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terrorists and taking my favorite guitar. what a beautiful summer what a wonderful life is waiting for me. the chinese friends made me a guitar on the stimulus that is so i started playing the seven string guitar i played it quite well he played it well to some level that i started when i was about ten years old. he saw me in the park it was a sunny day she was too shy to approach me i saw him in the corner of my eye there was some sentimental song playing in my mind i'm trying to remember it now but i can't something sad for some reason maybe it's because i'm leaving the city for the whole summer and won't see him until lot of people. drawing the picture. nobody expects me to in that way through
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a good know. dozens . using methods and there were no passenger trains so we walked to let
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a grat. we couldn't recognize it though will take was crisscrossed over all the windows all the shop windows are blocked with sandbags to play on but they left some of the statues like the bronze horseman that is is that even that was also covered with sandbags double. so we could recognize our own city in a day the whole city was locked in. this streets emptied my last friend left leningrad. at least mom and dad are with me we're not going anywhere we will stay until the end. i know this war will be over soon they said on the radio that it won't be for long. we are a big and strong country. i know it will be over soon i will see him.
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he will be back and we will be happy. to get over there by the bush but the love and the first bombs hit house number one hundred night on the ski prospect of those though and my dad's factory still tied to the germans wanted to bomb everything the most costly railway station and the train tracks leading to moscow. they were dropping bombs everywhere there were so many casualties when i heard about it i rushed to my dad's factory and met my geography teacher the head of the gaddafi. he knew my dad well video they had served in the imperial army together and he told me of your father's alive don't worry about him yet so you. told me there was no place to escape to so they just had to carry all those bombay exams but lost their legs or arms or just more of. the somewhere on the front. no fighting the fascists he must be really close the
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germans are already in the outskirts of leningrad and i haven't got a single letter from him because he is the wounded i still dream about. three of them when i was a fishmonger next to us on rubenstein street for woodward world war three they kept several kinds of stuff just trying to ferry the world with the sure pyramids are virtually every hour crap or on display what are the words the shops were always full of goods the rule of only do for the moment you one day mom went and saw that all the shelves were empty who you. think disappeared like that in a flash. but after that they started the food rationing. this is terrible were threatened with starvation we only have one hundred twenty
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five grams of bread but soon will only have bread crumbs a famine is coming a real one. there hasn't been a single day that i felt full you leave the table still feeling as though you want to eat. mom asks me are you full i say of course i am. because i don't want to upset or. i don't think we can survive we will never eat properly again. at least we still have run mom makes flat bread from it it's not very filling but at least you feel as though you have something in your stomach for a little while at least. for the dad brought us to rhonda that it's what's left over from making some flour oil spill they used it to feed it to to cattle.
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they it was very difficult to chew but mom tried to make it edible. jell in she boiled it as much as she could tell it but even adding charcoal. it was still trefoil to eat but there was nothing else so that's what we had. been walking along rubinstein street. we all have russian carts to appeal to given these bottles of syrup they called it was sort of like sweetened water with real cool would you well someone dropped the bottle you threw up out of the awful no it smashed i'm also getting to the ground and she will bomb i swear this happened and i saw it with my own eyes lordy people were crawling around trying to lick what they could off the ground with the words used to warm this is what the seeds did to people feel the ship of the.
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media in the vampire they bombed the diet ski warehouses the fire lasted for a few days it was awful the fire was huge the whole of leningrad could see it if it was the main storage place for all the food in the city. they bombed it so much that the entire storage facility was leveled to the ground zero your people were eating the earth because it had small traces of sugar in it i tried to eat it as well but i couldn't it was nothing else to eat so many people ate that dad brought home some glue were afraid at first but then mom boiled it and it turned into jelly we ate it with vinegar that's what saved us. i just want to cry cry and cry some more i have such
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a heavy heart i'm sick of everything. even of life. starvation and famine everywhere and people keep dying sleds carry the dead through the streets from morning to night leningrad population has decreased dramatically almost two million people have already died. i visited our neighbor today her father died yesterday he was wrapped in a sheet and taken away on a sled. my only distraction now is my books. but we delivered books that the wards had quite often i would read to the wounded soldiers. used to have a little there's a bell once i went to one ward and said well what should i read which they said anything but nothing about war yet you still have but so i decided to read pushkin
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have gideon agan to them at that was a good he writes about a duel and that you are one of the soldiers said you promise to read nothing about war but these two have just shot each other up well that was quite awkward. and the hospital today i wanted soldier told me that if you had died they would have told me by now. neither food nor letters can get through this siege just be sure to survive i will wait for you i have all your pictures my most treasured possessions. in the sorry i did my first royal from a window with arctic air to me and this is where the sphinx is can be the same. here in my sketchpad. we have to cover the sphinx as with wooden boards i do a sketch about that. it's called the view from the article to me window.
