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you sure. no. not today. it seems like a perfectly reasonable request the why don't you just give us all the names. that is what i. have a pal or. that's what i. was like a wake up call i mean as i could i would have been submerged in the stonewalling efforts of my government of my colleagues there get. them going along with that stonewalling and do placing these obstacles in the way. of these attorneys who are trying to get that information. nearing into my tour
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there. are sometimes going to be a don that's going to be done by me and those that have a short amount of time to do it. bob are all sense he wants the next i know where i get the next. inspect your bags they look at your things and you have something like that. they're going to prosecute you and i knew i made a list of names they're not going to let me off the howling with that. this so you figure out a way you know how am i going to get off the island. and that's when i decided i would minimize regular pieces of paper. good enough to where i could put it in a card and mail it off the island. my thinking was in when i went through the postal system was that whoever's handling that card would if it's a little bit thick would think that maybe it's photos or something inside of it.
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which is not uncommon and it just happened to be since it was january or the next holiday coming up was found last day so when i went shopping it is changed on my card it ended up in the be distributed chihuahua dog. and i wasn't sure i was going to do it i mean there's just something i stayed awake at night sometimes think and you know should i go through with the show now. i'm putting my own future on the line plus my wife's my daughter's the three individuals compared to five hundred fifty plus. i'm going to leave. they're going to be left behind in the maybe never have their day in court. retrieved the list put it in the card. office strolled down to the post office box . meanwhile spends his fourth year in guantanamo neither the german nor
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the turkish government have intervened on his behalf. release nobody out there. and as prisoners. are going to get. they told me you will stay here forever will never go home. for washington two thousand and four. had been along with her lawyer she drew public attention to the breach of law and her son's fate. as a housewife i was terrified of all the cameras. i'd rather not talk. to the actress vanessa redgrave told me don't be afraid where we are here. is an idea. i mean it's clearly inhumane how they treat the prisoners there
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for over a year. rallied in vain for her son until in november two thousand and five she gained a powerful ally since she wasn't even a german citizen it was convenient to say we don't want to turn asked back that's what they stuck with but chancellor merkel disagreed with this policy and said i will put it into this and bring this young man home and then one day he finally arrived on the plane. my family was waiting for me. i saw my mother first she locked me in her arms and would like go of me anymore. she also cried. i assume they were tears of joy. it was beautiful beyond words and i can't describe it i was detained and tortured
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as now i was a free man again. everything stayed the same except for some experiences that i don't share with my family because they don't want to hear about them. because going to pakistan to fight the usa alongside the taliban in afghanistan. ruby occur nurse believes that mertz new arab friends made him lose this way. he wouldn't tell me much but it sounds to brainwash him.
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he first said i know full well but my mother told the media things the americans then used against me. they were unsubstantiated things she just said because she thought it would help bring me home soon or. i might have a while so i confronted him i said was it my fault that you were away and hand sorry yes it was. but as a mother just wanted to bring home the. old year later after i left it like many. officer was alerted there was an investigation and now is the focus of at. that point any ok this is not.
