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tv   News  RT  October 2, 2018 6:00am-6:27am EDT

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this civil war. claimed close to four hundred. cording to a u.s. state department funded report question where are all the countries which initially supported. is there a plan b. . what does that have to do is. the question i'd like to do the. sexual assault allegations against donald trump supreme court nominee. ranging new trade deal with america's neighbors. germany reportedly greenlights a multi-million dollar arms deal with. keeping pace with european suppliers.
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over the saudis participation in the conflict. the rest of. from madrid. at one pm here in moscow this choose the october the second wherever you are tuning in from welcome to r.t. international our top story a new report suggests that the death toll from the civil war inside reached almost four hundred thousand people multiple times more than previously thought the shocking figures are a long way away from the hope that surrounded the country's declaration of independence in twenty eleven the u.s.
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was quick to support africa's newest nation then but how long did that help continue. south sudan is the youngest country in the world and according to a new report from the u.s. state department it's off to a pretty bleak start almost four hundred thousand people killed half of them killed in the conflict the other half dying of hunger and disease now previously prior to this report the estimates had only been in the tens of thousands but now it looks like the numbers of deaths in south sudan are approaching the number that have died in the conflict in syria pretty bleak but it wasn't always like this now in the one nine hundred ninety s. there was no south sudan sudan was one country and it was embroiled in the longest running civil war in the continent. however there were some perks at that point so dan had lots of oil to sell and china was pouring in investments and that is when the sanctions rolled in sudan was
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declared to be a state sponsor of terror bill clinton bombed a factory in one thousand nine hundred eight that he said was making chemical weapons our forces also attacked a factory in sudan associated with. the factory was involved in the production of materials for chemical weapons but actually the factory was just making medicine no evidence of chemical weapons has ever been produced now the usa pushed for south sudan's independence in two thousand and eleven the usa hailed south sudan for breaking away and becoming a new country we may only have to go in the republic of south sudan into thinking you have sovereign nations but the euphoria did not last long it breaks my heart to see what south sudan has become today country fell into a civil war between rival clans the president turned against the vice president and
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mass killings and hunger ensued and all this killing was a headache for the united nations so with a new. stray ssion now in the white house the u.s. role in south sudan is being reassessed the united states government will not continue in a partnership with leaders who are only interested in perpetuating an endless war characterized by ethnically motivated atrocities the government of south sudan has lost credibility and the united states is losing patience yes south sudan is yet another example of the u.s. state department telling us that they're going to go rescue some or all press people on the other side of the planet and then they're left spending money to analyze results showing that the conditions overall are getting a lot worse to an extent the world seem to have forgotten about south sudan not too long ago it was the world that was running together to form this new nation then at the expense of northern sudan which was run by bashir and it would appear that
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petty politics between the chinese and the u.s. in terms of the respective influences on those countries meant that for now at least the world seems to have forgotten about the sudan crisis some so forgotten about the displacement of people women and children under spent of children across the nation and is very much an impoverished states and i know of course we know that a lot of things do not work effectively in south sudan. for all intensive purposes the the west and the international community seems to of when the blind i. don't trump has fulfilled one of his campaign promises a new trade deal between american kaleta and mexico but the announcement of the landmark agreement was overshadowed by sexual misconduct allegations against the u.s. president's supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh and it also added fuel to trump standoff with the media. truly historic good news this will be
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a new dawn this landmark agreement that incredible new this new deal will be the most modern up to date and balanced trade agreement in the history of our country brett kavanaugh fools is there a plan b. i have two questions about judge cavanagh if we can mr president you said that it's incorrect to say you know the f.b.i. investigation what does that have to do is right i don't mind answering the question but you know like i'd like to do the trade has to do with the other headline in the news which is the kind of i know but how about talking about trade and then we'll get to that you have a question in drag will you want to get more questions later and several questions get just to that's not a sprint it's not just somebody is before you excuse me don't do that you have a question on trade you entered several but you have a question on trade she's shocked that a picture. like the state of. i'm not thinking about something and you think you never do it was trumps the big day as he unveiled a new deal with canada and mexico that's supposed to replace nafta and if you
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remember he once called nafta the worst deal ever but trump's replacement deal is apparently a historic transaction the deal which took over a year to negotiate is called the united states mexico canada agreement and it will apparently solve all of the problems with nafta has and it will open markets to farmers and manufacturers and reduce trade barriers but during his campaign trump had promised to either renegotiate nafta or break it so this new deal fulfills that promise but at the press conference journalist weren't concerned about the deal they were really interested in the capital case and to remind the viewers cavanagh's a supreme court nominee who was accused of sexual harassment some have even said that trump's moment was stolen from him so an important development in economic policy was once again overshadowed by the latest liberal scandal of the moment and it doesn't look like it will stop anytime soon. all right another story we're closely following today germany has reportedly approved new arms exports to saudi.
