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tv   Redacted Tonight  RT  April 13, 2020 10:00pm-10:31pm EDT

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syncs. leave here to ask. welcome back to the nights this is the comedy show where americans in america covering american news are called foreign agents welcome to the show and welcome to the shock doctrine i hope you enjoy dystopian entertainment. so you may know naomi klein's best selling book shock doctrine was also turned into a hit documentary i believe call the fight club don't quote me on that the shock doctrine basically says that the ruling elite exploit national crises like disasters or upheavals to establish controversial and questionable policies while citizens are too excessively distracted both emotionally and physically to engage
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and develop an adequate response and resist affectively that's exactly what's going on right now citizens around the world are dealing with shock and not only because we're forced sex wall 6 feet apart which is. difficult and messy and really not very romantic especially when you're each on different balconies with a 30 foot drop between you and other people on the other balconies to watch it's rough it's terrible but we're also shocked because people are losing their jobs their security their futures the federal reserve now estimates coronavirus job losses could total $47000000.00 and the unemployment rate may hit 32 percent these shocks are being exploited by the ruling elite the largest way that they've used it so far is to pass their 2 trillion dollar giveaway to corporate america with little to no oversight. practically no discussion is even going on
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about it i mean why why should we why should we stop to think about the largest gap ever seen in american history now and not important congress has to run home to take care of their their mistresses nieces blind adopted labradoodle if he doesn't get the streets by 2 pm he is go run be a rum or but here are some of the other controversial policies and laws that are that dead that they are being slammed down our throats while the sociopath at the tough exploits this crisis the e.p.a. has indefinitely suspended environmental rules that's right the environmental protection agency currently headed by a coal lobbyist which on the level of likability is just bob satans. coal lobbyist andrew wheeler has announced that corporate america and fossil fuel companies may begin polluting with impunity they don't have to then they don't even have to worry
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about protecting as if they care about the environment anymore i mean that all pretended thing was exhausting every time they dumped a 1000000 gallons of toxic chemicals into a river they had to go one to save. the exertion of that that would say a drill i pulled a hammy just now just that easily it's tough. but taking a machete to environmental laws isn't really enough right not enough you know cutting away long held american rights sounds like a lot more fun the d.o.j. has requested congress allow any chief judge or a district court to pause court proceedings whenever the district court is fully or partially closed by virtue of any natural disaster or civil disobedience or other emergency situations this is the means as long as they claim that it's an emergency
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then they can hold any body including us citizens for eternity without charges or trial well what constitutes an emergency you may ask let's say hurricanes tornadoes floods droughts mudslides slip and slide viruses blackballed termite infestation the flu happens every year but still how to put that on the list bag cards those are definitely emergencies but don't forget scrapes bruises polyps bunyan rashes fractures sprains twist turns tumors tremors to canopus in-grown crotch area and of course hangnails oh man you get a bad hangnail going on and of course you're gonna take away constitutional rights and leave for a while at least until you stop making this face emergencies are everywhere we better burn the constitution well here are some other rights they're going after the rights of native tribes to exist the trumpet ministration
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has moved to take the land of the mashpee tribe whose casino plans bothered the president's special interest friends. trump and his henchmen said the tribe will be distant disestablished and its lands were moved in i can't. i can't really understand why these native people have been allowed to steer our land bridge destroyed on i mean they were they were so aggressive in their thievery that they stole the land for most white people years before we even came here a little overzealous now not even wait until we show up steal our land. seriously though caught in the legs out from under a native american tribe right now is horrific and terrible and probably makes you a little angry but some of you can feel it some of you are also thinking going the
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economy is collapsing a person in new york city dies every 90 minutes from coronavirus and yet you're focusing on a little tribe in rhode island the smallest of the states. don't we have bigger issues to deal with right now that's the point the oligarchy picked at these times like right now to get away with all of this little step all that is all their grab bag of. their santas jacket. they know you're not i can't possibly get furious about everything so they wait for a crisis they wait for when we're acting like whack a mole and we can't possibly do it they'll probably also soon go out to the school system as margaret camberley wrote for black agenda reports just as the new orleans school system was replaced with charter schools after hurricane katrina in 2005 the closing of schools due to covert 19 may end with the same result across the country
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turning the public schools open to all of our children for free in deprived it for profit institutions it's something the parasites at the top have had their eyes on for decades you see they look at a photo like this and they don't see what you and i see they see this which is immoral and vile i don't see that when i look at a room full of children and probably neither do you know i see this don't like kids not a fan sticky and high pitched and they ask questions you can't answer why was the sky blue and why does the moon follow us when we drive and why are they named the mario brothers if it's mario in the we g what's their last name and is the anteater the only animal named after what it eats i don't know i don't i don't now. although that last one i actually did figure out the answer no it's not the cockatoo.
