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well and dance actives limit its ability to sell energy globally global energy tensions seem to play quite a role in geopolitics we all remember of the a wave of criticism over the construction of the north stream to pipeline which plans to deliver russia's natural gas to draw many now lately it was reported that 2 u.s. senators are working over a new bill to impose sanctions on russia over this particular project coming back to the energy doctoring the updated version of that document was finalized back in november last year but quincy dance elise signed on the very same day mike pohnpei all made his 1st visit to russia as the u.s. secretary of state international economist octomom to solid maces the russian energy industry so for most whether the sanctions stop the president putin's doctrine doctrine is very important for the future of energy and of
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russia and for the future of russia's exports as well russia is now number one exporter of that in the world at the same time and i share is the biggest producer of oil in the world to remain in ahead of other countries and the incredible national threats are out of the continuous u.s. sanctions however gosh an economy managed to would stand the adverse effects of sanctions and gosh an economy actually is growing so they're out of your threats this except if they have better kens decide to impose further. sanctions on russia but as i said russia is a poser should too would stand at the sanctions. news updates in half an hour.
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more there i didn't. spend saturday night chalo i just got dropped they had no problem. with me and what was it. about. me. nothing no more. a way the and that's the way bush another way a political or. a way it was only important. to put an end to end it. here in senegal
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is comfortable. to standards of beauty compete against each other while not true beauty is of course a general standard worldwide. bleach plays a big role in the beauty process. do you post on the fun. i mean both of this song will need. to become a castle at mr. numbers or better yet the 1st call . is just busiest is due to begin to show you see is very severe infection of the skin this one is going to lead to death because you have septicemia and you dip. during dachau fashion week models spoke out against skin bleaching.
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these girls dream of strutting down european country so they aim for natural beauty because europe demands it but incentive standards of beauty is somewhat different. look at these posts. no matter what that advertising. all the
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models in them have lighter skin than the target audience the message is clear only those with my to skin not beautiful can achieve success. word means. do. the right to be beautiful. but it is not a kind of. complex no they don't want to be white people. who are. turned out. quite. early but. why demo but even put up the last. song was almost but it is. lives with no brothers and sisters she is the family's forced child and has
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a young daughter. to become a hospitality manager she believes that bleaching makes sun look more beautiful. to you from the reality of. what teachers do well. kind of we actually. can reply our more than a stupid act that i do so i'll be getting real. again so what you're going to budget for. this. will. deplete multiple. way of you so for. me it won't be on the free. as a cosmetics store 2 minutes wolf from his home in residential areas beauty shops are
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as common as grocery stores. but. you. think it will yes. you will give. up. the shopping days yeah that. also means that they don't want. you. to buy a lot i was ready you know i. know you want to them because it's an remember that i was wrong and i'm not going to look i'm going to feel what i mean. this is evil by the way yeah you know it's not we're. not open we're going to be walk about.
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that i will never going to get. back to. cuba. and she doesn't use preaching products she believes the beautiful music loving yourself for what you are she lives with her mom and her sister on the finished house the father died when she was little. and she works in a fog and dreams of becoming a supermodel just like naomi campbell. also i do. myself. i knew that me not a bit better yet. but i.
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knew this. was a new sense and. it was a new movement it wasn't even the. reals until you. remember him. and she lives in a fishing village near deco it's a bustling area with construction sites all over the place. she and her friends but taking a stroll along the beach. what do you think about some of the buccal of. the british public. so what do you look at the books you want to. impress probably some.
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reason troops also. know. some troops from some it's really drink you. start to stuff it. just because. somebody. when we really come here one day. i want to do enjoy the show but there are a lot what is a story with iraq you know this is one of them from here i said these are you doing the very true you're like. the way you're. going to stand for very. tough on them according to these impressed by the message that they need to get. the defense in that i mean you're losing them down what if it. misses you skills you need to be. mine they will cost you could be my last you.
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know i'm not going to millions of lots of people to prevent enigma men who seemingly want to do that and you have a stick consequence for example. if it has become black or mentation around eyes become blood. from the world because they have their family knew they face out there face over the last. 3 years this louder over a year them or you know i'm being who. i mean if you're there for south africa and that that's our. am i that why not for them i mean if you want feel free i didn't have to do over there having a kid there face up. me. now. ok to. say that he has any. interest. we need to
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consider your call 880 s. with. the number. we have that's. if you ask people for us. on my list thank you leave. some of you conflicts if you self-inflicted emotional. 5 crying a few months. i don't approach it while oh you know this implies you see some issue of yeah i have a mouth full of mud the issue of he won't be. serious see i just want the silliest. conflicts see if you're going to let you have
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a woman you have. a husband he's looking about don't we men. i'm going to have a. kid i think. by. and by i met. a beautiful. beautiful is beautiful you know. good food. we want to. develop. she for you is. nice the. really simple easy easy easy. easy easy easy easy easy. easy.
