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the. day is a month and a very serious science and there. is the little memorial corner bad i'm putting together it's not finished i'm famished underside i have his medication backing with taking i have this to his cell phone. the. son's name was eric bana he died he was strangled by a policeman. the scene was filmed and has been seen around the world. about it yes cry cry all over again my mouth it all spun that's what also. to now
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look at that video i guess they're all marcotte what they take too much. state to nine and south of new york eric garner is on the right to policeman suspect him of selling cigarettes on the street. among much justice was told us it was the policeman want to arrest him but this situation gets quickly out of hand. one of them literally throws himself at eric to handcuff him by force another one showing him for nearly twenty seconds. thank. god you're able. to see if there's one of you. i can breathe eric garner will desperately repeat that eleven times before dying.
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it was jest total brutality what they did to him for no reason for they said for selling a lucy. it's like they have a license to kill and all that stuff strangulation is prohibited by the new york police yet the agents will not be sued this incident shocks viewers across the world all the men so that these cases of brutality and excesses by the police happen every week in the united states film blunders that cost light on violence abuses and the victims are on most always black people. and. last november in cleveland up next time your rice a twelve year old child is playing with a plastic gun when a police car racing by stops
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a brute see and the officer on most instantly shoots the child. beginning of april in oklahoma eric harris is chased by policeman after they tackled him down. they fired bullets into his back. pocket. the agent said he mistook his weapon with his taser the man is dying but the policeman doesn't seem to be both the. two days later in charleston south walter scott is arrested for a broken taillight he escapes. eight bullets in the back once again the victim is not tom and. once again
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a white policeman shots a black man. most crimes in the united states are committed by white people yet black people have much greater risk of dying shot by the police . if a louis for example. you have a higher chance as a young black man to be killed by police than being killed in a car accident in two thousand and fourteen the american police killed a hundred unarmed blacks that his two poor weeks the fact that americans have come to realize it hit them suddenly today was supposed to be michael brown's first day of college but over the weekend he was shot and killed by a police officer he was unarmed. two thousand and fourteen one death too many the death of young student michael brown in ferguson machinery it's the black community who cries out it's hanged if a days. late months later the cameras
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a turn to the other riots in baltimore where once again an afro-american died during his arrest by the police. faced with these events a part of america wakes citizens take to the streets. they point out the injustice and want to put an end to impunity for the offending policeman. they're crying foul to the sad reality of america today a country where police trained in the culture of violence kill black citizens every week for no reason. may have been shot and if their animals and it's open season people who walk on the streets of the united states are at risk from the very people who are supposed to protect our drop that all our families under her alive in order that sometimes you might have to
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hurt someone else. pittsburgh pennsylvania six hundred kilometers from new york. city of three hundred thousand inhabitants with a long history of police violence. we asked offices if we could follow them during
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a patch. and we quickly understood that any can get out of hand. offices lance and lou come on duty. in an unmarked. east of the city in zone five. this is the district with the highest case numbers of police violence in the past is it is an afro-american neighborhood a dangerous area the office is a nervous. it's a casino fairly robust. you can think you're going to walk it but.
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the police are looking for weapons so they scrutinize every move of pastas by they do not hesitate to check their pockets and belts here everyone is under suspicion. if she minutes later we follow another police car that is about to control a red vehicle for speeding. their green here and you know here when they're. pretty good here the passenger comes out. when the policeman said when they see you're in another passenger please. before we had time to get out and film. it yet again to. imply the policeman hidden by the great car has already taken his weapon. the red vehicle
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escapes the chase begins. to meet up with. reality. oh no no no very much. after a minute chase the vehicle is found in. the woods. the passengers have old vanished. he scaled the fence and i got a real good look. he had no and he just no weapon has been found no agent has been threatened but all offices have checked out their firearms go up to them how to get
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the corner that. were on one corner and i didn't see him go around the corner i didn't seem to be on the straight so at that point i don't know if he's waiting around the corner with a gun or not so that's. he pretty much is the same either way around the corner with a gun. you never know better safe than sorry i don't know that someone else isn't going to pull a gun out so yeah unfortunately around around here we end up going our guns off the pavement better safe than sorry. to chase ended up with no major problem for but this is not always the case none of the suspects were armed but the police chased them with the finger on the trigger and. the american police are allowed to point their guns very easily and also to shoot. so what are the rules they are taught to follow.