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of the bird kingdom. but i won't leave you with all this terrible news there's good news too. shocks to the system can be used for positive change as well for example workers are uniting in a way not seen in decades and the possibility of a general strike seems more real than it ever has as labor conditions have become more dire than they've ever been in recent memory a general strike meaning every area of us workers uniting and stopping work intill specific demands are met for those of you stuck and stuck at home right now sitting on your coutts this will be super easy for you just fight the urge to get out right now. fight it unless it's to go heat up a pizza ok and go do that but then sit back down right after all 7 those and i got . the current strikes of worker solidarity are due to the fact that the shock of
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the outbreak has awoken a lot of people people who have been asleep on these matters for years are suddenly seeing the big picture in fact a new poll shows nearly 60 percent in the us believe the political system is designed soley to serve the rich and powerful 60 percent of americans now understand the problem they get it that's a man that's amazing isn't credible considering 50 percent of americans think ginger ale is made out of crushed up redheads so we're not always easy to get through to but we get this we must use this shock to the system to benefit the people rather than the rich and powerful back to margaret kimberly a return to normalcy is the opposite of what we need this is a moment to think about what should be the new normal and what should be jettisoned forever she says the health care system must be put under public control rent
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a mortgage payments must be suspended water and electricity shut off should and the internet should be a public utility and prison populations should be cut in half at a minimum and everyone should get the moon the capitol building at least once with their demands painted on. that one might be mine. these are just the beginning of a basic list of demands for human rights and now is the time because when things are back to normal it's too light company for washing d.c. the belly debases redacted and i.
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welcome welcome on late can delegate the news from behind as you know there's no shortage of criticism for how donald trump has dealt with this crisis asking him to give a damn about the american people is like asking an ice cream shop owner to hire the human torch it's just not going to happen point is i'm getting ready to go through biden joe biden's response to the pandemic and i don't want anyone to think for a 2nd that that means i'm happy with donald trump ok if you do that if you think that i'm somehow happy with i will hunt you down and i will tell you otherwise in a call man measured tone like an adult but we're all looking for a leader to get us through these dark times and it finally happened after a scant few weeks of collecting his thoughts in a bunker and getting his ear hair primetime ready for a decade long a presidential candidate joe biden who rose like
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a phoenix from the ashes test save us let me say something i wrote a front we had where we stood as one this nation has never ever been defeated we've been together and we're not going to be defeated and. we're not going to be defeated no i mean some of us are some of us are already dead. i don't mean to be crass but cut the horse jello this country has never been defeated when we stood as one where we have we were defeated in vietnam in afghanistan really in iraq and syria in the fight against those electric scooter things plowing over our grandmothers on the streets and in the fight to keep rat droppings out of our hamburger mix of fast food restaurants were defeated all the time you yourself are defeated by. a steep staircase or 10 for a little on the top of the putting cup so you are stop the lies so i hope today in
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days ahead the president will give us the varnished truth yes they are unborn is truth like when joe biden repeating that repeatedly said he was raised in the black church or when he said multiple times he was pro-choice it was arrested protesting apartheid in south africa or when he said nobody has done more to fight climate change than he has or when he said he never touched that woman thanks joe for being a bit he can. through his store through the dump in a mindset of real urgency for too long the warning signs were lured for too long the administration said the threats were quote under control contained quote like the flu wow this is surprising joe biden is finally addressing his mental decline. i agree the warning signs have been ignored this is
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far worse than the flu joe biden's brain right now is a large basket a drunk mayor katz sitting in a bucket of cheesecake. and every sentence he formulates is like asking the mirror cats to solve the new york times crossword puzzle one of the hard ones sunday ones brutal and and in addition to that. addition to that we have to make sure that we we are in a position we are well let me let me go the secretary spoken of it and we need to build inertial democracy as we did 1940. in the as an arsenal of democracy is that some sort of democracy gun you can just fire it people it just had somewhat the overwhelming urge to vote just take my ballot well maybe he explains what the hell and parcel of democracy is right after he says it and we need to build an arsenal democracy as we did 1940 we can take we make
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a personal productive equipment and look here's the deal we have to do we did in the forty's and twenty's 2020. in the forty's in the twenty's in the twenty's. i think the mere caste got caught in a feedback loop 402-020-2020 extension 20 somebody sabur held other stuff. should i subject you to more of the why don't you know we're in it now we're in it together now while also those who we don't talk about the grocery store worker stocking the show famille paki's carriers the workers manufacturing gear we need to keep delivery trucks on the road cooking meals to deliver. overruns the journalist to keep us up to date and hold us accountable as leaders the government officials working on this problem and so many more putting all of it on
