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i. around announces its plan to boost your remey i'm in richmond as the nuclear crisis enters a new phase and marks a further rollback of the 2015 deal after tehran's deadline for sanctions relief expired. russia pays tribute to the 14 sealers who were killed in a fire on a nuclear submarine in the bar and see. with fighter jets zooming through the skies of washington on tanks rolling through the streets this week donald trump comes under fire for militarizing u.s. independence day celebration.
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with the top stories from the past 7 days on right up to the moment developments as well this is the weekly on r.t. international hello and welcome iran has a non stop it is further scaling back its commitments under the 2015 nuclear deal known as the j c p a way a government spokesperson said on sunday about the islamic republic will accelerate its uranium enrichment program and surpass the 3.6 percent cap stipulated in the agreement for energy reasons that would in the future also allow it to develop a nuclear weapon more quickly if it chooses to do so well to run is now considered to be in breach of the 2015 nuclear deal after it surpassed the 300 kilogram uranium stockpile limit seems the term and to develop it further officials in the islamic republic have recently ruled out further dialogue with washington on less sanctions. are lifted on iran's deadline for that has not passed with europe no
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only able to provide limited relief it seems from the effects of the financial penalties as part of the agreement signed 4 years ago a number of sanctions were lifted in return and iran partially curb its nuclear program the accord has been on the brink of collapse since the u.s. unilaterally withdrew it last year imposed devastating penalties member as well when the escalating crisis has triggered serious concern in the region and in europe to. iran is violated solemn promise under the u.n. security council not to enrich uranium beyond a certain level the enrichment of uranium is made for one reason and one reason only and that's where the creation of a comic bombs the president of the republic has expressed his great concern about the risk of a further weakening of the 2050 nuclear agreement and the consequences that would necessarily follow over the next few days the president of the republic will
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continue his consultations with the iranian authorities and relevant international partners in order to ensure the necessary deescalation of the tensions related to the iranian nuclear issue they know what they're doing they know what they're playing with and i think they're playing with fire so no message to iran whatsoever . we spoke to a politics professor at the university of toronto who told us that it is europe's failure to uphold the nuclear deal that's not driving the crisis. iran waited for over a year and the europeans said absolutely nothing you know only after iran began to reduce its commitments 2 months ago did the europeans sort of push harder and and begin the using instax or formally announcing insects but insects itself as is nothing without money and europe still refrains from purchasing iranian oil under american pressure they still refrain from allowing private companies are protected
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by private companies who want to do trade with iran so the iranians are. decreasing their commitments little by little to put pressure on the europeans so that they take a step forward if the europeans abide by their commitments then the iranians will stay within them if you even though the americans have left and the americans are hindering the iranians don't accept your in excuse because the russians and the chinese are trying their best to abide by the deal and they're doing far better than the europeans which have a very large economy when the blow to the pact comes us tensions continue to rise also between tehran and london their latest the spirit was triggered when british royal marines seized the iranian super tanker off the coast of to brought her on thursday the u.k. believes the vessel was transporting oil to syria in violation of e.u. sanctions iran in turn claims the vessel did not enter the u.k.'s territorial waters or not it was traveling to a permit
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a destination and is demanding its immediate release. in iranian foreign ministry official described the u.k. move was unacceptable and called for the immediate release of the oil tanker given that has been seized at the request of the u.s. the u.k. navy's measure is tantamount to maritime piracy britain has no right to impose its own unilateral sanctions or those of the european union in an extra territorial manner against the other countries this is the very poorly in policy of the us. gibralter say that it was carrying 2000000 barrels of oil in fact the british overseas territories of turning general said friday that the ship can be impounded for 14 days while its crew are question the seizures being praised by washington which according to spain was behind the move. mr levelers caribbean to stop it we have been aware of the operation civil guard petrols have been watching the area which were investigating the circumstances under which the u.s.
