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can't afford it in the future if only because each of us. coming up on our t.v. we are now less than twenty four hours away from learning bradley manning's fate the army whistleblower could face a life sentence if he is found guilty of aiding the enemy more on this case ahead and in the us freedom of speech and expression are part of our democracy but there have been a series of arrests of people expressing their beliefs is this leading the u.s. toward a police state we'll speak with a lawyer and author who tackles that subject in a new book later in tonight's show and if you will for shows that most americans are in dire straits eighty percent of the u.s. population finds itself near poverty war on this terrible economic trend coming your way.
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this monday july twenty ninth him in washington d.c. i'm going lopez and you are watching r t one army private first class bradley manning is less than twenty four hours away from finding out if he will spend the rest of his life behind bars the presiding judge in the court martial of the twenty five year old wiki leak or has given the media notice that she will announce her final decision at one pm tomorrow for me now this comes just three days after judge denise len began debating the verdict both the prosecution and defense rested their cases on friday afternoon after the verdict is announced the court will move into a sentencing phase where the defense expected to call on some two dozen witnesses the prosecution meanwhile will call on a reported twenty one people manning has already pleaded not guilty to ten lesser charges which could result in a maximum of twenty years behind bars however because colonel lynn refused to drop the aiding the enemy charge manning could end up spending the rest of. his life in
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prison but no matter the outcome one hundred twelve days will be knocked off of the final sentence because of harsh treatment that manning received while staying in the quantico prison that included months of solitary confinement manning spent an unprecedented one thousand one day one hundred days in pretrial confinement until his trial began in june meanwhile protests happened internationally over the weekend in support of manning in countries like australia italy belgium and south korea and also they happened in states around the u.s. thousand stood up protested and danced in solidarity with the man responsible for wiki leaks giving him they're giving wiki leaks seven hundred thousand classified state documents. well his lawyer who represented a marine arrested and sent to a mental institution after writing antigovernment posts on facebook he served as a co-counsel for paula jones in a sexual harassment lawsuit against president bill clinton and he lent his legal assistance to a teenager who didn't want to school i.d.
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to track her movement he takes on cases to protect citizens exercising their first first amendment rights free speech that man is john whitehead and he joined me earlier to discuss a new book called government of wolves the emerging american police state and i started off by asking him why he chose to title his book a government of wolves. well it's from the avatar merle he was you know the great c.b.s. journalist who fought mccarthyism when they were rounding up people for merely knowing somebody body or speaking their mind he said a nation will be getting out of wolves and. the governor of wolves is here the subtitle of my book is the emerging american police state i've actually had some military people and secret service people said john you're subtitles misstated we're in a police state with the n.s.a. revelations that they're listening in on everything we're doing the f.b.i. admitting they're downloading our phone calls and again technology is driving the show for me said that the talking about how technology outstrips law i don't think
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law can actually control this technology we're seeing or the rise of the militarized police who are actually cracking down on people who are out there doing facebook posting things like that and this and stuff they're arresting them going i'm in jail those kind of things cases that we get involved in so not i want to pick your brain about a couple of first amendment issues that we have covered here on our t.v. over the recent weeks and months now in manning the website antiwar dot com announced that it was suing the f.b.i. for spying on them even though the f.b.i. acknowledged that it doesn't suspect the web site of any crime now the organization demanded the release of the records it believes that the agency has been snooping on two of their editors in particular here's what n.s.a. war spokesperson had to say about this case. first amendment protected available journalism is not supposed to be under the surveilling of that kind of scrutiny and of course and this is part of the larger case of such a set these sorts of behaviors you know chill ordinary americans or make them
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fearful but it puts the whole issue of sure of is journalism a threat to national security so that's a question i want to ask you do you think journalism is currently under on lawful scrutiny and is that a threat to our first amendment rights oh the bar of justice admitted they were tapping into what a few reporters were doing and again. i had a former n.s.a. agent actually tell me last week you're the agency agents say that a long time employee that the n.s.a. is downloading at least one trillion bits of information from the internet every month that means your e-mails phone calls text messages bank records anything electronic so what they're doing is anything you're saying out there is being collected right now that's a fact i've had several secret secret service agents tell me that so they're watching everything we're doing and i think what the ladies said is what happens in a state like that i had a military officer tell me who worked in the secret service he says john we're
