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a massive fire sweeps through an apartment block in central paris after an explosion believed to have been caused by a gas stored on a balcony rescuers say there are no serious injuries. though the truck survivor charlie rowley says he is being kept in the dark on the british investigation into the poisoning that killed his partner last year he met with russia's ambassador to the u.k. . charlie and his brother to contact us but it's precisely the fact that they haven't been able to receive anything from the british authorities. were given except pains what it says is a press strategy agreed to by ecuador and the u.k.
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to be used in the event with the leaks founder julian assange extradited to the us feeling rumors the whistleblower is about to be expelled from his embassy refuge in london. and more than forty yellow vest activists are arrested in france during a twenty first consecutive weekend of civil unrest. are broadcasting live direct from our studios in moscow this is our team international and thomas glad to have you with us now we start with some breaking news from central paris a powerful explosion has hit an apartment block causing a large fire there near the rosa parks roadway station the authorities say there are no serious injuries though that's good news but at least twenty seven apartments have been destroyed fire crews say the fire is now under control
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a spokesman for the fire brigade says the blast may have been caused by gas containers stored on a balcony the moment of the explosion was caught on camera take a look. and we can cross live now to our kate alexander do not solve who is near the scene of the fire i'll get is what can you tell us well why exactly right now the whole area which would be probably one square kilometer is blocked off by the police and the firemen there you know trying your eyes if you why and what is the reason what's the cause of this explosion and fire in the first place right now i can see hundreds of people here on the street just waiting for a clear to get back to their homes because they don't know how long they will have to say here in the streets if you can you will probably maybe not but i can clearly . there's the traces of wire behind me on the building going to live
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third and fourth or from the sea floor and on the western side of the building i saw that the whole wall was blacked out of smoke and probably because of the supplier on the roof so now you need to understand that this possible cause of the fire and explosion because of the explosion and for the portable yes thank people who are on their own balconies that's what usually shueisha preparing and there's lots of building and to me personally i have one of those because it's summer is now almost and the weather is great so we don't know what caused this wire and explosion but we're waiting for more clearing on that i can see people working there firemen working still on the balconies trying to. even probably have more casualties as as we speak right now and. we don't know how long it's going to take so they will stop and let people go back to their homes.
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thanks very much alexander as we know if the situation develops further we can come back to you to get more information thank you very much in paris. the man who survived a noble nerve gas attack in the u.k. says he is being kept in the dark on the country's ongoing investigation charlie rallies whose partner died in the incident last summer spoke to the russian ambassador to the u.k. alexander go on the show said he reports. feeling so many of his questions well that's set by the u.k. government charlie rarely has reached out to mess with the russian ambassador to the u.k. he's lost his partner and is suffering from the terry orating health and he's also been confused by u.k. media speculation regarding the poisoning of his partner once a day in nearly a scrape lost it by what was said even though they shouldn't be charged meanwhile
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though the russian ambassador has been trying to fill in some blanks. literally eighty percent of what i told him was quite a revelation to charlie and his brother is perfectly understandable in their ordinary people reading british newspapers because they know what they're offered by the press so it's good to have an alternative point of view and understand rush's line of reasoning charlie rowley and his brother had virtually no info on the questions we directed at the british authorities over the script case they don't understand why we're not allowed to make this group piles i told them that there was no mobile service connection with this group pals three hours prior to the poisoning we had no chance to examine this nerve agent it was all news to charlie and his brother most of the information they had they had read in the newspapers and i got the impression that both the family of dawn sturgis and charlie rowley have not been adequately informed as to what happened to the payne amesbury and what happened in sol's ri before they never received any official. for
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many months now mr rowley and dawn's family received very little information about the course of the investigation so little that dawn son sent a letter to the russian president saying that he felt let down by the u.k. government. the family of the late dawn sturgis once first and foremost to see the investigations conclusion russia wants the same thing it's been a year now and we still haven't seen any official results what led charlie and his brother to contact us is precisely the fact that they haven't been able to receive anything from the. british authorities. another point to mr very raised is that he felt his reputation was affected by the u.k. press and describing him as hopeless when he was simply a british this isn't charlie and his brother a very nice people the first thing they told me was that the british press misrepresented them. this is not the case charlie wants me to get this message across to russian what he insists the russian ambassador meanwhile says there's so
