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tv   Cross Talk  RT  April 13, 2018 3:30pm-4:01pm EDT

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interest amaze mine though is it that she's keeping a cool head on this because as well as the iraq mistake that was made in two thousand and three don't forget her predecessor try to ask parliament about going to war in syria and that got him nowhere do you think that's on the mind of the fear of losing a parliament again. well i think it would be very very sort of the balancing for her to lose that nothing definite cameron in fact he probably now and that's sort of less is the circumstances that give the more we don't give president obama a way to climb down and i think that the engine of this time and many people out i'm aware of that yes that the express we're seeing on the b.b.c. market not we're seeing america since the vietnam war that we actually bombing field. third world countries drives men and women that we understand this time it might actually go against perhaps the biggest difference system in the modern world and that would actually shoot down and this collision are just it's all horrible to
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think about i mean if the prime minister be clever i mean liberal might actually be able to motion on monday asking for it be on the intervention in syria and perhaps at the government at the government not to lose it in my actually with them and then demand and this amendment will actually that will open would be a compromise if this proves that actually used chemical weapons then a limited measure of action might be to give and also give what are we out of this that now and she has to go along with the french and that no accounts and not the british people are supporting this so as things stand right now a very mixed appetite around the western world i'm over for now british historian and author addled our appreciate your time this afternoon. thank you. next hour violence has again erupted along the israeli bomb. well i.d.f.
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soldiers have been using life ion tiriac gas to disperse protesters gaza's health ministry says hundreds of people have been injured including paramedics over the past two weeks palestinians have been campaigning against the occupation and demanding the right of return to israel for palestinian refugees and their descendants local journalists and how driehaus the latest. so the palestinians announced that today is the day of bringing the israeli flag and they're going to raise the palestinian side and as you see the palestinian protesters are trying to carry all of these israeli flags. as you see the palestinian protesters are starting to burn tires to block the visit of the neighbors just like they did last week here is the fence that the palestinians removed from the very near the border just right now i was saying that that ability to take the fence and you see that. there are plenty of love that i didn't.
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understand you said dan just right now from there from the fans there's something very desperate just in the lead just right now. obviously it's very obvious that there israeli soldiers and this is really i mean these are indiscriminately. targeted because the vision is actually a block you can't see anything so that's why they're randomly shooting live ammunition out of the palestinian protesters and as you see there are a lot of medics the palestinian has ministry the red cross and everyone is trying to give treatment to those people who are injured in the field. and palestinians attending the rallies including children have been taking precautions to protect themselves against the tear gas some arrive with homemade mosques filled with perfume and others who are more inventive using fruit and vegetables. right. this is
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a waterbottle we cut it like this because it's going to cause you suffocation especially in young kids we also put on you to block the gas from entering the mouth and nose because it burns them internally and we don't have special equipment or materials we can't provide proper respirators. can be can't get there since i live when we come here the throat gas that we can't breathe they also showed us in the lags i use this to protect myself. i felt my eyes burning as if the pepper was in my eyes and i started coughing so hard when i inhaled tear gas i decided to make my own mask to protect myself if they fired tear gas at us i will smell the own ian meanwhile an israeli soldier who shot a palestinian on the gaza border during a protest in december has been cleared of wrongdoing by a military inquiry video emerged of him firing shots alongside other snipers who
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cheered and laughed at the injuries they inflicted. but there. really could have the original. was even. then sort of. just the warning that the words of one of the other student did. what. i did. was i did nothing i was just a demonstration i went to my friends to help them and before i reached the place they shot me the soldier knew that i was going to help them and that's why i was shocked when we talked to come out from the palestine solidarity campaign he says
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he's ready soldiers are reacting in a disproportionate and inhumane manner. absolute act of target practice effectively because the cheering from. the soldiers fellow soldiers basically was just completely inhumane and outrageous in the west i challenge them to produce evidence anywhere that this would happen. and in any case this shows you that the difference on the one side you have heavily armored. soldiers and on the other side or you have protests those who might have a story to throw from a long long way away is not exactly going to damage the defense or disorder. french military police have said that they're ending their operation against anticapitalist squatters near the french city of non-self to four days of clashes the activists whom the authorities were seeking to sit there have been kept in a woodland area where the been proposed an airport should be built on thursday alone
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ten arrests were made during the violence there was also reported that about forty five officers and sixty activists were injured in the eco warriors or they this was their no have been living at the site for ten years and refused to leave even after plans for the airport were abandoned in january the activists also gain the support of some students at the renowned sorbonne university in paris where hundreds of occupy the faculty building signed reading before bombs ports the zone to defend the scene of the windows. here with r.t. people who are in themselves a big audience online or in the american government sites we'll hear why that's got pretty campaigners worried for so-called media influencers after the break. for a world cup twenty eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest goalkeepers of all time but there was one more question and by the way who's going to be our coach. guys i know you are nervous he's
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a huge star among us and the huge amount of pressure you have to go i mean eight percent of the tell with you and you told the all the great game the grid if you are the rock at the back nobody gets busted you we need you to get down there we have to go. a low as just a warning and i'm really happy to join the team for the two thousand and three and world cup in russia meet the special one come on don't appreciate me to just say the radio p.r.t. teams latest edition make it up as we go. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then.