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rabia worth close to three hundred million dollars the move comes despite strong criticism of the saudis for their participation in the yemeni conflict which has resulted in thousands of civilian casualties those are. reports there's no shortage of countries willing to send weapons to riyadh. innocent lives being taken away in yemen by saudi bombs you may get the impression it's a big deal for them we are concerned about the pooling humanitarian situation in yemen i'm the risk of home to civilian populations this is the worst humanitarian crisis that is in china a humanitarian disaster this cannot become a forgotten crisis speaking of deals guess who saudi arabia and its coalition friends get their war machines from. these are called look clerk tanks made to joint they by france and germany here
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they are in a yemeni desert. if it hadn't been for an m.r.i. the mogul who once served as a middleman between paris and abu dhabi we might have never learned about the nuts and bolts of the tank purchase but the guy didn't get his commission fee for his job as a broker he went on to sue the french eventually we keenly spilled the beans on the trial and the contract numbers the contract with the government of the us was concluded on sixth of april one thousand nine hundred ninety three for the delivery of three hundred eighty eight combat tanks leclaire forty six tank recovery armored vehicles two training tanks spare parts ammunition and various other deliveries at
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a price of three billion six hundred thirteen million four hundred sixty seven thousand two hundred twenty three dollars over three and a half billion bucks worth of tanks one of the coalition's many tools to reduce yemen to rubble of course the saudis see it as a fight against terrorism. up next missiles. i'll show you another contract the money has already been paid although delivery is still pending saudi arabia is getting four hundred u.s. made laser guided missiles from spain they cost riyad nine point two million euros that's pennies compared to the tanks i told you about earlier but the newly
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elected spanish government was having second thoughts about the deal eventually though they all vanished knowing which in one thousand we found no reason not to fill our commitments we've made a decision that we have to honor this contract and this brings us to one of the biggest arm deals in the history of canada. auto was been wary of what's going on with human rights in saudi arabia however danger of government in ottawa doesn't. lead to the cancellation of contracts previously signed but moving forward we are committed to the kind of openness transparency and rigor or the number of zeroes on the twelve billion dollar paycheck is just way too tempting so hundreds of canadian made armored vehicles will be heading to the middle east next stop you hear politicians get
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emotional over innocent victims in yemen picture a massive dollar sign and your head there are the interests of. arms manufacturers and the divorce lawyers of the united states something like sixty to seventy percent of the. i don't really see but i'm english french german. norwegian. historically. so. that's never going to economic interest the current leadership of saudi arabia feels empowered to leave. the us you. just another aspect to this story on monday yesterday saudi arabia admitted it had made mistakes in its attacks in yemen which has left more than ten thousand civilians dead now that statement drew criticism from the un which stated there is
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no evidence that anyone will sanctioned over those so-called errors the body has also the scribe the situation in yemen as the world's worst humanitarian crisis with more than twenty million people in need of aid. well how these two leaves an endless source of nutrition at times when there was food program at lax food for us tree leaves a one man from a very. you know why don't let me. just now i one of my children suffers from a natural deficiency this and dr stead that either has a kidney infection or man died because of this force and because of the lack of ate and clean water.
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we are see between ten to twenty cases of mid to severe malnutrition on a daily basis especially among children from displaced families from obscene hiran many children suffer from severe acute malnutrition due to destitution and poverty in which displaced families live. and i'm going to. i want to turn attention back to europe now where frustration turned to violence in barcelona on monday pro independence activists were marking a year since a referendum to break away from spain was brutally quashed by madrid the police were on the streets and forced to.
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well nearly two hundred thousand people gathered in barcelona the council on regional capital tear gas and rubber bullets were used to break up the crowds that had rallied in front of the parliament of campaigners burned spanish lines enchanted crow separatists locals earlier in the day activists blocked major roads and relay lines across the. u.s. continues here north sea right after the short break. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race. and spearing dramatic development the only
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mostly i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time time to sit down and talk. of a zombie bank plague that spilled over to zombie corporations one of the zombie banks zombie bank is a bank best technically insolvent it's kept alive by bailouts continuing rolling bailouts from the central banks because of their friends in the other the banks the commercial banks the lawyers the h.s.b.c. b.n.p. the citi bank they're technically insolvent they're to live even though mozambique's to rolling them bail out they call quantitative easing or some other name they come up with every two months.