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much left unanswered but then we have plenty of questions regarding the cremation of misjudges because it destroyed all proof thank you it impossible to examine the results of those investigations that have been carried out by the british authorities everything the u.k. authorities have done the needs rechecking including how these people were treated now moscow was accused of and house repeatedly denied all involvements to do with last year they've offered to cooperate with british authorities many times but that's something that's constantly tonights by london and the u.k. government is still made little to no evidence public charlie rowley on the other hand says that he doesn't blame russia pay just wants to die with details. right a quick recap of the tune of a child cases in the u.k. charlie raleigh and his partner dawn sturgis fell ill in amesbury in late june of last year initially police suspected a drug overdose star just passed away
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a week later and in march two thousand and eighteen a script halls were poisoned in the city of solsbury and that case both survived the u.k. blamed russia for both attacks although no evidence was produced russia denies any involvement. let's cross it live now to russia analyst martin mccauley thanks for being with us here on our team international. so as we heard charlie rally told the russian ambassador that he is being given no information on the british investigation it's been more than nine months since the incident so why do you think they are keeping him out of the loop. now because the british authorities do not want to reveal to the russian cozies what they know what they know but nobody joke because a official narrative as you know is that two russian intelligence officers were in smokefree and they were responsible for the poisoning of these pows that's the official narrative and the government is sticking to that the reading nothing else
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i'm not surprised that charlie really was not given any further information because the population in general have not been given any going to the nations and the british authorities to this day. been over them and. have said nothing new and also no what is allowed to contact this group owns we presume they stay they're still alive but that's all we know but we have no details because the public would like to know how this possible that these could cause could be in fact poisoned how did it take place where were they poisoned and. they would like because this is a murder it's not really a murder mystery should learn a mystery from dawn searches for the view from the streets i was one of you it's almost a murder mystery. and they're kept well away no contact with them from the public
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for the view and the government is basically saying. we're looking into this resembling it and we believe that two russian intelligence officers were responsible and they would go no further than that so the u.k. has accused russia of carrying out both poisonings in salzburg and amesbury but still no evidence has been produced surely they would have shown their prove by now if they actually had a right. well they may have it but you see the british authorities may have contacts in russia. from who live received information and they don't want to reveal their sources obviously in russia if that is true then that's the basic reason why they have not revealed their information because they don't they want to keep this information as secret as possible from the russians from the russian government and so i'm and they have refused to cooperate to have
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a joint operation investigation into this because they don't wish to reveal what they knew and their sources and if you like it's one side saying we have this information we're not telling you where the information is what it actually is so if no evidence is found or shared. given the information that you just shared with us do you expect to see any kind of retraction or apology from the various countries that introduce sanctions against russia over the screen paul case or is it going to carry on vilifying russia just for the sake of doing so. that's a very ranging question because if it turns out that the authorities cannot find any direct link. that number joke actually came from russia then because they have to concede that number joke the cover joke that poisoned. really anderson the script out and almost no use that no veto came from outside
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russia it may have originated in russia but actually cared about side russia because as you know various countries have no breach or they have pieces they are examples of know. i was possible that they know the joke it's all a multi actually came from outside russia we don't know that yet is all speculation . and basically the relations between russia and britain today i'm sure bad that there's really no communication with the two sides are not talking to one of eleven and that's very regrettable and the public would like further information but at present the british government and british authorities are likely to give any further information now charlie riley says that he has been left severely disabled by the incident and has repeatedly complained of a lack of support from the u.k. authorities do you think he has been unfairly treated by the u.k.
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government. well here's a fair point because you could thought it would say that they did not. they will say we were not guilty of that we believe that the poison came from. russia and therefore it's very regrettable and from a british want to view british government point of view we were not the instigators of his illness and well unfortunately he's done it in a poor state of guilt. and he has every reason to complain but a country how it can really go any forward any way forward now because the british authorities say we will not respond well the poisoning and we believe the. wreckage. you have to say if you are talking to the russian president mr young you could learn to go you should say this to him and of course from the russian but if
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you they deny that came from russia or any of their intelligence officers acted minister the court and so therefore it is a situation where the two sides. saying. one thing and the other say we don't accept that and we're in an impasse and that imposes last year. and from the state of relations between britain and russia president. it would appear that this the state of this state of circumstance will in fact. continue and i'm going to ask you to go down the rabbit hole with me just a little bit if you don't mind from the very beginning in both incidents the u.k. government was very quick to put the blame on russia. and use that as a reason for him posing sanctions and vilifying the russian regime if you will.
