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tv   Documentary  RT  December 11, 2018 4:30am-5:01am EST

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you know. what. you call. me when i. when i'm gone i thought to be. but i'm probably. dead man i mean who's. pushing this i'm seeing. did. a pretty. good look at it what it was a little over and over i. was right it was very. well.
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come on i. was in the might have to. defend against when you when i took with me when i went to fun. not up but if we don't get . up on your knees. you're going to be. getting. you're going to mean us a p.c. so she. sort of common to us. that that's been a. whole. lot of. money in. it isn't it.
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i think that. very few people keep their jobs but yet manage a resolution. that he's a. company . that would. like to know but. i. suspect on the boards the discipline i feel. lucky sort of company. not so much that yet. again i feel that i'm going to.
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be really. well going up as they did that that's what i thought we knew but we're not always shut. up at that but those who like the challenge with us i could tell you when i got that in mind when i got because i thought i was the body as they like it or not like that thank you jennifer well i do not get why you get one guy like you by people like you. look at job like you know it's the right one and i don't know what and i don't go and i we asked what would i know it would be i know we're going to work at the last code when i was that good on sports because you. know you shall. not get out if you will see me. someone you don't think you know you have you know there's always that depend on who. you. are. if you don't have what we got back you know basically i'll let you base your.
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if they're not in asia but then i merely saw you but that they're not. busting tell you that when. you look you know i'm going to. know my stomach with your butt up over where before you might be equal meaning my d.d. coming one i'm not going to back up we're glad i did what i'm doing and i met up with. the program and. what. we want to thank you i think to make. money for the right let's look at the event got to do the end and let. you know what i have. done today and. who i did have a bad. luck about the one when i flew. the coffin to france do. i know. i come to keep. up on the come up.
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to be in if you see a player i don't for a while but then she will pick a new one i'm a bust now run up a little bit of a new book week i was in the senate is that typical going to. the well to my clavell one of a democrat. who among. you need. to cut it up look out to the jury what. do you. want to me well listen to what i got to see if i haven't been up on something with . you got back at the beginning can you believe it might just be a chuckle. one
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of us it was love so. i'm fine of course let him continue coming up we are quite on its way. to look up the money never did see that. show would not want to know what do you. think unless you know. the full messiah and. she could provide some. kind of felt. but if i. assume the one of the similar similar. but the truth and dandolo know what that would. be like. then one of course if the. transport of the local muslim were were. people which i pulled out of the local news. and i.
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think about it but. you couldn't find that from the look on my. i when you do you know you could get the joke and i doubt you could. win on a project because in one film of. the off because i wasn't. talking. head on.
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if. perry media picks up about it but aside put that monday. night. live. in such.
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a love. you. know like you deal. with. the look you. feel you have. to try living what. about the fact. that you. and i'm done. thank you but this is the food you just you want you. now to have. that what you're about. to do you got those out. well you know never been to
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a school you can see that in the village in that area there is no television. pleasure. you. have are welcome back obviously. but. they don't understand what thinks they know that's just utopian a country that's coming here and take over control they know but they don't understand in which way it's. the corporation comes here they will give them some salary but it's salary of misery as as before i've done. i did they said where from which we've come this far. because this is the system this is the system that's how to change it. was so it's. the yes.
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vote. coming. to spin food you could have seen much of it i think might be. what happened to be quite positive celebrity. because they get a situational seymour's occasional fifty we need. to base a. crowd to see if you don't do that you need to be two people to meet that you've got to get a fifty. fifty from beyond the. good
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riddance to be good here. keep saying they don't. blame him that doesn't look that he. is going to see the audacity to do you. just cut in the last lesson that you don't like that you do need to do. it because you don't seem especially nice.
