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ukase prime minister expelled twenty three russian diplomats from britain today in retaliation for the kremlin's alleged involvement in the poisoning of a former russian intelligence agent and his daughter despite police having declared no suspects. to speak out there is no alternative conclusion other than that the russian state was culpable for the attempted murder of mr scott powell and his daughter under the vienna convention the united kingdom will now expel twenty three russian diplomats who have been identified as undeclared intelligence officers russia reacts to britain's measures calling them acceptable and unjustified while promising now retaliatory response. and human rights advocates call on the u.s. congress to reject donald trump's new pick for cia director over her involvement in
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the intelligence agency's torture program. hi good evening ten pm wednesday the fourteenth of march this is art international with me kevin owen with your thirty minute live news update and that he was dominating our coverage again of course from the u.k. tonight where the prime minister to resign may has today said britain will expel twenty three russian diplomats and suspend all shared bilateral meetings with russia it comes in response to the poisoning of an ex russian intelligence officer is daughter in the city of souls bring as the investigation into the incident continues next tonight. reports with the latest from london. well the british prime minister has said that russia is culpable of attempted murder and among the measures that the u.k.
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is now taking is the expulsion of twenty three russian diplomats they are suspending high level contacts between the two countries the russian foreign minister's visit to the u.k. has been cancelled and no british officials including members of the world family will be present at the world cup in russia taking place this summer may has said that russia's response to the deadline that was given by midnight last night was a distain given the gravity of that unravelled mr speaker it was right to offer russia the opportunity to provide an explanation but their response has demonstrated complete disdain for the gravity of these events. they have provided no credible explanation that they could suggest they don't control but then the agent no explanation as to how this agent came to be used in the united kingdom no explanation as to why russia has an undeclared chemical weapons program in
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contravention of international law. the leader of the opposition jeremy corbyn had to ask the british prime minister whether or not any official requests were sent to russia whether any evidence was provided to russia or any facts and that the response was a bit unsubstantial the prime minister taking the necessary steps under the chemical weapons convention to make a formal request for evidence from the russian government how has she responded to the russian government's request for a sample of the agent used in the souls return to run its own terms as my resolution trace analysis been run on a sample of the nerve agent and has that revealed any evidence as to the location or which production. all the identity of its perpetrators we case the russian government the opportunity of the through the day march that maharaj on befriend the phone secretary to the russian ambassador here in london earlier this week to
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do just that they have not done so if there is a consensus across the park benches of this house. i am only sorry that the consensus does not go as far as the right honorable gentleman. could have taken the opportunity as the u.k. government has done to condemn the culprit in the senior. russian embassy here in london has said that the steps taken by the british government are unjustified unacceptable and shortsighted also saying that they did deterioration of ties between russian aid and the u.k. lies on the british government and that ultimatums don't work with russia everything what is. acceptable we perceive it to provoke each. we believe that the you know i do keep the full week international
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and none of them under this obligations to hear. the theoretical weapons we have to present the request to the organization and we're happy to consider this we didn't do. this is the international law and of course we're not ready to. to talk you know we will be ultimately the actions taken by the british government became really a crescendo of over a week of the spy saga in raveling where we saw what could have been a potential local incident unravel into a huge international diplomatic standoff. well daniel hawkins join me in the studio to discuss britain's reaction to britain's punitive measures. it will be too long before the result of official response with exact matches from moscow of course from the u.k. government side as we heard there from prime minister to resign may it appears to
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be an open and shut case there is no other culprits no other possibilities other than the hand of the kremlin being culpable in this attempted murder case now the russian foreign ministry as they initially said a few days back have no knowledge of this they've denied of all of them and in this tragic incident they've made it clear that they view this as an act of provocation and that measures will be quick to be taken let's take a listen to what they had to say earlier thread of completing its investigation using established international formats and instruments including those in the framework of the o.p.c. w. which we were expecting the british government chose confrontation with russia is obvious the biog thing for unilateral nontransparent methods of investigating this incident the british authorities have once again tried to unleash an indiscriminate and the russian campaign what they're referring to there was a statement by a foreign minister sergei lavrov as well who called on the u.k. to launch a joint investigation into this incident to provide any details to russia so they
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could have a joint investigation here through the o.p.c. w that international organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons he said that no such request officially had been received by the russian side from the u.k. counterparts this is what you have to say just earlier today. we haven't received any official request from london based on its own obligations in accordance with the chemical weapons convention we've told britain we're ready to respond if they file the request instead of filing the official request the u.k. continues to pull political stunts for britain this is special and they are pushing has to be comprehended by the international community as universal proof without presenting concrete facts they will pay for a blatant attempt to dilute the international community its import. just how quickly events have moved this incident happened on the fourth of march in just under ten days later we're seeing the biggest diplomatic row between russia and the
