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tv   Going Underground  RT  December 27, 2017 4:30am-5:01am EST

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i don't think that at. present dangers the tunisian government is still asking for official apology and it happened under the pressure of people here in tunisia. an explosion it hit libya's largest oil pipeline causing major disruption to supplies triggered an instant spike too in the global crude price which reached up to sixty six dollars a barrel the highest since mid twenty fifteen the incident has reduced libya's all supplies by about one hundred thousand barrels per day according to officials the blast is believed to being caused by a militant group is the latest setback for libya's already struggling economy which has been devastated by more than six years of conflict since the overthrow of newmarket daffy two rival governments are still battling for control of the country .
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oil expert and told us the pipeline blast adds to the deep uncertainty i believe years or the industry terms of the global market is actually quite small if you recall we're still have a north sea pipeline outage of the forty's field which has taken off about four hundred thousand barrels a day of oil supplies but what's really important to remember in libya is that it shows the instability in the market with the supplies and that it any time we could have a terrorist attack impacting significant amount of oil is ultimately a national issue for libya because you have so much oil production in both the eastern and western parts of the country and it just shows you how the infrastructure is susceptible to these type of disruptions and outages that could really take significant quantities of oil off the market that the libyan government
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really needs to finance their budget we have seen the end of the cheap oil and i do expect that oil prices are going to drift higher in two thousand and eighteen production continues to decline but on a global basis demand continues to rise as the economies around the world are continuing to grow and that's how things are looking so far this morning here in r.t. thanks to the company don't forget if you do these stories ether you want to know a bit more to go to our web site at r.t. . here's what people have been saying about redacted the night we do exactly the full on awesome bill the show i go out of my way to find you know what it is that really packs a punch. yampa is the john oliver of hearty americans do the same we are apparently better than boobs. and see people you never heard of love went back to the night my president of the world bank go to this woman seriously send us an e-mail.
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president donald trump's two thousand and seventeen national security strategy report tells us how he sees the world or rather how the washington foreign policy leads to clearly washington's neo cons are running the show. they think eighty one and a very serious science and they're. just a little memorial corner bad i'm putting together it's not finished i'm famished on the side i have his medication backing with taking i have this to his cell phone.
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the. son's name was eric bana he died he was strangled by a policeman. the scene was filmed and has been seen around the world. yes cry cry all over again my bad thing it all spoiled ass what else. to now look at that video i guess they're all marcotte what they take too much on. stage in ireland south of new york eric garner is on the right to policeman suspect him of selling cigarettes on the street. among the much just call. the policeman want to arrest him but the situation gets quickly out of hand. one of them literally throws himself at eric to handcuff him by force another one showing
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him for nearly twenty seconds. was able. to. there's one of them. i can't breathe eric garner will desperately repeat that eleven times before dying . it was just total brutality what they did to him for no reason for they said for selling the lucy. it's like they have a license to kill and all guns are strangulation is prohibited by the new york police yet the agents will not be sued this incident shocks viewers across the world all the men so that these cases of brutality and excesses by the police happen every week in the united states film blunders that cause lights on violence
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abuses and the victims are on most always black people. and. last november in cleveland up next time your rice a twelve year old child is playing with a plastic gun when a police car racing by stops a group c. and the officer on most instantly shoots the child. fell down. off. beginning of april in oklahoma eric harris is chased by policeman after they tackled him down. they fired bullets into his back. pocket. the agent said he mistook his weapon with his taser the man is dying but the policeman
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doesn't seem to be both at the. two days later in charleston south walter scott is arrested for a broken taillight he escapes. eight bullets in the back once again the victim is not tom and. once again a white policeman shouts a black man. most crimes in the united states are committed by white people yet black people have much greater risk of dying shot by the police . if a louis for example. you have a higher chance as a young black man to be killed by police than being killed in a car accident in two thousand and fourteen the american police killed a hundred unarmed blacks that his two poor weeks the fact that americans have come to realize it hit them suddenly today was supposed to be michael brown's first day
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of college but over the weekend he was shot and killed by a police officer he was unarmed. two thousand and fourteen one death too many the death of young student michael brown in ferguson machinery the black community who cries out for days. eight months later the cameras a turn to the other riots is in baltimore where once again an afro-american died during his arrest by the police. faced with these events a part of america wakes citizens take to the streets. they point out the injustice and want to put an end to impunity for the offending policeman. they're crying foul to the sad reality of america today a country where police trained in the culture of violence kill black citizens every
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week for no reason. may have been shot and if their animals and it's open season people who walk on the streets of the united states are at risk from the very people who are supposed to protect our drop that all. other her alive in order that sometimes you might have to hurt someone else. pittsburgh pennsylvania six hundred kilometers from new york.
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city of three hundred thousand inhabitants with a long history of police violence. we asked offices if we could follow them during a patch. and we understood that any consultant gets out of hand. offices lance and lou come on duty. in an unmarked. east of the city in zone five. this is the district with the highest case numbers of
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police violence in the past is it is an afro-american neighborhood a dangerous area the office is a nervous. it's a casino fairly robust. you can think you're going to watch it but. the police are looking for weapons so they scrutinize every move of pastas by they do not hesitate to check their pockets and belts. everyone is under suspicion. if she minutes later we follow another police car that is about to control a red vehicle for speeding. and hearing you know you're. pretty good. at passenger comes out.
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when the policeman said when they see you're in another passing just please. before we had time to get out and fill. it again. the policeman hidden by the great car has already taken his weapon with. the red vehicle escapes the chase begins. to meet. with. reality. oh you very much. want to go. off to minute
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chase the vehicle is found in. the woods. the passengers have old vanished. the scale the fence i got a real good look yeah yeah i know and he just no weapon has been found no agent has been threatened but all offices have checked out their firearms go up to them how to get the corner that. we were on one corner and i didn't see him go around the corner i didn't seem to run it straight so at that point i don't know if he's waiting around the corner with a gun or not so that's. he pretty much just assume his way around the corner with a gun. you never know better safe than sorry i don't know that someone else isn't going to pull a gun out so yeah unfortunately around around here we end up going our guns off the to make better safe than sorry.
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the chase ended up with no major problem before but this is not always the case none of the suspects were armed but the police chased them with the finger on the trigger. to american police are allowed to point their guns very easily and also to shoot each. other. so what are the rules they have to follow. in the us every state and every city often has its police academy the one in pittsburgh is located a few meters from the police station usually that teaches a former policeman. here. like in france the training last one year but the average in the us is only of six months. off. this morning the trainees are reviewing the highway code ok for driver flood
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driving a driver with a driver's license expired within sixty days of the day that the expiration was his fine sixty days his drivers live in this classroom they will learn the rules of the new ethics in crisis management but that is only a small part of the program. the most important is this. in these images sim by the police itself we discover the training ground the loud music is used by train is to raise the stress to the maximum. hidden behind blue tops they prepare a few.


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