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in the 1st year of conflict damascus became a ghost town. on a fee she had. finished and i got any and. everything any of us and all if you had. but i've had both of them so that everything. else followed refuses to quit his high risk job as a t.v. cameraman despite coming under sniper emulsify many times. did thanks to some of that we've been able to follow developments in syria. and they affect ordinary civilians caught in the crossfire of this bloody conflict.
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a little son of a such a sight i made. up to be. a what if there's still a. lot of us who. doesn't give. you. much i will. give us. a muffin as you will. it's a cut off and he is. good to me that was. awarded to him and i need chicken for that as you would do for those that i was a lot of and then if i thought i feel a lot of caffeine i would rush it as a cat in the mines in the city. shifted them. up a little kind of the other. one was on the topic of the dr could learn
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a lot of q. and a matic if you had i will you have had a leave the field model. solo a little while ago cells and. even also the element of the ending. for sure but i was told not that they should work they only can it come home in the head of a given our plan and. i was sick of. all of that what it was. if things are out in a look as if it was possible not to be a bit of sound this man a little on the 2nd above there are good i was also the love of souls.
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it was the one that won the day. an ordinary i sat down i you know mr adams the other day and then rashid what i leave them with that he's got a shop here. for that hello now i'm going over there is a matter of a man and. sudhir for cannot go on i want to for tony it was the one anonymous and a few more. difficult to achieve if you tally it all here last week a. little book was short of it is a key political social pull over the. hakan of a queen. janiak to make money the new. government demonstrations began. march 20th 11 and rapidly led to mass rioting it
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was arab spring and before long had descended into a full scale conflict. you had to do a. lot of. economic.
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model. that's the very beginning of the crisis most observers were convinced that it wouldn't last more than a couple of months but the chaos sank into a worst case scenario and all diplomatic efforts failed leading in the end to a raging conflict. all over the country people took up arms in defense of their homeland but very few managed to get. through. i mean. if you say you know hey. i don't. know. going to the board at the top of the disco they debate you would
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because i hate you i do because it's like that shit without the need to put people that in and out of the subject and sophie i know i just get what is or can take on honey the him and if one is living through the one when that is very close a look on should believe in both of them so lucky they can hear the blue love on the whole was thrown out to a close enough for those who want to show it as only to big of a person to believe they should if malaysia or they ship it out specially through it so there was that it was nice that this able to let me out of the us they still are we going to sri sri with up to she didn't know. much so i will try removing the posts that i worked at if i walked out on a sunday if there was something else out of the same bus and if you are off you have no side here will see it and on the way new vision of a good ole the rush. a lot of on a day out of 3 as they do and the one left them in the other david. bohrman they can be. elusive that they feel about the human but there was received nothing
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besides that all through the city that most of those are the well i did up there as we did have a friendship is a doing in the middle between us and i am a good muslim is a coom calcutta many of us but that many of us are going to say to the. people. in the bit down to id will do it or because she was going to go on a ship to 2 asian matters to have the model be it all i should like me more sure about on the. visit of mom or should and when you have 8 then you will be on the high must have had and had on the sign with solid market in the new this summer will do they did about the early days of a get together that they have enough c. and understood why i should add that in the home she can wash it down to out of me cannot taxi not only be one of the 2 people are going to look into them going on one just have a field of for to cannot solve but she will sell to the few for. so. you
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want to. do. is just. a. few. according to the u.n. by 2015 the syria crisis had claimed around 220000 lives. the situation was becoming critical for the sitting government forces due to high levels of support for the opposition those from western coalitions and the arab league. on the 20th of may syrian army soldiers pressed by advancing isis fighters
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had to leave thelma just 240 kilometers from damascus. the terrorists carried out mass executions killing $400.00 residents who were loyal to bashar al assad's government. but if the mission.
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2 weeks of russian air strikes against the terrorist group's infrastructure. the syrian army launched a new full scale offensive operation. love me. as i did not. look at them see it beneficial studio been a lot about the job you do see. it isn't a look up but up. and up.
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was a pandemic no certainly no borders to nationalities. world peace. people. 2 coming close is this something. we can do better we should. everyone is contributing. but we also know that this crisis not go on forever the challenge is creating the response has been so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we are in it together. coup d'etat the sudden fullest and illegal takeover of a government by
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a small group. so rather than revolutionaries or soldiers who condemn small group the goal for a chanst when you have a tiny group of people who have all the power you have to have some means to make sure that the best don't get together and take it back. to police or sacrifice some . places that capitalism exploited and destroyed for profit and left behind misery poverty environmental devastation and so you see things like voter suppression building more prisons you seem gerrymandering all sorts of undemocratic practices were well fiends of that world were well into the fullest world and there's no question that the code because.
