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eight pm saturday evening here in moscow and the olympic flame is handed to russia in a glittering ceremony in athens on sunday then it will begin its tour of the host country arriving in sochi for the twenty fourteen winter games. no excuse for internet anonymity it's revealed the n.s.a. has been snooping on those who genuinely need online privacy while the web giant desperately moved to mend their reputations. a fifth straight day of deadlock sees the u.s. government in paralysis with economists warning of impending disaster we report on what the red vs blue standoff is costing america. and switzerland's plan to pay its citizens nearly two thousand euros a month whether they've got a job or not we tell you why. it's
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kevin with you tonight here in moscow and the olympic torch of the twenty fourteen winter games as handed over to russia it will fly now to moscow after a car of ceremony in athens to kick off its sixty five thousand kilometers to the host country to farmers watching the festivities in greece first joins us now live hi there nice to see you tonight lovely day is no tell us a bit more about today's ceremony first of all. while the olympic flame for sochi twenty fourteen has officially been handed over to the russian olympic committee and it took place here at the historic and i corps stadium during an elaborate ceremony that started with the greek figure skater. running into the stadium with the torch that's the same. tauch that was lit up at an ancient olympia just under
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a week ago and since then the torch is being doing a tour of greece but that greek leg of the relay did come to an end today and you may have seen the torch was then given to the deputy prime minister of russia dmitri horseback and he received it from. us who is in fact the president of the olympic committee and if you look closely you may have seen that torch was then used to light a small lantern and it's that lantern that will then be taken to the russian embassy here in athens this evening before being flown on a plane to moscow tomorrow for the start of the russian leg of this a limb pick torch relay that's where the story really continues isn't it you talked about an elaborate ceremony today that the plans for the next hundred maybe three days for it are spectacular indeed give us an outline. yet they are record breaking it sixty five thousand kilometers long you will see that torch go to the top of
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mantell bruce it will see that torch go to the bottom of lake baikal it will also go to the north pole and also be fired into outer space for a space walk up at the international space station before coming back down to earth in time to light the limpid colder and in sochi the opening ceremony on february the seventh so it is a fabulous journey it's the journey that will cover the length and breadth of russia going across all nine time zones and it is believed it will give ninety percent of the country a chance to actually see through its very significant it should be spectacular and it's well worth looking forward and backwards not of course for the past seven days previous to this the torch has been heading around greece as well it's still got a huge significance there isn't it. it is and it's all about trying to show this link between the ancient games and the modern games because you have to remember that two and a half thousand years ago we gamed actually started in here and that's where this torch was lit. at around about four eighteen i hope i've got my facts right here
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the ancient olympics stopped and they weren't actually resurrected again until around eight hundred ninety six when the first modern games were held here at this very stadium at the planet annika stadium in athens and that's where the ceremony took place today and it's really trying to show the link between the ancient and the modern games that we have enjoyed today in the form of the summer games but also the winter games that take place and will take place in sochi on february the seventh i do things that really enjoy the coverage earlier almost to see you more later than of course over the coming weekend we go for live coverage of the olympic torch handover ceremony on our web site if you want to catch up with you didn't see it there we voted to log onto our t.v. or conversely the footage from. the olympic torch is on a big journey to show you. one hundred twenty three days. through two thousand nine hundred two cities of russia. really fourteen thousand people
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or sixty five thousand. in a record setting trip by land here. and others. a little torch. special coverage on our. next for the n.s.a. no one has good enough reason to see anonymity on the web it seems a freshly reveals that whether it's protecting business secrets or shielding your identity from an oppressive regime the agency encryption crusade even targets complex systems developed for those who genuinely need privacy in time the internet tech giants are in damage control mode asking the federal court to let them reveal details about their and i say data requests lucy catherine of wraps up the story tonight. in the wake of the u.s. national security agency scandal much of the tech industry has grown critical of government snooping some companies named as partners in the n.s.a.'s prism program
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including google and facebook even sued the u.s. in order to set the record straight they're hoping to fight the perception that the n.s.a. has direct access to their servers but transparency might come with financial incentives the snowden leaks prompted dire warnings from internet giants predicting that american businesses would lose tens of billions of dollars in revenue abroad as scared users turn to local alternatives one industry nonprofit survey found that ten percent of two hundred seven officials at not american companies cancelled contracts in the wake of the leaks fifty six percent of non-u.s. respondents said they were hesitant to work with u.s. based cloud computing firms some researchers even predicted the cloud computing industry as a whole could lose up to one hundred billion dollars by twenty sixteen but so far none of that has panned out in fact some of the internet giants who helped the n.s.a. gather data on people overseas say privately they felt little if any impact on their business and when it comes to internet empires some of those very same firms
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dominate the internet traffic across the globe. google and facebook rule most of the world that's according to a new survey from oxford university as this map shows the only major countries not under their sway are china and russia also kazakhstan korea and japan here local providers have managed to maintain their domination of the market and there's a number of theories as to why one is that cloud customers have few good alternatives american firms have most of the market and switching costs money another reason is that tech buying companies elsewhere believe their own governments have scanning procedures that are every bit as invasive as the american programs and so despite the spying revelations it seems to be business as usual for the tech giants who worked with the n.s.a. reporting from moscow i'm lucy catherine of r.t. or the founder of a secure email provider used by edward snowden was forced to shut down his service after working on it finale ten years he repeatedly refused to provide the f.b.i.
