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tv   News  RT  March 19, 2018 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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i played for many clubs over the years so i know the game inside i. football isn't only about what happens on the pitch put the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the superman each of killian erroneous and spending two hundred twenty million on one player. it's an experience like nothing else on here because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful game played great so one more chance for. the base this minute.
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let me. get it. became. clear that you shouldn't have used to know you brave enough oh what is yet to you issues to come to see this play out is to each his will can be you can see the statement made that could be good to me this isn't true at six fifty it's a kind world change can still change their lives i and we still know it he's been living in one big time in chile more.
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or. if you like the. transfer. i think the momentum. this is how i began but to before you have broad based yes. but we've closed two of them of course overlap while one that is stumbling peace in that community so that we can take on even that at two i did. take them because out there some of them thought it best to lose some of their father and they have died because of her it's a very. eyes. i might say. that.
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yes i do i know. that. the winding. down the road that the neck wound i don't. know what i have. done and every idea then it was i have felt i have to die two bodies with. guns but yeah you know school. that might be going to visit one. classes which hada mass murder baby so we are going to use it to have a tackle
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a quick question. and a better alone. why do i go to get a number then when i did i mean i don't want thank you. for wanting to know what you know again it's more. that you. now know that though. leave. both. now. you come back. and you say. you know i think mine is that you can be. as an equal number of them as a deadly equal they can't. that's
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yeah. yeah background impudently have a son is the one who asked you easy to get off. which i wanted to. just leave and yet not yet did he i at least i believe i. just. said that he really didn't. actually joke i know i know i don't know how it's going to be you wanted me to. the stars with i and i don't want to miss my my. magic breakfast. you know one of them are just awful because then i want to delete the number who doesn't but why did he out you know. when you knew enough and they justify what their condition was
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about. about not just among the number one a bit about the boy i'm sick with it's what i want to leave out are most likely most i had in that respective areas that is in the fight slums where they walk so our trainers when they are high and fast they go through what you call clear weeks intensive after that is this true with intensive touch to actually know it was trained for one mia so they train their own slaves actually no one's been here for one mia as they choke on what's been teaching my youth not to be up find out. about what was going on in the going on now for our. boat i'm off work. you know. when i got this young girl. with this i was out with us out of the for the switch because they wanted to you know tell you she's not held up in front of the band yet all you have to say is
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that ministers. are so funny because you have no place and i know but you got them and i am one of those you going them up one zero . zero. zero. zero. zero you know into them in a different. voice and fifteen posts and it's just when is the last and only option . if you don't like your buddy. oh. no no no no they hit back to me. i have fun i get to this group and you just never after you saw me the next with
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you if you don't know me well not to me by. this am ya know i'm slapping my back not ok not to go i need. you know going i mean it wasn't different. you know yeah yeah yeah yeah king. you know i was not guy one. zero. zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero. zero. one day he was working from my to go into the house when no one could from behind it just all night and to me i didn't know if someone. in behind behind me so catch me let's make the decision to goodell and after catching me i use my hide my hands to bow down and i quote. they actually don't know what they want of the man and the
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money i make i sound. which make me to finish them off and they find their way to my house. when i now must try not to be arsed to know when i think trucking those look i love when i'm out let's go out. she's. funny. don't you know you. could go on living. in. the. corner and. i thought. no and. ninety. nine. that's our number.
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you need to go. out in the. numbers. and then. there's work to do. with. the. river.
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and on the. come down i mean. now you have no no i. haven't. been out. if that's what he said he did at. that point is as an idiot i mean i grew up in the defeat of the tribune and she was. given a mini. me. into the. evil. let's hope whatever it is that i'm in. he
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said that that. deal is a fair deal for you for less but for the us. if you don't believe. if you believe you can be claimed that game over country be. the going to get if we
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work on speed it would just be to defeat one not supposed to be played believe me you are not going to be because what did you discover to defeat just since you can't walk in the mud you kind they were shit you can give money but the people he . was me to be ready to be really easy to be the. beast who let you do that he's been there. ah. ah. ah move to ya soup oh you
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did. who. was. thank god i thank. you all. american fivefold human rights is a notion of the example of young men who sued to solve a genocide or they're gone then just look who is some poor doing who marry come them british i mean number walker european countries they are very generously lend their support to the our grocer so what kind of human drugs is sad in which to live a million children a woman does not come. to
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. a key twenty four hours for russia not world politics says a platitude is set for a fourth term and a landslide victory in the twenty eighteen presidential election. watch an election night rally in central moscow pushing calls for national unity to move the country forward. and we speak exclusively to opposition candidate has a new song chick who finished off to failing to challenge the established political heavyweights. education is the most important value of my program educational for russian people of telling the truth of the situation believe it.
