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only needs to send an online. form through the government website victims that's almost impossible most people use these electronic type which is all of flying across the for the benefit of the whole procedure takes less than 5 days unlike to say that and we believe that. d.t. 3200000 children will be able to. receive the benefits of the political capital to the opening in the 1st of july this year. the stoning as it continues he could be starting to label we move to a different type of procedure for your family if you cut and over already or so the family ready to go and that you should receive this it if it. continues and wish they can use this recidivate to receive the benefit.
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of many in the 1st. of june a nominee for the new land we are going to start providing monthly payments to families with children aged $3.00 to $7.00 so this will be. the center of the. of the minimum wage in the region we just. like to say that by today we have all the require legislation and laws and regulations to do that parchin that we have to. forms. to start accepting applications for these benefits so this rolls starts on june 3rd. like i said everything can be done at a distance through. website the new state services website those who have
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permissions and know for those who cannot do that so it stands to cyclicality should the. state serve as a center. and. the stones issue of course benefits will depend on the types of documents that since will provide they will not. see a concert. series in reasonable. the salaries the current positions of the barons if one of the at least one of the parents is currently unemployed. or measure simply of the conservative voting to our estimates before the end of this year d.t. over $2000000.00 children will receive these benefits another category of citizens that currently very vulnerable to the pill bit of a demick are for senior citizens. question since the start of
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april we had a special procedure for hospitalization 4. and 4 for going to the hospital for people 65 years and older senior pretty and so old they were the motivated of all the necessary data. the soonest will be provided from the employer. cetera. so we are usually still sorties and the image that of these 2 number should forget about all of the. sick lists is over $1000000.00 business have already been issued now as for the people who are currently unemployed out of the job with new pieces of you know these studies to me we will increase the unemployment benefit from 8 to 12000. roubles the procedure
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for applying for the unemployment benefits will be. which is part of what i will proceed easier but this can be done through these government website. interesting services website and. will be able to feel in their resume for further employment there will be a different procedure because of all these things so other documents such as. for example documents from the previous employer will not require us to apply for these benefits. points and. we are currently cooperating with the pension fund to roll out this programs. with an account with them which reproduce the series and you are also doing everything was a way to get as much information as possible about our citizens to. facilitate
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this program. which it wasn't permitted with so you can. lie for the unemployment benefits. through the website more and more people are doing that for sure if we currently have 1000000 243000 people are unemployed. and 735000 people have registered for the benefits which is the amount of the benefits if the person you lost his job in the fall may 1st before march 1st then the benefits amount told was that your only disadvantage of cheese is on how many how long he has worked before you know that this is the caliber if the person lost his job after march 1st that he will get the highest amount of benefit which just over $12000.00 roubles people in those initial terms are special measures or support for. it was about to pass the time elise
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where at least one parent lost his job after march 1st this case in april and june these people. the amount of unemployment benefits will be increased using special calculations. but it 1000 people are receiving benefits like this as of this moment last year. thousands of children. in these militias and also. in the we are assessing. if you would with speed the jupiters of the income of these families that we used to assess this but now in this situation. we are providing benefits regardless of the income. but what we're seeing i think has been sort of for them submitted such of this to so many posts currently our agency and the pension fund are
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collecting change that will be used by the federal taxation service to make decisions on. providing employers waive the statements for their employees. on a number of statistics for me to base data will be provided to the federal taxation service and well results in the specific number of the specific amount that's think it's very important i think we'll get back to you after we finish with the voice point to now agenda now let's give other colleagues are valid an opportunity to. say it over their reports and now let's pass to the ministry of health because i met with that afternoon mr burton through the afternoon colleagues today russian federation at. over one i was 60000 to
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solve it 19 patients because of you and your russian hospital system with some fun 2 dices or cases we charge you to be confident to see through to estimate at 82 to 2000 people 155 patients are on ventilators 4 of them are children sticker and some humans adults are on act most right now with cool part of helping them with oxygen into their. logbooks and sick relations system today we have a lot of about 65 years that i with diabetes who are in the big city and cardiovascular diseases we also see that men are usually more susceptible shouldn't be so than women and soon the question because we are training the medical stuff in order to increase the quality of medical services one point of for which there were millions of health professionals have already been to retry. we have to thousands