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u.k. on thirty years twenty three diplomats expelled is the worst point in three decades for u.k. russia relations as we said earlier there's no official comment as to what exact measures would be taken but this statement from the foreign ministry they have made clear that countermeasures. coming soon whether that's today tomorrow we don't know but certainly this is the last we're going to hear a few of the start of what is a very serious diplomatic incident. political analyst he's joining us now on the line hi there time understanding public horror about what's happened in britain but has treason made jump the gun near by firmly pointing the finger already russia expelling these twenty three diplomats is it too much too soon well of first of all we're doing it to everyone and thanks for this invitation let me tell you that is really strange it was so on about these diplomatic move or even because there
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are not. clear evidence and prove that the russian using one word in the murder attempt is behind this so first of all the british government and the british authorities should find clues and evidence to accuse of russia. why is the british government acted with such certainty do you think is that maybe certainly we don't know beyond the scenes how can they be so clear on these. well i believe that of course so i can't even say that is very strange that. some days before the presidential election organized a murder attempt i believe that the british government can use these cases these events or even to to change the cars and to change some agreements with the russian for the russians so as i have been say this before in other comments i believe that it is a geopolitical game it is a geopolitical a version of the british government or probably against the russian the russian for
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the russian it is not he even unusual that everything happens before the presidential election and he even some months before the fifa world cup two thousand and eighteen this scandal is kind of for sure effect russia and affecting russian in not soley regarding the public a major the public poker already but he even the day economy or russian in agreements with the british government so next question is what and when will we see a response a concrete response from moscow what's going to come do you think. i read about even the calmness of sergey lavrov many say that is like syria because of the show of the response from moscow but i hope i can say that i hope that most of. the other diplomats about to show to the war that it is the reason they will part of reasonable size it is a ready to cooperate it is ready to reach like
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a to her in these investigation and. i'm only i make concern afraid that this situation of could bring us to another or like a frozen or called the only solution a cold war and only probably the european union can take advantage in about this case even if you think about. european parliament today some members of the parliament stated that the european union should be together shoe should heart against the day being the biggest threat and the biggest threat is our ally putin in russia or china or he even trump in united states so i certainly i don't know and i cannot predict the words is the future move or most of but i believe there will and we use the diplomatic way to take to try to. cooperate with the british government and i hope that these are. kids that want is kali in in
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a confrontation between the two governments understudied not a chemist or an expert on this kind of thing but this substance this group of substances the novacek family is there a chance over the produced in russia back in the days of the soviet union's long time ago is there a chance they could be produced somewhere else or is it too specialised are they only to be tied into russia as far as you know. well as far as i know probably even the. chemical agent could be producing even his biggest and post service state about he even we know that ok this soviet union developed either doing the same in terms of the hideous but some years before the collapse of the so you know even after the collapse of the soviet union not. many weapons chemical biological weapons and nerve agent they were smuggled on the black market and west sold it to the black market even to the profit so i can tell you that there is not that there is evidence that a russian is involved with it we cannot say that
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a russian is behind this murder only because only because these. are was produced at the was the will of the during the soviet times in russian because you can find it in those verses and its biggest thing is a former soviet state it is independent from russia to learn of thought before political analyst thank you thank you. look back at how this turned from a local instant what is now an international standoff. on sunday march fourth a couple of found slumped on a bench and saw reporters arrive at the scene for what was thought to be a local incident but soon after a global media frenzy on rivals exposure to an unknown substance enter comparisons to the two thousand and six death of alexander litvinenko march sixth the u.k.'s counter-terrorism police take control of the investigation the u.k. foreign secretary boris johnson has this to say while it would be wrong to prejudge
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the investigation i can reassure the house that should evidence emerged that implies state responsibility then her majesty's government will respond appropriately robustly russia says it has no information and offers to help in any way it can downing street remains cautious in finger pointing it being too early to explain what actually unraveled but that approach will soon make a swift exit british prime minister to resign may is expected to provide clarity the government has concluded that it is highly likely that russia was responsible for the act against. the script how this highly likely comes with a pre-determined conclusion and the deadline set for russia to explain itself is wednesday all the while here's the u.k. police course getting many questions regarding. this actually it was i can't
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comment on that this is. not declaring a person of interest or a suspect that is in a court of law this would at least mean a time out in the world of political game play apparently it means very little. to us president opted for a major shake up on capitol hill the new face of american diplomacy will be the incumbent cia director mike pompei o with whom donald trump says he has good chemistry. very good relationship whatever. whatever was. right. was. well with my pompeo no preparing to take the reins the state department his position at the cia will be back filled by geno hospital she was his deputy she's a veteran intelligence agent who controversially played a role in the organization's torture program he goes down enough takes a closer look next at the appointments and the implications hawks nesting in