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easy next. move. to prove your serene lives into a car with her mother. father left them when she was. little that. works in some markets serina also has a small business but she dreams of becoming a top model one day. you. just say demand and sit back and shout that just because you didn't see. it. in the
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month that's more. like. there's a risk on a more. well fed. level that lets you know a song. by the. long. run it will. cause the world to lose you love what i got. to get you know my song. serenus road to fame stance on the roof of a house. that's where she works on how the catwalk skill. serenus place is right thanks to the international employees the sound of planes
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taking off and landing is always in the background. but she's never been on one has self. flying away somewhere serene his dream. you know world a big part of the lot and conspiracy. to wait to dig deeper to get the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door of the bath shouting past each
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other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks. what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. or some want to. have to go right to be submissive like the full screen the whole can't be good that i'm interested in the lawyers in the. first sydney.
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also known was and she. and i can walk and walk your course or no more most you just did you know he could. only feel better and. i do of course. of course sorrow. for. you know. it and was certainly still to know. i don't think about a lot of. sales of whitening products thrive in african
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countries including sending. important sales yield to billions of dollars in revenues. at the advertising agency that specializes in outdoor ads we asked to see at least one natural model that graces its bill boards. they design a shows a soda mama she's the epitome of natural beauty. and then we all skim to show us his favorite celebrity names viviane and who skins bleached. her back to where you know you prefer even when you look at. him are right. there.
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were. no minds or bones. when i said not would be out of it go men men is not in love with you because you'd laugh aborigine. we want to cry but. to my feet. and i think what it that no one could do much. less that. a they want to do that and i presume i want that but my depth i might have been enough but. at the same on the name of that i know mine that you might out that well. as a curious theory about skin martin says she believes that exercising in the open at all since the thing.
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is that. you get a new book on the fence obama. about midway me. but i would do it in the. letter from the boss a lot later if it wasn't anybody to tell me how in the face of balance it would not be a book is a little if it doesn't offend them this was a lot of good looking and some of the odd on the day i know. this.
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stuff and then whatever this is that this is that. i learned to live to see how someone. made about someone who. then didn't now or could have a rough ride. when none of them accept another. magical haven't turned them up that high at the gossip or off them i doubt i'd be i say. this if you ask. the one man in the way out of the compound could be as good as you can use difficult if you have to. learn who works in the film industry. she's a wardrobe assistant who dreams of becoming an actress she thinks breaching her
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skin will become a movie star. is beneath. him i thought when i was really good. i got a new fit of us keep the money in they made it is so my dad never jumped on it when he didn't tell us the mobile the how i think the who. were going to ask them what they were going to. minimize the amount. then i learned that as you do differ on some of these you're part of some of the passage. of the you know about combining the. facts not something a bit well but it's affected it is an awful lot of money not you know i don't see a big quantize showing why you. see or not disappear
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if it gets very definite he would be all fairly obviously wrong. movie you see all of walking to get voted off the. books and on top of i'll fit in new movie also did also i'll come off it and it's going to defeat you. got him on the run you know sort of got so far for this because you couldn't back up with that i want more has a non-binding. and then amp and then i sure want black people on task rabbit but then it will come as a little bit more like i'm playing them some upper case i'll never. play offs am i going to equal or better through iroh fell in the last mode they let my get no where. to park or save cause my boss. thank you for being so you must give me leave feels it is really true. yeah and then what do you how much they're vocal
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myself a little but do you also call just as if you were number 2 my mom never taught us that we might differ just going about it only mean that we could measure was accosted more like any more in my course because it didn't affect in life if they got me the police locally. she was so limited i did not know how much they meant more when i knew at the law my boss accosted me about how their mother in our fashion walk with them wouldn't take them up if just to these would want me to live yes this is the 1st field before the plumbing for that the time the time of moses the field the home last. thank you it just kills me and i mean they did mention me to mr i'm a little i want to mention it i'm not too long after this that negotiators i know you know members you know and there isn't even a good time to ask if i am that mean that he did marry them he is only says you know who. it is are not going up to the local me as he did tweet out of thing out
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of me i didn't see a diff it is well beyond him it would be a mess and i and will of having not done any of that if you can now he also will issue a version for you also please see you also is all you have. to made him is that i would be that. the number one of the number. while on a skin whitening project serena and cheaper plan for success by practicing them loose on the couch. to teach them. really little you know this is serene it isn't and she's managed the coaches the goals i find says them on how to look that best and finds work for them.
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even a show clerk in with done it for a defeated decided to quit the poor who said pretty 3. and a fair class that said good. men not. this in this arena is business. here she sells one of the most popular products. we're going to act a ball shop window and b b one belt one version of the of my demonic beginning
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you're going to just go away one minute from it and she needs it at that. moment of silence on a good movie song sas if we want to ask am i left on the sea in the new course he gave me shit about the long. lead betty. me more than i'm back so i feel more than a. really sorry that's it please as. the phone. sat . back you did. this. distance just. not mad moment you see in how many feet i speak till you. warm. up he left. for the minute he. did
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big money salt of the key people. it often sit in. the. music dark. it is adult. with a little bit. goes on to say the responsibility for using these problems lies with the consumer that's good. but it's only natural that girls want to look prettier than bale say except of course you don't need a whitening cream to achieve that.
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we've got an amazing situation developing here in america one of our politicians as it openly admitted congress that the u.s. dollar is that friend from. president putin hosts a meeting with the u.s. secretary of state and says that russia is ready to rebuild ties between the 2 countries. u.s. military school publishes a decades long history of washington's interventions in other countries by some as being a kook. a saudi arabian ship is hounded by protests in european ports failing to pick up an arms delivery that activists say could be used to kill civilians in yemen.


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