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you can't be both with the yeah you are. the match guys are financial survival guide liquid assets not those that you can convert into caste quite easily. to keep in mind no as if i'm into a place and better watch guys are bored. and that is. still the grand. old. people can become accustomed to anything. life does go on despite the many hardships of. people aha welcome to the heart of the deal because
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of a model for. a few $100.00 written under the. world would wreck your debut. you are no money. suddenly in the hollywood minutes of the uk most valuable if you own the body of a part of your own it is news believe. this will put a comma hot in the shade of my brother no one of us. at the. local cemetery to filling our books says i need the money and i will do it i don't know if i will be allowed on the mobile t.v. show to talk about it come to a lot about and have a lot of knowledge of how to get a lot of the guns out of the system of the classic what it. is is a lot of analysis examples of how difficult it. is not a while but i wish you had a thought that it was out of this i would have some statistics that there is an
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affidavit and it's end if you've got all that kind of us who. sat there with that order to move through a lot. a lot of after the game allies is so out of the element to it that i'm. going to un statistics also nothing else and children dying in syria each year. conflict represents yet another day of happy childhood stolen from those who
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survived. for. 20. 5.
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believes he was lucky the last night of the law but he came back alive. along. with the shotgun a. lot of the. finished. to
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shut my name. down with. any. septum see. you know. how often up with 190. 1 and send their names another little sob. but all 4. of us and i love him to undermine the shooting but the. other group of. the
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brothers old. and new in the show look like your reasons for the problem. thank you so much for the earth. softness of the. union. is done and i moved. on. and. could come as you said that well sick shit was so much you know. i know we had bob i can see in the plot. that's not how. you would. be kind to me. identify but to seek. a message to look cool and. let you know deep can elect. american if so we're going to. talk to. anybody in the subject of.
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the else thing of the islamic states terror group was one major outcome of 9 years of war in syria it's created a chance to seriously consider the possibility of moving from war to peace. life is starting a new in syria's liberated cities refugees are returning to homes that were destroyed by wall. street's ruined by endless terrorist attacks are now being planted many are starting to believe that the worst is behind them. and can tell us that then you're. really. going to come out of the net larcenous i
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mean i'm a shadow of on my views over my years on marriage and. so i have media. so i media on kind of a levels of say if the ship had the last ship there i don't care about that it was right as over there i was going to. get out of the shower shower is about as in general but that's more of a can was a story or whatever swish. do i was the real or the general was like. better than i was a certain i say and i had that. side as well as as well as the style of how to be mostly on the bests. i've been with some of the. law but i see
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a show but i see we had a while but i see because you give us what. they concealed. and i don't but i see if they have. a little look at what it will do to them as you believe you believe it. let me. tell. you i've. never had a. little bit of those little. little my nose into most any of them put it on the lawn colonel donna's homes to have them at the occasional comes from rock
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but looked up to by. the regulars. who can should continue going on over here there's a name about them all if. you want to. and. i want but. who. is going to. have it what will. i be sure. well the. model of the show longer. than the current i don't know all of it i'm shit.
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out of it and i hope it. can get a little more sun on the. more you know door better only you can sorely it'll kind of hurt it was there when mother bay mccann nanny or deal america had them both here and there are torn. and i will not name kim born then i hear any. one of my who took over on any
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and only a month that he had a black mark about what i thought that i had a asian area or is it. on a little more out there also for it was super after all and absolutely didn't want . capitalism in the united states abandon the united states delete back to listen this country are now global capitalist grab that link that leads the best middle
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class without jobs without a future it's a disaster and you're covered over with endless either but the reality is a disaster and if mr trump were there you would see other people emerging trying to make a political career by flipping through there. we go to work you straight home. i 1st heard about we you know. from the helicopter for free in
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iraq. i think that there are people in the know going to this military who have never forgiven. this guy the freighter troops a book of every little thing belief you saw he was really starting to have. independent journalists that you don't. see a lot of crimes to have no one on. the idea of developing an anonymous did full time things and clients and media from since. that was a friend's. i didn't control him just right it would be true cheryl was from in the room and one of the world's most. unusual remains very seriously understand everything founder to the song to the song knowing. that there was
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a great deal of jealousy in the audience for the song the fit why won't the people more michael they have hugh seem all. the same. since my. goodness. me have you really are a size in solitary confinement prison for terrorists await you know how it's a live person. i don't see him dying. and i. know what he's saying. coup d'etat the sudden fullest and illegal takeover of a government by a small group. so rather than revolutionaries or soldiers conduct small group the flow for ration when you have a tiny group of people who have all the power you have to have some means to make
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sure they're asked of us don't get together and take it back. please or sacrifice soaps are places that capitalism exploited and destroyed for profit and left behind misery poverty environmental devastation and so you see things like voter suppression building more prisons you seem gerrymandering all sorts of undemocratic practices were well feelings of that world are well into the forest world and there's no question that the court because.
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you can't be bold with the yeah you. carnage on american streets as black lives matter protesters and authorities face off we hear from a reporter who was caught up in a police crackdown in. big history saying a peaceful. and you can see a police officer. show back where i started filming him and the. other stories that shaped the week the opposition labor party pushes for artie's broadcast license to be revoked after a report on alleged russian influence we ask londoners what they think. be honest i don't believe. because this is more destruction will really go in alone i.


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