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since then there hasn't been a lot of mention of this it has kind of fallen out of favor there's all sorts of other events happening in the news brags that for one. how do you see this all playing out i mean if if if you on ravel it even further what is the end game here . the a game for bridges wanted us to prove that the number of each arc originated in russia and was administered by two or perhaps even four russian intelligence officers operating in britain in london. not only in london but also in shoals road and therefore british point of view they will keep to that narrative they will insist that is our point of view it is actually actually sunk because british it has taken over and that's where the situation in britain at present is. shall we say chaos is very very difficult for the government to think about
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anything else because it other pressing very pressing matters in britain and policies which should be adopted condemning the collective because brics as they can over the present if you ask a question about the script most of the answer will be we have no more information and they will return to britain slipper britain if you like in their home country of parliament is obsessed with it. i don't think it's stroked until solution is reached it will be difficult to turn to this group al case number talk and again revisit that situation and find out the source of the of the joke and who administered this poison. unfortunately for all the charlie really he is in fact not very important from the government's point of view because britain has taken over and the newspaper also they don't really support these things but if you look at the newspapers world news in fact is going to push aside
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and it is not a country that is on. unfortunately for charlie really he's not going to get any answers in the short term now russia you know first part has denied any involvement . can you think of any reason why russia would be interested in going after these people me ok. well he has done a lot of damage to relations between russia and britain not only between russia and britain but left countries a whole raft of countries. expelled russian diplomats so for relations with many other countries where in fact that as well they were harmed by this event and therefore from russia is what if you they would like this cleared up and they would like an apology from britain if in fact it turns out that the accusations made against most really against the russian government where incorrect
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so from from russia what if you have to keep your subjects keep. moving where. some information will come forth which one is like validate their point of view and confirm that what they've been saying all along is in fact the truth all right very interesting here a thought thank you for being with us on our to international mark macaulay russia analyst thank you. you're watching art international more news after a short break stay with us. bernie made a better army and said if you don't buy into my ponzi scheme on going to shoot my god if you even though the game was well known to be a ponzi schemer yes you see it investigated bernie madoff police twice before they finally busted him and they it was a well known ponzi scheme invested by well known people massive bernie had an army
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now apply that to the u.s. dollar the u.s. dollar is a ponzi scheme why do people want the u.s. dollar because if they don't the u.s. military is set and they're obliterated whether it's iraq or libya or some other place like this around and so that's what we're going to set up the new york times right he said the u.s. dollar is worthless it's backed by law. in the world of political much making the european union has long could fall use before wealth as its most desirable and tribute. to the time it takes for the e.u. to make a policy decision china can set up a whole new industry. structure to potential. welcome back this is our two international now we keep leaks says it has obtained
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a press strategy agreed upon by ecuador and of the u.k. in the event we can leaks founder julian assange is extradited to the us the whistleblower was granted asylum in ecuador as an embassy in london back in two thousand and twelve rumors are circulating that he is about to be expelled and potentially handed by britain to america now according to wiki leaks ecuador will claim massage broke the terms of his asylum within the u.k. giving assurances he will not let the u.s. sentenced him to death. u.s. officials have repeatedly called for songs to be prosecuted for publishing classified material including intelligence and military files but the saga supporters say he is doing a crucial work and must be protected. but it was the feel of it it's not possible to mistreat someone this way just because he revealed news that by their beach and powerful people as a publisher he has revealed all kinds of human rights violations war crimes
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are misinformation needs to get out united states says that they're defending democracy around the world and they're not doing bending democracy at all in the united states is is. trying to silence people the good of our revealing what's happening and julian the signage is just so the person who made it possible for those people to be heard much has changed and i could or since i was songe was granted asylum almost seven years ago including relations with washington are too easily but trying to take up the story for us. thank you for your gracious welcome shot my wife karen on our very first visit to ecuador we are on a huge. trip just. what a beautiful video what a beautiful welcome maybe that's the reason the u.s. vice president was pacified enough not to call out names when he brought up the
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dark times in the u.s. equity or friendship while visiting president lenin moran oh in quito price your election our nations did experience ten difficult years where our people always folk loose but our government drifted apart though that was clearly a jab at someone who proudly stood up against america's whip cracking hand while in charge of the small south american nation just think of how rafa korea sheltered julian a songe what a slap in washington's face that was among those. with given diplomatic asylum to do in the sun soft exhausting all means who want to guarantee that he's not extradited to third countries which could put his life in danger the life of misters sons as it drifts the wives sons and switches being dead while alive under lenin maranoa who was praised by outgoing leader chorale at the election the tide