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of thousands of doctors and nurses now working hard to provide necessary medical help for needs and quick or some such as doctors and nurses news corp. and health care stuff together with ambulance drivers we have him for the bureau to work with. students that is what you want 1000 off them students are working in red zone only if and when they have given their consent and they don't have any medical problems which would preclude them from doing that work which is on such a leave they have old people past this a serious training be fools who volunteered working in their ads to do music a few we have a number of volunteers who have over 5000 medical professionals working as a core would go well and started with a prolific would have started on a 6 before matic. all professionals across russia those who went with public 900 or
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it's always government has allocated he has to survive when sablon 1000000000 rubles christ of the monies go into the region's 1000000000 the whole those in the working in the bottom up in the federal. institutions who best work at the law enforcement ospital sound ministry of defense hospitals the to them 3000000000 rubles will be allocated it would have sure very good with your family way we have stocked up all of them and nothing the disposition of the people will be relieved from paying taxes on these bonuses so we have a shoot at us free law and they also will get additional bonus is based on their local documentation is compiled nor does mold their way of the image when you do some work all the allegations are made on time and according to the shadows for
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salary paid months. the medical institutions have already received over 6000000000 rubles through pay since which these 2. 143000 professionals such upon assistance to the question were good or they were allocated to the n.d.p. amount of. 1000000000 rubles starting from january to which if as of the 1st we have given our several 1000000000 rubles already to us actually these 3.8. bill rubel steve balances of doctors across russia and a health care ministry has a chewed guidelines to the regions of russia explaining how these bonuses should be bathing and to whom exactly as well as we use the urge them to pay this one a c says soon as possible so. we got it has been sent to governess reminding them
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that all the regional bonuses should be also kept in place of the locals cumin with humor there was an article why shouldn't a student what legislation was put in place to you know ease the strain on the medical work a swim with computers to cope with a sudden well if it guy shouldn't categories of doctors we started to extend the expression dates on the confirmation of those categories for one he will be libel all the way through 2021 in which the one you shoot into your instruction ensures that the medical workers in professionals have each other in some place we have a city of beta decision for additional he should guarantee usage of categories of medical professionals who are entitled to medical benefit that is the doctors nurses and. who are you to school working with the medical professional association as for example drivers of ambulances computer we have adopted
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a number of measures which have allowed us to more because nicely. the whole system of medical aid 100-5000 wells was new bads were to be opened by the end of april 28th of april but today we have reoriented a number of hospitals and opened up even more bats than that because some of the regions are suffering more than others and i would have 100 wouldn't 46000 bad situation ready to welcome of it 900 also have coolness in i.c.u. baths more need to always be caught this specially for nation system to keep our hands. deposit how many ads are available and well the patients. we have now 36 percent of i.c.u. so which of the dads out of all the number of send they already opened their free so we don't think that there is any kind of deficit right now there is no problem with hospital admissions in the regions of russia we have the workers that it
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allowed access to the system so that every region could see what is happening this week across all hospital institutions some in low 'd health care. whom we all were and we are analyzing the incoming information an expedient way and we have a special analytics team to do that today the number of hostages who was a licensed ice. skating those who have been covering that is why we are convenient to experience such an address on the bads impassivity but if you want a solution your produce touche but we are working with the regions g.'s you know when you tell them that they can we add more bad snow deicing you bats. your preaching with the hospital situated in the cities with the population off $1000000.00 of you just 3 pass per $1000.00 people an average that is going through these bad school would be your ploy if necessary 1st of all most of where we are fully enclosed these he has an interview in situations where that would be through
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which i'm going to who need some sleep through commotion immediate and help me because they have cancer not the conditions and with these are very serious issues and these people should not be denied help with you can sleep when you put him through thing to do him is a shoot through monotone situation with the may that be the p.p. and that has. showing that today we could be. good stable. additions we've been producing if you go through. because you need to go here in russia. he's putting gowns whole health care professionals we are. working on how the immunity. would get through in the kitchen created we are working with medical professionals to get these to know better we've been testing need systems and see you confirm new cases because the report of the solution food