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today is my birthday. today i felt full dad brought two small frozen any ends and a hundred grams of raisins his whole ration. mom cooked noodles and mixed oil and bowl down aeons with. the noodles were lovely and grease. the ne and completely had the taste of grease the first course was jelly made from. mom brought home one hundred fifty grams of meat today what a pleasure it was to eat just a little meat i tried to make it last as long as i possibly could it was such bliss i just want to eat eat and eat but most importantly we are still all together and ana my mom dad and me. another spring in leningrad
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i used to love it and now i hate it so much it brings no love anymore only death. starlit nights just look like a mass grave. another summer without you. for a whole year i haven't received a single letter from you. i know you cannot be alive anymore i will never be happy again. this spring is my last. in april all the people of leningrad went out to clean the city streets we were expecting an epidemic because the dead were everywhere and there was a roll sewage flowing past houses because the sewage system was not working. so they told everybody to go out and clean up the city and everybody did.
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that even those who could barely hold a tool in their hands went out to break up the ice seriously gullible you. leningrad became so clean it was a real joy to see it. in may the trans started working again. i will never forget this day i can't believe dad is gone. news of his death was too sad and. even today this morning we talked about him thinking he was alive remembering different things about him and we were happy that he looked relatively well. it turned out though that by then he was already gone. i cannot believe he's gone it can't be how i wanted to be a mistake it's hard it's terrible we didn't even say goodbye.
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a few days ago i broke my mare into pieces i was waiting for a disaster and my fears came true in the most horrible way. i cry all the time. there was nobody with it was buried in a mass grave. the olympic torch is on its epic journey to such. one hundred twenty three days. through two thousand one hundred towns and cities of russia. relayed by fourteen thousand people or sixty five thousand killings. in a record setting trip by land air sea an outer space. a limping torch relay. on r t r c dot com.
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the recent between iran and the united states may potentially put to rest one of the most toxic and one sees in modern geopolitics a possibility that would arguably benefit many peace loving nation. but is this newfound goodwill at risk of being derailed and why is the character of the war sweeter than the chance of peace.
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margy dot com is launching a special project to mark the appalling scale of violence in iraq. we want you to know. to speak your language. programs and documentaries in arabic it's. well here on. reporting from the world's hot spots of the ip interviews intriguing story for you here. in trying. to find out more visit our big teeth dog call. one of the new will. be ali face i just i feel.
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a pleasure to have you with us here on t.v. today i'm sure. my mom was very ill. but no one day dad said we were not going to the bomb shelter. that night there was incredibly heavy bombing. it was a direct hit on that very shelter and everyone was buried underneath here nobody survived more than. it was you people were too exhausted even to remove the rubble and it was so cold. the temperature was still certain degrees below zero. and it didn't get any better but
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a few bird dome of the entire month of january february and march it was so cold thirty to forty degrees below should. we could never even at the fire go out water would freeze instantly. we took the sleds over to but prospect we put little buckets on to. the sled stands there was a hole in the ice close to the riverbank. although sometimes we went there to get water. it was easy to lose the buckets when we climbed back up the embankment but i gather of the water would splash over the rim of the buckets or. pulling those sleds was very difficult because the ground was completely frozen yellow a lot but still we kept going and taking those two buckets back home now we drag that water and use it to wash there was nowhere else to get it and.
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the bombing is not as bad as the starvation and. i'm so then. starvation has caused mom stomach to swell she's in the hospital. i will not see her again. the doctors say she won't survive. my dear mom i can't leave you i don't want to live without you i'm all alone. mommy. the cellists i spent new year's eve of nine hundred forty three alone it was very difficult. we had three separate apartments joined by a long corridor but all of them were empty because everyone had been evacuated so i was alone in the three apartments stairwell you sit with all boards e.-l.