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had its petition to the u.k. to excell news uki has the team the supertanker greece one laden with the reigning oil bond for syria in violation of e.u. sanctions american our allies will continue to prevent regimes into ran in damascus from profiting off the illicit trade every few weeks we are seeing major provocations by the americans but they're sending drones or warship towards iran and now this incident where the british are actually acting on behalf of the americans what gives the british the right to seize any iranian share based on european laws iran is not a member of the e.u. since the trump government decided to leave the nuclear accord the americans have been pressuring iran putting significant pressure on iran and iran has actually been acting in a very relatively cautious manner and we have to understand that you want to not sure we strained forever and we knew such as this where iranian ships are being
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seized illegally and they cannot it actually want you want to do nothing in return if you want does nothing in return then they will put more pressure and more pressure. russia has been remembering the 14 sailors who were killed in a fire on a research submarine in the bar in sea on monday 7 of the victims were high ranking navy officers to have been posthumously decorated with the country's highest honor the hero of the russian federation with a closer look at the tragedy here so our senior correspondent rob goes to. on the 1st of july deep below russia's barren see the unthinkable happened 5 a russian scientific research vessel mapping the sea floor was suddenly a death trap alarms bled hatches was shut and locked and the crew in the burning compartments sacrificed their lives to put out the blaze they succeeded the vessel
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and their colleagues were saved but 14 men all decorated veterans suffocated and they did more than save the submersible. another nuclear power unit on this vessel is completely isolated now and no people are being allowed there plus the crew implemented all necessary activities to protect this unit and it is in full working order the investigation stablish in what happened how it happened is being led by russia's navy head with the president personally being kept informed the dead will all be on a post you mostly ignore things a harsh place people a great task against the difficulty and hardship so just to suppose that it's traditionally the new day when you come up to this memorial dedicated cooled sailors perished that see during peacetime. put it to the barracks
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it's earlier this week for 3 to see it. one of the crew is the blaze began i should a civilian through an open hatch shutting it behind him to prevent the inferno from spreading that was the caliber of men abroad that vessel was all those who knew them a test that it will play with the cost of coaching for 10 years we were studying in the same school with dimitri he was an example of a true friend a classmate he was self motiva. always in the thick of events that's how we will remember him and even his final act characterized just who he was me and my classmates were not surprised he didn't hesitate for a moment he did everything possible and saved someone's life political morning dimitri was a good man a good friend knowing him and his human qualities i say he would never have acted
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differently he simply couldn't. yes he was a very responsible person so it was no surprise for us that he too the heat condolences poured in from all over the world from the pope to britain's theresa may russians in the thousands lit candles and held commemorative ceremonies the government has done its duty the widows and families of those killed will be compensated not that money could replace their loss but you see of the $14.00 dead and 7 are top ranking captains 2 are heroes of russia this is a big loss for the fleet i offer sincere condolences to the families of the deceased everything must be done to help and support them and the good men perished on that day veterans courageous and noble the best of the best as they say in the navy and there must be justice the public wants answers which the investigation
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should provide so that this never happens again. the united states of america celebrated independence day on thursday marking 243 years since it cast off the yoke of british rule but with the u.s. continuing to struggle with deep divisions this year's 4th of july didn't pass without controversy. right. right. right the day began with clashes in the capitol as left wing protesters faced off against the president's supporters ahead of his address to the nation donald trump so-called salute to america and saw a show of military might in the u.s. capital in what the former reality t.v. star called the shah of iran. for many in the media the political sphere well condemned the decision to involve tanks and jets in the on you will celebrations
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accuse mr trump of wasting huge amounts of money on using the event for political gain to head off next year's election. we're going to have planes going over it the best fighter jets in the world and other planes to. have some time stationed outside. feel cute to make it into work seems to be kind for a combination from corel. storrow military parade of hardware and of course but it's just of c. . c.n.n. has learned that some military chiefs have expressed reservations about politicizing the july 4th celebration concerned about the tanks and armored
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vehicles on this playing. field. that's a word that makes sense. curious is the marine major battle trying to get back. to q. . and while many were upset about the time period on independence day concerns
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about america's. military spending seems to be somewhat more muted the. u.s. has been involved in 7 conflicts since 2001 as army bases in over 30 countries last year alone the pentagon spurge they draw dropping $649000000000.00 on its operations well despite washington's attempts to inspire feelings of patriotism particularly under the current administration it seems the national problem is on the decrease according to a recent gallup poll that's been the trend since 2003 this year the number of people who say they are proud to be american dropped to 70 percent nicira flounders head of the antiwar international action center sais the theme of this year's parade reflects washington's hawkishness everyone know this and fly right and it's also casting more than $800.00 u.s. military bases around the world outside of threatened countries one after the other
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i mean largest cost the us more than 65 percent of all of all u.s. expenditures u.s. expenditures federal government blow the military machine i don't very time went into structure health care education is all declining and when the gap between rich or higher than at any time in u.s. history. more news from the week that was right after this. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy to confront a shouldn't let it be an arms race in this spearing dramatic development the only
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really i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time time to sit down and talk. we have to be expectation that when we lift people out of poverty when we became richer then we'd become. and i think valleys what a lot of people ah struggling with now they expected that once they reached a certain level of income then they would be happy. and yet we create new size we create new things we want and i think sometimes we run out of explanations for why we feel unhappy.
