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european country with all the united states isn't it ridiculous once again glad i'm putting stress that russia is not interested in interfering in other country's elections and rather quickly after that the conversation changed its course when armand wolf practically started firing questions at the russian president without stopping much to listen to the answers and that of course caught the president by surprise is there were. too late to motorscooter for it to quit going to repeat that it's going to the boom that. you do. in this because it's going to do things a bit of that but i did a little. bit because i thought yes it's just a schedule but. i'm thinking you know. you're just going. to the cops if you can i. just live somewhere to what they're going to do into
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a post by the end the interview turns into a full scale debates when vladimir putin started asking questions himself on the cost of independence the mh seventeen tragedy syria's alleged chemical attacks the russian elections and many other pressing issues but old these questions were laughed and answered by armin wolf so it really seemed that lattimer put in enjoyed himself during this interview and came out swear the smile. by the end of this presidential term you will be over seventy years old. i hope. after this presidential term will you leave politics or stay in power as prime minister or party which would you prefer it does not matter at all i am interested in what you prefer. my presidential term has just begun i'm only at the beginning of this journey so let's not jump ahead. an iraqi court has sentenced
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a french woman to life in prison sparing her the death penalty for joining the islamic state terror group now good year was captured last year in mosul and sentenced to seven months in prison for entering the country illegally after the end of that sentence she was due to be deported home to france but prosecutors or prosecutors excuse me demanded a retrial saying that she violated the country's anti-terrorism law by following her husband to iraq they say that he went there to join islamic state now out of the almost two thousand people from france that went to fight with the terror group it is believed many were radicalized while serving time in french prisons with the authorities now raising the alarm over the problem let's take a look five hundred convicted terrorists are currently imprisoned in france while it is thought around twelve hundred other prisoners have been radicalized with forty due for release over the next two years the country's leading
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counterterrorism prosecutor says the that poses a major threat to the public. who are these commanders a major brisk of seeing people who not atoll repentant at the end of the sentence leave prison and yet be even more radical over their time behind bars. for any questioning of the initiative show dubinsky paid a visit to europe's largest jail. not only is there concern over the threats that these individuals may pose to the outside world but also while they're incarcerated this is a flaw. it's europe's largest prison and amongst the thousands of inmates being held here some unknown joe hardest see.
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ya done move every day in from prison guards are attacked we have been off the next one thousand one hundred supervisors of the next four years but for now we don't see anything happening we're tired of this but you were the first t.v. channel i'm telling this to you but yesterday we had a suicide and since january we've had ten other cases exhaustion among staff and patients for their own welfare spilled over into protests. still there cools the health a going on and sit and now prisons like this could soon be and locking their doors to let those radicalized inmates back into society zones set up recon this prison is the largest in europe there are four thousand three hundred inmates it's overcrowded and we don't have enough staff and we have more than one hundred twenty radicalized inmates here so you can imagine i difficult it is for a prison supervised to handle this the forty alleged radicalized inmates who will
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soon get out of jail will likely find themselves on a counterterrorism. watchlist and listed already one into the tens of thousands four thousand of whom are considered dangerous tragically even those on the watch list often slip through the fingers of security services. firm. the french authorities say they have to do more to properly monitor for me inmates and with france having suffered so much through terror attacks in recent years many would argue that it's about time they did show it even ski antti paris.
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the governments of both italy and slovenia looks set to crack down on illegal immigration details after a break this hour to interest. joining me every thursday on the alex i'm unsure when i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sport business i'm showbusiness i'll see you then. don't walk to sell you on the idea that dropping bombs brings peace to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battles to go. to new socks try to tell you that so be gossip and tabloid lifestyles one day. off the bad guys and tell you that you are not cool enough and let's buy products. all the
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hawks that we along with all the. anything. you know. probably won't even. representative. immigration party has come out on top in another european election sunday's vote in the democratic party or s.d.s. when the most seats although it fell short of a majority increase in support for s.d.s. has been widely linked to the crisis and the party's hard line stance on the issue almost half a million people passed through the country in two thousand and fifteen in two
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thousand and sixteen as they attempted to cross into western europe its leader. claims migrants would be better off staying in their own countries. migration. so median philosopher. told my colleague colin very earlier that the rise of right wing nationalist parties is being driven by a fundamental disconnect between politicians and large swathes of the public. it's just same process all i don't western europe the united states and so on and so on the ruling elites is usually say last song doctor we so called are going to be all of you know you want to get us who simply don't get it but i stand by european institutions and these opens up the space in the forests on how deep in
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the organizations as far as slovenia is concerned at the height of the migrant crisis when hungry closed its borders many migrants made their way through slovenia but they were trying to get to france to germany and into britain they didn't stay in slovenia so what do people where you are really think of the migrant crisis there was according to our established that a few days they were going to mostly intercepted at the bar got into a box of crayons and that sparked that directly to australia and we were a little bit surprised incidentally how many of them when i asked would you like to stay here they said no no you have a couple. of money laid away or whatever it's ok to be quite a little beach back like at the highest. in neighboring italy the freshly formed euro skeptic government is also sending out a hostile message to illegal immigrants the new interior minister matteo salvini whom some described as italy's answer to donald trump has said his country will not
