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only people we have the right of guns we mean just so that people who send you know the small window what's out there in the world. but you're not going to focus and walk it's the most ubiquitous going out there most police departments use it but whatever gun you want to learn how to use doors open will teach whatever. i have to tell my teachers to go get paid a follower of the caring if i would learn because you will get paid no matter what i left out the paycheck if you think or say go if you're going to squeeze your hand there and make sure you figure stays off the trigger go take the guns of this position and then make sure you set your hand and glove will so each one of those open and express the sport the weather and that will go waiting here just like that with you with if you go straight no you want to quickly go on to defer most of the
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good things you know more and that's all right so just for a mention. my name is taylor from home and i said to the director and founder of yes philly which is school that works with young adults who've dropped out of philadelphia schools and are trying to finish high school so they come to us because they want to finish their education age sixteen to twenty one which is the it's that we work with young people are deciding what they want to blame and they're deciding how to if they want to change if they are this they want to be not like their parents not like their neighbors not like some of the they come from very rough communities and this is a chance what this is a time when if they a lot of them are making decisions about who they're going to be as adults. if
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you're living in poverty and everyone around you is living in poverty it's hard to understand why you should get up in the morning go to school if you want to try to find a job and then go to that job every day and do things that are not necessarily fine or interesting and this is not about the students or about the parents it's and there's a lot of history of. people being incarcerated there or has been and still is a lot of drug abuse and philadelphia and i think if you live in poverty and without hope it's very hard to dig yourself out of that it's very hard to do the things you need to do. to graduate a part of our revenue uprising which will only make it harder for. this is this is the simple truth but they're like old college.
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really not really just a minute to be. full of the last. twelve thirteen. years you we hate been a real good few begin mergers controls all our life. as soon as we walked out of this building right. any media news outlets can begin
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to start taking pictures or video of anything that we're doing we can stop them from doing with that means everything that we do people will be watched by means of us headphones in your years if you're throwing trash on the ground if your course of use of each other to figure out all that you get from it. we are in several schools nelson mandela school in brooklyn south bronx community charter high school in the bronx that's argue coalition we were in there every day for the last police brutality teaching these kids about taking cried and who they are teaching these kids that they have the power all the powers and the people that they have the power to effect to a change say this is what we told no one will be lookin at you just the words you have to say about police brutality are you yes are you.
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are you going. to tell do. you think. i. live my life. i. have something over. the whole pot. friend
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b.z. . this month. he knows the neighborhood. you lived in this same neighborhood fifty two years how do you live in the same neighborhood with fifty two years we have a big right here in sixty three. and we really top the city so we're really not you know never really came back from there the blacks around here always struggle school again war wisely always have problems during the sixty's there was a lot of drinking it wasn't a lot of the drug problems the drug problems didn't hit us in tool really in the seventies to seventy's was. a lot. different drugs for this role bad. really came came about in the seventy's we was really trying to get back from
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what we did in the sixty's tearing up the city in the eighty's the money was flowing the kids didn't need it the schools annoyed by it was getting jobs and all year it was still touch trying to survive. it started out with gang warm but we stopped gay want to start having drug wars and drug wars was. developed from. you it was making money off the crack. they would fight for you know stuff on the corners the main thing is. they start shutting down the schools stock giving the kids different activities they took out the gym out of school they took out. different activities for the kids to do they all have all folk ball and baseball games and stuff like that to go through
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we had the chance to know. the sports they had joe best basketball player he was good he was he was looked up to and he was a mark by the different people in the school when they did that they don't do that like the school more they'll give you a chance to have to show. you all really ability the kids they don't want to go just the more. social science math and all that one and a lot more than that in school where doing all the more.