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becoming chickens in cages they're watching us all the time how do you get out of the cage in my new book a government of wolves i call it the electronic concentration camp no it's going to be very difficult you could run and hide in a cave at one time in history but qasr kind of scarce now and even if you're in a cave a drone will have the ability to hack into why fly and have scanning devices there's really nowhere to run and you know your first member that we did they i mean the thing you say we defeated the marine brandon robb last year and have sued the department homeland security he was doing facebook posts they rushed his house federal agents and storm trooper type year and arrested him into a humane put him in the middle hospital we got him out for what because he doesn't like some of the things that governments are doing and he was posting facebook which is give our free speech right. concentration camp that is quite a serious accusation there finally we have about thirty seconds but can you give us one line how can people defend their first amendment rights get educated education
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pre-season action take action at the local level in mind when i wrote a drone ordinates it was past it was the first one in the world you can locally be very effective. even if you're being threatened to kill americans. freedom is get out here in florida stay with. me will help thank you so much john whitehead constitutional attorney and author of the book a government of wolves thank you well the california prison system is dealing with yet another setback in attempting to calm tensions within mates prison officials announced on saturday that an inmate being held in solitary confinement died at the california state prison called coron on monday that's one of the prisons participating in the mass hunger strike and the state inmate supporters say that the inmate thirty two year old bill cell was taking part in that protest but prison officials on the other hand say that he wasn't and that his death is being treated as a suicide r.t.d.
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has called the prison and we have not yet heard back about whether or not any of that is true but so was serving a life sentence for attempted murder he was also awaiting trial for the murder of a cellmate now in the hunger strike is twenty two days old now with about one thousand inmates at eleven prisons still refusing to eat that's down from the thirty thousand inmates that were initially refusing meals in the very first days but for more on the hunger strike i'm joined now by zuniga she's a statewide organizer of californians united for a responsible budget diana thank you so much for joining me can you tell us the latest information coming out about this hunger strike. i mean like like you all we have also heard that a man has currently died it's actually day twenty two of the hunger strike and there are still we have heard there's about six hundred to a thousand prisoners that are still on hunger strike they have literally only drink
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water for the last twenty two days this is the first day of the fourth week of the largest hunger strike in california we are currently still working with many of the family members to bring awareness as to what's actually going on and west the prisoners are demanding at this point so let's talk about what are the prisoners demanding at this point. there's been five basic demands this entire time this is the third hunger strike and the entire time it's been very very minimal things one of them is for adequate food to be given to the prisoners we have heard that many times prisoners have literally received a tray with one with one tater tot on it have received dirty trays with food on and expected to actually eat that it's also ending the long term use of solitary confinement changing the deep briefing process allowing them to actually participate in programming inside of the prisons so these seem to be very very
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small minimal things that were asking now for governor brown and the administration to really take a hard look at these demands and move forward before another prisoner dies know in places like pollock and bay that houses the california is the worst of its worst offenders it's dealt with massive prison riots numerous times things like solitary confinement one of the things that these protesters are actually demanding for it to end could be used to protect inmates as much as it can be used to punish them do you think that there is a place for solitary compain confinement in the prison system these days. i mean i think that has been one of the arguments that you just started off with but i think we need to really look at the broader picture of california prisons at this point right now the entire administration is under receivership and has been asked by the three by the three judge panel to reduce the prison population again they haven't complied with that order we've recently found out that about one hundred forty
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women were sterilized without their permission within the california prison system and we also have the issue of valley fever and the outbreak that has occurred in the central valley prisons so i think it's a larger question of what the administration is actually being accountable for and and looking at the broader issues that are surrounding the california prison system at this point i think it's a really courageous step forward that these prisoners are actually willing to go hungry to bring awareness to the inhumane conditions that they're living in and which is bringing to light all of the other issues that are going on with our california system right now this is only one of many things that is going on with our prison system at this point you know and going on on the other hand i'm not sure if you have seen very much coverage but i know that i certainly haven't seen very much coverage of this in any other news stations why do you think that is do you think it is because people think that these people are such terrible hardened criminals that they don't deserve rights to human dignity things like food and