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become a refugee camp and that newcomers need to make other plans if you know treatment is usually. not. you know really. speaking and this is silly import of tanya he promised to reduce the number of illegal immigrants arriving in the country also as you just saw it pledged to get to work on deportations a policy that is proving divisive in italy. i think the soviet writes i hope he stops these illegal migrant royal ones what can they do here they are people without a house they have nothing. in the italian government today each country is composed of diverse i think groups and diverse people becomes completely closed immigrant traffic they have i think it's ok to take a break he has to set rules migrants can come in discriminately they will create many problems in italy there are many problems already for example there is
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a lot of poverty and there is not enough jobs on the support i'm sure that so many will not be able to stop migration he will not have the parliament's support. while outraged protesters opposed to tougher immigration policies have gathered in rome they denounced of the working conditions of migrant laborers and also criticized position they say that contrary to the interior minister's claims migrants have never had good times in italy and many jobs they take are dangerous and underpaid. italy has been one of the main points of entry to europe for migrants and refugees coming from north africa and the middle east over six hundred thousand have arrived in the country since two thousand and fourteen and one recent poll suggests that fifty eight percent of italians are fearful of immigration the director of the italian institute for international political studies discussed the issue on artie's world's part. ninety percent of the migrants legally comes from libya. was
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a very important trading partner. which is important as you know you can buy all your . needs pipe and the pipe. to it too easily and it's a source for migration. so of course we are affected and we played in your right and relevant role. the. duffy. and expert investigating the grunfeld tower fire in london has said that safety measures were inadequate and that the authorities advice to stay put had effectively failed the damning assessment comes as part of a public inquiry into the tragedy in which seventy two people were killed last june with an update on monday's hearing here's artie's director. the purpose of the inquiry is to obviously look at the circumstances surrounding the night of the tragedy it could have been prevented and the emergency services were looked at as
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well as the cladding now if you look at the emergency services it says that there should have been forty six minutes between the first phone call to nine nine nine and a response that didn't happen in fact they said that there was a total failure of the stay put policy they also looked at the clothing and this was really interesting actually when they talked about certain materials that we use during refurbishment a material called poly ether lean which is a highly combustible polymer was used and apparently it melts when exposed to fire and it acts as a fuel when it comes to fire mr mallock millet who is leading the inquiry said that this was the worst loss of domestic life by fire since world war two and we all know what happened that night.
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following this tragic night the government obviously promised to has all those who lost their homes but in fact what's happened in practice is only sixty two out of two hundred nine have been house since this has caused widespread protests to cause across the country over the year and people have been demanding answers but this inquiry it's not a quick fix i have to warn you of that they gave the whole time. as to how long it was going to take it's going to be months they have one hundred thirty five witness statements alone to look at so yes you know the public want but they are going to
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have to wait until they get all the answers and further action taken. it is just ten days and counting until football's biggest event kicks off in russia so what better time to catch up with former brazil defender and two time world cup winner tufnell he gave us some insight into how his nation might perform at this summer's tournament. expectations are really high not only concerning the world cup in russia but also concerning the world cup in general especially regarding the brazilian team pressure is high you are fighting for a world cup with the brazilian team there are more than two hundred twenty million brazil leaders that's three hundred and twenty million football coaches two hundred and twenty million football fans so there is additional pressure on players to have a great world cup when we come to a world cup we come to when no one plays at the world cup just to see if it's late we come to win of course sometimes it doesn't happen the way you wanted to but you
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can be sure that the and the lack of commitment and brazil is going to have a great world cup we should know team marty is fired up and ready to go with our special coverage of world cup two thousand and eighteen it will be russia's first time hosting the event. lucky. lucky. such.
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that the cia played golf. live. such. luck was looking up at the top subtle but.
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i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter the u.s. has over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crime samples each day. eighty five percent of global wealth you want to be culled from rich eight point six percent market saw thirty percent just last year some with four hundred to five hundred three per second per second and bitcoin rose to twenty thousand dollars. china is building two point one billion dollars a i industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only numbers you need to remember is one one business shows you can't afford to miss the one and only boom but. we have the privilege of being the most allied ally of the united states. centaurs seato and many other alliances promoted by the west and united
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states in particular the members will we also have the privilege of being the most sanctioned. of that to any group of countries so it sounds contradictory it is contradictory and stunned this shows that pakistan will do what is in its national interest it will know it's just cool with the end of one wheeled the other. over joe. jr. the little death. very different conclude.
