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it seems that the most of. the scenes use this as you know. the ties here to set us it has a tendency you know the smell of the matter is. now door the door and here the wall behind us that still wouldn't know that it was. already feeling to. know about one of our guests. in the marchioness with the fee mr thing i think a few more thought here a lot of them over the last. he still busy has of these. 20 are all shown in this 3rd i'm. retired before we leave you do we have 2 small few we'd be aleutian a few. motor company moat.
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whom the marshal for medical or one mother could just if you. couldn't a machine with lifting the 2 more with him to whom he had missed misha close. to me don't need this in the history of the world we. live in sydney would think it would. make for me. to see the thief in cool. perfectly then it was the 5th shelf human. obsessing over her. food. the. if you are sure you will have
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a lot of times this is not a few cold drinks of course upon you i just caught up with 2 suits of clothes school b. to school siege to north mission which is have. most of. the machines. for sure the result of a good number of the student bush 2 tugs. for the record i'm sure the. sharper that figure out the truck that works for me that you. sure this loser haven't a fairly good it's a specific look at some parts of the book particularly in that particular case if you search. google but if you could. because we moved.
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a few truth to know where you're going to. see someone you think system. would order. from the he saw. the condition. seen from one who came through. to me did they have a good idea lubow been good enough for what it should tell me she had almost from us from the from. you so have you been all over me the. those were about that i'm 3 had the flu for you to see she's the one at the war the pentagon you sure. don't at home alone in the they can. really been that. patient is going. to need to make the guard the.
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wish we didn't hurt us but i thought i want to hear i don't know where one of the. listeners a meter. worth a lot of you know. and then. he'll. stammer. you smart. for say it. but that it's somewhere in the only moshe floor above it before we mediated. you. know only gimme gimme of us will you make
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a new moon which. nurse sick in the 1st round of misfortune or she will but there was. also a whole raft of sewer looking in ministry was not for any talk of mission of the in . the early as murray and usually a sincere armor of many or should. be there tomorrow for. holding a pen listen to a bit. further of course some of the most but i thought over the years rosemary. i wish i sprained one more bit you know me for. 4 months
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afterwards. so should good morning i know of some would be for me. to point out. she's more my maid. of the my kid got to know it is a walmart mas morning run out to us with the words i will for you for it was with i will. i swear 5 more hours a year call. somebody quote. that's a no frills service for her if she's made different it was when i left off for nigeria. village and others weddings in libya while said i. will give you all week. from a good many. because the show. on our
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stock or the remodel willful will soon walk in the straw 5 most. votes my dear for. the loss of a few the morning. his love for destroying. old words of prove it. there is no for it. to do's. church. so that's. what this is new for.
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us our loss was when. you was very bizarre 0. 0. want to believe you course should know of many. companies that. come about american. passports. are costing. and if asked. for asylum. from mostly group. crystal god. has met pretty different.
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everyone oh. oh oh. it's. a load of. awesomeness it's. me dipping does it involve the you on the nose you don't want to know is his cup his own local j.c. it's a problem to me christiane. let me debbie out on. something. a sees me or learn the lesson that bob dole mario for good solicitousness of all i would offer on the l a p this is your poor in do not really you don't bessie there at all for ye of course well c.d.'s or not if or listen up as about get a beer. on the best sense.
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of course the book would if the church. they have fashioned today at a valley paid for hi leon out of. wisconsin leather value the sun is their favorite search to don's in mezzo com stuff we never meant by defend net the net call comes in there's a guy she led a dollar. in new zones you can not even know lost for her lay on the hall is just too far. in a book or joke to soften. my see out of your only kill my son surely. is 10 people we need sit there to sit here as a requirement in nablus to. take
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a shit to just don't be our students maybe once in our fasts that. should. come says eugenicist uniform wanted dead or injured but merely gave a lead. to larson as you did must resist the big issue of a day to day doing. that as you will from the building. where i am one day that lack in our interests that are sort. of wired value added to the land that more or less generosity. for all is good news your book word of the memory of your name empath a certain order learned sued by. terrorists or restless
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state. join me every thursday on the alex i'm unsure when i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. as we speak large organize care of the bar on the march to the united states.
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then 70 and a player coming out for carrying. no swarms remains littering dad. this is a virtual invasion of our country. so fun to. see . there are a felony for nothing up in the form of. you know it's going to stuff it in. a knife our feel. as you do is you know we're going to see a more little girls who noticed this is an issue for a player for. good
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. to force on both listening out there would. be. nice but but that in with a match and then with a match she does it to. learn dilettante. show. lucy moved into the position that she needs it. is a little too soon to substitute with. a laugh but if you just think you. will have. let me. know when it is.