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so we asked students in the spring how many of them knew you know could put their hands on a gun within twenty four hours and all. overstayers and the school felt that they could get their hands on a gun within twenty four hours my students are not buying guns but they know that their uncle has a gun and they know where it is or they know that just they know somebody who has a con on the net where it is so when i say they could put their hands on
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a gun i'm not saying i could buy one. she met him this summer he did a workshop on black guns matter this summer and he's here again to talk to us today also feel. you know. oh really wow this really cool hope all day and all coordination to your form. you got oh you got my you got your mind on one thing all the time i'm lookin to go and this is art. i mean think about it. but guns aren't they answer to everything
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art can have a rock it's a small it's all good it's all. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy for him to let it be an arms race off and spearing dramatic developments only really i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical. to sit down and talk. i want. a shout out to get up on soldier that i. honestly had left it and that was on one.
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of those. that. was very. committed to the past six. months when i. came. up here with a great p. . a great big would. love the way here book deal with going to west with he had soldiers they used in they allowed me to do is here to talk to us about guns
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he ain't going to name mean. you'll be from a gun store if they'll just feeling blue and you're right so they had won't hear me talk about guns and shill with what was he going for and how to take apart a gun what is the poppers we used to hold in the hole. in. your gun he has showed us they are very. helpful but then at the same time i had to tell him to identify no doubt was meant for every student because some students found it s. intro filmed a play from the mud with a. great how good he did. he did for all of the way from the roof to. here to help the kids talk about guns he will go to name but to me i have been. good for the last bob mirror show where he is he had some very good point to start
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so why don't they black of those the way i would like these look. all black guns by the fire and see the free will decision to basically go to areas with ignorance go on things like just the people about you know you can the phone while all this has anybody have a. very experienced explosive the and how i would see that aspect wacko the irony or just. oh so you so shocked that my not. having periods before i. had any and not seeing a lot of things. as. shot seven times easy was. called decide. because.
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we're going to do. overseas he's with us the lenses and some of the stuff it's an important so really important issue in our community and people are dying and you know there's a lot of searching going on and a lot of it is. because people are not thinking it's around the people who are in their communities that are doing that need to come and talk to them and share with them about their lives and incised them about their lives sound going and mentor them i mean i think our students all need mentors and i think their. community is full of. people who are i mean i think actually the most important icons are the ordinary people who just have figured out how to have a good life and are working to have families have a house. you know because i think the you know one of the problems in you know and i've had i've been working with this population for twenty five years and i think
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one of the problems is that it's only the famous people are not the right people for it to be using as your models because very few people are going to become stars and that's you know i mean if you're lucky when that happens that's great but for the rest of the population figuring out what the balance is i have work that you're satisfied with and the pays your way and that keeps you in the house and have friends those a really important skills that they need that need to be modeled. a . little bit more respect i mean because black lives matter. because one of my career going to drive
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the next generation and the big law on that task they're. fascinated want to talk. i want to care but i don't want to carve growing. what i recall i know. what. was shot down. into reality when you're down there but the question was out. when it comes. to in the black and white when it comes to relationships.
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i. worked with them on lawless old policy that they could push we also work with them to organize a march. that. they did everything from media press relations to outreach team reached out to all the elected officials within new york city logistics to help plan a route marshalling may help keep the children safe they created there was a lot of beautiful saying cities children big bill which in a lot of fright. think about the schools they develop your relations i mean occasions these are skills that they could take to college and into corporate america.
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these are the careers they want to pursue which is for a while lot of these kids will have something that they'll have a leg up for all the kids in a situation who want to become a lawyer that's. right now to write out legislation ok we will go and lobby for the state capital in albany. and it's important that we make them part of the site gives them a way to false to the change if they want to see help them create solutions. all the future these kids all the future of the city and we are hoping to get to where they need to be.
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is a who cooking. having a good. cook does but the other two pieces of your. beef element to try and. get a good base. we were shopping malls. i asked the teacher that one day i have seen this while we get home from work the reason we don't get hard is they don't feel like doing the work. forty you've got forty kids to a class and we've got a great forty kids paper. plus homework they say oh we're going to get
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a relative audience so we just. know we need the education i should be able to do day four of us not say oh we don't. blame the teachers because the tondo home where he got to school systems have a budget cut it's not every day you see a kid go to school do what i got to do. to get out the hood i'll make sure i'm doing i'm going to school for you reason it's not a lot of time you see a lot of people a state school to get out the way some of. my mom or my dad stop saying some i get out the house now we have. teachers urban teachers they did not speak perfect english but you got them. i can understand what they saying is. just because of the budget cut. at the right times. they.