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issues one of those might be cause which actually called it 19 some of them have already proved to be quite effective and which is good is that these drugs are going to reduce in full. bloom and we would. be too early to say that they are a silver bullet but still there are companies today which one to exchange data exchange their research if i'm a should and they want to chip in and help us at the 3 clinical trial stage and inclusion i'd like to say that we continue our work on. that parallel to that we have or dating the production facilities that we have in order to understand what the weekend supercharge of the production when we have the vaccine thank you. i have listened to you or paul would have read the you report on the context if you have with your foreign colleagues i hope that this will be
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a good addition to your what because we need to change information in a situation like that when all the world is sailing in east di straits our colleagues in the determine to have positive dialogue and copper ration. yes thank you compared. to that. we've been working with the ministers of health care with those who want. those who have the necessary experience and thank you very much for organizing the eastern actions yes thank you mr. it wasn't what you would lead you to the moon. but all the eggs that the government has implemented and the targets of the measures to support the economy. of these measures means it's companies does work in the interest as are suffered most from the epidemics or us part are allowed to see it's going to go on for a fairly long time what you saw there was president putin chairing an action
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committee as he's done regularly throughout all this panel of ministers and regional governors there are a lot of people to get through as he's getting a handle on what's happening at the moment what the river recommendation is about lifting the restrictions see currently they're going to be or the hope was they'd be lifted next monday but it doesn't look like that might be the case to know maybe caution they were getting ahead of ourselves and that each of the region should adopt the lockdown restrictions based on what they're going through at the moment he talked about help for people waivers on rent tax payments help to the banks to factories. talked about up to 3200000 families children would be getting extra help elderly citizens would be forgotten unemployment unemployed people would be getting increased benefits also talked about or heard about 146000 beds that were available and that there was no problem hearing from the health minister at the moment with the a shortage of beds but watching across this is well that video conference that our correspondent has done of eagle and say going to go on for
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a long time we only heard the 1st couple of ministers there but a quick recap of what we heard from the early part of the session. well once again addressed both the nation he was to each of the ministers of but the country is really taking this as a almost personal addressed them because this is what they're waiting for an update on these measures. in place and judging by what russian president has so far as well will be lifted. to the russian president doing so watching the lifting of quarantine measures could be a big mistake how many. more pressure was there when you're wrong you're pushing a period when i assume your chances are she's just a piece of the. there is no one single template but i would only. have to do that up take matches and they should be main date even you know what you made even with
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all of the rich and sometimes they can see them out you and that's got me down with close coordination with experts on health care professional staking work out all the risks about it factis we should not be getting ahead of ourselves more than any failure any of may shape and can put us. back we may risk the lives of our people and we will be responsible for that. we are highly responsible for any mistake that we make but let's not forget about that now the thing to understand about the spread of the growth of virus and russia is the world and the country. is biting about 10000 a day which is a lot but compared to just simply a little bit other countries in the mortality rate has been quite low essentially washed and britain has said russia is trying to deal with its trade to keep things
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this way to constrain some. 40 percent of those who have the need. $1000.00 diseases they aren't showing it is symptoms in russia so that is. the countries found in this pandemic and well. locating the fights allergies down so that's what led up to now as stress every single region of russia each local authorities should be taking responsibility and they should really be responsible as to how the action is he that's how they're dealing with the coronavirus with a quarantine measures economy just a blanket lifting of the quarantine measures so if you call them all governess to really monitor the situation closely only regions make decisions because india but this is a this is it certain situation it is a tricky balancing act because for many it's this for instance we've heard that
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more than 700000 people apply for unemployment benefits in the positive months alone which is a large number in russia right now the total over the 2 figure of fundamental behavior in russia is a 1000000 and it's really just over a 1000000 100000 people so a lot of people apply for unemployment benefits in the past 2 months alone so the economy is under a huge stress why learn to be about this balancing act of course the government of ukraine and doesn't want to see any doubts they want to come as many as possible but also they can't afford to have other people those who are losing their jobs to essentially be left out in the streets to the left without income to be left without the money to be a great and so on so thought so elaborate food has clothes on the ministers to report to quickly as possible as to how the measures that the government has already put in place how they are working with or not the government should be