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the line for all of us i'm not sure every packet is handler once to put it all on the line to deliver we don't need to do us did we ask each of them or are many of them driven by economic force because they know they can't afford rent if they stop working they don't have paid sick leave they're just one crisis away from a catastrophe for their whole family that's why they're still delivering our dumb video games and our impulse clothing and our double headed by brad. as a warehouse worker for p. one imports actually said this week while being worked to the bone and this is unnecessary i don't want to be the person who died for fragrant oils which i have to say that one sentence may sum up america i don't want to die for fragrant oils well it will go out smelling good joe don't thank the workers
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putting it all on the line when they don't even want to be on the front lines instead give them a different option propose a world with their safety and health and well being is what matters most not the stock price of every large awful. face corporation but you came to that not just because you have who fought to make things worse for average americans your entire career but also because you don't remember the beginning of the sentence we have to go to a short break but since you might be sitting home right now this means you might have time to watch my free standup comedy special at least camp american dot com that's right it's completely free stand up comedy special for a limited time also grab the new order to america app portable t.v. which is also free of portable dot tv slash download other i bag a lot more. the
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outbreak and spread of the corona virus has become a black swan event for the global economy there's no longer whether the u.s. and other economies will slip into recession the question now is how long the recession will last it's going to get worse before it gets better. is you'll be a reflection of reality. in the world transformed. what will make you feel safer. tyson nation will community. are you going the right way or are you being
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so. what is true what is faith. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the debt. or inmate in the shallows. welcome back i'm still only camp americans desperate for a coronavirus press conference where someone is not kissing the president right now why it started a new york governor andrew cuomo for being outspoken about the gaps in the federal response to over 19 but it's the people who kiss cuomo so that some of his new admirers should probably be concerned about for more on this we go to the senior person who has cuomo virus now with a girl now life what the hell is that to my push to think cuomo for trying to try out. in times like these you don't know how excited i've been to throw my support
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behind a candidate who knows subject verb agreement and remembers by who walked into a room could you not horn. more coronavirus that makes cuomo who may give a nice press conference i agree but he's in bed with vulture capitalism and i think you mean private equity firms are vulture implies they like flesh in its way trendy or for wealthy people to be vegetarian plus all politicians pick people close to them and that's what most choice to lead new york's economic recovery is since former secretary of state william o. grow who happens to be a senior advisory director at the private equity giant blackstone group blackstone really the same one that devoured foreclosed homes after the housing crisis and paid for a highway to be built through the amazon raided blackstone didn't build a highway in the amazon they paid a brazilian group to help build
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a highway in the amazon and horribly disqualifying because anyone who watched tiger king on netflix knows that if our society wants to get something exotic we're willing to overlook a lot of problems to do it like the mental health of a gun toting man named joe exotic who owned a wild cat petting zoo were employees got their lives even off. all while looking like a love child of sick freak roy boomhauer from king of the hill i think you're being too flattering but these firms are dangerous truly is freaking out right now because a vulture capitalist bought a local hospital there closed down and now refuses to open for covert 19 patients unless the city gives him nearly $1000000.00 a month i am about to family and just because cuomo looks like the final boss you have to be eating every sake of genesis game doesn't mean he's going to have to like it at least these business owners have something to sell to these firms that
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make some profit while the rest of us debate whether picking up a dollar bill off the ground is worth getting the plague especially when you know the coronavirus only last a few days on surfaces but the dollar has. definitely been on the ground for a few weeks maybe about a month ok you've clearly thought way too much about this but you haven't thought enough about why our country relies on a system built on making a buck off of someone's misfortune if cuomo cared about new yorkers he wouldn't put anyone with that history anywhere near an entire state's economic recovery plan he'd be better off putting joe exotic in charge that's ridiculous and clearly below joe stature given he ran for president in 2016 people up there in washington and us white house in the senate and the congress and everything else you need to work for years you need get out and get a real job not free about this goddamn country anymore it's all about how you play and how you know. like this guy now thanks for joining thankfully moving on the