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try to educate people of the person they. don't know to stay so they don't know how we learned. to. talk to these girls. and just keep the drugs to. hold. everybody have a different to see you as far. as the due process helps. the last on the side here. would be awful if we. can do all. these aloud to against.
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this recent. you can't act as a police officer without probable cause even if you see somebody who looks suspicious start doing something suspicious you can't necessarily do a lot about it unless you see that i'm doing something specific so you may see somebody standing out and it's really cold out and they're along and you wondering what they're doing but you really can't search them or anything like that. typical things that you might be looking for are people who are out in cold weather or in odd parts of the city you could observe them from a distance if they can't see. these under the saloon
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there he's at a bar he's standing outside and people inside may know that if you want anything go outside and see that guy pick it up to take a baguette. but chances are he's not going to be dealing on the street if he is outside of a bar if he has any connection to the bar because that the best way to deal in a bar situation is in the men's room. this guy here that's given a good look and he's welcome back that's good if you are in uniform if you're not in a cruiser he knows that you saw him so he may decide not to be doing any more business tonight. he is standing there in the dark and why and again it's a constant like around whether it's five minutes later twenty minutes later you call him back around again now as you have to. if you're in uniform if you're in
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a cruiser and he knows you're a cop probably less danger if he knows you're a cop if you're if you're in uniform he knows that you saw him he knows it you saw him standing there and you may come back around and he met or better not be holding anything he better not be in the middle of dealing anything like that if you're working undercover you really don't want to be seen you don't want to make eye contact with the guy unless you want to make some sort of a deal with and you certainly don't make him suspicious although you might well make eye contact in terms of giving him that the idea that you want something. this pizza shop here. that could be alive depending upon how late that's open that pizza shop could be a place where people are going to congregate they're going to go there are late at night place it's open twenty four hours a day or very very late that's where people want to go after the bars and they want
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it may want to keep the party going a little bit so that would be a good place to sell. i didn't think the number. they've matter to us is over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crime happens today. eighty five percent of global wealth you long for the ultra rich eight point six percent world market thirty percent some with four hundred five hundred three first second per second and if we rose to twenty thousand dollars. china's building two point one billion dollars
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a park but don't let the numbers over. the only number you need to remember one one business show you know for the mid one and only boom but. during the great depression which old mr remember there was and most of my family were unemployed working class and it wasn't it was bed you know much worse objective listen today but there was an expectation the things were going to get better. there was a real sense of hopefulness there isn't today today's america was shaped by the ten principles of concentration of wealth and power. reduced democracy attack solo doubt engineer elections manufacture consent and other principles according to no i'm chomsky one set of rules for the rich opposite set of rules for
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poor. that's what happens when you put her into the hands of a narrow sector of will switch will is dedicated to increasing power for chills just as you'd expect one of the most influential intellectuals of our time speaks about the modern civilization of the now. mark. join me every thursday on the alex simon sure and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports this list i'm show business i'll see you then. six geysers by the national survival. when customers go by you reduce the price. well reduce and lower. that's undercutting but what's good for markets is not good for the global economy.
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more than a thousand other of us probably just as have taken to the streets of france in the latest we can demonstrate that military spawn time go after claiming it reserves the right to open fire but does endanger the lives of our correspondent is in paris
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the french government closed several iconic landmarks for protests but it seems at this saturday the demonstrators have found another well known location. u.s. backed could its forces in syria declare victory over islamic state to capturing its last foothold last week of the double trumpet claims of the terrorist group being defeated. so a million people have descended on central london calling three people.


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