice by nia, in or we look a passer or get our sun power momento unknown. not where they're going. when it 20 minutes is better, only about is that her
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car i am
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also pointed out by monday you probably wouldn't you go gibson, you know that i'm completely olympic your celebrity it let me go look what i want as little go laughing. ok. downpour for the person you say i want to open so i don't get almost on a failure much of anything. you know, you know, i mean, you know, i was crying when i got any part i'm going to do, or do you see that i look and see any here in n.y.c.?
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and yet you have just started going to right once again by love, not your libido. i guess you get there by then. yeah, i'll progress to moderate hundreds more for the years. i get a little chuckle off that i was. those mothers, mothers called i was told she called you and as a mother what a good work you're so good at. you're not always going off. i mean, you know, i mean your family, i think you have used up and then what are your stop, you know, but it was co-processor. i'm glad that i woke up a couple of those days and they're going to the back and i get it down where you're going to ask. and now they're like, yeah, it's good. i was going to be honest about, you know, that which cannot always make on t.v. . i was thinking about the escalade. i was going to ask this interview that i saw when i said my lawyer nationally. and i want to make the most
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prolific. you look on the tickets or whatever you could get, you are allowed. i mean i would up by loud and i would think and then of course the you called me leave it. oh, there are going to you're going to get it and i think you're going to ask if i, you know who i can go to and it will surely go below. you'll see north sea need god . this content just disappears. also, it's just, you're going to go have us wireless. i got that. you know whether if you go over there, ask if you are going to a particular time what it is that you
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want to vote. this will never do that with the time you will stop there. we're not there yet. there was isn't there yet? you are not then what, but on bet on it. that's better. they got the idea that something when they don't, i know better get the out, get out again or allow gay make given the other people don't know what that but i felt that i mean that the prosecutor told me it might be easier to find them if you signed an official waiver of civil and criminal records against the people who sold you
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most when they got there on your screen. but i mean, you know, but if you're going to commit one vote as well, but on my leg then you know, i was not, but my mentor is from one of your so you know, as part of your political, this could be done. a lot of it on, but of late, but i could lead the most out of this process. when the fellows being you must, she not going to move, you know, and i'm going to perform in this room, but on the most most persecutor they need to put on this encounter.
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how did you major political parties change?
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breaking news this hour among regarded as perhaps the greatest footballer of all time has died. the argentinian world cup winner passed away. and when the stories from the heart and soul have gone further questions are raised over the astra. zeneca coronavirus vaccine with a u.s. force saying it's not very effective when taken by older people.


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