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all right we're back let's talk cinema this knee has a nonstop it's remake of the children's classic the little mermaid will star block actress holly bailey in the lead role that sparked big debate. after an extensive search it was abundantly clear that halle possesses that rare combination of spirit heart youth innocence and substance plus a glorious singing voice all intrinsic qualities necessary to play this iconic role . called you remember this for tonight's meeting knowing we have to go back to for the start of it there's a new release of titian of the famous for a tale written by the danish author holmes christian andersen of course in the version as you can see already with blue eyed red haired and white some argue that the new version should stay true ready to their own but others say having a black lead is a win for diversity. the actress cast is areal can sing act dance and is
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beautiful but racists yes that extreme irritation you feel is racism or like mermaids can be black will crabs can talk so we're all stretching here shut up fat box the little mermaid lives on a tropical coral reef with a calypso signal with a strong jamaican accent when you think about it it's bizarre she was white the fos time around there goes my favorite princess can't believe the just 3 my favorite princess she has a beautiful voice but if she's playing aereo i'm going to be she doesn't fit the look at all could you imagine the uproar of the cast a white actress to play tiana in the live action remake i just don't understand why is this necessary. we got a few opposing views on the story today. well what people are trying to do is trying to bring people back to a certain kind of reality that we live in a very diverse society and to try and present as if you like to try and normalize 1st because what happened before was that we had a society which those people were excluded or if they were presented they were
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presented as before they were prevented of course in the translation which was derogatory to them we bring race to the forefront and make it an issue when it really isn't an issue i think it's a very dangerous precedent and i think it is think it really is not i think it's really not about the inclusive idea that your other guest discussed discusses i think it's really a leftist agenda to divide us and keep us from working together and i think the people are overly concerned about his presentation are trying to as they said they want something they're used to but in the challenge. challenge is if you challenge is why something in that they think they think they should be like a princess can be black and what we want to do where it is not the line on that so every every single hollywood movie made from now on must have a gay person a jewish person a black person hispanic person and all we're probably better represent all that you know population so let's say a puerto rican person
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a cuban person and i don't know there are people here from from our other countries too should we should we just make sure now that every single movie has every single race religion color size socio economic level where do you draw the lying if you look at the history of hollywood with birth of a nation it started off really badly with the original 1st feature film been a racist film which used skin color in a negative way of course they should be a good story line but also a film can do multi faceted things and i think we have to move beyond being obsessed by the fact that we live in a society that is proud to support diversity we do live in a society that does have problems around racism or. society has had that and i think that the people that deny it are people who are not willing to begin to really talk about challenging it we had some because dylan roof to walk into a blood shot of the body i'm sorry there's been a number of shootings in on the buses the the tragic tragic things we had black
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president black billionaires all over the place all sorts of hispanic people and in positions of power i would hope that no one would not like this character based on that they might not like the idea of it being imposed they might feel that it's a little bit racist to say oh well we have to have a princess be a certain color i don't think that makes them a racist i think that makes them somebody that just wants the best person for the job to be chosen whether it's a movie or a corporate venture i think the best person should always be chosen regardless of their skin color or anything else. not yet appointed but already in the firing line germany's or slew of vonder lynn is the nomination to become the next commissioner but polls in her native country don't point to or being a popular choice for the powerful rule going european union chief for younger says he regrets the way the bloc has selected his potential successor. bruce's frozen look there are transcript. booked to prove. which lead to my nomination in
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2014 was very transparent because we had looked at the dates going knew worked with if this. would be the shortest route if you look in poland it's a vision to come back to unfortunately didn't become a tradition. well the german defense minister has a least got the backing of the nation leaders it seems but are slow vanderlei and still needs the approval of a hefty $376.00 and the piece a little bit about the nomination she's known for being a federalist supports the creation of a single european sovereign nation and an e.u. army if elected she would become the 1st woman to head the commission which is also helped her gain support but as mentioned not everyone sold on their account the city after the traditional nomination system was scrapped to push her closer to becoming the next commish of the threats of the council doesn't have the right to
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ignore all the candidates that have been voted for by european citizens the future of europe can no longer be decided behind closed doors border laim is our weakest minister that's apparently enough to become commission president in the if wonderingly and feels to be elected as head of the commission by the parliament you're briskly possible constitutional crisis so i find it a very charming idea at the base of europe it will be female in the future that's what i think we have 2 problems one problem on our democracy. leading how to do. different are to use her becoming the. most votes. the president was the european commission and not completely different kmart's. second thing as a person but also about follow my disquiet i'm open to her and the more once there is that investigation committee logged on who are. our
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external units. people from outside the ministry in the summer of 200000000 euro political decisions can be regarded as. democratic if one of 2 conditions are is met the population has to be involved in the. decision making in some meaningful way all 2nd. it is a good decisions must reflect popular preferences now funded lines nomination doesn't need to either. say yes it's undemocratic by. standards. are we happy how can we be healthier what in fact is helping us gets to grips with one of the longest studied subjects in human history and worlds apart.