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washington my ponytail the new diplomat in chief of the iron fist to lead america's state department he's had the president under his spell for a while already there to see eye to eye on normal stover thing the issue that sunk to listen diplomatic korea trump and pompei all share common spite towards iran and north korea both of them like to call torture enhanced interrogation and there are fans of the n.s.a.'s warrantless bulk data collection where the stand on whistleblowers is one of the few things trump and don't pay or don't quite agree on well they have to differ on something. it's time to call out wiki leaks for what it really is a non-state hostile intelligence service often abetted by state actors like russia . i can't think of a thing that has put america in a better position as a result of this deal we're a year out from the agreement and every single action the iranians have taken has
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been bolder and starker than the ones they took before the agreement. a very real danger. i hardly ever escape a day at the white house without the president asking me about north korea and how it is that the united states is responding to that threat it's very much at the top of his mind they are ever closer to having the capacity to hold america risk with a nuclear weapon. this is the man elevated to america's top diplomat and descending with him is his former deputy gina has spoken will be the first woman to leave the cia with or bosses impending departure she worked undercover and in secret for years she clearly likes being out of the spotlight and it could be for a good reason she was one of the tortured chieftains at the cia in two thousand to asp all round the operations of an agency black site in thailand where two
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terrorist suspects were tortured one of them was nearly killed during the so-called interrogation agents slammed his head against the wall water boarded him deprived of sleep and kept him in a coffin like box and it was a hospital reportedly who later gave the order to destroy the tapes which recorded the torment along with other evidence given trump's pledge to keep the guantanamo bay operational and he's advocating of waterboarding everything falls into place it seems now the state department and the cia will have plenty in common you know in hansing not just interrogation techniques a diplomatic routine to so both points he's now have to go through senate confirmation hearings before taking office of the woods yet but rights groups have nonetheless called on congress to reject both nominations human rights watch say that given the track records of both likely to endorse abusive practices i spoke to john kerry who was one of the first operatives officers to expose the agency's use
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of torture and who later served jail time following those revelations he told me appointing junior house bill as head of the cia isn't one of trump's finest decisions. this is one of the worst moves i've ever heard of at the cia when i sort of a quick believe it because you know has bush should be in the dock at the hague not in the director's office at the cia dina has all i has blood all over her hands she's the godmother of the cia's torture program the president is certainly a fan of torture he's come right out and said so and the only thing that stopping them from returning to this torture regime is one piece of paper called the mccain feinstein amendment it was an amendment to the national fence authorization act that specifically banned it prohibit it exactly the kinds of techniques that you know has will was overseen might pump a will take over from the current secretary of state rex tillerson at the end of
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the month report for donald trump a big considering sacking as top diplomat had been circulating for months because of the numerous sometimes public disagreement of a government policy to listen dhruva was announced eventually on twitter by the president and the abrupt move has got others on the social network sharing similar stories of rejection and led them to come up with a problem you would. if
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that now you. are right when canadian activists have been detained in france and from entering britain the latest name is lauren southern she was held at a british border point kalai the u.k. home office told her she was banned for distributing racist material in the town of luton last year seems one of the posters she put out this said quote is
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a gay gold and quote officials describe the twenty two year old as a threat therefore to u.k. public policy southern said she was interrogated in that french court of the u.k.'s terrorism acts. i got a knock on the door from the kent u.k. police who handed me this form and that's when things kind of went sideways it's the schedule seven terrorism act and they said you need to read this you are being brought in to be questioned under the terrorism act or the right wing activists to be barred from britain for similar reasons to case in point austria's martin sober and american commentator brittany boat they were detained for three days earlier this month before being deported so no one had been sure jewel to speak of free speech conference in london's hyde park corner we were last week and from entering the u.k. for various reason for me it was because i wanted to give a speech about freedom of speech on speakers corner and for me i am an american
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conservative commentator and i simply wanted to enter the u.k. of course i was going to watch martin speech but i was primarily going in to do some interviews i wanted to interview tommy robinson who is outspoken against islam and they essentially labeled him a far right leader who incites racial hatred and that's why they didn't want me to enter to interview him so huge crackdown of censorship but not only you know them banning us but also on the internet right now as we're seeing on platforms like you tube and twitter the burns of caused anger in some quarters supporters is saying that while right wing activists of being banned radicalism of islamic preachers of the hundred been allowed to speak freely and known terrorist suspects reload entry into britain. the bit ridiculous if you look at us that both of us are as i called an acceptable characters for your key if you pose a threat to the accord again piece of the local community is wired to same the very same country lets radical muslim extremists just freely enter the country they have
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all these muslim grooming gangs but still we are the main threat and we are kept out of the country i think is just ridiculous the. next account of all sunday's big presidential election here in russia we're going to introduce you to some of the voters choosing who they want to see in the kremlin and the candidates vying for their support today then was speaking to members of russia's vast cultural industry to hear what members want of the future there. elite.