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being able to live in a community and things like that. i think that it has is actually what has happened i think throughout the nation. i feel like the tide is switching but i think for a long time throughout the nation people assume that if people were in prison they were in prison for a reason and they needed to stay in there but i think what's coming to lie are the inhumane conditions that people are living in and i think that's the question at this point if someone is inside should they be treated worse than an animal would be treated inside. i would say the question is the answer is no but i think with this coming out there is there is great education that's going on throughout our communities to really bring to light the fact that people inside are human beings and need to be treated as such which our administration is not doing at this point and there are no where are we in this process how much longer can we expect this hunger strike to go on before these demands are met or how what how serious
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are these prison officials allowing the conditions to really get up can we see people die. i wish i had the answer for that and i wish i. could know off the top of my head the demands were going to be met and that the governor and the administration was going to sit down and really have substantial things to say and to move forward with to stop the hunger strike as curb we've been working with several families throughout this day that have loved ones that are participating in the hunger strike and it just breaks my heart every day to have to see them suffer and worry i don't have an answer i am hoping that in the next few days we can have a discussion and real real negotiations with the governor and with the ministration to stop the hunger strike so that no one else dies at this point now there is expected to be a day of action in which people like cornel west and michael moore will be expected to protest in fast in solidarity with these people so we'll keep our viewers
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updated and we appreciate it if you keep us updated as well diana. she is a statewide organizer at. the californians united for a responsible budget otherwise known as current. thank you america a slow road to recovery is looking like it has more potholes then pave pounds these days the associated press release to survey saying as much this week when it found out that four out of every five adults struggle with joblessness near poverty or reliance on welfare programs for at least part of their lives here's what also discovered the country's poor remain at a record high with forty six point two million or fifteen percent of the population living below the poverty level and if you're wondering what that line is and means that an income for a family of four is less than twenty three thousand twenty one dollars a year now this that is not confined to minorities according to the survey seventy
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six percent of white americans will experience some sort of economic insecurity by the age of sixty all of the forty six million living below the poverty line at the moment that means that almost half are white or nineteen million people or to produce a racial courteous and prime interest host bob english joined me earlier to break down the numbers and the numbers in greater detail and i started by asking bob about whatever happened to the road to recovery you look at unemployment statistics and if you're out of month for if you're out of a job for as long as a month you don't get counted in them and the jobs that we're seeing today or a vastly lower quality than they were before we're looking at jobs increases in retail sector in the hospitality sectors and a lot of this is just part time work so the quality of jobs is not what it used to be and then the actual full time paying jobs are in construction and we're seeing another manipulated housing boom mortgage rates are rising and we're going to have a fall in that sector as well so it's not going to look pretty i would say
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a year out from no those are some very ominous predictions bob and just to add to that i think it's important to think that we are on the road to some sort of recovery but the idea that the recovery we're looking at is going to be the same as something we had in the past is kind of misleading when people have new jobs these jobs as bob said are going to be in my. in fact during fast food work things of that nature and you can sense even the fact that fast food workers have risen in their median age it shows that this is no longer a stepping stone to a job for teenagers this is now full term employment for people who just don't have other options and rachel can you break down some of these statistics more depth for our viewers are as obviously a lot of them in this survey yeah there definitely are and i think that as you said the most eye catching one that four out of five americans are on the brink of poverty is one that that i think deserves a lot of our attention especially if you think about what the definition of new poverty means here right we're talking about people who have experienced unemployment have a year or more of government reliance on for things like food stamps or something like that or of an income below one hundred fifty percent of the poverty line so
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that's a pretty wide definition they're going to you know and i just want to add one thing to that because it says experiencing that unemployment at some time during their working lives i think that's just kind of to generate headlines statistics things are better now if you don't need to goose it with those kinds of you know broad numbers to the same time when people are facing unemployment that is being on the brink i mean there's no necessary understanding that when you lose a job that you're going to be getting another one so even though it may be you know a headline catching statistic at the same time it's very real for four fifths of americans at some point in their lives certainly and it's a very scary reality for those four fifths of americans are four and five now you have the talked about a little bit more but the help wanted to index is at a record high so what about these unemployment people going in filling these jobs why is it so far from flyers to find employees and for unemployed people to find these jobs and kind of make it work well i always question the statistics in the