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welcome back relations between the u.k. and russia might be at an all time low but that hasn't stopped british football fans from traveling to moscow for the u.a.e. for europa league at the it's just come off game on thursday media outlets run threatening articles about blood and death by english supporters. we want to fund to see if the headlines were true. this on my way to consume you very prominent hostile fire going to be offering him what he troublesome or does he have any fears regarding the political tension between the u.k. and russia is he worried about things like hooliganism. follow him throughout his trip how do you feel. you know what. i know there's been a lot going on between the governments were offering just between the governments.
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we're going to cut that story show off and i'm going to go live to new york because a u.n. security council meeting on a serious being taking place which has been called by russia we're going to dip into it now and have a listen. to most of our just wound is the situation around here in the negative repercussions there are fraught with global repercussions two days ago the world received news news flew around the world about a fragile from the united states if you're going to talk to a strike against the syrian arab republic reduced to using your name to prepare for this war also addressed to the russian federation. that syria at the invitation of its legitimate government has the presence of russian troops deployed to combat international terrorism. but over move we continue to observe again jurists and military preparations is up to an illegal act of force against a sovereign state in what constitute what copy. would constitute
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a breach of international law not only the use of farley's but also the threat of force so flies in the face of the united nations charter and this is precisely what we have seen in recent rhetoric and action by washington and. well used in that it would cause rhetoric is being ratcheted up at all levels including at the highest level to syria. and iran a lot going on simultaneously at the moment we'll leave that security council briefing for a minute there's plenty of those been going on the past few days we will carry on listening across we're going to cross live to the russian defense ministry in moscow instead an update being given there on syria to sit see water and rebuilding the cities and providing health care to the population so where there was. a simulated today is no longer called where no when i was assured can get to you and those. but i knew. someplace that
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is returning to peaceful life but it is under the control of the. government to discover the. regulating prices and to provide. services government services to the civilians and that in schools and health care everything is done to normalize life for the people living there. were those people who have suffered from the from what has been happening in syria are now receiving humanitarian aid and the first country to provide humanitarian aid has been russia russian central conciliation that has provided over forty five hundred twenty do you know. as well as all kinds of equipment to remove the rubble in the currently. a a group. a convoy. has been sound. with all
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kinds of humanitarian aid and equipment to. return electricity to the town and soon five more convoys will be sent to the to the area we like to emphasize that once these convoys arrive in list and go to the materials and the equipment to will be handed over to the representatives of the u.n. in syria. for further use. among the people of syria this is for their help to come and share and. to the people of syria this is actual real physical help of the russian state to the people of syria this is compared to what the western states have been doing by only saying and doing it with the same words and doing nothing. when you see not everyone is
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satisfied with what has been happening in syria. is the number of those are legal as long as we knew there have been allegations which stated by the west against the syrian government saying that the syrian government has used chemical weapons against the population of syria but up until this point there has been no evidence presented by the west. not to like it used in the way some basis. for the fact that there has been actually and the chemical attack chemical attack we believe that there has been a provocation. in order. to provoke. the u.s. troops to make a. strike against syria it's a little more when there is a video clip filmed in the hospital of the town of duma where allegedly people have
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been brought people have have suffered from the chemical attack we have been unable to find sure have been able to find people. in this clip and these people will be telling him details you know how they were filmed what they did and how all of this operation was staged they're going to show the film they're going to show the clips. and. both people. doctors medical doctors and workers in the hospital. actually knew all the people brought to the hospital according to this people had no traces of suffering from a chemical attack when we shoot for machine your. once they were. giving medical aid one this people were giving medical aid some people ran into the