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video good. reason some over were to fail. but i'll say that the way the law was written. i did have it in my mind that i would be walking down the corridor of a totally free person but i'm thinking chance it's twenty years here which is also
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we're still alive but not in texas standards because texas is our last census like it's candy. to teach these are the two options that could happen here and we need your vehicle cop out. ok and where do i fall from that from here you would call this way. so that doesn't make sense that it makes sense or ok go on is if i'm getting in a vehicle and you're turning to do whatever you got to do is eat is yes. he's already here pow pow so that's what happened and what's going to happen you're going to follow this with like this and this is what happened this is what they say i'm not sure if i'm going in a vehicle our power i need your vehicle and then i. i'm not sure if he felt like this or like this but he felt he felt toward where he were is nearing lilia so is
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this guy here getting in. this wasn't this guy getting the only option if he fell for discover here shot it. he went over it in a vehicle that's only way up this guy was leaning forward on the street where he was given a big shot from inside the vehicle and that's what they all say that he wasn't getting in the vehicle when the shots were fired. yeah but they said he did it and he said i didn't see it because i was just getting in the vehicle because he's wanted done it. this guy was one and then getting into the only option that's the only person that could shut it they just they ramrodded let. this guy get into that shot and that's the. want to. shoot. it goes very fast so what happened between brad and along. it's like get out there. i get go knock on the door nobody answers on our back door
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nobody answers because i'm getting in on the if you know it was a pontiac grand prix or grand am to your car if if you're sitting there or see someone else sit in the present seat and you have to lean your seat forward first for the person to get the back seat you liked is two shots back where were these bullets placed in the head hole clint was sitting in the passenger seat. so he had turned sideways. but in your first statement you said the bullets were on the right of his head right that's why i would get because he was like this probably going to hit him here below and probably hit in their own i don't know exactly where they had him i just know they had him somewhere in the journalism and they had been left out they could have put him on the left that's it that's in the papers. the. could have had
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a minute that could have trees sure. on his own a second murder. is my worry is that they came to be based on the way they were made a statement where the forensics are so important that they have those and all they have is go to insist on it there's no d.n.a. there's no fingerprints me at two vehicles in life organisms and i want your prayer for me. first he stated that cleaned took the final shots right you know here first stay only in the first i.v.'s why did she do that say mark i got told if you were friends i've known mark a lot longer and i don't plan. if i got told investigators first to investigators i shan't say more. can i ask you a very very honest question. and i hope you're not offended but this is my common sense. again speaking so i'm not attacking you and i'm not judging because i wasn't
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there this is what i think. i think it's really hard to believe that someone lies in court to protect his friend. and will not lie to protect his own life. in. court for it you said. that was a statement we were statement but it was really really important it was your first statement you said clinton shot this guy he knew. he killed him he said. last figure i never thought he would get a figure you shoot someone in it you think they're going to. do it do you want to trista come out true to the. well everyone says something different so. one of you stand in the truth. and you say gee.
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that turn comes when you are really yes but the dog still there should be out on its own not a new way. to fight this here. now
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to to hit it in the shoulder to shoulder. and one of the co-defendants said. he was actually aiming. for from twenty centimeters off then you can hit him in the left no. with your left hand then yeah you should have to you have to reach around like this or disguise oh here hold going shooting. maybe you can. go that side without where you'd have to lean yeah and then know to go here what are you doing. but why would it jerry belief this if it seems so clear to us prosecutor. if the prosecutor has a. good story he'll get people to to believe
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it now that the famed. his attorney's got to be regarded to counteract it. fairly didn't have a good attorney no he didn't so that's that if you don't have a good attorney. most time you lose in your way. and i'll get the body felt when he was shot stabbed over and over to the torturing room towards a sterile and salad bar. was it was the oil that he was moaning he was money there's still money he wasn't moving but he was money and what did she do. know clint had a gun i had no gun i hope put him in the truck and you have no gun.
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and what were your options oh i'm not going to win now that i think back on about could win i love that easily that's what i think i want my god i just seen this guy kills one person and he could easily say ok i gotta go take care of these people just snitched on me the cops are after us. i was thinking of that in the meantime this this victim is moaning in the trunk. so i didn't feel like i need to help this guy more what am i going to do to save him by myself other than contact the authorities. you didn't do that either. so i looked at it was already it. would have been sitting in the car thinking i could i can call my own one or i can just inform someone knows the guess what i had says something actually i do say some of the hospital i salute and we could just drop my boss at the mercy room and take off this somebody else person he shouldn't just have an
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a bird out of the camera's on the hospital. it is so tight and they stand out there. and. they took him out there sort of creek. the only way to mt there is a creek and in there a coat of finish are the last two shots were unnecessary in my pic. but who shot them mark mark did what i. claim told him here though it. could put him out of his misery i mean he gave are you laying down there with it so he threatened mark and. so you grabbed a pillow stuck the gun to look to have a pillow. darnell or mark. but i know there was a pillow cause he fired shots in the pillow so they put the pin on the head just on the back of his hand someplace else and then they shot him mark the spot with what gun twenty two are all over.


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