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it's illegal and since it's that was a friend's. son i didn't control him just to train with me for a short while. in the room and one of the world's most. unusual remains very seriously anderson anderson every founder to the song to the song knowing. that there was a great deal of jealousy in the moments for him or the song the fit why won't the people more michael they have to seem all. the same. since my. goodness. we have giuliani sides in solitary confinement in the prison for terrorist oh wait you don't have a life person. i don't see him dying. i don't. know what he's going.
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syria has been engulfed in civil war through most 10 years it cost hundreds of thousands of lives and displaced millions more no one foresaw the peaceful protests of 20 unit is collating into a complex conflict between various armies geopolitical interests rebel groups and jihadists. how did it all begin. at the.
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you know i'm afraid. the fear. that they must feel the measurement and for general. odom of the. day but them shifted. for the. building and on. and i was. he had. an enemy and. the 1st explosion was 9 years ago but terrorists still pack vehicles with explosives and detonate them indenture populated parts of the city the frequent explosions don't only kill and maim huge numbers of residents people also live with the constant fear of death in the 1st
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year of conflict damascus became a ghost town. no. but let me. see what if everything any of us and all if you have had but i've had both of them so that. samuel l. followed refuses to quit his high risk job as a t.v. cameraman despite coming under sniper emulsify many times. did franks to some of that we've been able to follow developments in syria. and they affect ordinary civilians cooled in the crossfire of this bloody conflict.
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a little slip on a bizarre sight. but. what if there's still a. lot of us in. this if. you. give us. the modification is will. cut off and he. could meet them i can order steve and i need chicken but there's a. lot of money if i think that if you want to. get in the mines in a city. that's up a little kind of. took
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a lot of kim out of your head i will. leave deaf a little more. so though the audio cells and. the even also the argument of the ending. should be there for sure but i was told not to issue the only can it common hole in the head of a given our plan and. the amount of. if things are out in a look as if it was possible not being of service man a little on the 2nd but there are good i was also told the.
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it was the one that won the day. an ordinary i sat down i you know nearest athens the other day and then rashid what i leave them with the hague and they show up there he. is. for that hello now i'm going over there is a matter of a man and. sudhir for could not last one i want the tornado it was the one anonymous and a few more. difficult to achieve. but all here last week a. little curve was short of. the social pull over the. a can of a queen. janiak to make much talk and even. antigovernment demonstrations began in march 20th 11 and rapidly led to mash
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rioting it was dubbed the arabs. and before long had descended into a full scale conflict. he had to do. a. lot of. economic.
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model. the very beginning of the crisis most observers were convinced that it wouldn't last more than a couple of months the chaos sank into a worst case scenario and all diplomatic efforts failed leading in the region conflict. all over the country people took up arms in defense of their homeland but very few managed to get. through. it with. me. if you say you know hey. i don't know. because i.
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it's like that ship without the need to put people that in and out of the subject and sophia no i just gave her what is or can take on honey the him and if i was living through the when that is very close a look on a ship would leave me both of them celebrities and take me of the blue love on the whole was thrown out to a close enough for those who want to show it as only to the if i decide to believe they should if malaysia or they shipped it out fresh air through it so there was a disease that was disable to let me out of the water as they trusted my weak wish wish very good up to she didn't know. what so i would rather avoid an office that i worked at if i walked out on a sunday if there was something else on the same bus and if you're off you have to have most of here will see it and on the way new vision of a good ole rush. a lot of out of the out of 3 as they do i'm the one left them in the other david. bohrman they can be. said about they feel about the human but
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there was reserved nothing besides it all through the city that most of those are the well i did what they wanted to have a friendship was a doing in the middle between us and them a good most music room culture definition many it was but that many activists are going to say to. you. people. have the bit down to i didn't do it or because she was going to go on a ship to 2 asian matters to have the amount of it all i should let me more share a bucket on the. visit of mom or should only abbate then you'll see my heart must have hadn't had on the sign with solid market in the new sun they will all do they did about the early days of a get together the leaving the sea and understood why i should add that in the handshake and wash it down to out of the car not taxi not only be rather stupid you are going to get them for going on the run just have a field of for to cannot solve achieve the result of the if you feel something
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building material all of the above. you know you want to. do. this. if you cut. the cord into the u.n. by 2015 the syria crisis had claimed around 220000 lives. the situation was becoming critical for the sitting government forces due to high levels of support for the opposition those from western coalitions and the arab league. on the 20th of may
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a syrian army soldiers pressed by advancing isis fighters had to leave tell me are just 240 kilometers from damascus. the terrorists carried out mass executions killing $400.00 residents who were loyal to bashar al assad's government. but it is the most.
