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you know. what. you call it. when i'm going about the. ranch for the next quarter and i mean who's. pushing the same thing. i did. a pretty. good look at the weather but it was a low very low but i. was right it was very. well.
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come on i. thought i was in the might have. more of it but i guess when you when i do you know when i want a fun it's not that but if we don't get on my. knees. i think. you're going to be. getting. you're going to mean us again so she. sort of come on to us. as soon as you notice you. have. been a. whole. lot of. it isn't it.
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thank you because you don't think i think yeah where did you write to him. that he . wasn't. like you know but. the text on the boards. is something i feel. like you sort of come up and i'm. not so much oh yes. i can and i feel that i'm going to.
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be. all going up as they did this so that i feel as a new mother will not always shut. up bad that she like the china because i could tell when i got him up when i should i suppose i know was the body as they like it or not like. jennifer well how can i kid you why you think one leg is about people like you. look at don't think you know it's the one i don't know and i don't know what and i don't go and i we asked would i know who the i know we're going to be like the last code when i was that that i'm spoiled because you. know you shall not me but you have a lot of people who see me. some way you don't think you know you have you know so it's not depend on who. you. think. if you don't like how we got back you know basically i'm not out that way but you.
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if they're now in asia but then i merely saw you but that they're not. busting tell you that when. you look you know i'm going to put the bass no my stomach with the over where before you might be doing my diddy coming one i don't know who we're going to back up we're glad i did you know what i mean when i met up with. the program and. then threw up at the event got to the end and that's what. i have. today in my nearby benjamin who i did. look up one when i flew. the coffin to france in a day if i know. i come. let me come up. to beneath you see a player i don't for
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a while but then she will pick a new one i'm a bum now i'm up a little bit of a new book. i was in the senate is that typical to. what you say well to my clavell that of a democrat. who among. anybody that wants to cut the double can be given what. you've got you've got. one on one up to me well recently i thought he might have been up on set up with about to go back out to begin again but he didn't tell. you . that one of us had to some of sir. i'm fine of course let
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him continue coming up we'll play it on its way. why you look up among the arabs in that you don't tell them no idea. and us that you know. the feeling on my side and. she could tell what. kind of felt. by the five. assuming the one of a similar similar. but the truth and dandolo know what that's. like. and then one of course if the but. the local must somehow or. people will pick up without the local knowledge. and i.
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couldn't find out from the look on my. island and i do you mean that you could and i've done my. work and. went on a project because in. the off because i wasn't he. said on.
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better media picks up about it but aside put them on day. one of. my. beliefs. such. as the.
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love. you. know like you deal. with it of the book you. feel you have will. find it i love you what. about the fact. that and i'm trying to. keep you but this is the first you just you believe. anything. that i don't want you. to dig up those out guys you know who live up in a school. you can see that in the felix in that. remote area there is no television
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. pleasure to. have you. have are looking back at us and hoping. i'm never part that. they don't understand what thinks they know that's just utopian a conference that's coming here and think of control they know but they don't understand in which way it's. the corporation comes here they will give them some salary but it's salary of misery as as before as big jumps are done. at the end they said where from which we've come this far. because this is the system this is the system that's how to change it. so it's. really one.
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of. them as. quote. someone. can fool people see my cheap of my. little pony because presidents are going to do. it. because they get a situational see more of the crucial fifty remember. the. d.c.p. to defeat them didn't you libby did it you did meet the kid you got. to keep it you didn't feel. you did it to be from beyond the hope i did or did he get here.
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and i was. going to see that as the label that if you keep. yourself from the out that it's up to you. yes you know you don't want that to be. because you don't seem as if you should be. heard.
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i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter the us is over twenty trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crimes happen each day. eighty five percent of global wealth you longs to the ultra rich eight point six percent market saw a thirty percent rise last year some with four hundred to five hundred three per second per second and bitcoin rose to twenty thousand dollars. china is building a two point one billion dollar a i industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only numbers you need remember one one does not show you can afford to miss the one and only.
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all movement is going to lowball bankers are now right place to. be and it may fall stop. i. know that but every month oh oh oh oh oh i think. that's ok maybe. this isn't a case. you know careful. tell. me
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what it will do with it you know that it's only going to go through as i say yeah come on if you. don't know the number one on i don't know what they did that will do what it was to assume the problem was if that's what i want to start something fun out of what i would love to hear i'm going to be getting more done is this is good i missed it i mean as i stood up to me when. i went on the acid live from you know what they got and you got any wonder. that i want to kill the guy when i was a. donor none of that i mean if some of the emotion of my life you know some of them was. this. couple that people to get on t.v. and i don't like oh that was. right here with you but if i mean we're not going in the number is on the notice of these delegates is he really .
