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during an israeli raid in the west bank i should warn you you may find the following scenes disturbing. could be seen running down an alley wielding some kind of object he was then shot by an israeli soldier the soldier and his colleagues proceed to kick him on the ground of them dragged him along the alley mr assad of the they died a short time later now the israeli army has changed its version of what happened several times to the idea of said he had attacked the soldiers with a knife and then quickly received stage at the scene but then they said he had attacked them with an iron and was taken to hospital according to the idea latest statement of the incident. died from tear gas inhalation of the soldier who fired a shot he was interviewed by i.d.f. investigators in his statement he said he thought his life was in danger and we spoke to a member of the revolutionary council who says the i.d.f. don't consider palestinians as human. they're incited to deal with the
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palestinians as subhumans the whole rhetoric of. two dehumanizing palestinian people is something that the israeli army and now even schools are known for they can save people's life and they can avoid killing people but it is the charge they get from their training from my school education and all the incitement and old dehumanization of the palestinian people that makes them act in such a criminal fashion. over to italy now where a study has shown that in twenty seventeen migrant was the most frequently used word in the country's newspaper headlines against the backdrop of the ongoing refugee crisis italy is going to the polls on sunday and public opinion seems divided with right leaning parties gaining momentum as we can show you from the chart. no water project began
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a thirty percent of the vote both parties are known for their tough stance on immigration and this issue remains a key one as the country struggles to deal with a continuing flow of newcomers. travel to one italian town that hopes its approach to migrants will be taken up by the country as a whole we are incest a savage avani on the outskirts of milan in the north of italy once an industrial town used to have overwhelmingly communist views dubbed the stalingrad of the country today those views have all but vanished with elections in italy just around the corner this place hopes to lead by example in tackling immigration and taller and seems to be the last of concerns and what it could do here. whatever will help the situation must be done it's very important in other countries they are already doing these kinds of things and no one gets offended because it is a warranty for us and them. we need to find the best solution possible first we
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need to find out how many migrants we can identify through digital fingerprints and any other systems then we need to see if this works. they are human beings too but if there are hundreds of thousands coming into italy every year we really have a problem we can't accommodate which are. common enough of that it would be very difficult for the system to work we're not alone in france and germany the situation is even worse they don't have the same level of hate towards migrants that we had here most recently two hundred migrants were expelled from here plans to build one of the biggest mosques in northern italy were blocked and works to install facial recognition security cameras are already underway. how we got it done banning the most and removing migrants of them is looking to us for advice. what. the
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left has plans to build one of the biggest most in northern italy is project management turning my city into its lease mecca this was a criminal project that would have turned the sun giovani into a magnet. at the. start of the surveillance project which will check the engines the exits to the town based on the israeli model including facial recognition and monitoring number plates so everyone who enters and leaves town. i hope saudi hope that after the next election on sunday we will have a government in the room that will do the same we are doing in an unpredictable
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vote italy will go to the polls on sunday immigration is a card being played passionately by all sides of the spectrum so it's who can seek leads that will determine whether models like this one will be followed around the country reporting from sesto sundra vonnie in italy and associates working or for r.t. and staying in italy allegations of meddling have recently surfaced but this time it's not a foreign power that supposedly trying to change the mood in the country rather it's a model and porn star she claims she's been blocked from instagram over the edge an influence she could have on the upcoming general election i was browsing on my normally away and all of a sudden the screen disappeared i was very surprised i never violated east of rome polisi like someone they sided that i might influence. the public opinion on a distant. power has
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a history of rather unconventional campaigning on social media she first hit the headlines in twenty sixteen during a referendum on constitutional reforms when she launched a controversial campaign against the move by the activist promise to provide free sexual services to anyone who would vote no and she did make good on her promise launching her so-called. we spoke to a. by campaigning was not strictly political i created a pompadour as in that stating my opinion about river and him and and bringing a lot of attention. to dizzy is sure basically i was against a constitutional reform they proposed that did well potentially arming seated sense right. i am super proud of my country
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i love being italian and. i think that is an amazing country. i just want that people to vote with their heart and candidates. whoever and wherever would win them in. can war to create a bad award for all of us for our children and it's unjust that a lot of talented guys as to get out of italy because things are not good here because there is no war i think that we need are we deserve more than we have right now i want people to be social and volcker. about dale pena still to come here nancy international a pair of hitler designs dogs sparking outrage in poland story and much more of the .
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if anyone thinks that for the sake of joining the european union serbia would recognize kosovo under the conditions that they can close right now and not on the basis of one dialogue compromise very wrong this is a once a compromise but the solution proposed by cost of oil damien's is not the real solution. seemed wrong but. just don't call. me. yet to stamp out this thing becomes active. and engaged equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground.
