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tv   Documentary  RT  July 24, 2020 5:30pm-6:01pm EDT

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syria has been engulfed in civil war through most 10 years it cost hundreds of thousands of lives and displaced millions more no one foresaw the peaceful protests of 20 unit is collating into a complex conflict between various armies geopolitical interests rebel groups and jihadists. how did it all begin. at the. counters you know on. this is you. know i'm afraid. that they must feel the measurement and for
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general. those sheets of judea cloudy but some shift in. take. it for the lit. bit and then one. minute. when i was sure i was seared with it. they had to put them into. the 1st explosion was 9 years ago but terrorists still pack vehicles with explosives and detonate them indenture populated parts of the city the frequent explosions don't only kill and maim huge numbers of residents people also live with the constant fear of death in the 1st year of conflict damascus became a ghost town. i
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suited everything any of us in all if you had. but i have how both of them so that . refuses to quit his high risk job as a t.v. cameraman despite coming under sniper emulsify many times. did franks to some of that we've been able to follow developments in syria. and they affect ordinary civilians cooled in the crossfire of this bloody conflict. a little slip out of his arse of sight of. the city the to be. a what if there's still a. lot of us on. this
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and give. him a few. times i will. give us. a one. off and he. good me that i can coordinate and i need chicken and there's a. lot of money if i think the refugee a lot of kids. get in the mines in the city. shifted them. up a little kind of. took a lot of came out of your head i will. leave the field.
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so the you know cells in column a and all the even also the length of the ending. should be better but i was told not that they should work they only can it keep time honed ahead of the one given our plan and have them on the. best. if things are out in the look no one has ever. been of service man a little on the 2nd but there are i was also told the. truth about them on the field. and all in new south and i. never
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start them as the way in the new issue but i leave them with that he'd get a shot then he. did it. for that hello now i'm going over there is a matter for sure sudhir. not last one i want the tornado it was the one anonymous and a few more. difficult to achieve. a . look of. is a key political social pull over the whole johnno hakan of a clean air. the any actor make money and talk to you. and your government demonstrations began in march 20 you live and rapidly led to mash rioting it was dubbed the arab spring and before long had descended into a full scale armed conflict. on
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this. he had to do a. lot of. economic. model. past the very beginning of the crisis most observers were convinced that it wouldn't last more than
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a couple of months but the chaos sank into a worst case scenario and all diplomatic efforts failed leading in the region conflict. all over the country people took up arms in defense of their homeland but very few managed to get. through. it that way but if you tell us if you say you hate because. i don't want to fight. because i hate you i. can take me. and if it is clearly through the when that is very close
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a look on a ship before we even go through them selecting take 'd me of the blue love on the whole was thrown out to a close enough for those who want to show it as only to the if i decide to believe they should if malaysia or they ship it out specially through it so there was a disease that was disable to let me out of the water as they did my week wish wish we could get up to she didn't know. much so i will try removing the posts that i worked at if i walked out or some sense then sat on the same bus and if you're off you have most of the syrian on the way new vision of a good ole rush. cut off of on of the tree as they do in the one left them in the other david. bohrman they can be. said about they feel about the human but there was reserved nothing besides it all through the city that most of those are the well i did what they wanted to have a friendship is a doing in the middle between us and they have a good most a music room such definitions many of us but that many of us are going to say to.
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me. in the bed than do i need to do it up because she was going to go on the ship to tradition math as one of the i'm upbeat all why should i be more sure about that on the. visit of mom or should and when 'd you have it then you'll be on the high must i shouldn't have done the signing with solid market in the new this summer will do they did about the early days of a get together that they have enough c. on the 2 i should add that in the home she can wash it down to out of the car not taxi nightly and a few of the 2 people are going to look into they're going to run just have a field for to cannot solve she goes up to buffy for something building material to look them up while. also in the i'm sorry jim i understand how you want to know because i'll take a look although the 2nd. it's just. a
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. few. according to the u.n. by 2015 the syria crisis had claimed around 220000 lives. the situation was becoming critical for the sitting government forces due to high levels of support for the opposition those from western coalitions and the arab league. on the 20th of may a syrian army soldiers pressed by advancing isis fighters had to leave tell mirah just 240 kilometers from damascus. the terrorists carried out mass executions
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killing $400.00 residents who were loyal to bashar al assad's government. but if the mission. it was. after weeks of russian airstrikes against the terrorist groups infrastructure. the
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syrian army launched a new full scale offensive operation. but not good and what little see you love me. as other than out of. it than see it ben is just suited have been a lot about the show good to see. you isn't a look it up but up a bit of a suck it up a big 00. 0 is the issue of trying to playing out in the american election cycle and biden betray themselves as being tough on nation maybe they are at least 34 of late but in reality shows a very different story and it's bipartisan the commanding heights of industry and finance for new china for games and have their missions to show is this china's for
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. we go to work some straight home. capitalism in the united states abandon the united states the leading capitalists in this country are now global capitalist grab that loop that means that they have middle class jobs without a future it's a disaster year covered over with endless either but the reality is a disaster and it was good from work you would see. other people emerging trying to
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make a political career by looking to their. fellow . people can become accustomed to anything life does go on despite the many hardships of. people aha welcome to the heart of the deal because you're a model for. the last few 100 albums that got the freedom in the. world would wreck your debut their mom company you are no money.