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promotional items to accommodate the sweet little. north still strapped into the high school spirit or the console special ones from that one cause i was forced. to start since to use that suggested to nurse trying to conceive tossing to me nash to panache that's bizarre as it was from the distant incumbents until my mom. just told me start. slow prior. to the gym you would do the. w.c. view of system so you saw. some when you got to the deal is just. you received that i was able to sort of privately does very well you know when.
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it was normal so yeah you do the dealer with a couple of days when much money was less than you thought surely in the limo service the marvel or the. yes dear but of with a true starts of. lost or some other form of guides we are not as much of the fallen you move us budgets across. a thought for some russian farmers there was the candidate we're profiling today so it is a curious fourth term in charge incumbent president vladimir putin is running as an independent this time on a platform aimed at boosting russia's economic growth with three terms under his belt he's got a lot of experience but critics accuse him of not being tough enough on corruption here are some excerpts from recent interviews and speeches on where he stands on the biggest issues facing russia and the wider world now felt another show that full because of the important thing right now this
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wednesday you could call for an urgent meeting of the un security council it is happening right now let's cross over to discovered that they had been exposed to a nerve agent british police officer nick bailey was also exposed and remains in hospital in a serious condition hundreds of british citizens have been potentially exposed to this nerve agent in what was an indiscriminate and reckless act against the united kingdom. we have deployed our military to secure and decontaminate numerous sites the police continue an exhaustive wide scale investigation through those investigations we have concluded that mr scruple and his daughter were poisoned with a navi shock a military grade nerve agent of a type developed by russia it is not a weapon which can be manufactured by non-state actors it is so dangerous that it
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requires the highest grade state laboratories and expertise. based on the knowledge that russia has previously produced this agent and combined with russia's record of conducting state sponsored assassinations including against former intelligence officers whom they regard as legitimate targets the u.k. government concluded that it was highly likely that russia was responsible for this reckless act. we saw only two plausible explanations either this was a direct attack by russia on my country or russia had lost control of a military grade nerve agent which they had developed we requested the russian government to provide an explanation by the end of jews they the thirteenth of march on how this russian produced nerve agent could have been deployed in seoul. they provided no credible explanation which could suggest they lost control of their nerve agent mr president we therefore have no alternative but to conclude
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that the russian state was responsible for the attempted murder of mr scriptural and his daughter and police officer nick baillie and for threatening the lives of other british citizens in salzburg. mr president this was no common crime it was an unlawful use of force a violation of article two of the united nations charter the basis of the international legal order. mr president the u.k. is proud to have been one of the states which played an integra role in drafting the chemical weapons convention a landmark piece of international law. we are therefore dismayed that russia has suggested that our response fails to meet the requirements of the convention. article seven of the convention calls on state parties to implement the convention
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under their own legislation the united kingdom was enacted the chemical weapons act in order to fully comply with this obligation that legislation together with relevant criminal law is now guiding our investigation into this incident as the convention was designed. this was an attack on u.k. soil under the convention we have the right to lead our response engaging the o.p.c. w. and others as appropriate. on the eighth of march the u.k. formally notified the o.p.c. w. technical secretariat that a chemical attack had taken place on u.k. soil but the russian federation has complained that we are not using article nine of the convention on the contrary on the twelfth of march once it became clear to us that the united kingdom had been attacked my foreign secretary summoned the russian ambassador.


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