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could have been with us today the us government overspent by one point two trillion dollars last year that's according to us treasury that's roughly the size of the economy of australia or spain but for many the problem isn't the overspend it's what the money wasn't used for. it's the biggest economy in the world and boiling faster than anyone else is and things will only get better at least that's what the new federal reserve chairman says the u.s. economy grew at a solid pace over the second half of two thousand and seventeen and into this year it was a good year by any standard for the us economy only the same could be said about
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the country's net loss peaking at a gargantuan one point two trillion dollars. but hey what could those one point two trillion of the board has a shopping list of things that go so way. we will build the person trying still desperate for his beloved wall this county seeking congress' approval for its eighteen billion dollar cost well with that lost money that donald could have delighted in six hundred and sixty seven walls. there are millions of kids in this country today because of the economic circumstances never believe they're going to be able to make it the college they lost money could also have been a life saver for any young american but he believes only forty seven billion is needed for free higher education for all so that one point two trillion could have paid for everyone's education for twenty six years straight. so how about
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a ferrari free for all six and a half million of the promising horses could have problems their way straight on to people's drives a little decadent perhaps but surely still base of them waving that money goodbye and still calling it a good year writes. but maybe the american people will see some of this money in the not so distant future when you've guessed it things are going to get even better the next couple of years look quite strong and you should see strong demand from consumers should see and businesses investing and i would expect the next two years on the current path to be. you know to be good years for the economy we have deficits and debt you know in the last fifteen years the national debt has gone from four trillion twenty trillion now it's going to go another five ten trillion i think they're not concerned but that is so wrong is as they can keep private investors around the world why us treasury bonds we must have been floating the global economy for decades now with dollars and the agreement is ok we'll keep
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doing that long as you folks keep recycling that money and bringing it back to the u.s. so as long as it works you can keep cutting taxes they believe in case increasing war spending so you know let's go ahead and give ourselves tax cuts and you know let's build our military even even more than it is because now where the u.s. is obviously transiting towards china in asia and that's going to cost a lot more in terms of naval i mean an air force. developing equipment development and you know that's the future looked at looking at. fashion can be controversial at the best of times but i'm politics to the mix and somebody is going to be upset as happened for recently in public.
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in a separate case poland's jewish association has accused a catholic priest of spreading hate after he claimed on a t.v. show that jews have their own version of truth for us the truth corresponds to folks who are the jews truth means something that confirms their understanding of what's been official if a jew is religious than truth means something god wants to secure jews the truth is subjective or will to have a serves israel's interests the union of jewish communities in poland wrote
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a letter to the national broadcasting council demanding that a comment on the priest's words and the anchor's response of letting the remarks go unchallenged the union also worse the council to take measures to avoid such cases in the future writer and political commentator says anti semitism is on the rise. we see in almost all the war subpackage come three is certain very dangerous attempts not just to rewrite their history this special or to glorify the darkest pages of history on the eve of the holocaust they they take this amendment to their law allowing put on trial people for action telling truth about the role of poles in the holocaust they're humiliating the mammary of victims way must talk of the truth and unfortunately i don't see any european countries
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and even america talking openly and loudly about glorification of nazi criminals in ukraine and in the baltic states. with russia's presidential election just over two weeks away the hopefuls have been sparring in a televised debate of lot of may putin declined to participate those that did ended up having rather heated exchanges. you know. studied an iced tea does up arsonist. and they get a little fat but let that sink in his own one that wants it's the size of a busboy once again about the last life. would you know that that i did not know which it is that i will. do it because because of the all star study you both produce lucian bute did a shia. death of sumo the premium for me to come up with
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a form of poker terms that would be to start him for it see what i want so we will know. when you buy the score to know all these thugs it just goes with this goes you get in a point of this or that. is the only good when you space the one putting a spin yes you can get what you know if you. miss it because there are nine other it does not but he might do just good business well number of see if what. you say you can do you. get to do this yourself final double kowloon you should also with a good point will come up with because he wouldn't lottery and we did i did i do good shit like you did with them fitbit is the gym design u.b.c. with the i need to spend you simple bad mouth more in that it should actually not get off cause that you just wasted would not buy a buy nakamura loves you i do i know you got it everyone will know its up above you if you so much love you. for being loose you look good thief but it is
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a good witness which the mother through two of the few bumps you you have a good day at the speed you but almost but even though we get back still looting you could did it because i did that because you don't give a bit especially when books. and joining us on this friday when i see international law and the fama here in half an hour's time with more of your world wide. a party divided in with out a clear message democrats face a fundamental dilemma move to the left and reach out to the aggressors and in the process alienate its donor base they are continued business as usual are the democrats tired of losing. about your sudden passing i've only just learnt you worry yourself in taking your last
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wrong turn. you're out caught up to us we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry i could so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each breath . but then my feelings started to change you talked about war like it was again still some are fond of you those that didn't like to question our ark and i secretly promised to never again like it said one does not leave a funeral the same as one enters the mind it's consumed with death this one quite different i speak to you now because there are no other takers. to claim that mainstream media has met its maker.