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the list that i sent this is relating to that list. when they interrogated me they proceeded to take major case prints of my fingers my hands my palms to compare it to the documents that they retrieved. and then they put me through a series of handwriting samples. so i could do the return address of good mo in writing. twenty different times. and was going to be a serious chain of events to tom. if i got court martialled going to impact me i'd be prosecuted but it's not going to impact. my wife my daughter. jury came back with combine a for six months. now heard the dismissal and i mean it looked like to me ok that's
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it retirement's gone this is a life off thing so no income. immediately after i was taken away and locked up and separated from my family. and out of the confinement facility. that's where they came with the waist band with the chains and the cuff my hands together for me and stay away from five am till lights out at ten pm trying to stay awake and just staring straight at the wall them in the chipped paint and. the primer and different colored paint beneath it start taking on characters and my starts elucidating and and i think i start dreaming. now. stripped all the way down full nudity each so that they can inspect my body
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they take their sweet time out it. it's part of the humiliating effect that they try to have on people. i mean i was there and recreate the wheel when it created a point on a morning to use what they typically use in prisons barbara testified as a witness for the government against matt diaz during his trial after receiving his lest she had turned it over to the state authorities. thought it was a hoax. for months the u.s. government was facing relentless criticism over torture allegations at abu ghraib and guantanamo. bay decided it was time for damage control. in a carefully orchestrated press conference they aim to demonstrate that there was no connection between the abuses at abu ghraib and government policy and that the
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aggressive techniques at guantanamo came from the bottom up and not the white house . to prove their point they released a confidential memo and carried a single signature. of course my memo was right there clearly the intent was to shift the blame well of course i thought it was my duty and it didn't bother me at all to put in writing but then you see as it went up the chain all these other senior lawyers never put a thing in writing and so you think. ok i guess they were smart i was stupid but i never thought about any sort of political ramifications or i mean i always thought about was supporting my command but that's what put me out in the press and the critics you know the criticism and books and every torture book you can think of and every you know it's it's horrible from that standpoint that i'm taking the heat for the administration. to be really start with you did you expect that your opinion would not be the one that would be relied on that it knows are in fact one
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of the read oh sure you oh sorry my question was. i'm sorry were you surprised that your opinion became the opinion that was relied upon to shock i never received a phone call i never received an e-mail i never received anything asking me anything like are you a lunatic what were you thinking or you know great opinion or i received nothing you come across in this is being eager to have these techniques used and it says under category to using detainees phobias such as fear of dogs. now i'm trying to figure out as a lawyer how removal of clothing and using fear of dogs does not invision naked people by the way the hoods in their two naked people having dogs ticked on them that would have never happened i mean that's just not professional that indicates something but it did happen it did not happen man well dogs were used with naked
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people doubt that it happened if an investigator found that it happened i not disputing that i'm just saying i was not aware of it at the time when you said this . what. i what i meant was i didn't prove anything i wrote a legal opinion so whatever the command. it would be applied in a manner to prevent it from being used abusively. i understood at the time i was hung out with. the role you played in this. it would not have been appropriate for me to simply say no legal objection or no comment. there was no pressure it was generated by me and my staff thank you do you think. that the techniques that we're talking about in guantanamo bay. migrating to iraq.
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talk to the man mr president this is what some are saying to drop a bomb much to see anyone reading counterpart addressed the united nations hardliners in both countries particularly the us to ride diplomacy in on its negotiations there appears to be a genuine moment for engagement in the us ever take yes for nations. the island is so small but for me it's the center see the center of the universe. on a tiny island the size of a football field in the middle of a lake stanza ruined monastery forty years ago to lovers decided to spend their honeymoon here. they have no idea but the island would change their lives forever
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but they would change the fate of the island. never seen anything like this before is going to come in the house. in the borders of ice is grown in just one hour and it's only the beginning. of the.
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language of what i will only react to situations. i haven't read the reports so i'm likely to push the no i will leave them to stay current a comment on your latter point to say to secure a car is on the docket no. thank you no more weasel words when you veda direct question me prepared for a chase when you throw a punch be ready for a battle pretty speech and a little down to freedom to cost. a. lot of fun your whole show camarena life should be a spanking new college face i think you know about.
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a pleasure to have you with us here on t.v. today i'm sure. finds it hard to make a life for himself. you armor and turn us around you. it's been years i saw you in civi you had a long period. of us that is if you look kind of rough yes. so how are you doing it's been a while since then. did you ever think of changing your name. they. just come up with i do have the right to do that. i could change the name my mother and father gave me. i don't want to do that. you don't change it
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you are innocent after all and for me it's not a matter of being ashamed of it but it is hard to find a job. and if someone came to me for work i'd say ok brother i'll give you some work. but when i hear the name murat kurnaz. i would be scared. oh well that's obvious since you don't know me. maybe you're being watched and then my place would be watched to my customers might be annoyed and yeah that happens to me all the time. oh. go from top to in school. i feel frozen. but in some point you do have to leave on time oh hi.
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what are my can do for the rest of my life i'm too young to just be retired. i knew if i owned my own business i had to do something that i would be good at that. if you're too far out. there. doing it. well dog day care business is i had a standard operating procedure that was approximately four hundred pages long they're covered everything you could think of and i thought well this is probably meant for me because this is something i understand and also be you know a structure. back from prison being stripped of all of my credentials as qualified lawyer.