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first place but a lot of people are kind of stuck where they are because they're stuck in their homes and wise a because they're underwater in them people owe more on their homes and they're actually worth and that creates a situation where labor is not mobile that could be one possible explanation now john stossel a fox. news network said that if americans could get the same amount off of an unemployment check that they can working a lower wage job than the often chose not to take up that low wage job they think that's the case i think there is a bit of decision there people have a lot of options and there's government help and they can simply take the decision to take a government check we had an extension record extension of unemployment benefits and i think that condition the population that you know just rely on the concern for the truck not necessarily on mcdonald's i wouldn't say that it's necessarily conditioning the population in any way i think that there are a lot of studies that show that people would prefer to be working rather than be on the government dole but as you said there are people who who are underwater in their homes meaning they owe more than they're they owe more in their debt than
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their home is worth so they can't really sell another thing is that the jobs that people are looking for are often very different than the jobs that people are advertising is jobs that need employees so i think it might also be a question of education one let's also play with the term poverty you know this article said that eighty percent of americans are facing near poverty rachel what do you make of that term near poverty well i do think that it's very broad i think that all of us know i allot of people in our lives who have been unemployed for some part of their working lives younger generation certainly and i think that you know as as there are a lot of people who don't really have the opportunity to get jobs when they're younger for instance like these teenage jobs are now going to people in their mid twenty's and it kind of shifts upward that there is a last generation of people who are in their twenty's right now who haven't had this meaningful opportunity to be gainfully employed and now the question is why would you employ them when you can employ a fresh upstart straight out of college so there are people who are getting lost in the shuffle here and bob we just have
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a minute left so i'm going to give you the last word here what should we make of the difference between the numbers that this survey shows and the economic census data that we've seen i think the economic sense that is just a little bit older so what we're seeing in this new report is reflecting a new reality and like i said i thing. this report is in is a little a little bit playing up the unemployment it's a little bit broad but in general the census data gives us a lot of information and insight and if you look at the census data itself it's not that great either that was prime interest host bombing motion are to producer rachel kersey yes. well you may remember last year that are to america hosted the third party debates featuring candidates that were left out of the mainstream media's obama romney rivalry and while we have a long way to go before the next presidential election in two thousand and sixteen third parties realize that they have to get to work early and or to work around the two party system and connect of voters they were in party was doing just that this
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weekend in iowa and are to political commentator sam sachs was at their annual national meeting he brings us their story. the corn belt the american heartland the new place for green politics we all know iowa was famous for its corn but in just a few years iowa will be the epicenter of american politics with its first in the nation caucuses but already one political party is here in iowa laying the groundwork for two thousand and sixteen it's not the republican party or the democratic party it's the green party green party delegates from around the nation flock here to the university of iowa for their annual meeting and activists are on hand using the green party to promote their own causes environmentalists campaigners for peace those promoting sustainable and local agriculture is being made a new story of the new nutrient cycle and proponents of bending corporate personhood but the real business took place in meetings like this. they are the future of the party was debated green party committees reported on their activities new members
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were elected to the national steering committee the forum was held to discuss what was learned from the two thousand and twelve campaign and while the crowds were small and the funding scarce greens are confident their movement is building two thousand and twelve green party presidential candidate dr. jill stein the greens are out there as the driving force in the social in the social revolution which is taking place right now and what the party can do is give that agenda. a focus and a set of demands and put them into the political context because when you bring a social movement together with a political movement that's when history tells us we succeeded stein garnered less than one percent of the vote last year and the greens are well aware of the difficulties of a third party breaking into the nation's two party system the efforts that it takes for a third party to gain basic access to local state and national democracy is completely
