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tv   World Apart with Oxana Boyko  RT  July 25, 2013 8:29am-9:01am EDT

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sexual function they took everything from us they took political social function from women and left us on the sexual one that's why i was sad our sexual will become political would transform when they could budget openly to go instrument was say that my budget is not working for votes or are for my budget is working for my own liberation for women's liberation well in my body is also very king for my own goals but unlike yourself i cannot claim that i've been reduced to a sexual function i got an education i have a well paying job sharing my house whore chores with my husband so i don't feel oppressed when you say oz who exactly you're speaking for you know we're not seeking to represent someone who who is as you or as you say objectively if it so who is not oppressed but i call you and all other women who are in this imposition is you don't deny the fact that there are millions of women who are who are just
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totally controlled by by family traditions by this society being being totally dominated by men and what we are doing who do we represent where we present ourselves where present us women and where the woman the woman that was born in ukraine five years ago but this five years which was formed to a global movement was women all over the world we have branches into both countries not only european countries we unite women different the chanology is who take off their tops the right there should messages on their budgets and the face of our enemies well let me ask you a question you mention that your movement originated in ukraine and if you look at the many social studies ukraine is a fairly advanced country in terms of female emancipation women of work women go to universities or women are fairly well represented within the society i mean obviously there are a lot of gains that could be made still but can you. argue that ukraine is
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a backward looking country where women are totally dominated by men i mean this is simply not true i mean scientific data doesn't support that the when you're born as a woman in this part of the world in eastern europe and in my country as well the first think what you listen during the wait during the time when you grow up they say you have to look good. why you are with them and they are answering you because you have to find a husband but if you do a little good way you do a lot of attention to your looks and they say and this is because man is the only one chance for you in this in this country to survive women don't have any possibility to get a normal job we don't have any possibility to get normal education we don't have to switch for free education we have possibility to become prostitutes or housewives that's it well i think being the options that you suggest that quite limited but let me go back on the to the question about why breasts i heard you say in one of
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the interviews that you know this is the best way of actually attracting attention to your cause that you tried many different tactics but nothing worked as well in attracting the limelight as flashing your breast is that right definitely i would say that the reason point in the question in answer to this question why do we use this is this tactic. on you to tears a weapon definitely i cannot deny the fact that. this this is something that the gives us but to build to to pro woke to bring attention to let everyone turn their heads and look at us and listen to us after and how far are you willing to go in this drive to attract attention to yourself why not go completely naked why not expose you genitals you know it's not a question about how how many clothes i'm going to take off look at me right now i'm dressed right. you know it's never
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a question what to take us what we did the question is that we're going to to go till the end till the moment when women's baidu will become orne when this is sightsee when this world will look at point my budget as something that can work for promoting your good beer ferrari car that's something that can please man and can please. this system my body will be free and be controlled by my own but male bodies are also used in advertising to promote yoga and all sorts of cars but it's ultimately up to you whether you think that your body is controlled by social norms or by your own desires by going back to exposing other body parts in a cold war of two thousand and ten and one of the famine activists actually did expose her buttocks demonstration against the lack of public toilets in the ukraine by that didn't really catch on and i think one of the reasons for for that is
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because your movement places a lot of emphasis on the statics on female beauty and if you claim to represent female cause why don't you try to represent it through. women of all shapes sizes and ages because if your protests we don't really see larger older women or women who have double mastectomy what we see is pretty young and pretty shapely bodies you know i would say that this is maybe something that again this is something that world wants to see but if you if you really want to to look objectively if you really want to watch objectively all feminine feminine actions and activists you will always foreign women was different appearance different size of asm story different color of hair different weights and you know i think that everyone no one cannot deny the fact that one off
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a very strong actions that famine did was in belarus and i think that if you wish those images you can see that there are no morals at all so there are a lot of critics from people who try to criticise women and the first thing what they try to find is that oh but they look all young and they all are seeing and that's we are promoting a game. static static standards you know i would say that definitely we are facing a lot we are fighting a lot with this. brutal media world that sometimes can't cut our posters for example showing only women's breast even atlanta to be fair that even the media world is not so brutal to you because journalists get invited to almost every protests that here have and they cover you quite substantially so after all of you are the darlings of the media about media definitely i would say that it's kind of a work from two sides they use us we use them at the same time i always say that