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my 7 years doing drugs my nephew was still in drugs my system just with doing drugs it was like an epidemic of drug abuse america's public enemy number one in the united states is drug abuse he started going after the users in the prison population who are we started treating sick people people who are addicted to these drugs like criminals while i was on the hill. then the war on drugs. there are countless numbers of people who are in prison for. sins for minor minor offenders in the drug trade it's a lot watching your children grow up and miss you in wave and say by day as you're walking out of the business it's just it doesn't get easier. so the
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temporary orders that i'm on or before i go to final trial actually do allow me to address them as james and his male pronouns but i cannot do that in front of 3rd parties who know him as a girl so basically i can't go to a school or keep them away from any friends he might have at school that know him as a girl and at my home he's known as james and i use male pronouns what i'm prohibited from doing right now is trying to commence. that he's actually a boy. or . a.
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clone and welcome to worlds apart even though happiness is one of the most 100 subjects in philosophy and the current scientific consensus is not too far all from the conclusions of the 1st western scholar happened as dimmick created 2400 years ago pronounced it was a case of if happiness is indeed in the eyes or rather in the mind of the beholder why are the governments around the world so preoccupied with it to discuss that i'm now i'm joined by mike see all of the happiness research institute and bestselling author mike it's good to talk to you thank you very much for its time thanks for having now when the global interest in happened this week the few years ago with a high level meeting on this subject it was presented as a new economic paradigm something that is more comprehensive than let's say g.d.p. rather you think the economic focus is really justified i think we should
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a new mission i mean g.d.p. per capita. which is an important indicator for progress but i think a lot of people globally feeling that we have gotten richer societies without necessarily getting happy and we need additional new measures of truckers and. being happiness quality of life might be one of them now but government's main purpose by default is to make people's lives better the great is good for the greatest number so if they're doing their work correctly they would be taking care of all this institutional factor so well being why do you want them to be engaged in the subject if personal aspect of happiness. policies do influence people's lives i think policies the way we shape societies the way we build our cities i think don't impact. well the quality of life and i
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think is also why we see some of the patterns we see for example in the world happiness report that looks at life satisfaction for people around the world we see things like healthy life expectancy we see things like the level of corruption we see things like freedom. social support and so on that does have an impact on both me and happiness so i think governments they have an ability to impact important aspects on our lives i heard you say in some of your peers his interview is that this interest institutional official interest in happiness was in part due to the realisation that while he converted into happiness in fact i would argue that they may be an opposite correlation because in some developed countries you see the increase in the levels of depression south farm suicide do we really understand that these point their relationship but then they cannot make wellbeing and people's happiness or am happened it's a matter i don't think we fully understand and there's
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a lot of complexity in there but on average we see as a group that's groups the richer countries happier but there's a lot of variance with the in both the rich country group and the poor countries so i think in the beginning it makes a lot of sense for governments to focus on reducing poverty and lifting people out of poverty i think once we get to a certain income level i think it makes better sense to focus on our other areas and in addition we can also see that. there are differences among countries. their ability to convert wealth into wellbeing so investing in the right things that brings quality of life to people you mention that there is a variance between rich and poor countries but there's also a great deal of diversity when it comes to happen is right moment the developed world and countries like your own country mark or your neighbor is finland norway the consistent.


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