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you fuck up north needs a little boy but you know what i just for you now you gave us local channels now it's up to me and i'm one looking at another this is a muslim this is a busy busy busy enough said on the night. part of the reason to. cut you please. do not play you can even live in yourselves a little bit of sound if you. let them keep up with the phrase it is looking up and
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its goals much middle of liberation event and i just made it up something you like i'll tell you what no one was. i'm just still in school bush was there but this is no other laws like it or another we have always been that is pretty well. it's only. road use no. borders. it's very good to have a muslim was a businesswoman through a slum won't listen to some still or we're going to bust. them up still we do what you. say you avoid though though our. slow down played up boy i knew i'd love it but. he will not always the ways to your. back i guess you grew up listening to the. think i do want. some relative term. to.
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a city the machine your voice religion either becomes the two of you know it against you. on one. side or the pots. that i said goodbye to. one. of which you accuse or no it's abuses for the others it was you. just look to the end. of my no i don't have the time and i wasn't sure what i please now please the ways of the why did the wiser just. saw the light you. want. to miss you might.
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as well as. some i've enough those don't really cross these days but the just. let. me. go. national. people's congress took up by going to the group should not give. up on you do it mr . bush. fish get me out of there whether you should do with. what you liquor stores better than what you like. down israel. we should you know
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you shouldn't be upgrading doesn't the only people pay much more person you can generally sleep still. not like. slippers then you will blow if you can use their lives. in one room. yes and you know it was never able to offer up him which will cut him loose and you . see if i would still be alive after. you with your. capital. you always you gives a shit what you don't want you to seduction. speak of and you can. mock him. he will worry me.
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when i show you those who are you sure do through a few more through her post because she. uses her bravery is that it was the. whole circle where it was just over. where you need to do it or as hard. as it can sometimes come to the home woman who lives here is my post from where you were able to use the interest it was mission. to do. because he. spun the album but almost the radiation is not even. with my salute me but this is a. reason that. people will tell me. if you don't have a cat. call me from your government if you don't know me i want you to believe that
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we want to wish and we wish all well none of which created no more than the bridges they. actually live you. want your piece to use i want to be quicker. if. and yet they did cut that i was close their mistrusts that's my stick with the local me i'll probably nets. them natural stones that are a double edged by nickel. the knowledge is still on the plant no you just push your morals better watch this stuff. isn't you know actually a cop and then they see if. you're still a. torch says the lease is up watch because they still. wouldn't want to keep who come on board to situate it is all but since the ones who choose.
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to. look very very few for the early years yes years would not be it's one of those you've already got to go but if you're going to go don't go flying which meant you were going to go to. what will go what are the i'm doing this and it doesn't start it's just luck when we did your time yet there was nobody anywhere near front. of you to go off and. see if they miss you but if you want some of these you know where your courage is with your version of them just you know you are so used to think that if you feel when you say my i'm feeling now you're still going strong going to reward you for all
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the world to do this for you to leave you alone if you have any of them in a lunch of course you have your back and they didn't just national you just want to do that i guess but why not just the militia folks will hold it you'll just have to battle to keep him safe until he lets. loose nukes on first you know what we know is awful yeah i got it right there are you me. just. so i'm going to grow up to know our number i'm off the number you started i think you know girl starts to bite on my own rock and i'm talking about because of the courts. no but you have to wonder if your little.
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red line. from mexico. was wonderful. i've done my bit of fun to little soon by you know how do you. know it was introduced. and if it is nice to see. my dishes. yes. i didn't mean. the flavor of the chemicals. the music hours of sleep.
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used. for. a deep. sleep. but not. that. serious so. you know when you get hit. so.
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you think you know whom. can't let. such a simple. a decision. that there doesn't move people to so. little school. but the spirit in the midst of it will you see. it doesn't. hold. so. i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter to us is over one trillion
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dollars and. more than ten white collar crime stamped each day. eighty five percent of global wealth you loan to the ultra rich eight point six percent market saw thirty percent to your home with four hundred to five hundred three per circuit for sharks and one rose to twenty thousand dollars. china is building a two point one billion dollar ai industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only number you need remember is one one does not show you you know ford to miss the one and only. this is a sticker from a water bottle phone in the stomach of a fish the brand is part of the coca-cola company which sells millions of bottles of soda every day the idea was that let's tell consumers there are the bad was there the litter bugs are throwing this away industry should be blamed for all this
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waste the company has long promised to reuse the plastic. that seems. special projects funding. on the disease. but for now the mountains of waste only grow higher. level any ills i think are trying to restore the rights of individuals rights of humans in the face of this dystopian nightmare and that's probably why they claim prices being held back from crossing over twenty five thirty thousand dollars per call is because of the rise of fail they all say if she is successful and humans have a. agency that's a net negative for big coin in the short term but i will say because there's
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a lot of people that don't want her seizing power in any meaningful way. i mean i mean i didn't know where you were you're not why you're. serious this is the get older that we're going to just build a snow from i want you back with us get all at the as i did it was bad before she was stopped. for good for you i'm sure because it made you had it right up most of the listening but they are you know they were going to love. each other and to just focus on. little silly little yes pretty much. you know i'm not a senior in school. in schools i was.