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it's really more important for famine actions to have five cameras around during the action than fifty people around in the street because behind each of the cameras there are millions of lines well good to watch and to listen what we are demanding but we are facing a lot of a lot of fights for sure was brutal we do world i will repeat it again from very beginning we are trying to find a way how not to let them for example cut our own messages and that's why we use our budget as a home course to right now and many many things that we changed and that's we that's we're trying to find and every every new minute every new day we're trying to find something new we're trying to create new tactics to add new new points to our to our way of acting to make it stronger absolutely but i think there is one consistent feature in all your protests and this is of course objectification of
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female breasts and i wonder if you realize that you are playing into the hands of those who alternately you are also trying to protest against you know if you want to point out people are watching famine protests because they're naked girls but you know i would say that if you can you can see today naked girls everywhere on the billboards. the street in the magazines to shows primetime everywhere you can you can do it so easily and when famine actions when people watch from an actions the difference between those two new did is that the first one from billboards and magazines is something that is working to please them and the second one that we are using is something that irritates them and make them scare it can actually compare your movement to something else that is at least interferences previous similar and what i'm talking about is the movement around the world for women's
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rights to breastfeed in public and it's a big problem because up until a couple of years ago around ten thousand women of were arrested in the united states every year for it simply nursing their babies and when we look at those two movements they're pretty similar they're all about exposing your breasts but many women did that in a very quiet manner without attracting many reporters to this side sometimes risking a possibility of being arrested but ultimately that movement last two significant social change and many of those laws that were banning breastfeeding in public have been struck down and i wonder if your movement can cite any practical example when your activities actually lead to a significant change in people's lives you know that here we have to talk about goals of all the movement the movement. that is fighting for the change of the law
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about breastfeeding definitely to have that one the one goal is to change the law right what is the goal of famine. is exists in here you know we started the historical revenge historical revenge was the main goal to do strongly part through our key to destroy it till the last. till the last sabbath even to the last hold the respect of the weekend i carry a very broad goal how do you assess your success in achieving that goal because when you have something solid general it's really not clear whether you are doing anything practical femen is something about di finitely about women's transformation what we have doing right now is we're collecting a women's' women's army women's army in turn international women's army from all over the world to we are changing we're changing our own my own at the beginning and women's women's understanding of the reality and this is the stab that we are
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going to to move from to reach our main goal to destroy bashar i.q. what i will goals is to bring up all the shit that is created by by men's divination world from about women what i would go its own mission is to point everyone who is against us to take off masks from those who are who are against women's liberation and this is our goal and this is what we are doing and will continue discussing how successful famine is in base very ambitious goal just after a short break.
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i would rather ask questions from people visit our instead of speaking on their behalf and that's why i can find myself larry king now right here on our key question more. more news today. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. today. wealthy british style. writers.
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market. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's concert for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines two kinds of reports. welcome back to worlds apart where we are discussing the conflict between distance and freedom within the shift one of famines active members in the just before the break we were talking about various forms of objectifying female bodies and i would argue that you're also doing that they you're using this tactic and you may be within your own rights to do so but what about other people's rights not to be
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exposed to your private parts for example you know there are a lot of man around the world who find sexual pleasure in exposing their private parts to women and some find it quite traumatic so in what way what you're doing is different from that form of. sexual expression what i would serve that definitely are one has to understand that famine birgitte famine you did it is political nudity and in this way we are crashing all our there are all other understanding about this about female body their kid is about what is the difference between those two is that we are owning our own body we're our we're like puppets who are in the hands of men and we just got to do those roll ups do you understand that some people some man some women may not want to be exposed to your naked breasts they may find it offensive they may find it magic
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there may be kids around because you stage your protest in public places you definitely about kids it's very interesting because this is something that proves the problem of society if kids still have to hide their eyes watching women's breasts this is a big problem in that what is the difference between exposing female breasts and exposing male penises what is that such a big difference because that is also part of you know human body why don't you ask what is the difference between exposing women's business and women's men's. penis and woman's vagina not any difference but what is the difference between exposing men's breasts and women's breasts why there is a difference female breasts do serve a wrap productive function there's a specific practical reason why you would be wearing bras for the same reason the man's don't a man don't wear it we have different biology so it means you agree with the fact that women who are feeding children in the street have to hide their breasts now i
