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tv   Boom Bust  RT  April 5, 2018 3:30am-4:01am EDT

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the reason behind those murders is drug trafficking. like many others tureens brother was a drug dealer he made a lot but it. was in miami. and this is already at a pretty much lived his life up in the. for the most fun and though he's the clown that things are all i have a purpose now to talk about movies. i mean music you know clothes as one of the things that we. know when mayhem was in the other. very early on the young man felt deep into criminality most criminals have weapons here. that has got a lot of. black sheep you know and it went over people. and i don't eat a lot of time. so that's something that i still check for. in
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the afternoon to remind those at the very fancy esplanade ever to go to st anna church. an entire wall is dedicated to the victims of crimes committed in this city. no. less a lot of man. on this one more than three hundred names for this year only. most of these men and women were shocked. and under thirty. who were at this type of commemoration so the people that lost their lives said. bill terry the priest came up with the idea to write those names on the walls of his church. and we decided that
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naming the names of murder victims in a public display would be helpful in reminding us all that these are human beings so. this morning you will add five new names to his memorial including tarin brother. there are so many victims that he no longer has time to have the name. grades were shot in september. america raised off a box it's not just by god it is one of the reasons look at the movies in america you get all the stuff that goes on in this country so all of that equates to the just as our it's. the last name that the priest and historians brothers. pray for the truckers. her. military began writing those names eight years ago he will soon run out of space to
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write the names of the new victims. at the same moment east of the city a young man was just killed another drug related act of revenge. the police has shut down the neighborhood the local t.v. stations are already there. but it is a very real was hit by gunfire killed five healthy. a young cousin of the victim was shot in the arm also admitted to having gone well too heavily armed men fired on the young man as he was leaving his home. shell casings are all over the ground bullet holes. the neighborhood is in shock. and. the mother of the victim this devastation about. this last part of. this is still here but it's being seen so handsfree on
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a day. soon as our goal is that. they know was designed a month of the love inability to map birth the birth of the maiden the n.h. that my little baby nephew for you saw in his own uncivil he wanted me gone out of the woodwork. money even though these kind of a risk every day this my brother. how picking it. keep it running. through. the effects. his credit. the murderers could be from the same neighborhood. is unbelievable so you can identify you know you're going to shun
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yes oh my nieces and my son no no because from aleppo. jacob lives just across the road. he's also a drug dealer. what happened today doesn't surprise him. it wasn't that most people of my age looked up to the interstate night i.e. handy so you can see when she was in the boat you know but what she do home was. like. well you know but you. know. in the black neighborhoods like this for. forty percent of children the below the poverty line. unemployment is twice as high as in the rest of the city. these inequalities have created racial tensions. on the other side of the town in this upmarket area tarina stopped by i want to.
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do in the piece about. just giving him grief for talking to white journalists. he would say that's then. you have them out but i mean they have done so well in times of bringing more of the mountain. caves. oh my ok i'm sure in the way that. you help him bring more white people in the. ok so this is a neighborhood you know it was not just right now the whole center and we don't have you hands out what i learned neighborhoods like this are now they making this a video saying this is going to bring more of their rights and he's our story doesn't have no answer just hours after the black mayor right after this first day as of this quest thank you ok ok ok can you ask address this is you anybody as i already am aware that we don't have nothing like a gun in the first place is separation is our salvation. the best sound
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bite we can get them to stop killing devils. by god. this woman is part of the nation of islam. a radical muslim organization that promotes the superiority of the black race. threatening actions can be very dangerous this is the atmosphere engulfing the west relations with russia the poisoning incident in the u.k. has yet to be explained to the public but this is not stop the british and american governments from playing the role of judge jury and executioner. then what i mean that he will go back to life. or yours will pull you out of the earth. and give mouth and assume what about and i didn't do
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it will always be the good is it also. or no i'm going to hold. on a promise he should be able. to. keep it or don't or don't let you people come up with the truth to. come on in about the alani of a maggot that grama the money i'm because i'm. not bad with the intent of but oh november a bit i say i give them that down a little point about on it but i will be his eyes if i get is about. in new orleans two centuries of slavery have left painful scars within the african-american community. that accounts for two thirds of the town's population moreover that african-americans feel that they were abandoned during hurricane
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katrina. in two thousand and five under the pressure of the water dozens of poorly maintained levees broke. mud flooded eighty percent of the town that was under sea level. today the town still bears the scars of the disaster especially in the poor neighborhoods. aka the dancing that is here one of the most devastated areas. he believes in nothing has been done to rehabilitate this neighborhood. i guess. that's right. off track. after it's me. this is only one of about twenty thousand. that twenty thousand it's not like.
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when you left. for air it was a bend in areas so the reason for the increased crime. this is a. black neighborhood a high crime neighborhood become a crime in aware of drugs wherever you got drugs are. african american people the flow speed with the situation of the country. no food if you're not easy. if you now the. i land when a situation yeah yeah you know you will go to the extreme the hungry people go to beach stream. since the hurricane criminality has increased by forty percent.
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on the other side of the city we encounter a different atmosphere. louisiana is a former french colony and the most touristy area really is the french. arena tourists from all around the world get a. lot of the. kinds of access. and of course here jazz is everywhere. bars with dance floors and every. day for the last two. his name is also played by violent last year one person was
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killed and nine were injured in a shoot out in the middle of the french quarter. and another night a man attempts to kidnap a drunk girl. the man tries to stop him. but the aggressor points into seattle. the man begs for mercy. dresser shoots him in the stomach then tries to kill him. luckily his weapon jams. the shooter takes flight. the men will survive this incident. the aggressor you're a cain twenty one has already been charged with rape and robbery. you'll be arrested two days later. by night these types of aggressions are multiplying
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especially in restaurants which have become new targets for the criminals. the patwa is a fancy restaurant. six months ago the own choosing and his team were the victims of an armed robbery. as lorenzo general manager. fellow for the back right up front you know. how you do it it's a riot. yeah on that day the restaurant was packed like it is tonight. the security cameras have recorded the whole scene. there were three robbers. one guy came in and maybe a second attitudes and slater two guys came in behind him the first guy walk and then the second guy came in sit very well or maybe go rounds the first day and he wanted to hear the rest are his right here in the drawer then
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for a second guy put a gun to his head made it go to the ground they got this is not a job now or what else. play in carries a gun but he chose not to use it on that night avoiding a bloodbath it's the threat of being shot or killed that's the it's not a wallet it's not a cellphone it's not money it's not stealing my car it's someone gets shot and there's no other option do you carry a gun to know it's a difficult issue though because i'm not for it but in a mill you like this worse there are so many dangerous people with guns it makes sense for people those guns to protect themselves. in the united states the gun issue is a sensitive subject. are they responsible for the increasing number of deaths. in new orleans more and more people chose to arm themselves.
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click. brennan forty years old former police officer. he doesn't leave the house without his arsenal and i have my main gun it just goes right here my waistband. all the medical it has and it is really very simple it just has what we call a combat ball so this particular gauze has a static agent. or the knot of a nice they both have this wave opening feature which imagine my my pocket here got this little book as i go to pull this out the pocket this little hook catches the inside of the pants and it opens it automatically as a pull it out so i can i could defend myself from either side maybe a push against a wall and this side i'm not.


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