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with access to. encryption keys another levinson explain to our t why he preferred to close rather than disclose. i took the stance that i did not try and protect a single person but because i was concerned about the invasion and sacrificing of everyone's privacy rights that was accessing my system i know they threatened me on more than one occasion with jail i think the only reason they didn't do it is because if they had the service would have eventually shut down on its own with nobody to maintain it and the only reason they didn't arrest me after the shutdown was because of the media the public but it's pretty scary to to think about what lengths they're willing to go to conduct these investigations and you know effectively what's going on is just completely undermining what little trust there was in commercial technology product here in the u.s.
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google yahoo facebook they've been fighting requests via the pfizer court they've been fighting requests like the ones that i received. the fact is they've been losing five days of government shutdown have done little to cool tempers in washington republican and democrat lawmakers are continuing to bicker over budget technicalities what's worse doesn't look like the crisis will anytime soon and could even get a lot worse but the seventeenth that's when lawmakers have to raise a debt ceiling to pay off debt otherwise that means two full repercussions of what should be horrendous the world economy currently hundreds of thousands of state workers have been laid off for the united states with organizations as big as massive forced wind operations george abhi used to oversee the international space station from houston told us they will be long lasting enough to show too. there are missions that are coming up in say four or five or six months fairly critical
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missions or missions that are robotic flights that are going to the planets they have launch windows that have to be maintained and if the workers are furloughed that work and being done and so there is going to be an effect on the line and i was the director of the johnson space center and we were flying the space shuttle and of course flying missions to mirror to that time so we had to maintain a schedule so i managed to keep the work orders. working we kept the work going on in the johnson space center and the kennedy space center in florida and we didn't really have an impact but this time with about ninety seven percent of the workforce at the johnson space center laid off there will be an impact down the line. imitating the u.s. economic lifestyle which led to the global crises five years ago could also be harmful for other countries too coming up in fact next down the show where the copycat moves could lead. of course we in the u.k.
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would they come up with an idea of backing their wealth of creating wealth through property so this is the first head by max and it's turned crown estate into sovereign wealth fund labor m.p.'s to urge basically this is a great idea because other countries like norway famously have a sovereign wealth fund from all that north sea oil china has trillions of dollars in reserves made up of a chilling us dollars and then more chileans of other currencies britain however they sold sixty percent of their gold under gordon brown they have no sovereign wealth fund and they've got an economy that's overly reliant on fraud and really hypothecation so yes i say to the queen elizabeth respectfully turn all that unused collateral into something that can help the nation think of it as being on the vanguard in this global financial war and when it's not sexy don't you want to be a war queen you can be like there's a financial war going we're going to put up the palaces collateral defy the financial war you know it's exciting get on t.v.
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make a few speeches you could make a movie about it you'd be userspace missed that some of these previous monarchs they've made movies about that are now canonized in hollywood you too can be famous in hollywood too yes. more about in just about twenty minutes time when it counts max and stakes then after this news now switzerland consumes stop paying its citizens and to a monthly salary of two thousand euros just for being there the idea is no for a national vote haven't received the backing of one hundred thousand signatures in principle it's an extreme social safety net but those behind it have big plans is people all over. by the truckload the proposed basic income initiative arrived with a splash and the promise of two thousand euro a month to every swiss citizen intended to let them live without basic financial worries imagine you're being born and society tells you while calm you will
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be cared for and i ask you what you want to do with your life what's your calling imagine imagine that that feeling that's a whole different atmosphere column and were presented with a petition signed by over one hundred twenty thousand people proposing the idea of paying everyone if they will or not so switzerland is set for referendum. it could be one of the landmark historical moments like the abolition of slavery or the civil rights movement of course those who don't want it will find excuses i know but those who do want it will find solutions and. campaign is announce their intention to spread the wealth with a glitzy stunt four hundred thousand swiss francs about three hundred fifty thousand euro worth of gold coins deposited on the square in front of parliament this initiative hopes to do is to switzerland's huge mouthfuls of gold into the
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base for all its citizens when you look at the globe say ok we want to do a pilot project what do you do you pick a small country ok a concert which is i'm embarrassed about all the independence you know we're not part of the you but here for this project it could be could be an advantage apart from being independent of brussels supporters a sightseeing another major reason for this idea to be successful here. if there is anywhere that can find its way through and great now we have to ball rolling stone to a yes or no where. it will then be up to lawmakers to determine exactly where the money will come from unless those financing issues are worked through and with the prospect of tax rises it may prove difficult to convince enough swiss that the idea of money for nothing is a good one the older generation they lived their whole lives in and out of the
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system so it's it's hard for them to actually realize what this means and they have fear of course off their pensions and everything and they don't instantly get that it's actually everything placements on the old system the concept behind the initiative is that the current system of will can pay is outdated for a progressive nation like switzerland but with the question of would swiss people want to work if cash is just thrown at them it could turn out to be a gamble to farm for votes as peter all of. the switzerland. coming up rigs right to reply would travel to meet the crew of russian oil plus greenpeace activists to protest. it was used to killing afghan civilians again and. missing its militant targets that we so often.