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building. shouting that those who had suffered and though who were receiving medical treatment were in fact. there were as always and by chemical weapons and they started. using water to try to wash them and then they left the building. as you can see these people are showing that they are present in the video these people do not try to be anonymous this is not some anonymous statements in the social media or some anonymous statement by some activists because actual you actual people who became part of this staging. this video. will be provided to you after the briefing so these are the facts that are used in the modern civil unions civil society to show you what is happening. and these are true facts not attempts to make
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allegations against some other countries without facts most recently i would like to remind you the trust has. warned about the fact that there will be soon attempts to stage a used chemical attack. russia also possesses other evidence that shows that kate is involved in organizing this provocation in east and it would have information. from this to this six april the so-called white helmets have been. have been attempted it was attempted to make. show that there has been a provocation. and there was. information about
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shelling damascus. and why is helmand. i was supposed to report this and this was supposed to be a provocation as you know specialist from the opus of w. will be arriving in syria shortly russians are going to nation center is ready to provide for their security and for their work and this to me we with the open c.w. mission will basis we're not on some anonymous. evidence pseudo evidence but to actually have an objective investigation to find out the truth we're going to. the w position will allow to reduce the tension in the region and to maintain the fragile peace we enjoy in the region with another thing as we see normal life return to is some good i would like to join your attention to the fact that there's an ongoing humanitarian catastrophe in this city
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of raka. destroyed five months ago by the u.s. led coalition and. the w.h.o. has. published a report. recently saying that people are turning to rocka are constantly threatened to their lives are being threatened because of. all kinds of explosives still. remaining in the city and according to the w h o m shoes just over six hundred sixty syrians have been harmed and over one hundred people have died because of that because of the mines and other people other bombs exploding in the city. and many of these are the people suffering from this the children. hospitals which i do not have enough capacity to show these people what you the people of rockets do not receive
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humanitarian aid because there are no or when i was. in the region and the local authorities are not able to. tell them. this situation the considered situation in russia is terrible there are still people dead bodies laying in the streets and this city has been completely demolished by the strikes of the u.s. . airstrikes this is one of those to remind you that all the territory is freed by the syrian authorities schools. open a new social institutions start operating and housing is being rebuilt for the local population thank you for your attention.
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ok that was the russian defense ministry there i guess we now have more detail on what the foreign minister was talking about and mentioned a few hours ago saying there was solid evidence that it was staged what we heard there was at the russian ministry of defense have a video of people who were featured in the original footage that suggested there was a chemical attack in duma last weekend saying that it was staged that when people were being brought in that others ran into the hospital to start throwing water to potentially treat these people before leaving again so refuting the genuine claims that that video was a genuine chemical attack so quite a significant detail there that we've had from the russian ammo day we're going to go back to the new york now where another u.n. security council meeting on syria is underway. whistler's me in this case will fall to the united states and their allies it is most unfortunate that old europe continues to loose face there's
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a world where we call upon the leadership of these states immediately to reconsider to return to the international legal fold and not to bring the world to such a dangerous threshold that is necessary to urgently seek a peaceful settlement through collective efforts our separation stands ready to engage an equitable cooperation with all partners to resolve the problems which arise through dialogue which we steadfastly have focused on a peaceful settlement of the conflict in syria on the well known internationally go basis and we shall continue our proactive efforts to this and we call upon all to follow suit all of our partners to follow suit thank you. for the representative of the russian federation of the flow his state your not going out on a little to the ground isn't a tour of the united states. thank you mr president thank you mr secretary general. i started to listen to my russian
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friend and respond. but instead i'm in awe of the silly of how you say what you say with a straight face i really really am. today's session of the security council has been called under truly strange circumstances the russian federation has asked us to discuss what it calls unilateral threats related to syria what is strange is that russia is ignoring the real threat to international peace and security that has brought us all here and it is ignoring its own unilateral responsibility for all of it what we should discuss today is the use of deadly chemical weapons to murder innocent syrian civilians that is one of the most blatant and grotesque violations of international law in the world today is a violation of all standards of morality it violates the longstanding international
