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but. they do. before judging the actions let's take a little trip. we travel to tanzania a country in east africa known for its incredible landscapes unspoiled beaches and the best safaris in africa.
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however what this promotional film does not specify is that tanzania is also the incredible land of coca-cola. here everyone waits for red and white buses hoops alongside red and white wool and in the playgrounds children play around red and white the logo is everywhere so off there a while you was stopped noticing it. the good news is that in this country you can still find coke bottles made out of reusable glass but this was. the american company is doing in tanzania what it did in the united states 50 years ago replacing the glass bottles with plastic ones.
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and that's what is going on behind these walls inside one of the 4 coca-cola factories in tanzania. all guide is james muller the manager of the new production line a production line which only makes plastic bottles today they're producing bottles of phantom one of the numerous brands inside the coca-cola group. everything is automated and the equipment is brand new the bottles of filled behind this window.
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and the call up by. the 3rd. is the 6300 it bought the book but returned in the lawn oh i've been out of the. $86340.00 bottles in 2 and a half hours that's a lot of plastic we did the calculations that 10 bottles a 2nd and that's only on mom production line in one of the factories in the country . 5 years ago this factory only fabricated glass bottles but on the day of our visit the production line for glass bottles is almost at a complete standstill. because they want to go there think they're worried about plastic allowed to be us. you are doing it but
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the pick up on from those 2 are given to you in terms of prosthetics that don't stop us it's good to feel good. and. the aesthetic perhaps but the choice of plastic is essentially unless you grasp what of doubt 5 to kill the very time of the book got full nudity i don't care about the guitar i only care if. what our guide is trying to say is that plastic doesn't seem to be a problem for the environment in tanzania so it comes back to the myth that everyone now has a business perspective so he clicked all of those to the source that it departs in being the cycle. now that our factory visit is finished we can finally show you the wonders of the ghetto bhutan setting up. unfit gettable town that only.
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here are the real results of coca-cola spraying this recycling business and just by looking at the waste collectors we were told about it's clear that the recycling business is 1st and foremost a poverty economy. leg
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and a very warm welcome to you watching on since last. my 7 years doing drugs my nephews was still in drugs my system just with doing drugs it was like an epidemic of drug abuse america's public enemy number one in the united states is drug abusers started going after the users in the prison population who are we started treating sick people people who are addicted to these drugs like criminals while i was on the hill. the war on drugs was a mistake there are countless numbers of people who are in prison for. sentences for. minor offenders in the drug trade it's a lot watching your children grow up and miss you in waves and say bye daddy as
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you're walking out of a business it's just it doesn't get easy. is 50 years old and has 3 children that she is raising by herself. to feed her family she collects plastic on the beach. but the best i have the carcass of a climber. and a player in the. southwest one ball to go before you know. the mexican you know your milk. evidentially death sonny is also leaving its mark in tanzania. by working 8 hours
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a day much i can collect up to 20 kilos of bottles at $250.00 shillings a keno that's $0.10 she earns less than 2 your eyes and that's on a good day. someone is only going to hear you after morning one of the parties are going to ask to up with you to say to this couple of acumen and i'm tired young again and i don't like to connecting with your guys yep i'm of the 12 and i need to share as a citizen but it would seem they are getting there because the money and i need to conduct it to sit down to come up. why the price is down the national ticket was in a country. too much plastic and too many people like mata who collect empty bottles just to scrape by.
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to bear witness to the most unsustainable side of this savage recycling economy we head to the largest ship in the land dar es salaam the economic capital of the country. every time a truck arrives to unload waste it's the same friends they. are negative about. about not the full gonna get some ice but the joke was that while you come by he's going to. the actual bought new stuff unions or is no pinto it till we are yelled down you ought to know the pin does its job but with your board and i was it tough for. you national guard.