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millions around the globe struggle with hunger each good. what if someone offers a lifetime food supply no charge. they can very strong against g.m.o. and we think that. the. priest. there is no. evidence to this any problem with genetic engineering when you make a deal. or is free cheese always. i don't believe that. there. is a profit. for social justice golden rice.
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the netherlands is taking russia to the international monetary tribunal accusing it of unlawfully seizing the green ship arctic sunrise used during last month's all red protest they say the environmentalists posed a threat to the platforms employees in the charge them with piracy. speaking to the arctic record the center of the storm. there is and. to. really.
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prove as long there was preparing to become russia's first offshore oil rig in the arctic other nations want to catch up until at least two thousand and twenty very early warning the rings captain was informed that the arctic sunrise vessel was just a few kilometers away and that its behavior was out of ordinary. the worldwide automatic identification system also known as their ai as can track almost any sheep within a twenty mile zone and know their unique identification and position course and speed if it wants to be seen for them balloons you see on the books with us on the road the boat was identified as the arctic sunrise but then it disappeared from our radars which could only mean they switched off their systems it constantly changed course and speed was approaching and then moving away from the rig again at one point they breached the three mile safety zone around the rig for ten to twenty
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minutes. the captain told us he tried to contact the suspicious vessel sent a message warning it not to approach the reek any closer it was met with silence all the rules captain twenty five years at the helm was not so well that cruise and tensions but you could imagine the worst he had experience with dealing with greenpeace activists before. last august when pieces of tick sunrise brought a dozen environmental activists to the platform for a protest over the dangers drilling could pose to the environment the u.s. drug use to reach the righ and eventually managed to get on it and spend about ten hours there the head of greenpeace russia used the success to accuse the rig's management of been unable to provide security which could have disastrous consequences if it had been a terror attack the official claimed a year on the pressure group tried to repeat the stunt for the captain it was like
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deja vu he saw first two and then three boats approaching the rig breach in its safety zone protected by international maritime law he should act. reaction from the rigs crew as well as border forces patrolling strategic waters was well coordinated and quick they stopped him what happened next the world learned from various videos later pasted on the web. we knew it was greenpeace vessel but as to who was on board and what their aims were we had no way dear there could have been anyone there especially when we saw them launching speedboats look they used these ropes to try to get on board and two of them succeeded we continue talking to them in english they did in the bay there was a woman and a man and this is when border forces had to intervene. for four more years of article forty four and they posed a minor threat until the attempted to board the platform and that we have to
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prevent by all. civil means because they could damage equipment and sabotage our work this rig is a place of extreme danger. the rigs crew says it learned lessons from last year and jokingly thanked the activists for helping them improve their ability to protect their righ but for the activists themselves thirty people from nineteen countries including russia this is no joke they are all now charged with piracy if convicted they could face up to fifteen years in jail it's off to the law now to decide reef nationality from the charas sea in russia's north and later this meantime supporters of the detained activists are rallying around the world from strayer to brazil demonstrators demanding the release of those arrested aboard the arctic sunrise the protests are expected to gather steam too with tens of thousands expected to attend rallies across forty five countries according to greenpeace.
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mobile duz in brief shared no garden and a one year old toddler in a car we've got the pictures we've got more the storyline to sort of break in yes they were a thirty four year old woman was shot dead by officers after trying to ram her way into the white house grounds and leading police on a hair raising chase through the capital we want to catch up with we've got it on line i'm putting down roots and stand against aggression it out seagull call me the bad news planting seeds of resistance in the west bank. right the seeds. first for you and i think you're. on our reporters' twitter and. instagram i. will be in the.