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extending these measures and how they can help the big corporations. but people just ordinary citizens for instance right now everyone thing lost their job and because of the months they are eligible to be eligible to monthly monthly payouts to help them get rid of these tough times so he wants an update on that and see how . he is lucky. but when it comes to the crow virus even russia just wouldn't reset isn't that has affected everyone even the russian government 3 ministers the prime minister. has been infected with a nuke over 1000 disease also the construction minister and the latest we've just learned this today russia's minister of culture. sequel the growing virus in the predates the rest latin of googly stress that well it shows how nobody's safe and how the essentially that the more people will be of light into these quarantine
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measures the quicker the country will go over the peak of the pond that mick and well things will get back to normal by the way about the situation of the russian prime minister mccomas just in because a lot of us like the 2nd money in london russia so he's doing fine according to whom and who is taking part in war conferences and basically never think this is going on remotely the way i'm doing great now from my kitchen he's from me doing it from the comfort of his home recovering from the recovery from covert $98.00 so essentially right now what is going on the minister is getting an update on the situation so to the outdated latin russian minister out for instance he has updated he said he's been to king return to king about medical equipment and he's been addressing the tension shortages and apparently they have managed to
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notice autos and sensual medics of the foot with everything they need and the government is trying to do its best to. provide all necessary also when it comes to host so bad. to make sure that there's nothing else to accommodate everyone who's 4 and 6 everyone who needs medical needs needs to state hospital because russia has adopted a different approach. in people who call that 19 dose one not showing any symptoms or those who are taking this disease lightly who. well they are well when it comes to that they are state at all. and they've been. monitoring their condition remotely while keeping while keeping their best efforts to keep those in critical and in critical conditions alive so this is when it comes to the updates and i think i can hear them that he's still going on i think you can
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still hear in my earpiece. minister. situation and we could listen to that work ethic back to you yeah it's back to me of thanks very much for up some. whatever you want to say here as well as what's going to happen after monday may the 11th of will the restrictions continue what form will they be president putin going to make a pass judgment on when he's listening to the 13 ministers and then also the very many regional governors they're all giving their input as he goes down if we're saying that we let you go for now we go where the best place to bring you this we are safe so it's going to be a bit detail this what we're going to sail through the top of the hour here and go back to that meeting i believe the minister for economic development is still speaking let's listen is translated then we'll take it for as long as we can. zina and the system allege that is the percent of rate and for going for these enterprises will be no more than 4.5 to 5 percent yet the dividend for much of the
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bank of you know which it is important to most in the us have been emotional to get this information down to the banks to for them to give loans to the transportation companies or to housing even on the centrally the so the critical industries in critical sectors these are the sectors that tripwire our immediate support for p.g. and g. d's that the treatment of the family which it will there will be a total of 436000 1000000 rubles provided and she do these sectors which is on the 30th of april the 1st we all loans. worth 30000000000 rubles had been approved. would be here over the parcel but not sydney so if you had 15 days have passed since then him. i believe that's number one was that it is the only we have been able to do this very quickly and expediently putting it on what is it about and you speaking to
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a couple of we have come up with a number of indicators. organization every day we calculate the indicator of economic activity based on sudden factors use of electricity transportation of cargo. cars what the impact of it of expected experts and. you know what you get of as of april 29th. on a good city has reduced by 33 percent. to the time before their love down matches he. did not and so if you. as of today. any activity of companies and then surprises and then in the region in the regions which means it has been reduced in using you can image so you can
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use the business be a general level of. what you know their adoption of the comic activity in the country we. live in so different. regions are coming up where the different plans to combat. a situation but. all these aspects will be discussed later today thank you mark. well much of what i've heard. us to do with this solution such as and we have already implemented i would use your reporters on the outcome to it but there is some other things which still need to be assessed so please you should dig deeper to see how much money has been allocated and should start to restructure they operate in. because you should be committed working on it supervising the whole effort solution in the now mr you gora the federal taxation service policing working with the rich
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putting adopted a mr putin good option colleagues for me plus the foremost i would like to present the number of undiluted co. most outcomes that we have. talking about the month of an april in the excise should it went down by 30 percent. mostly because of the pneumonia and the will to naturism versus production cuts of course income taxes it went down by 14 percent. and should be taken into account that is being what's made at the same time when salaries. for the industry which was dealt with immediately below we see that today we have. 60 percent. but he percent of companies in the retail market and non-working and their revenues were.


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