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with no make this manufacture consent to instant of public wealth. when the ruling classes and project themselves. with the primary go around lifts only the one percent told. us to ignore middle of the room signal. to lose any more humans to rule the world. today is the eighteen month anniversary of my science and that.
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is the little memorial corner bad i'm putting together it's not finished i'm famished on this side i have this medication backing with taking i have this to his cell phone. her son's name was eric bana he died he was strangled by a policeman. the scene was filmed and has been seen around the world. yes cry cry all over again without seeing it all spoiled that's what also. to now look at that video i said oh my god what they paid too much. states an island south of new york eric garner is on the right to policeman suspect
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him of selling cigarettes on the street. among much justice was told. to the policeman want to arrest him but this situation gets quickly out of hand one of them literally throws himself at terry to handcuff him by force another one strangled him for nearly twenty seconds. thank. god what you want. to do is this morning. i can breathe eric garner will desperately repeat that eleven times before dying. it was just total brutality what they did to him for no reason for they said for selling the lucy. it's
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like they have a license to kill and all that stuff strangulation is prohibited by the new york police yet the agents will not be sued this incident shocks viewers across the world all the men so that these cases of brutality and excesses by the police happen every week in the united states film blunders that cost light on violence abuses and the victims are on most always black people. last november in cleveland up next to me a rice a twelve year old child is playing with a plastic gun when a police car racing by stops a brute see and the officer almost instantly shoots the child. fell down. off. beginning of april in oklahoma eric harris is chased by policeman after they tackled him down.
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they fired bullets into his back. pocket. the agent said he mistook his weapon with his taser the man is dying but the policeman doesn't seem to be both the. two days later in charleston south walter scott is arrested for a broken taillight he escapes. eight bullets in the back once again the victim is not tom and. once again a white policeman shuts a black man. most crimes in the united states are committed by white people yet black people have much greater risk of dying shot by the police . if a louis for example. you have a higher chance as
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a young black man to be killed by police than being killed in a car accident in two thousand and fourteen the american police killed a hundred unarmed blacks that he's too poor weak the fact that americans have come to realize it hit them suddenly today was supposed to be michael brown's first day of college but over the weekend he was shot and killed by a police officer he was unarmed. two thousand and fourteen one death too many the death of young student michael brown in ferguson missionary the black community who cries out for days. eight months later the cameras a turn to the other riots his in baltimore where once again an afro-american digesting his arrest by the police.
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faced with these events a part of america wakes citizens take to the streets. they point out the injustice and want to put an end to impunity for the offending policeman. they're crying foul to the sad reality of america today a country where police trained in the culture of violence kill black citizens every week for no reason. may have been shot and if their animals and it's open season people who walk on the streets of the united states are at risk from the very people who are supposed to protect our drop that all. other her alive in order to do that sometimes you might have to hurt someone else.
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pittsburgh pennsylvania six hundred kilometers from new york. city of three hundred thousand inhabitants with a long history of police violence. we asked offices if we could follow them during a petrol. and we understood that any controlled can get out of hand.
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offices lance and luke come on duty. in an unmarked car east of the city in zone five. this is the district with the highest case numbers of police violence in the past is it is an afro-american neighborhood a dangerous area the office is a nervous. it's a casino fairly robust. think you're going to get but. the police are looking for weapons so they scrutinize every move of pastas by they do not hesitate to check their pockets and belts. everyone is under suspicion.
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if she minutes later we follow another police car that is about to control a red vehicle for speeding. and hearing you know here when they're. pretty good. at passenger comes out. when the policeman said when they see you're in another passenger please. before we had time to get out and film. it yet again to. the policeman hidden by the gray car has already taken his weapon with. the red vehicle escapes the chase begins. to meet up with. reality.
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oh no no no very much. after a minute chase the vehicle is found in. the woods. the passengers have old vanished. the scale the fence and i got a real good look. he had no and he just no weapon has been found no agent has been threatened but all offices have checked out their firearms go up to them how to get the corner that. we were on one corner and i didn't see him go around the corner i didn't seem to be on it straight so at that point i don't know if he's waiting around the corner with a gun or not so that's. he pretty much just assume your way around the corner with a gun. you never know better safe than sorry i don't know that someone else isn't
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going to pull a gun out so yeah unfortunately around around here we end up going our guns a lot. better safe than sorry. to chase ended up with no major problem before but this is not always the case none of the suspects were armed but the police chased them with the finger on the trigger and. the american police are allowed to point the guns very easily and also to shoot each. other. so what are the rules they are taught to follow. in the us every state and every city often has its police academy the one in pittsburgh is located a few meters from the police station you.


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