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thank you for watching the election news headlines here at r.t. international broadcasting live from moscow i'm kate partridge well voting has been issued in russia's presidential election and ninety nine percent of the votes have now been counted preliminary results show vladimir putin has won a false term in the kremlin here's kevin nolan and niki aaron with our special coverage from red square in the heart of moscow. hello and welcome to our special studio almost goes like conic red square right next to the crimea as you can see the seat of russian yeah it's been a super sized election spanning eleven time zones across the seventeen million
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square kilometers off tyrants very long to do that is the blood they were approaching has secured a force to the russian president by a huge margin pavol group the men from the coleman is polities second and in. general ski from the liberal democratic party before heading over to his h.q. to address the crowd of supporters to have last minute pretend to give a speech at home said. it was mocking for years that since crimea has read the patient with russia correspondent dr david lynch that march eighteenth of course is important day for a number of reasons here in russia today of course is the presidential election but it's also the anniversary of the reunification with crimea it was four years ago today that the treaty was signed green card mia back under the umbrella of the russian federation and this concert was organized in commemoration of that just a stone's throw from red square star after star came on stage and sing a famous songs with everyone singing along and dancing but of course the main event
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was president putin himself he came out just after it was announced that he had officially you won and this is the first time you spoke after that announcement the crowd was extremely excited to see him and you first came out on surprising with a huge smile on his face but you have a very good message for those who are here talking about unifying russia you know even coming together they have voted for other candidates he also talked about the the work that needs to be done going forward for now and he also thinks everyone for coming out despite the cult's night but nobody really seems to mind among the dancing the singing and drinking hot tea that's being sold around the kid square and the square has been packed tonight i can't see you both as but there are thousands of people packed in the square and join. in the concert yes huge turnout for it to say this is not snow but chilly but the weather's been alright previn a came of voting today at least here in moscow following the celebrations putin headed over to his age q then again in central moscow three get to ask him of course about the challenges he's now going to face in his next six years as our
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t.v. goes down off explain lightener putin has made an appearance here at he's headquarters and then held a short press conference and the first question he was asked was about the screwball case about the poisoning of a former russian double agent in great britain and the blame for the poisoning is being widely pinned on russia and even on putin personally his powers lattimer putin responded to those allegations if you wish to but who would rule the first thing that comes to my mind is that had this been a military poison the people affected would have died immediately this is obvious the second thing is that there are no such substances in russia we destroyed all our chemical weapons as monitored by international inspectors and we did this first unlike some of our partners who promised to do the same but didn't fulfill their promise we are ready for cooperation and general i think anyone with common sense
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understands that it's nonsensical for russia to do such a thing before the election and the world cup it's just crazy another announcement that came rather unexpected from vladimir putin was when he was asking a question whether or not he will be planning to run six years from now when the next presidential election what lattimer putin did he hinted that this could be his final term as the leader of russia but. at the moment i'm not planning any constitutional changes with the states because i was more than just do you think you will be in the presidential cedes until twenty thirty of course if you change the constitution to stay with this mission which i think what you're saying is law . i'm not going to stay there until i turn one hundred he also talked about he says cabinet appointments about the potential shifts in the russian government he said that all of those will be announced after the inauguration in terms of voter
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turnout the these elections have been spectacular not only the whole of russia voted to the cross all eleven time zones but also we've seen huge cubes of people abroad because their vote which the grabbed of course so a big turnout not the largest in russia's history but certainly closer to the top mark and right now we doesn't look like there is a force that can still play them or putin from spending the next six years as russia's president all of the presidential candidates have cast that ballot today here are some of the highlights from that by saying.
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thank you thank you. for the first in one hundred forty five countries all around the globe the russians were able to go to the local embassies and consulates but one long queues from paypal to patiently waited to have that day and since that action votes were just on terra firma they came out of our heads as well one russian cosmonaut in all of it didn't want to miss out a bit opting to select the push you back on if there is to cut off the ballot so to say that a hundred percent of the. well the international space station yesterday as it was no. one expected aside from october to check this out.
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in. the. meantime the main opposition candidate extend your subject titles to challenge the established political heavyweight she's finished before we speak exclusively to a. liberal opposition candidate thirty six year old sandy assuption showed up at her own h.q. just minutes after the last polling station in russia closed but really there was
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nothing to celebrate back then it was already clear that she was going to come forth but with less than two percent well regardless of that. as we've heard many times today likes to portray herself as the new prominent opposition figure in this country and perhaps that explains the heat and the debate she had a little earlier with a let's say a volley who is one of the most fierce critics of a lot of our protein in russia but as we remember he hadn't been allowed to take part in this election under a law that bans people who were charged criminally from running for president. it's. so if i look on the bar leaves just little yesterday can see that. they mean me is probably the video it's been in more than. two dollars now when you might store we could see you. in the over the top here
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because you spend less than you were possible among. the floor not for the room. as a small employer one you would assume that if you ask any politician any presidential candidate around the world if he or she would be happy with that kind of disappointing result you'd expect the answer no in a vast majority of cases but as i say in your sub jack told me in an exclusive live interview a few hours ago she doesn't see it that way of course it's not the result i would dream about but my campaign was not about results my campaign was about talking truth on the propagandistic channels of federal t.v. in russia this result is higher than of any other liberal candidate and that makes a platform for.


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