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as it was dark because we had no electricity. no electricity no water. there was no heat. and we had no firewood either your mobile for. the worst has happened i am sick i can't stand up and i'm freezing they're breaking up wooden houses and leningrad outside it is thirty degrees below. inside it's only minus ten . water freezes in doors every day i go by tram to the demolished houses i just have the energy to carry a single small plank i'm not using the firewood just in case mom suddenly comes back. to use of course they let me see her in hospital yeah i went expecting to see her round puffy face which they saw you but i just saw a skinny woman saying she will my mom was my dear mom with that she looked so thin
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line there. i'm so happy i have recovered i've been back on my feet for two days when i saw myself and the mare i was scared i saw a completely unfamiliar old and skeletal face i now look at least thirty but that doesn't matter even if i do look like a skeleton the most important thing is i'm not sick. comrades people of letting grads this siege of leningrad has been broken by the heroic red army soldiers have built a railway across our liberated country devolved astray as the railway workers will be arriving today with the first train from the heartland. january seventeenth one thousand nine hundred forty three the focus of the day the
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siege finally ended when we heard the noise from our soldiers guns we were so happy . the siege took millions of lives. even now we don't know exactly how many. when the blockade was over. will people started sending in food from all over the country. i'm feeling better now i go to the alexander nevsky monastery to pick grass my make soup with it it's a pity there are no nettles in leningrad they're quite tasty we have bread now the only thing that upsets me still is the bomb it's more frequent now. will we stay alive. i even want to play my guitar again i just wish the bombing of leningrad
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would stop. it but on the ship i was really scared by the air raid sirens isn't it they were lots of them but we should be anti aircraft guns fired a planes were flying and there was a lot who are all over the sea or it was terrifying and the sirens carried on and one after the other i have no idea how our soldiers and officers cope with all that . when the bombing is over a look to the sky i don't know if god does exist but i feel he's up there so. they say he doesn't exist but if you do please let my love come back down here to. look why i spent most of the seats on the rooftops. bus one like nobody told us to do that. but they were always dropping fire bombs though
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so we had no choice but to get up there to save our hosts fergus would go. mom says i'm crying in my sleep i said that i was scared of the bombings i saw him in a dream wounded and then dead i saw his pale face and his blue eyes looking at me his lips room. right he's begging help me save me i'm waiting for him the genius cut short by a bomb. did it warrant the germans were shelling the city that way yes yes they knew the location of every tram stop i deal with so we had to move them every single day and yes they did added well they don't play in the us that we do they were firing at the trams tops in the same people who are going to work when the attack started there was no way to escape but it is different is that the shelling was quite far from the buildings around in the border and a sas. but the it was no cover to hide under the. so there
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were plenty of casualties. they were firing at maternity homes he was. trying to target crowded places. they did that it were quite a long time. from leningrad today is the twenty seventh of january nineteen forty four our moment of triumph as a mass. grave the blockade is over we won we have survived i want to cry to cry with joy. mama survive to i miss my dad so much my dear dad we are alive how great it is to feel like i think and. today there will be fireworks people are exhausted but they will still take to the streets my dear dear diary he's alive he's returned from the front he's lost weight
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i have not been this happy since before the war for the first time in my life i want to cry because i am so happy. we will walk along the river spring will come to leningrad again. now i know that we will have a long and happy life. i am certain of. know
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my guitar is here i can get it why do you even bother him please might even help me with my guitar. thank you you're welcome. oh sorry well you know how to treat it better than i do sorry i can play.
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we all know that. there is a great deal of monitoring of international communications a lot of this is directed to stopping and intercepting terrorist activity but i think that is legitimate and people people support that. the technology has run the political control exercised over it if the technology permits you to do something then people will do it. to do it and it's quite
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we have perhaps. what is necessary for dealing with international terrorism and international crime areas where it is a question of. people's privacy is a problem we have to be dealt with videos of. good laboratory. building. mission to teach me. only. exactly what happened that day i don't know but a woman i killed. piers later is when i got arrested for. for a crime i did not do. we have numerous cases where police officers lie
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about polygraph results. innocent people to confess to police officers don't beat people anymore i mean it just doesn't happen really. in the course of interrogation why because there's been this is lightman know because the psychological techniques are more effective in obtaining confessions than physical abuse and they were often they could get what they wanted they can say what they wanted and there was no evidence of what they did or what they said. choose your language. we can't you know if generals going to say sell some of us. choose to use the concerns you can. choose to defend against the degrading to. choose the stories that impact your life choose be access to your office.
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this is obviously more for the ladies because it's a. women wanted to avoid rape they really needed to buy guns environ how to use them. this is the one that i want to go with but once you give us the feel for. definitely the target of the gun lobby one you don't kill them not one to kill anybody but if somebody were you with this with her. i'm noticing more and more is this really scary marketing tactics which implies that women have some sort of moral obligation to own guns to protect their family and young girls shoot out here too so we do have a pink or. more kids young kids choke on food than are killed by firearms if being armed made us safer in america we should be the safest nation on earth so we're clearly not the safest.
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guantanamo bay faces a rising tide of opposition is the facility marks twelve years of scandal and scrutiny it's very easy and one ton of. new release. that you're not prosecute but the white times is unswayed saying gee process is a luxury you can do with acting keeping these men behind us it's hard to tell right now exactly how long we'll be down here doing this mission we report from inside guantanamo bay on the future of one of the world's most maligned prisons plus a visit here i'm in the homeland of more than half of the remaining inmates we focus on plans to build one town in my base excessive there and high detainees relatives give the situation. and up.


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