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the subject on the end of minutes i brought muscle you would be on the body of a photo you wanted his name given to you. all for the benefit is all but a comedy how to show it off my bottom line one of us. hold on you know. the. same it was good to learn are good for the body and i will do it i don't know if i'm a bit out on the moment she showed up at the time the lot about him a lot there is not a lot of how to have thought i left it on a shot of going to visit my mother but i think what it. does is cause a lot of an awful look so if i don't want to pull the plug it's not a problem i wish i had a little bit of this out of this i want hot on the list it's that there's an affidavit. and if he's out of that kind of i should. practice with that there are 2 minutes to follow. the logic after the game allies so i doubt i'll come. in the live from.
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the song live. along. the coding to u.n. statistics more than a 1000 children die in syria each road and each day of armed conflict represents yet another day of happy childhood stolen from those who survived.
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for. what. we call on the. look at them through 20 on the. side of all the songs and. diphtheria. and. things. in your teen o'clock.
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believes he was unlucky the last night of the war but he came back to life. and found out that shut it down it would mean i didn't even. look at that on the some of the. honest. and i think that.
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you know. how often up with 100. 1. little sob. but all for. the most honorable of him to undermine the shooting of the. little. girl. and they've been. taking so much for the earth.
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you. could come as you said that one of. my no we had bad magic and i see in the plot. that's not how. you would murder a good guy democrat i. had to seek. a message but. you know deep can you look. at the magic of what i mean to talk to. anybody in the south it appears. the else thing of the islamic state terror group was one major outcome of 9 years of war in syria it's created a chance to seriously consider the possibility of moving from war to peace.
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life is starting anew in syria's liberated cities refugees are returning to homes that were destroyed by war. streets ruined by endless terrorist attacks are now being planted many years starting to believe that the worst is behind them. then you're. going to come out of the no larcenous i mean i'm a shadow. levels of the ship i had the last.
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get on with this our show is about as a. minister sylvia what i was going to do was with general it was a lot. better than i was a say and i had to. sign off as well as as well as the kids here so i learned how to be mostly on the left so i have been with some of the. law but i see a show about i had a while but i see a. lot but i wish they could show. me how but i seem to be. the. the. little you know the good one because what we do to them is you believe both of. them said.
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to me a consistent thank. you. to the no good. what if you could do that. but i have it never had a. little bit of those little. little my nose into most any of them put it on the lawn hold on a moment to have them at the occasional comes from rock but looked up to by. who can continue going on oh but. there's a name about them all. of course. you want to have fun on.
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and has a. little one with the physio and the other. can laura. and then you can on the worst burn through. the long run and. alan will have a lot on how that i'll be sharing. model of the show along that. they're mccarran how do you know who she. and not everything might not be there for them but i.
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can get a little more sun almost let alone the. more you know better only you can sorely it'll kind of hurt it was 30 when mother bay mccann nanny or feel i might get hurt them out of here and that. i will not blame kim more than i hear any. discipline about my head took over on any i don't really want the high up the ladder much but i took a ladder. or is it. on a little more out there also for a while super after that absolutely didn't want.
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the sudden and illegal takeover of a government by a small group. rather than revolutionaries or soldiers small group the corporation when you have a tiny people who have all the power you have to have some means to make sure the rest of us don't get together and. lose or sacrifice some. places that capitalism exploited and destroyed for profit and left behind misery poverty environmental devastation and so you see things like voter suppression building more prisons you seem to. undemocratic practices. in the world.
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of the. housing bubble all. oh you mean there's a downside to artificially low mortgage rates don't get carried away that's cause a report. i 1st heard about. from the helicopter. in iraq. i think a downer people are going to be going to its military who have never forgiven or. forgotten the greater truth of the book and will be giving you some he was really starting to happen. in the pentagon journalese says you've heard from some serious a lot of problems to outnumber the audience. the idea of developing an anonymous
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digital top dogs and applying it to the media and since it's something that was affirmed it's. going to be on the floor in tears and it would be for a short while and in the room one of the world's most of the news will remain very serious and it's going to celebrate the founder to the song given some knowing. that there was a great deal of jealousy the audience for it or the song the free why won't it be more like oh they have hugh seem all. the same. since my. records are going to. be have giuliani sides in solitary confinement in the prison for terrorists await you know how it's a live person. i don't see him dying you know it's.
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like. tests what he's saying some. when you're inside is totally different from outside people watched a movie is in they have to take on it with prison it's like but they don't know.
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what it is.


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