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no longer allowed to practice in any capacity and. add to that the conviction hard to find employers that will take you. for my colleagues there came somebody to no longer associate with. and was basically persona non-grata. the house has been foreclosed the car has been repossessed by. the media only today requiring. i'm getting collection calls daily. and i'm doing the best i can paying the bills that i can pay it's given me above water for now and just wait i mean i know there's family out there you know which comes to worse and in a fight you know if they have a room for me that's where they come to. i
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wrote. and you're right. because one and. everything. what happens. there for us. on this and they are not going to kill. me and. if i didn't do what i did to result the conviction and the loss of income and savings and all of that. only be attending college right now. with the prepaid college tuition that i had saved up for that had been used not only to get through my case but to get through the aftermath of that and continue living
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for the good. in that it's domino effect. my ex-wife got behind in her mortgage and things went downhill for her where they're losing their houses when. within a matter of months from now could also be homeless. the stanch will complain basically showing that the mortgage rather than paid show they're trying to recover the property has basically shown if you want to get current at the bank would want is fourteen thousand two hundred seventy three dollars forty two cents.
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what school. i want to know about on the money in grants and loans and what their males does go in that. lot since tuesday. a lot of people change saying that he was down in guantanamo he can be classified as the tears for the government should hang my dead prosecutors said you want me wearing any more especially on memorial day parade. the memorial day around the corner. for a forger duty is to fit but. you don't have that. because that's really a sense of shame and letting her down. that's the downside of taken actions i took for this the downside of being the raised i was in heaven the conscience ahead.
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and say fear just maybe it's the fear of making the wrong decision without that sort of structure to fall back on. you know it's it's difficult to know when. i know i don't know how to explain this these witch hunts that were going on in the military if a guy called you a dyke nothing was done to that person and there was no one you could say anything to and so that was it was very difficult particularly you know if you're doing better than the men. obviously an easy way to take a cheap shot at you is to question your sexual orientation
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or you know wear a sign that says i'm straight i'm not a homosexual and i was very lonely in the military because i was afraid of what people might say about me i let that control me for too many years of my life and just never dated a lot or perhaps being married was just not meant for me so i can't explain there aren't. i'm sure there's many reasons but mr y.-o. you know you just can't let it bother you because god has a plan for everyone and so i think. you know gay maybe that day will come for me but it hasn't come and so it bothers me but it's just something
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i just can't explain. i understand that i've been placed in these situations for a reason maybe i don't understand why perhaps it's because i have the ability to withstand what has happened i'm glad i volunteered i'm glad i was assigned to go on time oh i'm sure that was part of god's plan even if. i don't always understand it and i don't always agree with the outcome. but. that's what happened and i just really have no regrets.
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the resigned joy and serving in the military still only job i knew the only life i knew for my entire adult life. my childhood was living in poverty. and i made a decision to join the military because otherwise i don't know what would have become of me. and i had a sense of why. i did everything to support the mission down. and did what they wanted me to do but that one thing that's the only thing that
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they disapproved of. well i'm not seeking any sympathy for them and i put myself in that position but i mean that is a reality the consequence of acting on your conscience can sometimes have these types of results. absolutely. joe and i believe in fate and that god puts us to the test. once and maybe when autonomy was a form of punishment. or a way of strengthening me for the rest of my life for those close to skim's. i would say that i didn't pass this test.
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coming into the future. technologies the name in aviation is the game bush's latest still trying to take speech to the much. brings innovations new heights and only grown to the night shaped looks of this country as you update the year on. leave the country. react to situations i have read the reports to push the know i will leave them to the state
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department to comment on your latter point of the month to say that it is secure because i. know. no more weasel words. when you question me prepared for a change when you throw a punch be ready for a bad. freedom of speech and down to freedom to crush. please please. please on your arm in a large city. the face i consider you. a pleasure to have you with us here on our t.v. today i'm.
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not tired but a founder is president ford and greenpeace activists broke international law when they tried to climb aboard an offshore oil platform to protest against drilling for oil in the arctic. the u.n. chemical weapons team resumes its probe in syria following criticism doubt its previous findings were one sided and inconclusive. and residents of a british colonial al post in the atlantic are saying they're being ousted to make room for a u.s. military base. this is r.t. coming to you i.


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