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in the us every state and every city often has its police academy. the one in pittsburgh is located a few meters from the police station usually the teaches a former policeman. here. like in france the training routes one year but the average in the us is only of six months. off. this morning the trainees are reviewing the highway code ok for driver flood driving drought with a driver's license expired within sixty days of the day that the expiration was his fine sixty days his drivers law in this classroom they will learn the rules of the new ethics in crisis management but that is only a small part of the program. the most important is this.
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and. in these images sim by the police itself we discover the training ground the loud music is used by train is to raise the stress to the maximum. hidden behind blue tops they prepare future policeman from the west. this student will be confronted with an armed man who is shooting someone under stress the police training will direct his gun at the victim before changing his mind. he.
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so we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy fun for. cation let it be an arms race on scary dramatic developments only i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time time to sit down and talk. with meg whitman had. on this video students how to it how to react in extremely violent situations.
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i want. them aggression but aggression. shoot ship policeman will follow this kind of training for two weeks just before starting to tatchell in the city. now i. had. three kids shelling on the videos it's him david wright a former policeman converted to combat sports he has trained every policeman in pittsburgh for the last fifteen years. too much violence doesn't worry him it's the opposite that preoccupies him well. my fear is that they under react if the officer under react perhaps fails to recognize that their life is in danger. by the time that they realize this it could be too late and they could be seriously hurt or
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killed want to put them under stress yes but we also we want to them to win and you know it's just sort of like a coach on the sidelines yelling and screaming at their or their players to get moving and at that point in the academy it's generally to get them going is to bring out the best. shot by the violence of these videos we look for an expert's opinion delores jones brown is a professor at the university of new york and an american thirty six pitch according to her this type of training can explain why agents often use excessive force. absolutely is indicative of the warrior mindset statistically few people that you
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encounter are really going to be the kind of serious threat that would warrant that kind of aggressive behavior and they are actually training the folks just the opposite be ready. and unfortunately they're it takes human beings to be a police officer and they're so human beings that will come to the job already with aggression or anger management issues to train them the way that this training and then to tell that person then go out on the street and assumed anybody you encounter could be a threat. it's a recipe for disaster. it's a recipe for disaster i think. that particular video. one of the things that maybe needs to happen is to create. trainers who encourage police officers to behave aggressively in situations where they don't need to be aggressive. in the us students receive five times more training in
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these fighting techniques than the resolving conflicts without violence. and the most important training is the control of firearms. future policemen a change in school but not only it is the only subject continuously throughout their careers. to assist a firearm training we went to set a grave in new jersey today as it is the case twice a year eight policemen will train in the cool environments. i yes yes. yes yes i hear yes but i. mean look at this growth you think
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that i posted record that i think. despite the laughs the training is very serious. fire. last year in the us one hundred twenty seven officers were killed on duty. in a country with three hundred million firearms in circulation the police mustn't lose hand so we do the same thing over and over again so we do what we can do with our eyes closed probably because we do it over and over again it's we're taught the same way like our magazines are the same spot so we don't have to look we don't you'll see as we don't look at our daughter we'll look at our our magazines at all it's all done by memory that you don't suit like i said no no no i don't know but i but you probably could do pretty good because you're so used to having it the same spot all the time they want to get it in grained in them that it's muscle memory that they're able to do without even than what i've been having to think and it
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just becomes like a natural type of thing for you to do so you take a risk that exactly they're able to respond like that. in addition to the shooting range police officers train with the simulator just to tell you my adrenaline is is pumping right now so i'm a little. to the situations ministry could he met a policeman a train with toy guns. you know just a ride no disturbance call this is where the evaluation is tested is there a danger must the weapon be checked ounce. valuable. and if a threat to your area here for. the reaction is instantaneous the police via six bullets with such mindsets the slightest mistake can be fatal right there what he had put a driving license in this thing the way i very may very very well may have shot and that would have been bad for very bad very the officer could have killed an
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innocent man and he admits it with a smile because he's thinking about an old expression that old us policemen know. it's better to be tried by twelve than carried by six that basically we would rather take the chance of going home and shooting someone rather than being placed in a casket because we have to second guess. which is that the police are not afraid of being sentences because they are rarely prosecuted nor convicted of the law allows them to shoot as soon as they feel threatened the soon as a police officer is afraid he can shoot already but when does fear begin and the sense of being threatened this is a subjective chris cherry that legitime its many abuses. in the us there are no official statistics on the number of people killed by the police.