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so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy on sunday shouldn't let it be an arms race based on often spearing dramatic development only personally i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very clear to kill time time to sit down and talk. i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter the us has over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crimes happen he did. eighty five percent of global wealth he wants to be ultra rich eight point six percent market saw thirty percent from its last year some with four hundred to five hundred three per second per second and bitcoin rose to twenty thousand dollars. china's
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building two point one billion dollars ai industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only number you need to remember is one one business shows you can't afford to miss the one and only. join me every thursday on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to guest on the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. i. know that but every month oh oh oh oh
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oh i think so. but that's ok maybe eternal with. people you know from a few months he says you know it's also a case that. you know the sheriff will. tell. you what they did but you'll. be watching i doubt it will be with you if you see that it's we've got to go through as i say yeah come on if you don't know who are you to what. we don't know about popular the number one on i don't know what they did that will do what it was to assume the problem was if that's what i want to start something found out about i will obviously a moment. or none of this is good i mean that i mean as i stood up to me when. i would be out there live from you know what they got and you got any wonder. that i would want to live together god when i was a. donor none of that i mean as some of the dimension of my life and as much
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someone to look into that is the. number that people it's given them to you know that struck me it was much easier. for them you know what you play by knowing those numbers don't want to know because it was telling me. you. know is i was so weak that even when i took on a choke up. one of. the. you know someone who you know you know. if. you're getting your money
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and so you don't see that. i just want you to. believe i'm going to do this i'm proud of the. name of the ship. and a. dish it was just saying some from lead from the right to some of. the albums it. not to but to you rather you know i like about the. second boy how about as i'm in one you. know i don't but yeah but you know what i'm talking about i've been to the newseum as i'm going to make it up to see picasa chris you know what i. have a feeling one and he. should know took up not coming to
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the landing because of. some of. what i do. but it wasn't the only one up on the. lawn. if you know how much i'm going to. but i don't because obama got to do a lot. of stuff and what. you. got more coming up. that's why i said it was a one question though on the record with. the number. i thank you. well what i did you do not like you. were going out. there i don't know what i'm talking probably some of the people got is that you know what i'm about their lives i woke up if your kids are going to get ones i.
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will let you know nothing but will you be killed because there was no way that you feel. i've been a good at their lives. over . to the political. party made you people not get what good you. can feel it and believe. you but if you need to find
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him. in down there i mean. nobody can i mean. he just he just you could just. hear what i said ok i'll have a new interview doesn't it i don't have an internet i mean how do you know patrick should do what. she should do just. thanks for all this is just a loss or just as i said that and you know i'm here if you own through enough would i do. well. when i said to myself that i think. you're missing hiker but isn't your thing. i mean i. guess is you. know you know could you.
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have made me miserable committee member of any division of each. egg like. that look i want to. tell. you of my. interest in the beginning. and if. you don't know. if. you should. say. that when or that's. a form you know it's. going to consist of if you.
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saw what contributed for the progress of the war. the minutes of. the economy of the awards will go down and many many countries which stuff. imagine this is not fun anymore god how can we live again in the world with the phone or not the computer without the plane it's a really had disaster. we're coming back to the story you get to see the. lengthy best. feature. movie i can say that. when he's having a talk i want to. know because no one benefits no mentors i'm not the best but i wish ten countries had one funny that make you them to wide web getting what. i'm
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a physician for much cheaper because now we've got to be ceased to be slaves for. there's never be enough power. to challenge the western countries says he saw. the future with the dish each off sniffs. i don't i don't i don't think i don't think our children will be able to solve the problem that we did soft. money. cards or that. you.
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know. if it still is a. good look. at those lives even if you must really have a sequel still screw. them a little bit just. to see those are the funniest. thing to me from. it had. to have. its head and shit. that. would start
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to have been. a good time to spend less time to see if. they have to go to school. i don't think the folks at the book i wrote. a book. and i don't see i don't see any of those things. because my wife broke the ice. many times. but now. i see have. no obstacles and she. has a whole lot. of them.
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that will get. like this right. this week and that's a good. one. but that's on the board i. have. after they have killed my wife and one member it's not the life of the people who are church. you know. it's.
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serious families you know but i decided to look for my wife i'm nuts i've been through many south things i have i don't have left so i went to the. drinking. that's. and they stepped. in and said you know are. you are my wife trust looking that these lots you don't even know be said no i don't i don't need to know you and then when to get the right place since that day. we have to get. a little bit. of. truth to the
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birds of prey to those who. know she was a prostitute and that's what she was really opposed to but she had forgotten everything and sometimes she said to look at me and say take. that that life maybe i'll be dead one you know but this is never how can you think i love that song. it was. you know was i've got. to go. good. to meet you the.
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prosecution will need to become almost. a full on design. where you push us just rattle finds somebody no longer seem to i mean yeah i mean i mean political pressure on the only moon called golden earthworm security generation knows how to pull your bundled up business models he was my american corporations. he's sold all good mental disease has a new album use the controls on the scene and the solution. lies up in association with. a new company saw swindles it is just simply deleting. an investigative documentary. ghost war on oxy.
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she sleeps. filipe currently. this house. bricks it. is very herself a major defeat to the british prime minister council's a crucial vote on briggs's triggering more calls for two reason may's resignation.


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