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afghan officials are blaming a so-called precision nato strike for the deaths of five civilians including three children the coalition dismisses the accusations saying their casualty reports showed no civilian victims afghanistan expert path these things u.s. intelligence these do a better job in fact last night's attack. is part of. this is how i ask this is how the latest strike. me be an intelligence failure the people who were killed were carrying their rifles they were going for shooting at night this. this is. a lot of afghans and it seems this strike took place because these students were mistaken.
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an attack on a libyan military post southeast of tripoli was killed fifteen several more injured as the soldiers came under attack from vehicles a quick machine guns but they were lives one of the last strongholds indeed for supporters of the former leader when the gadhafi were the government struggling to control rival militants competing for influence from the military spokesman his name before members of a terrorist group who went on a deadly rampage in a mile in the kenyan capital he said. from sudan led the assault two weeks ago that list sixty seven dead all four attackers died in the raid the new details come shortly after a private kenyan t.v. station broadcast security footage of the assault showing the terrorists walking calmly through the westgate shopping center. thanks fear a company the site of even with around the world you're watching coming up next here on our team from moscow the effects of global economic policies on powerful countries.
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recently the ministry of internal affairs of russia declared that they're going to dress to increase operations in and around the moscow subway system with a major emphasis on illegal immigration there's an odd paradox when people talk about dealing with illegal immigration in terms of what the police should do people want the police to deal with it but any means of trying to actually do anything or generally taboo any form of asking people to see ideas viewed as an invasion of privacy or racial profiling well i don't know how exactly anyone can prove they are or aren't a citizen without id and if you're looking for people who are foreign and thus different then how can you go about looking for illegals without looking for people who are different i.e. profiling if they were looking for a criminal of slavic origin in uganda when the police be wrong to stop me due to standing out from the crowd i don't think so that's not racial profiling it is just common sense obviously it is best to fight the causes of illegal immigration rather
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than asking for id in moscow subways but they have to do something so i guess id checks are here to stay but there's a big difference between looking at someone's passport and doing stop and frisk or involuntary blood and urine tests that is what immigration control goes over the line but that's just my opinion. there's a nine story building i noticed that standing on its roof was a man in civilian clothes holding a sniper rifle. to say something that offends so there's no need for the use blank or wooden shells but the building was good much time it took to restore it. we voted for yeltsin in the referendum the deputies of the supreme soviet didn't appeal to us at all we had to support yeltsin
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otherwise it would have been civil war. but with the kaiser report imax kaiser financial holocaust financial chair financial apartheid yes all the cost and terror and apartheid of the lions and tigers and bears of our day but dorothy you can rise up just click your heels and storm the palaces with a collateralized debt obligation of your own so let's take buckingham palace kensington palace st james palace and windsor palace roll the palaces and to want to hire leverage collateralize palace obligation and re conquer the world we can do it dorothy's with a royal ass a yacht of our own the people's infinitely re hypothecated palace obligation bonds
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what a fantastic idea stacy number of course only in the u.k. would they come up with an idea of backing their wealth of creating wealth through property so this is the first headline max and it's turned crown estate into sovereign wealth fund labor m.p.'s to urge britain's eight point six billion pound crown estate should be turned into a sovereign wealth fund to rival governments backed investment funds that have sprung up across europe the middle east and asia in the last twenty years a group of labor m.p.'s will say this week basically this is a great idea because other countries like norway famously have a sovereign wealth fund from all that north sea oil britain could have had a sovereign wealth fund had they created one based on a north sea oil but instead they reply now that into a house by kulish and bubbles you know part of the reason they don't have a sovereign wealth fund is due to the bubble popping in two thousand and eight norway was not so foolish other countries are sovereign wealth funds here in the u.k. they're saying take the palaces that are owned by the crown i think you mentioned eight or nine billion pounds worth wrapped those into
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a palace backed bond essentially and then you can use that as a fractional palast lending obligation facility and spin that to eighty ninety one hundred billion pounds to go out there and buy. strategic assets around the world i'm not sure why this is not a good idea i think the queen would be more than happy to add something useful to the economy after fifty or sixty years of sitting on her duff and here's a way to turn her assets into something that could be productive i'm all for it well the crown estate is eight point six billion pounds worth it's the palaces the land but also but large parts of reason street and oxford street all that area they did have eleven percent return on it now this money however they do not control it goes directly to the treasury so what they're saying is that they could use it i guess leverage it up and vest overseas in china in hong kong and in infrastructure projects domestically and to pay down debt so i'm assuming they want to leverage it .


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