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we start back in northern france where police have made i don't raid on a muslim club suspected of extremist activity would more from parra circe or t. charlotte do. these raids took place near the northern port city in france of dunkirk they took place on what's deemed to be a cultural association called center near dung kirk now we understand that the homes of twelve of the leaders of that so-called cultural center would targeted in these raids which started under the cover of darkness at six am local time here in france a huge operation with two hundred police officers involved and we understand that eleven individuals have been detained including three who've been placed in custody for the possession of illegal firearms well so far the prefecture in france has given this statement about that operation the activities of sense result of france
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on the close watch given its leaders clear support for several jurors organizations and movements disposing ideas contrary to french republican values well what do we know about this center we understand that the assets of the center have been frozen for six months as a result of that operation when the stand that it was established back in two thousand and five and that its aim was to spread islam there's also suggestions that it's a suspected of having links to pro islam missed militant groups and we understand that the site's prayer room has been closed down as a result of that operation on tuesday now france as we know has been in the high alert of a terror threat since two thousand and fifteen when there were a series of attacks in the country killing two hundred and forty six individuals and over the last few years there have been many terrorists including in november
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last year when nine individuals were arrested in the september of two thousand and seventeen two individuals were arrested and the of usually if near paris and also back in july two thousand and seventeen there were five arrests after raids in. france and belgium at the moment there is little information coming out about the individuals that have been arrested but of course we will keep you up to date as soon as we learn more. a test case in the mutant maybe above to make historic changes to the rights of parents in the country the president and situation could reverse previous requirements for a mother to be registered on every birth. through a few of the things we apparently know need to know. there was a time when men were men and women were women and good old fashioned oppression of the lucky few but in the case you missed it very well they used to be.
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in dire need of a student but off the bat has been sacked from a psychology job a university magazine or retreating a retreat a retreat enough that they women don't have a piece. and over in sweden a program is being investigated for telling human that there are a comical and biological differences between men and women they both made. coming up all of the men expressing it. publicly. i know i hate to get into the raging debate about who won the battle i just want society to be super inclusive for all. people like the british this week and frankly your granddad need some help with well go get your granddad
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leave because i see why my you know you in. modern society is actually really just memorize the following you must be tolerant of everything. zero tolerance against anyone that doesn't agree with freedom of speech is still your absolute right just try not to use it to freely express yourself in the safety of your own home around the people that love you unconditionally you probably never considered how bald next door has that well you'd better find out so you can express hope for and remember paul might still look like bob but that doesn't believe not barbara carry the message of you so sam outdoor and have nots have bad feelings all back to. back.
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is not just the past tense of the way and if you are north then. don't worry though because someone is oppressing you you just don't know it yet the world is changing far more than ever it's important to everyone in the progress. only by working together can we prevent differences from being the last and then express. that we're getting that. polly was only poly now for the first time this decade the us army has missed its recruitment targets simply a blip or a rising problem in the ranks watching the hawks delve deeper and its next. cooked additional submersed if not of what was an ounce of that to linger some of
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these it's just a good usual condition no. simple yet so intimate regional shall proceed. with a showing of the skeleton is lost when the shit. you think of shit will eat you up you're pushing thirty. volts of shipping. up and you lost it does the book did the work of the person you will have still to say no i don't know what that will. come from is the latest news in the us. stuff no worries i'm all about the show yet of pushing to. move nurses through the syringe story yeah. it does.
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when lawmakers manufacture consent to step into public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. when the financial merry go round lifts only the one percent. that's not going all middle of the room signals. to leave them around anymore you don't need. greetings and sell you tell you it's. with the united states' war on terror now
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seventeen years strong there appear to be signs that this never ending self-perpetuating tragic and deadly experiment and continuous global war fare made by only be starting to crack and the other to inspire these cracks can be found in the numbers the numbers of new recruits to be precise recently the u.s. army revealed that it fell thousands of troops short of its recruiting goals this year the first time it has done so since the height of the iraq war thirteen years ago this news comes despite the army spending an extra two hundred million on its already massive recruiting budget and the falls weren't contained to just active duty recruits. who fell about sixty five hundred short of the seventy five eighty thousand goal that that that the army was aiming for in fact the army national guard is about eight thousand under it's three hundred forty three thousand recruit total while the army reserve is down nine thousand from its almost two hundred thousand new recruits goal when asked why the army was failing to fill its ranks to slight offering up to forty thousand bonuses to year and list months and student
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loan repayments sergeant first class michael t. peppers the commander of a recruiting station in urbandale iowa told the new york times simply we're competing with other businesses offering the same things beth ash a senior. economist at the rand corporation who studies military recruiting backed up peppers claims adding that you have fewer people who can serve they have more opportunities in the job market that makes it very hard on the army. so according to those excuses of excuses it appears that u.s. president donald trump's big talk of booming economies and big league armies might not be able to co-exist as the world's biggest employers struggles to fill its ranks as more and more citizens are now watching the next. forty. three.
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but they like you i got. the we. pretty. well.


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