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accolades are rolling in her essential workers putting their health on the line during the pandemic but their bosses actions aren't quite as war warm as there are words for more we go to our intelligence failure and. as the coronavirus drives the comfortable non-essential classes of people into our bowker's praise for workers and front line industries like grocery stores and health care is rolling in from every corner of the country well almost every corner . just for showing up to work well everyone else in the country is out of work. i'm sorry no no oh god oh i hope they take care of the air plugs they should be considered protective equipment i can't listen the bench shapiro without them he's upset at whole foods workers for striking in protest of the
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company's handling of the pandemic this after end of the people jeff bezos so generously gave whole foods employees an extra $2.00 an hour encourage them to donate sick leave to one another and granted unlimited time off unpaid but a limited time you can spend making no money whatsoever is endless workers at whole foods twisted sister company amazon are unhappy eve on monday employee chris smalls was abruptly fired after leaving a protest at the oxymoronic amazon fulfillment center in staten island he demanded that the facility be closed unsanitized after a coworker tested positive for covert 19 smalls called the firing retaliatory but amazon claims that he was violating social distancing guidelines now was worried his employers are about the coronavirus there's another scored on the american economy that they're even more determined to stomp out that's the spread of the labor union ization over
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a trader joe's in the past few months whispers about unionizing i've been walking through the air one with a sense of their fresh moose jerky granola clusters spritzed with lavender scented rossi weed puree since corona some disgruntled members of the crew have created a petition demanding hazard pay and stronger virus precautions like permission to wear gloves seems like it would be in trader joe's best interest to let their workers not die from infectious diseases but according to the authors of the petition the company used the existence of this petition to lie to workers telling them it was a trick to get people to sign their name to the union effort. at the same time every one retailer of the most ethically sourced clothing that only ungodly amounts of money can buy announced layoffs on monday just $4.00 days after union organizers asked the company's management team to recognize them everly and insisted the layoffs were strictly because of the virus but it just so happens that every single employee who is on the union committee or so much as used the unions logo on social
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media was let go what a coincidence apparently that logo is a corona carrier but perhaps the higher ups are trying to keep everyone healthy after all union would be employees working together and realizing the interconnectedness of each other struggles just doesn't sound like something the c.d.c. would recommend now it appears that corporate america is using the pandemic depressions boot down even further on the working classes neck but some people are fighting back on monday shoppers for the delivery of insta cart started refusing to accept orders until the car provides has repented of an additional $5.00 in order 3 safety gear and expands its paid sick leave last week in pittsburgh sanitation workers held a wildcat strike to demand safety gear and on march 30th g.e. workers took the medical device shortage into their own hands and demanded that their company use their factories to produce more ventilators for the rest of the
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country little by little working people are realizing that they are the ones who keep the grocery store stop the utilities running and jeff bezos is washed and ready it's them not the ruling class who keeps the economy running and if they wanted to could shut things down once the workers build a movement strong enough to stage a general strike it will be too late for their bosses. because solidarity is contagious we're together on this. reporting from a barren bunker alone with no one else for miles and redacted tonight. here are your headlines from the future in 3 days you'll read a nation 600000 homeless blatantly refusing stay at home orders and in one week you'll learn. quarantine the world leaders are news anchors clearly
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already on mars that's our show but if you're looking for something for me to do at home check out my standup comedy special it's at least camp american dot com again it's free and my new book is that lee cam book dot com there won't be a new redacted tonight next week but there will be a new redacted v.i.p. until next time goodnight and keep fighting. and we're going to fulfill that promise is possible to the people you know we've all pots. because you really really.
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are you want to 1st. know. for. the. coming coming coming. i max keiser one more of my guide to financial survival this is. a device used by professional scallywags to earn money. that's right these hedge funds are simply not accountable and we're just. totally destabilize the global economy you need to protect yourself and get informed as we are.
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this is the one bit the show you can't afford to miss branch of war in washington coming up opec members have made a landmark deal to cut oil production as the sector has been ravaging the coronavirus we'll have expert analysis on what this is doing to markets. small businesses in the united states have been promised emergency funding to provide some relief but where is that help will break it all about it a packed show today so let's go and dive right in.
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we lead our global report today with talks of lifting restrictions due to the crow .


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