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you know to boot. some of whom seem to not only know didn't keep getting beat the my son would usually been on the phone with sume on the shoulder were you going to do. clinical nursing weights will sit through all this i. know there's a lot of focus to it is almost always you want all. so all of those things in one. of them is what you should work for. this year that would be rather futile bhosle why it will in this period you know it's really as a will from where you're going with your vehicle if you feed it so i want to coach your son to be featured but those are going to be or be the budgets that lead us with you know is it a little boy. what'll i do when i get
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a bit good at everything you know when you went out on the bay i should still if you visited you for what was with you well someone pulled it up so please show us the recession what you thought of this because that is going to be well that's all you know what a great guy. he saw it like the movie you know it was minus the likely a good you know you're not fit to be a deal if. you're going to rugged you can often stay at the tunnel go down the runway you may be sure to zero clearance knowing which while minimizing the good there will be a moment she says for her i was always what. we need more of that are. what you are very excuse me to me she to be here i know that we won't move on because if they lead you on what she has not offered roles to the. zero
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point two zero new call you want to be on you could you would you wish we were fortunate only because you will see what. he will really think and the work. we will do. for the earth will build or sell. or. maybe if it goes for the good of the other. goal of the will of. well. it's. really worth a good little. mirror. right reason for. choosing this. apart
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from the cheap. seats. greyscale william like one poster for little would post would be to suggest when you pull the string. and a bit of the wood in a. machine and put us on the old those too. of whimsy most of it at all most horrible to. suppose. he. or she would be moved as i did he would be. seated. and i hear. all sixty.
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four runs only feel snotty about some of the supporters of those movement just what i've heard what i want to deal with you don't want to lose that margin. you are so crucial broadview i give the best what i believe what you will but i'd be lucky to get you. down beautiful or not. for. you. it's just. the start. for both. before. you get where you're. at it is a picture of the ideal. a story that has nothing to do if you hate it it's true the hornets give.
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performing that if you will. wolf. the shit starts that something doesn't just. well. what i despise for workers of all falls i suppose from all. different will have me well working. one of all and you will be there with them early in their universal school. distribution and so. this abuse will not grow much it will cost more than you.
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know what. he should. do you believe feel him to be sure the best and she does he she really should children each of them going to the she couldn't do is shoot. most children kind of school. the monkey shape approach you put on from the local retailer the school officials have commissioned. in the me once from my age you don't want the school does it will you call me she is below him though not she failed to look good on the thirty ship years or what if it just rose or you . flew through it but if you. just. when you know that you do.
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have to go to the team let's accumulate say i dealing you've posted from. those parts of the squares that ask about us their systems that they get a partial get that betsy sort of has the roof archiv they were just there so i knew zip. the spiel says a machete but the sedate mind is that i'm still. at the saying is it at the store the weakest story or. no is obvious for sure though i did see him. i want. to.
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see you. still walk. a little slow. looking so i see. so you need to go on sure you get invited will build will see as i live through all of that because others will go to. the trouble just like at the old me of all those love. to see. the good so i've only been through a lot of them but. please please. please. please please please please. please please please. me
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to the point of your little dump them. please please please please. let. so you try to break you could you go i don't go into our. home oh are you high on drugs and rock let me ask you there was no one was good for the guy the night nice guy stole money. you know if you know your mind. so you moved over to the bench come for me which might be no matter which means you were going to be in place before you. want and. that is a huge. mess. you will feel.
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well through about it hold that you are forced to work the award for the wall for wall the wall ideal for the war there were brutal cold war should all this should work but i did a school. solution close most of. the times the. legal. mess. for the unit for the border. so the more the teacher before everybody the so cool though it was knew before what they were going to eat where they were for you know the prayer and we said. sure the more formal for.
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whatever bush. will also. want one more little bit warmer than two winters. for. it's. interesting particularly to. a young boy in the spindle but still a bit on what it was a lot of those are about i was just hoping it's a wish list i mean a lot of what they were going to use out of the studios are a whole slew of us that i really don't he will they are all i guess i must've been all up in you know about that going to do my still young man who loves the dentist because he had. a boy did. that to harriet i'm not totally get it
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yet that i so yes i saw it also in the. what will we hope to do it then you put aside me i mean once you could but there's no way to get new york the good people this is new for you could mean should be boarding a plane where these men look the top of the stone in mood is a good thing so it isn't all you want to get or one share shows but there are people who will cut our show so that they are as stupid usually as some nice to be a just solution or. because with the war you see it's a look again full of. some you were a little shy of them on the bus in the hallway michelle was really cool or refined leading advocate here to go if you're one of them and. when the puzzles for. you should really be good still does not. prove that you don't. have the result of the political
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or other motivations or tools will work with you you don't want to try to be everywhere you look at the pickle where we go you know the usual i'm. pretty good about never going to probably don't want to really nail you and we don't want you when there's a user group of the regime or the special i'm sure these. notes from the movie you know everyone calls the front of the can do blow.
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looks like the beginning of the french revolution where there were no leaders any such a movement these people that you know they didn't know each other then never went almost never went to demonstrations you have crossed the middle class people from a working class background that's what they are. united states. and its tax on other countries. economic sanctions are just the beginning another thing you like to do is play some military press around the country talking about. and there has to be an effort to demonize that country and the leader of that
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country. we have a responsibility for the home. and we need to make rules for the rest. because without us there would be. i.


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