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consensus that chemical weapons represent a unique evil. chlorine mustard gas and other chemical weapons killed ninety thousand people and injured over a million in world war one in the book canada in the great world war the canadian soldier eighty hunter described it like this quote the gas cloud gathered itself like a wave and ponderously lapped over into the trenches. then passive curiosity turned to active torment of burning sensation in the head red hot needles in the lungs the throat seized by strangler. many fell and died on the spot the others gasping stumbling with faces contorted hands wildly just stick elating and uttering hoarse cries of pain fled madly through the villages and farms and
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through the city itself. carrying panic to the remnants of the civilian population and filling the roads with fugitives of both sexes and all ages and quote chemical weapons didn't produce the most casualties in world war one but they were the most feared in world war two chemical weapons were employed on an industrial scale against civilians resulting in the worst genocide in human history which we recall just yesterday on holocaust remembrance day. that is what brings us here today that is what chemical weapons are all about that is why we must not stay silent in the face of a horrible cap of chemical weapons use in our own time the first response to all this death and injury was the one nine hundred twenty five geneva protocol which banned the use of chemical weapons in war later in one thousand nine hundred ninety
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three the chemical weapons convention was signed that convention obligates all of its parties to quote never under any circumstances develop produce stockpile transfer or use chemical weapons it also prohibits all parties from assisting anyone to engage in these activities the united states is a party to this convention russia is a party to this convention every country that is a member of the united nations security council is a party to this convention even the assad regime has pledged to of dive by the convention so when theory all of us agree on the core principle at stake today no country can be allowed to use chemical weapons with impunity.
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now that we have established what we all agree on let's ask ourselves what should we be condemning today we should be discussing the actions that really brought us to this moment in time we should not be condemning the country or group of countries that might actually have the courage to stand up in defense of our common principle the principle against the use of chemical weapons instead we should be condemning the country that unilaterally has stopped the security council from up holding this principle who is it on the council that most exhibits unilateralism when it comes to chemical weapons it is russia alone that has stopped at nothing to defend the syrian regime's multiple uses of chemical weapons it is russia alone that killed the joint investigative mechanism which allowed the world to ensure accountability for chemical weapons use in syria it is russia alone that used its
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veto six times to prevent the condemnation of assad's use of chemical weapons it is russia alone that used its veto twelve times to protect the assad regime and to make matters worse it is russia alone that had agreed to be the guarantor of the removal of all chemical weapons in syria if russia have lived up to its commitment there would be no chemical weapons in syria and we would not be here today. that is the russian record of unilateralism it is a record that has led to the trashing of all international standards against the use of chemical weapons. this meeting should not be about the so-called unilateral threats it should be about the multiple actions russia has taken to bring us to
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this point. our president has not yet made a decision about possible actions in syria but should the united states and our allies decide to act in syria it will be in defense of a principle on which we all agree it will be in defense of a bedrock international norm that benefits all nations let's be clear assad's most recent use of poison gas against the people of duma was not his first second third or even forty night use of chemical weapons the united states estimates that assad has used chemical weapons in the syrian war at least fifty times public estimates are as high as two hundred in the weeks after assad sarin gas attack last april that that killed nearly one hundred people including many children the regime used korean gas at least once and
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possibly as many as three times in the same area last november just as the joint investigative mechanism mandate expired the regime attacked its people would syrian again in the damascus suburbs. in january i side used at least four chlorine filled rockets in duma and then he struck again last weekend and thanks to russia there was no un body to determine blame. but we know who did this our allies know who did this russia can complain all it wants about fake news but no one is buying its lies and its cover ups russia was supposed to guarantee that aside what news chemical weapons and russia did the opposite. the world must not passively accept the use of.


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