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don't you know i think that's a little don't think so but i do think that when you use during my vacation or when he goes a vocation for the sake of provocation i do think that that's a self-serving cause because i ask you earlier about breastfeeding what actually you have been able to achieve by these shock tactics and so far i don't see any substantial social change that here woman have been able to facilitate by exposing your breast obviously this doesn't shock me i mean i have my own set of dress i can see it in the mirror every day but ultimately i don't feel the need of exposing it because i i see many other ways of changing society rather than flashing it around you know i feel do i feel the need of exposing it as a political message when for example before coming to this studio i know that for example one girl in egypt today she just shot at herself because her her family
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obliged her to hide herself was his job and this way i feel i feel the need of exposing my wife as a political message i feel it's i feel the need of exposing my body as a political message when i mena from an activist who showed her who who who posted her picture bare breasts with slogan on her body no rigid two months into nugent jail been not muslim she's obliged to follow ramadan and this is this this are the reason that i feel that this is a big need for the world today to expose my body as a political one not as anyone else and let's look to hide it well i'm not asking you to high. added by the coming back to the question of a minute of the famine action is that you mentioned earlier she's been in jail for a couple of months and already and if she's convicted of all charges that she faces she may expand i have to nine years in prison and she was just eighteen years old when she joined the famine movement so when you think about it on a personal human level she put her life on the line at salman's beating but
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ultimately she hasn't achieved all that much truth as she published those provocative pictures but again that comes back to the question of tactics whether the tactics that he use sure are there tracked a lot of attention but do they actually facilitate social change and i want to ask this question directly can you cite any specific example how women's condition how their rights have been improved by your own movement you know now i mean it is in jail and there was a huge tunisian tunisian i would say kind of a riot of off women who are who are just just had the possibility to start to talk about their conditions what i call you personally and everyone around the world who's who's listening feminine following famine to understand what is our mission our mission is to let people hear about how do we live in which conditions
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do we'll live and to hear our demand that we want to change it and to hear our aggressive demands you just mentioned the war that aggression and i would like to seize that opportunity to ask you about your own personal history because i know that the recently got a political asylum in france for something that you did back in your homeland in your crane that is chopping down the wooden orthodox cross and i think that represented a real watershed moment for famine movement because it's not just about exposing your breasts you can. argue that everybody has the right to expose their bodies but when you actually go and destroy something that wasn't built by you that doesn't belong to you that represents a significant value to our other people what you're actually doing is resorting to violence and. when you do that at all basically you invite people to use violence against yourself and i think that was done in your own case because obviously you
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received death threats after after that incident you know even just the beginning when we started to take of our two shoots we already got this threat. about the cross definitely i have to make clear which course i destroyed which choose this course checking before this course is not legally it means that if it never has any official theory for it to be there. in the room and this place why does it matter whether there were any official papers for that a lot of obviously it crosses a resolution because it telling me because you are trying to charge me for something that i didn't build but i'm just telling you is that that it was not about religious symbol definitely definitely i will make clear that famine is artistic movement we are too religious movement why would you ask me i will answer because where famine is feminism and religion cannot quit exist and so when i destroyed this this across it was
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a symbolic act that women that like before in all history. and that religion was always destroying women as equal part of society and symbolically that fact which showed how now women will will start the riots we took a revenge well above the religion represents not only our suppression it also represents it stands for morality there are many values both good and bad embedded within any religion i'm an atheist myself count myself and a famine is theirs as well but i think when you're actually in. croce on other people's values when you destroy what they hold dear it is first of all absolutely counterproductive to your cause and second of all you have absolutely no right to do that you know the principle of democracy your freedom and where my nose begins and when you destroy the cross that represents a symbolic religious value to some people you are committing an act of violence not just an act of aggression but an act of violence because you're desecrating what is
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dear to them everyone has a right to believe in what they want to believe but everyone has to be ready that if their beliefs are expressing express and blood express and that's we're going to point it we're going to say if you're going to do that was in her own right you pointed but again why do you have to go in and destroyed why do you have to desecrated and let me direct that question to you the protests that i know you've been a very active supporter of to see riots but if you look at the polls around russia . the majority of people the overwhelming majority of people believe that the two year sentence that the activists of to surprise god was adequate because they found that actions extremely offensive and since we mentioned democracy already. when is when is the time to respect people's will to respect people's feelings and why is it right to ignore it there is a time to respect people's believes any any day any minutes any