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2 weeks of russianness trunks against the terrorist group's infrastructure. the syrian army launched a new full scale offensive operation. but that could then. see a love me or how the imbecility up as other coming out of vietnam look at them see it bendish pseudo been a lot about to show you do see. it isn't a look up but go have a suck it up a big. i
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don't know crap. no shots. actually felt. no small. points your thirst for action. the world is driven by shaped and person. thinks. we dare to ask.
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gen x. in the last the baby boomers were speculating in the nighty night he's on the birth of companies that went public for the 1st time and they would have these pops and then there was this enormous crash where there jhansi are speculating on the death of companies and companies that are dying and declare their dead companies and their clients plowing their way in to speculate on on the death of a company. problem drugs don't do is come from unscrupulous dealers but from pharmacies to in every state in the united states we've seen very sharp increase in the number of people seeking treatment for addiction to prescription opioids invited to america under the banner of medicine persisted with the pain but instead of trying to wean him off though she just goes
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after dose after dose after dose and really became his drug dealer so who's to blame patients don't do this manufacturer's. right. people can become accustomed to anything life does go on despite the many hardships of. the deal because you're a model for. the food in. your did you. feel you are the load and thinking. only in minutes of the what muscle you if you're in the body of pope john it is nice believe. it is. the comedy heart of the show i vote for the
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no one ever said. the boy. similarly body killing are good for. some of a lot of the mobile t.v. shows that are going to come to a lot about a man a lot of fallout there's a lot of heartache that the less i live on is out of the system all of the blather . about as if a lot of analysis takes over your head of coca-cola. about i wish you had a little bit of this out of this i would focus its attention a favor. and if. there were a few minutes to follow. the logic of the thing they were lies in your eyes is so out on something the only way.
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to un statistics although nothing else and children dying in serious ichiro. conflict represents yet another day as happy childhood stolen from those who survived.
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why. didn't you get off. at the end to find on the. other side of. the sinus and. okun diphtheria. and the. law. and. shit. in your family. believes he was unlucky the last night of the war when he came back alive.
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a lot of the hermit men found. shut it down it. looked out on the some of the. honest. and i think i think that in the she had to. chuckle. how often up with.
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another little sob. but all for. just an island home to an mit shruti of the. group of. health. and the new yorker. making so much for the earth to. soften us that the. view. has done a good. can
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come as you said that well so she. can see in the plot. that's not how. he would. seek. a message to look cool and. deep going to lick. with and. talk to. anybody in the subject across. the aisle sting of the islamic state terror group was one major outcome of 9 years of war in syria it's created a chance to seriously consider the possibility of moving from war to peace. in the middle of. life is starting
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anew in syria. liberated cities refugees are returning to homes that were destroyed by. streets ruined by endless terrorist attacks are now being claimed that many are starting to believe that the worst is behind them. count hours of video. and we can can assume malice of the net larcenous i mean i'm a shadow of on my resume. my visa so i media i.q. so i media on kind of a levels of say if the ship had the most to ship there i don't care about it then i was going to do really best i was going to.
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get out of this our share was about as ungentlemanly we both but that's more of a can you give us a story or whatever swish it around and get on with do was the real as a general it was a lot. better than i was a say and i had to. sign up as well as as well as the kids here so i know how to be mostly on the best so i have been with some of the. law but i see a shell but i say hello bob i say because. they can show. me how but i see the. appeal but. the fact is. the looking at the cabinet in front of god what it will do to them is you believe both of. them said.
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to me a consistent thang. you. know good. or bad but i never had a. little bit of those little. little my nose into most any of them put it on the lawn hold on a moment i have to my deal with the conditional comes from rock. knocked up by. the regulars. who are ignored who can should continue going on oh but. there's a name about them all of course and also we want to. know why. and i was a. little while. and it was
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a. lot. longer than. i will have it what will. i be sure. well the. model of the show longer. than the current i don't know all of it i'm shit. out of it and i hope it.
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can get a little more sun on the. more you know what all but the really gum can you consume it will kind of hurt it was there when mother bay mccann any walk to the market had them thought of here and they're torn. and i will not name can one i hear any. 2 in a bottle my head took over on any i had only. a black mark and i might have thought that i had a asian area or is it. on a lid it or out more out there or sell for it was super after all and absolutely didn't want.
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well the pandemic no certainly no borders and a slide into nationalities. has emerged with the we don't look like world to. judge no. 2 commentary classes. we can do better we should be. everyone is contributing way but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever the challenges create the response has been masked so
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many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we are in it together. join me every. time i'm sure. i'm sure. i'll see you then. capitalism in the united states and in the united states the leading capitalists in this country are now global. leaders the middle class. with. the reality is a disaster and from here you would see other people. trying to make
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a political career by being there. u.s. officials raid the chinese consulate in houston right after it's a vacation on washington's orders. calls on the other nations to join forces against. another night of chaos u.s. federal troops use tear gas and rubber bullets to break up a crowd. and a facemask long takes effect the failure to wear them in public places could mean a fine but so far the reaction has been.


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