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the police is not fools to provide that state. some n.g.o.s make statements listing the victims case by case the figure is a frightening. been able to find one thousand one hundred seventy five people in total were killed by the recent twenty four and off this amount two hundred victims were not home and among them the most affected offer americans they represent only thirteen percent of the population but compose fifty percent of the unarmed affected. she was shot by the police every week today this statement scares america . in pittsburgh a victim testifies. the survivor who almost died from bullet wounds.
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rather. his name is ian ford. a dog of there he is only twenty two years old. he gave us an appointment on his childhood basketball ground. that's all full of locker was there in the. us. today leo cannot play he cannot even walk. on his life was turned upside down after a roadside spot check. everything
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. just go back. to control was filmed from the police car which was equipped with a camera it was at night in november two and a half years ago initially it is a classic controlled. the start finish i gave my driver's license my registration my car story it's a damn right man for mesa but they ran a name el for. when the police typed l thought the search result. display the warrant of arrest of lemon. lemon ford is black he is the same age as lee and is wanted to truck traffic leon who is waiting in the car does not have a criminal record but the police is convinced that he is the suspect. was. on i've tried everything i could possibly.
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being able to use they were very aggressive they never asks me to get out of core. told me. or even food is afraid and he refuses to get out of the car or one of the policeman gets in on the passenger seat to force him out. there is no doubt in my mind that they were they were going to kill me i just knew that they were wanted in that moment. as soon as the car accelerates the policeman in the car fires five bullets. he will then say that he thought that leaving was armed. they called me out a call or told me that they hoped that i would die. for screaming worse and worse. and again telling me that they were.
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leo neither had drugs no weapons he is convinced that the police would not have acted the same way with a young white man. they don't think young black males as nice cause unless you're on the cover of the. savior's coming from a time when that come with oh so that in my skull. there's more. police officer of course has power. and so mobile they could sit its power and do. bad things to good people.
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you never know what's around the corner you never know what's in the pub you can walk into excitement it's not knowing that's where the adrenaline in much comes from. news and going to from an extreme through all. the violence he's a part of and it's almost a schizophrenia. where you can do all these things and be really well padded and. you're born before the horse before the law for people in political circles more so for the last. understood infirmed. real good on all this and if. i would rather we had no really did
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a poll down now would have. been even reason is that if you don't and. holmes you come from the home and. i play for many clubs over the years so i know the game inside out it's. football isn't only about what happens on the pitch pull the funnel school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the superman each kill the narrowness and spending two hundred twenty million on one player. pool it's an experience like nothing else i want to because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful game played great so well more chimes for. and thinks this minute. i don't think that it is our that our. president just.
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give it up let's little. high. beam it doesn't. suggest that much on the. by then got a session on the nod there in. by then is a shift the long. ball a stunt not a sudden loss is going on want. some some. not so it. and most of it was revealed to the multiple injuries among current america so don't look yourself you will see the look of the show real your mercy on the phone to the book on the if you can book a political symbol so this is a yes but i don't know there's a book in the us and what
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a month. hanumant it nothing left off allowed me. somethin to watch. on long enough something not said. a little huddles look must say what up to now maybe maybe i'm a bit older that's. a little going to a lot of the little bit of. luck . good luck good luck for the odd little. mobility. diploma the old fool.
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and now everything is being turned into a massive cloud of dust and not a correspondent witnessed is how north korea keeps its send of the bargain with the u.s. by destroying its nuclear test site just hours after the demolition donald trump counseled a potentially historic u.s. north korea summit leaving pyongyang wondering if its peace efforts were all in vain. french president mccraw and recognizes russia's strong role on the world stage and he joins vladimir putin at the international economic forum in st petersburg our team that has all the details from the ongoing event. and billionaire philanthropist the long must.


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