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second till the moment those beliefs are not touching our freedom i cannot tolerate intolerant i cannot tolerate something that is that is calling for das that is calling for for stoning women that it's going to hurt you as you. could do that i think you are being extremely intolerant and you're going on to something this is this is ridiculous this is ridiculous that you are trying to compare destroying piece of wood which was a real was a real life swiss was a real was a real destiny is this is ridiculous and i'm just i'm just trying to sell food that is just symbolizing blood and dust and i'm not going to discuss it longer ok let me transition to my actually. last set of questions about the president of this country a lot of input in and i know that you personally called him a dictator why do you find so disagreeable about him you know there less so the
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last action that we did when we just reached putin in hung over in germany it was kind of one of those that we a rigid did attacks and that we are planning to do we're going to follow him him till the moment when will it when he will give up and leave his place we're going to follow him we're going to be he is his nights nights nights nightmare do you know a lot of people in russia actually voted for him so you feel like you are a better judge a better x. period on on him than the people here in the country no you don't have to you don't have to mix the fact. we are pointing his political views that are violent to this society to do what in world that we are point in that he is dictated to was the fact that people wanted for him you know there are people can like there were in the time when when slavery was that was abolished there were so many people who wanted to see who were who or who were screaming we want to be slaves still you know and who well i don't think anyone is very very bad but so this is something
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that we cannot say that this is something we cannot discuss and i think that we have right to point the political influence of that person once exactly it is harming the dishearten democracy this is hard that is harming the harming just understanding of freedom and human rights and we are doing that because if you. tell a vision and i am asking you about what makes putin at dictator and i think this is as free as you can get. as of now i haven't heard any clear articulation from you what actually makes him a dictator because this country has known at least one dictator joseph stalin a person who sent millions of people to labor camps and execution chambres so when you actually called putin and stalin by the same name i wonder if you really understand what you're actually talking about i'm sure that there were a lot of people like you in style in time who were saying the same thing about
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style and as you say now about putin but so far i haven't i ask you a direct question about what are his flaws and you haven't been able to articulate it. like there is a just recent just recent fact that we'll have a kind of a proof about the law that was that was changed. about gay people about gay rights that's low had a very significant public support so if you believe that he is. let's accept so let's accept a little desk rats this punishment in russia in there will be a positive that does what we call democracy in a democracy. he will respect the will of the majority so if he was a dictator indeed he would have followed your advise the might of the minority advise and impose his will upon the will of the people but as far as i understand he is not doing that as a moment but anyway since we have just a few minutes left let me transition to my very final question and this happens that they show i usually talk to a lot of men and when i push them to certain limits when they are out of their
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intellectual arguments to defend their points they would usually. call me a ridiculous and make all sorts of personal attacks but i really take it as an example of the intellectual with a weakness and i sometimes feel that exposing your breast is very it is pretty similar thing because ultimately that's a very strong trump top card but only when you have absolutely nothing else to say this is a very big sadness for me to hear all those words was a women's was better because and this and very big reason to continue my fight to know that we have to we have to teach women all over the world more well best of luck with that unfortunately this is all we have time for but please join us again same place same time here on worlds apart.
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i've seen the perception of the calls many times it doesn't matter if there's snow day heat wave ok all storms keep on going i didn't expect anything just one i told myself i keep on going as long as my heart told me to vacation that's all i wanted at the moment. hanson so mind she see i'm carrying these things on my shoulders. do you want me to put a man in shared no that's fine a lot of people were so exhausted they could barely walk their feet hurt and some of them fainted from google grade evacuee three two wanted to keep going i don't know what tomorrow will bring.
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please please please
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. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm sorry welcome to the big picture.
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spied spying and will spy us congressman allow america's national security agency to continue its worldwide survey those despite visible divisions in washington. on the man who exposed agents his wrongdoing is still stranded in a moscow airport as he lacks the paperwork to meet its transit zone while he's assigned a request to still being processed. also this hour there's no political motive a next time could hold out a conviction full sold in tuck's of asia the european court for human rights dismisses a second complaint by the man who was once russia's richest boston and. how could we oust our brave young men and women to fight against al-qaeda in some countries and with al-qaeda in other countries you.


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