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it's kind of like clint eastwood very exciting dynamic speaker if you check the verify what he's going to say if you haven't he's totally worthless. holy water. this means if you rigged the computers there is no safeguard and who is the most access to these dark mysterious voting machines the corporations that own them and refuse to let anybody actually validate the code now interestingly the white house is holding up that senate bill not because they're concerned about election integrity but probably because. reading is hard. especially when your eyes are covered with cucumber slices eleven hours a day. from god as a cucumber related reading disorder ok the rigging of the twenty twenty presidential election has already begun but this should just remind us the true
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change will almost never come from the presidency it's to the rig it's completely bald i believe. a lot of the things actually destroying your life they come not from the president but from wall street the military surveillance complex and powerful corporations that's why. that's why cage has to come from the workers and average americans across the country we have to realize our power as a group and begin changing our communities was it is ok. thank. you thank.
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you welcome i really can tell it's like the newsroom behind the corrupt ruling classes continuing to gut what's left of the working class a new report from the institute of policy studies found that we the taxpayers are funding c.e.o. pay that is a hundred times what the average worker makes for example lockheed martin gets more taxpayer money in government contracts that any other publicly held company and did ninety seven percent of their funding in twenty seventeen the median compensation for a lockheed employee was one hundred twenty three thousand dollars while c.e.o. marilyn houston received twenty two million eight hundred sixty. six thousand one hundred eighty six times a typical worker and those times they are money we're paying for her to get rich while over her employees and lockheed martin makes weapons of dad i mean this should be infuriating. this repeatedly if you read even if they
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didn't make death weapons even if lockheed martin made sent to lotions and paraffin wax footbaths they should still pick you up and won and won by far the only body part because joan bass wife can only be where the nipple bass or the elbow jacuzzi i want to go home sit back put on little barry manilow and take a paraffin scrotum soak all right i want a. little dip in the scrotum right. anyway. as the serial continues to skyrocket on our tax dollars the things our government should pay for are being heaped on to the individual a teacher in austin texas had a heart attack recently and was given one hundred eight thousand dollars medical bill that was after his insurance had already paid fifty five thousand dollars things have gotten so bad the seals go fund me says one in three campaigns are for
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medical bills and i'm sure another twenty five percent of that are people trying to pay for college books currently a textbook for freshman american history costs nine hundred thousand dollars. but what you get your little butt you go back at the end of the semester you can sell it back to the university for seventy five cents. to get something. that's. any why do you think it might be time for us to join every other developed country and have universal single payer health care. the way. by the way when you're talking to friends in film would say i have to pay for that i have pay for that healthcare response how are you going to pay for all your for your missiles at you jag and you're killing you off ten thousand military base risk right now bake sale you've got
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a good well good twirl around the brass pole to pay for your amp thirty five fighter jets because we're going to donate sperm for those tomahawk missiles maybe maybe in the yard sale you know how many used v.h.s. copies of city slickers will it take to cover to cover the cost of a navy destroyer you tell me it's. our health care system is a sick joke and no one should ever vote for a candidate who doesn't say medicare for all oh wait. wait i actually actually jumped the gun on that a little bit shortly after that story was broadcast st david's hospital said it was now willing to accept seven hundred eighty two dollars and twenty nine cents to resolve the hundred eight thousand dollars nine hundred balance because drew calvary qualifies for its financial assistance discounts zero zero zero one hundred eight thousand dollars financial assistance this is what generous people do you
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think it had anything to do with the publicity they were getting. paid to do quick break but please note on contents being suppressed the best way to keep up with our new videos is to join our free email list by texting the word redacted to four four four nine nine nine it's completely free also i'm on the new platform steam it dot com slash atlee camp we'll be right back a lot more don't know how. you know my going to want to. get. your for your title i lost his boss because i just got the. resources you know. many of those in prison but that's honest i don't mean any of them. so
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i says you know what i was you know. you know just i mean my most wanted i'm already but it was just going to. i mean it was. just going up as well i must admit that he was i just don't get it i'm getting letters but those. people are going to respect i'm one of. my family fussy about my just but that's already yes it will be and he thought a good thing of it i think with you you're simply meant to carry out my thought aloud but let me just quote to you. how. out of the mouth of the money that they
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let us in. this was a good time to. try to move there i'm. not. allowed to have a funny enough why not. why. people we believe this will be again. a lot of my kids i don't want them up a son johnny when they are in the moment of. the little on the way you might be old enough to want to. do most. of the bloodletting. thank. you.