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and so they resort to using their batons to dig through other people's waste be genuine but only when you've got an actual. would you tell one of us and when i did and you know. my name is. 0 to us here. at h. the model moon has already spent 2 years rifling through waste in search of plastic that's more than enough to know that there is only one move to the recycling business here only the strongest make it. all go where it restarts. the next joke i'm by no yard or no over. there were probably are more than just about the door and out.
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it's time to clean the windscreen and head elsewhere. we go to meet the people who dictate the neuron the new market for recycled plastic . we find them in the suburbs of dar es salaam. these are the companies who buy plastic bottles this one is the largest in the country. before coming here we never would have been madge and filming anything quite like this. a mountain of empty plastic bottles that you
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have to climb with 70 kilo grams on your head. let's go. just will almost fascinated by this blue mountain and the incessant coming and going of climbers all smaller than their loads. but then we took to the. yeah but back it was sad. getting to me. you know. that i'm not doing that. and i'm. not going to have it in the sun throughout the middle of your course that's not the limit for me. at the foot of the mountain these workers begin their final sorting session they put the
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colored bottles and plastic bags to one side. they put the clear bottles into launch bags these bottles then go through these machines to be reduced to small pieces before they can be recycled. and. until very recently the company exported this plastic to china the largest buyer of recycled plastic in the world this is one of the side manager is about to explain to us. yesterday when i was working and asking for collectors tell you about this on the price went down a few months ago the way down the wise saying that be my tool by this one was told . to sit them back in the east bank all ready to explode because does not know if you know my kid so what did you do when you couldn't export to china oh i keep on buying we buy and we buy you but you see the money thing this is because
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you couldn't sense of time oh yeah so it accumulates. in 2017 china announced that it no longer wanted to be the. the world's largest rubbish bin and if they would stop importing used plastic from january 20th. this decision led to the collapse of the recycled plastic market our precarious business and an economy that rests entirely on the backs of the most vulnerable. back at the coca-cola headquarters we speak to michael goldsman the vice president of the company again.
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keep it for you teasing. you know. why do governments do plastic. packs cowboy and. mate. if in the fast you don't. trust the system pointers here i collect them all with coca-cola you can still taste the feeling in plastic bottles 0 waste does not mean 0 plastic and the promise of a succulent economy is very far away to conclude our investigation a single statistic will suffice during the length of this film nearly 13000000 bottles of plastic been sold by the coca-cola group throughout the world.
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as we speak large organized care of our own the march to the united states. then 70 and a player coming in for a getting there you know spheres remain sitting down. this is a virtual invasion of our country for so far. in anything anything
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within. the. people being tortured to death expression the elderly people in the. company. why of course will find themselves. to point to one of my means and dreams oh it's all sweats and a lot of. what are you going to have for dinner today we don't have anything i'm asking. me bad things to grow civil war in south africa never to. be in the tone of your hand to get to. meet.
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the problem that the financial system cost from. the rest of the world was so big that not just one central bank could make money cheap enough could create an artificial money. by itself and so the fed did clearly did work together with the european central bank with the bank of england with the people's bank of china leader that was kind of separate story with the bank of japan and so forth to create enough money to put into the financial system to keep it safe for itself and ultimately what they did is a transferred all of that money into the banks into financial assets into burgeoning stock markets like like a ton of sort of crack into an attic up in up and never took it away and that meant someone else was going to pay on the other side and the people who paid on the other side was everyone else in.
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the. headline news an odd see a wrong plans a further boost of its uranium enrichment program potentially breaking the 2050 nuclear deal for a 2nd time and drawing condemnation from e.u. nations and the united states but the iranian foreign minister blames europe for failing to secure the agreement or stop washington's unilateral withdrawal. on the stories that shape the week russia pays tribute to the 14 sailors who were killed in a fire on a nuclear submarine in the barents sea on monday. and those tanks rolled through the streets of washington and fighter jets zooming through the scars on july the 4th continues to come under fire for militarizing u.s. independence day celebrations.


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