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mission to know how to feel badly feel really too when you. believe it's not political. but i have. profit of it in the. bush. pushed of. the father who can she never move me my big one at the same bus that was lifted to say that he managed to flippin me i was meaning no. one element i give you shit oh my best moment is most most will be. determined i'm sure this afternoon as for the. fact that i'm
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thinking see beyond blue shouldn't you know in truth have to give a reason. the best and soon enough and. for example you can mess with your all my love to lend him you do need a man he should think must receive but until we. are . somewhat in me with many. a low legal concept or debate. or one of the how of the earth rather but. for the what about the.
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wanted to become the book. and we are they are the house of. god since we will. really believe guys and their very you kill me if you wish i were you i'd moved a motion. then mission one although narration for national revelation. i know they were the go forward a bit for them out of the water. while the fall of the north when we were on the shore what didn't. do so wish was.
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to have to be to move through. the police. if she did see. if she can be. if you could who do you move from would be who you want to see who want to. and to share that headache. but didn't have to see any look in itself has that moniker limbs in mind those little kiddie things that it had that if the shoe fit around them. you had wished the year. ahead with. jim. you could have been. on monday.
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and have. been married to the award has you know as if it's not put in or has. received the need to do if you refuse to deal. with it. i want you. to michel foucault i. say get a. shorter. period. in the. abuse.
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so when the russian mission promises. you are sort of. these. really big fish with. the wood letter says. the 2nd for. the wind.
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and for. home. use to say. if you. wish me to sniff the surface. for one of. the. source. just. feel my mother. first our 1st. meeting.
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and if the house. your. son should sure you're marrying her. new union or your view. of those women but i feel a little i'm going to look. cute to the whole and still be a what the fuck to you or good girl issue for sure whether or. not look at this in our lives just.
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a bit too so but others who are. in the soul of the. beautiful. should or should kill those who wish their lives to fish dish should. shtetl change and they have to shame me it has been a. little thought i have medical and out of the have a colon next. to some of the political cost saves gas it's my pleasure and love our cities and on how i understand that the stuff we have. now she actually a house that's meant to be at the helm what if that let's say if you look at. vintage that have defected that's how does it i was afraid of him he did that with
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the ask that maybe that. will mean i have a house. as it was excellent how much of that i don't see how that and that much about how that has an aftershock. that's now with. me. and what i had to endure told how it fit in a 1000000 with all but if i was the last limit on how to can you can. from what. someone says we have some senior. editors of.
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the photons of the american. sort that is the. torah. walk from all of them are true and so neither. of them this reporter walk or talk all the time but will be. more of. a need be a force. this is just a school nurse for her few the future is accused. of
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the goodness of a horse who's the most. of them to me from the. she is sickness senior high from shop. league. my son doing drugs my nephews was still in drugs my sister just with doing drugs it was like an epidemic of drug abuse america's public enemy number one in the united states is drug abuse we started going after the users in the prison population who are we started treating sick people people who are addicted to these drugs like
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criminals while i was on the hill i recently became convinced that the war on drugs was a mistake there are countless numbers of people who are in prison for. a long sentence in this for being a minor minor offenders in the drug trade it's a lot watching your children grow up and miss you in waves and say bye daddy as you're walking out of the business it's just it doesn't get easier. i think the reason that they have not attacked iran so far it's not that they didn't want but i would say that they couldn't do it as thinking of as short and quick war with iraq but i would say that that would not be the case trump said that if they wanted to they would have killed about $150.00 people in the rain inside but the question comes to me is that america is a type a country in the past by nuclear bombs do they really care about killing 150
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people. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race off and spearing dramatic to follow only closely i'm going to lose east i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time. to sit down and talk. good food descriptions sound up even for the owners so how to choose the head food industry is telling us what to feed our pets really more based on what they want to sell us than was necessarily good for the pet turns out may not be. people believe we have animals that have you know diabetes and arthritis they have auto
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immune disorders allergies we are actually creating these problems it's a huge epidemic of problems all of them i believe can be linked to very simple problem of diet and some dog owners so heartbreaking stories about their pets last treats the larger corporations are not very interested in proving or disproving the value of their food because they're already making it a 1000000000 dollars on it and there's no reason to do that research. was. just. to look at it. a bit like that of.
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making history becomes 1st have a sitting u.s. president. was there for a hasty saying that it's going to. remain for now something that previously led to a stalemate into. i'm looking forward to taking a walk i don't like going to scream trade i'm looking forward but the sanctions remain. a trade war between the u.s. and china. it. was good business like. to russia and united states so we had a discussion we actually we had a great job.


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