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yes i was. i was. going. to believe that you know that you're going to the gym and it was. well that. finally happening a wall is being built in the southern u.s. but it's not trump's racist border wall a year after hurricane harvey big oil is asking the federal government for a sixty mile long barrier of concrete and steel to protect their planetary death chemicals from extreme weather fueled by the very climate change they've denied for decades and members of congress like ted cruz are more than happy to oblige for
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more on this we go to our senior crude expert natalie him again oh. i. don't have a congress is happy to oblige because this is a national economic emergency hurricane harveys damage alone made gas prices rise by twenty eight cents a gallon nationwide but i swipe my card at the pump i expect to be asked for my zip code now this is the only message i get. comes out yeah plus this barrier would be a boost for black owned businesses. well. mostly my business where i sell petroleum jelly prologue. to what yeah you are some i mean what is your lips have to be chapped after all that screaming i. want none of the right well personally i market it as a way for cops to keep their hands moisturise but in reality it makes them too
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slippery to pull their guns out and kill innocent the. right. hand it like a hard sell the cops after you just review now now the harder sell is convincing taxpayers to pay the twelve billion dollars needed for this barrier which is why it was a relief in july when the federal government at least approved an initial three point nine billion dollars for three smaller barriers that specifically protect the oil facilities three point nine billion something tells me companies could scrounge up the three point nine billion to pay for this and then we could use that three point nine billion to subsidize wind and solar and i. thank you still over the lining of this whole thing is a big oil will have to publicly acknowledge that they believed in climate change all along. but no one said they're going to do that. who
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said you have to believe in something to reap the benefits like i don't believe this is a petroleum to stop cops from finding ways to kill us but i say it to protect my ass it. read the same one trump doesn't believe the poor human but he touches them occasion to improve the self image. was posted many coastal cities and states have already unsuccessfully sued oil companies that knew about climate change but did nothing last month after a federal judge dismissed and why seize lawsuit against five companies the judge wrote. global warming and solutions there too must be addressed by the two other branches of government oh right so our choices are an executive branch that will do nothing and a legislative branch that will do nothing. big oil should pay for this but that doesn't even get at the bigger problem we shouldn't just adapt to the facts of
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climate change these companies actually gave above sea level rise they would have spent fortunes on developing renewable sources of energy for the past decades instead they're rich in themselves by asking for a blank check of taxpayer money from politicians beholden to them like ted ok ruse ok so maybe maybe big oil should have foot the bill but since we're on the verge of becoming a hothouse earth anyway it's not like any barrier they build will be nearly as strong as the emotional one ted cruz has own daughter built. giving talks to you take a. good shot. i feel her brain yeah. i mean maybe if ted cruz used petroleum. she could have stood away from that snake then you know. was very
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much talked about how americans are getting screwed in hospitals well now we move on to how they're getting screwed and universities got more screws in the tool box for us for more on this raging controversy we go to redacted correspondent naomi caravan e. says are now offering an alternative to student loans which is not throwing yourself off the nearest cliff instead you pay part of your future salary into the school after you graduate it's an entire. airlie new and original program called definitely indentured servitude. ok the official name is i as a or income share of agreement so the real question is are these agreements what your irish ancestors did to pay as a journey across the atlantic or an innovative breakthrough in human financing to
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answer this question i've consulted education experts economists an eighteenth century tobacco farmer someone who is about to jump off a cliff and dealers of human organs the income sharing program is only offered out about one hundred schools but it will soon be available to millions of students as it is rapidly expanding norwood's university and langkow want to college are the latest to offer their new affordability initiative that expands access or their innovative student financing solution what brand let me try and pitch one sign up for this unique novel new fangled untrodden i phone ten every onyx the future get it before all the robots take it take it from them take it from them soon.


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