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taking this. is as i was so we. took the side of this letter to. and you know. if. you know. you're getting your money and so you don't see that. i just want you to. believe i'm going to be some kind of. money magician to live and i. dish it and sing songs from lead from. right to. political feature of the album is it. up. to you or you don't believe i
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let them decide they want to put up a second boy how about as evan when he was a second. do you know i don't but yeah but you know what i'm talking about i've been to the newseum as i'm going to meet. you know what i. have a feeling when i did he. shouldn't look up not coming to the landing because of. some of. what i do. but i wasn't one on one up on the. lawn. if you know how much i'm going to. but i don't because obama got to do a lot. of other stuff and i. know why. you. got more about.
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this is somebody. who. was. there when well when i did you do not. already have. well i don't know what i'm talking about some of the legal guidance that i you know what i'm about their lives i hope your kids are going to get ones. that do it but you know nothing but boy you feel good there was no way that you feel. abandoned good at their lives. if. you. could.
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prove. to the political. future. your party made you feel like it was good thank. you but if you need to find him. pain down there i mean. nobody can i mean. he just he just he just he just he. it well you know like i think that i don't have a you didn't do doesn't it i don't have an internet i mean how do you know part of that should be what. she should do just.
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from this is just a loss for. that and you know i'm here if you own through enough wood i think. most of these people feel like well. when i said to myself that i think. you know what do you think i've been talking about isn't your fish how can he do. i mean i. guess is you couldn't miss some now you know could you. have made me this one committee member of the new division of each of. you like. to go on the. steps. of. dr martin now i'm sure you look. at it from other. countries that have been in the.
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measure that you don't know. shit. yet that when or that's. a form you know it's. going to consist of if you. contributed for the progress of the wars. the minutes of. the economy off the wards. and many many countries which stuff. imagine this is not fun anymore god how can we live again in the world without a doubt the comfort without the plane it'll be really had to sas. we're coming back to the story you get to see. any any any less
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let you. see i can see that. we have in control of i want to see you i know because no one minute oh i'm in force i'm not the best but. i wish some countries had one funny that makes them special wish wide web getting to watch people. i'm afraid to think for much cheaper because now we've got to be ceased to be slaves for. there's never enough power. to challenge the western countries. we saw. the future will be dish each off sniffs. i don't i don't i don't think i don't think i want children will be able to solve the problem that we did soft.
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money should we care so i'm going to. shoot. back to. cover your cards or that if. you. keep. doing it is that you. know. keep it to listen to it to put it on to. do good look. those are just a bunch of muslims really have a sequel still screaming. bloody murder. this is easiest to see just in the funniest. paper you shouldn't believe that when i do you mean for us to.
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have. had. to have. a heads. and shipped to you that. it's hard to keep in. good time to spend less time to see. if. i don't the folks at the cooking of a. cup of tea. and i don't see i don't see any of those things.
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because my wife broke the ice. many times to come up. and see him so i would. know the pickles and she. has a whole lot. of them. will get. this right. this weekend if i get. one. i trust that they have. it but that's an old one i.
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have. my right one. i gotz member it's not the life of the people who are true church. you know. syria's. two schools either two seaters families you know but i decided to look for my wife i'm nuts i've been through many south plains i have i don't i have laughed so i want to not sure . if. that's. i pods and do stuff for minutes at funeral or. now or you are my wife
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trust looking that these lots you don't even know be said no i don't i don't need to know you and then when to get the right place says that. we have to get. a little bit if you. are willing. to move to the birds of prey to those who. know she was a prostitute and that she was really opposed but she had forgotten everything and sometimes she said to look at me and say take. that light maybe i'll be dead one you know but this is never how can you think i love that song.
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was. done was i've got. to get it to go. if we have a new trade arrangements with china that may build a new foundation for relations i think broadly the there's of the us has a problem accepting the rise of china no matter what they do. prosecution only.
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the threat will find some. political pressure on the. security initiative. and other business models used by american corporations. who said this. really isn't anything to an investigative duckie.
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people also give full roughly constant for just twelve years fifty per month. the headline. of the fifth consecutive week. which.


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