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ridiculous we're concentrating first on changing electoral systems on local levels including adding rank choice voting like exist in many cities across the country now as a way of having people see that alternative systems give them more voice we think if people have more voice they'll choose us and greens may be receiving more assistance from an unlikely source washington d.c. her series of issues have leapt into the mainstream debate exposing the flaws of the two major parties people are seeing that the democratic president and the powers that be on the democratic side little on the republican side they are firmly entrenched with the big money corporations who are killing people overseas killing people over here and spying on people over here founded in two thousand and one the green party usa has yet to win an election to national office but with the political climate and demographics around the country rapidly changing their prospects could be brighter heading to twenty sixteen recognize this one campaign
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really increased our profile nationally that has generated a lot of young people who will be registered green now for the next forty fifty years and run for office over time together we can turn the breaking point we face into the tipping point we need to take back our democracy and the painful job. green future we deserve thank you for making it so. to the aggrieved party you go to work and facing them is the monumental task of defeating money politics with movement politics but as more and more americans grow and satisfied with the two party system and as new issues from drones to surveillance expose the similarities between republicans and democrats in the end it might not be the green party trying to reach voters as much as voters trying to reach the green party and i was city iowa sam sachs r t well medical advancements have unlocked the secret of the human body just wasn't the span of
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a few decades and elements that had unknown causes has simply become solvable issues doctors have the ability to see inside the body as never before some modern examples of that include x. rays and m.r.i.'s that help us find out what's happening inside the human's body that makes them suffer so much and other methods can't reveal them but what if the secrets unlocked are no longer just a matter of medical know how but the very thoughts inside of a person's head for more on that the residents laurie her finest. it's better not to the government is reading our emails and personal bank account
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information and web and these searches and anything else they want to if they decide to log in to us without even telling us but guess what sometime in the not too distant future they'll probably be reading our minds as well here's the deal there's a technology called and asked m.r.i. or functional m.r.i. which measures changes in localized brain activity over time by watch me blood flow and it can now be used to infer information about our memory it can tell things like what we've actually seen or experienced like if we actually saw a person get murdered or if we didn't talk to that dissident on the phone it can tell when we are recalling memories that kind of terrifying thing. similar mind reading technologies have already been put to use to put someone behind bars for life in india and lawyers that try to introduce f. m.r.i.
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results as evidence in court cases here too but so far judges have ruled that inadmissible but there will probably change sued because the truth is ever since nine eleven the government has been dumping tons of money into brain based lie detection and the technology is getting stronger and stronger as a result a california company called no law a.m.r.i. states clearly on its website that they have a division focused soley on developing the technology for used by the military government agencies law enforcement agencies and foreign governments. mind reading sounds so incredibly invasive that some might say there's no way the government would use it but the government is already invading our digital lives with no warrant to do so whatsoever they've already seized and search at whim through all of our personal digital information the fourth amendment that protects us from that is just being ignored now as our fed six and forty to sensually so why would they
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let the constitution stop them from feeding and searching our thoughts. mind it sounds so futuristic it sounds crazy like video phone call or pocket sized computers or the government watching all of us all the time guess what people the future is here so in addition to watching what you do on line you might want to start watching the chief thing. tonight let's talk about that by following me on twitter at the risk of him. all right and that's going to do it for me for tonight but for more on the stories we covered and a whole bunch that we just didn't have time to get to go to our web site that's our two dot com slash u.s.a. and also check out our interviews that are on our you too page you tube dot com slash r t america just in case you couldn't get enough of the interviews today also
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had a bunch of great interviews earlier today that we didn't show on the show so make sure you watch it you can also follow me on twitter at meghan underscore lopez and i'm curious to get your comment story suggestions and feedback so don't be shy a tweet me and i'll most likely get back to you and don't forget to tune in at nine pm for larry king now tonight's special guests are grammy award winning julian lennon and catherine swartz an acre. the guantanamo bay detention facility was over eleven years old the broken presidential promises the congressional sabotage the never ending war on terror all forces and conspired together to keep this prison open but now a hunger strike threatens to tear it all down as this hunger strike near six months party takes a closer look at the prison i just can't be close. to
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