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has clearly changed mr carette even ended up calling his successor a traitor absolutely. to the united states. who are related let's look at what he could have meant by that. the first signal joyous could soon be shown the door at the embassy in london was when the american media reported president moran oh had once met donald trump's former campaign boss paul man afford it was claimed mr moran no was trying to negotiate concessions from the u.s. like debt relief in exchange for. kicking the whistleblower out back then would lead to nothing but today it's clear he's not a fan of assad yet his business you know that too many times mr sanchez violates the cream and we keep leaks and gauges in espionage and hacking. as a real us imperialism hating tough guy rafael corral was known as
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a staunch ally of it as well as nicolas maduro while for ecuador's current president to someone else quite well known as the true leader in caracas i have spoken with president hu on going i've invited him to ecuador to receive the affection and support of a people he loved more chrissy. mr chorale was on a mission to rid his country of uncle sam's folks step by step he first refused to extend the lease of an ecuadorian air base to the americans beyond two thousand and nine and then told all u.s. military attash to leave the country and two thousand and fourteen only a few years later sam is coming back the governments of ecuador and the united states decided to resume bilateral military cooperation training and assistance to contribute to ecuador ability to combat shared threats. wonder corrals
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moves were annoying those in charge in d.c. to say the least so starting from two thousand and fourteen millions of us aid cash stopped flowing ketones way under mr moran oh the bucks of freedom are slowly starting to find their way back today i'm pleased to announce that the united states who support that effort to root out corruption merely want to have million dollars to support your efforts. to end corruption and strengthen civil society in ecuador it seems it didn't take long since the right man came in. human rights campaigner peter tatchell believes the songes being used as a bargaining chip in relations between ecuador and the us i would suggest it's highly likely that the u.s. government has been putting pressure on the government of ecuador and we know the president. in ecuador himself is under huge pressure his popularity has slumped to
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about seventeen percent the new york times reported that president moreno had offered to handover a songe to the us and exchange for debt relief so i think there is something much deeper going on here and it would be a great great shame if ecuador bowed to american pressure and gave up the important principle that a citizen of its country a political refugee would be granted asylum should be handed over to a foreign power to face draconian charges cooked up by a secret grand jury the content of which is not known to anyone that would be a very very grave step to take. all right let's go back to our breaking news now from central paris a powerful explosion has had an apartment block causing a large fire there near the rosa parks railway station authorities say there are no serious injuries but at least twenty seven apartments have been destroyed fire
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crews say the fire is now under control a spokesman for the fire brigade says the blast may have been caused by gas containers stored on a balcony at the moment of the explosion was caught on camera take a look. you know live two artes alexander's do not solve who is near the scene of the fire alexander's what more can you tell us. well indeed the whole area is right now by the police and if you can see one of the wire men brigade right now leaving the scene what we're left to our are lots of water men working almost a hundred firemen where you're winding the fighting the fire we don't know yet what was the cause of the choir and what was because of the closure. because for some
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information from the spokesperson that was the portable yes illusions which are used to build the barbecue. well that's a very common issue for a reason because lots of people keep. the portable gas barbecues on their balconies in the summer and even during the wintertime right now there's a lot of people here waiting to be let back in the park or to find out at least if there's anything left. it's still a lot of police and a lot of presence and big pharma threat but for now there's still no information if there's any casual phone or what was swords and the main reason of this explosion. all right thanks alexander's we know that if there's more information we'll come back to you live from paris from our bureau there. switching gears now more than twenty thousand yellow vest activists have been rallying in cities across france for a twenty first consecutive weekend riot police and were out in force using crowd
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control weapons in paris at least forty three people were arrested ahead of this of the country's constitutional council an old government plans to ban certain individuals from protesting saying the measure would grant police excessive powers but other parts of a crackdown on the rioters were approved. explains. a big slap in the face for the french government as the country's constitutional council has ruled that named yell of s. protest as contraband from taking part in the. continued demonstrations the council the last word on this said plans to give the power to authority would give officials excessive latitude the provisions leave therefore it is too much leeway in assessing of the reasons that may justify the bad so called anti breakers' law was passed here in france as part of measures to try and control the weekly protests that have rocked the country protests that often disintegrate into writing
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and fierce clashes with the place so much so that some cities have banned them. was. god. the. streets destroyed buildings set alight causing motorcycles torched the damages costs of two hundred million euros to the french economy with businesses tearing their hair right even french banks waded into the debate calling an end for more than four months hundreds of local branches through essential links and local life has been targeted vandalized pillaged and bank offices physically threatened it is time for everyone to condemn acts committed against the bank we must quickly put a stop to this unbridled and unjustified violence and it's not just the disc.


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