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tv   Headline News  RT  May 4, 2013 10:00pm-10:02pm EDT

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breaking news on our set of powerful explosions have shaken damascus with senior u.s. officials reportedly confirming that the blasts were caused by an israeli rocket targeting a military research center. a trace of terror boston bombing investigators focus on the widow of the killed a suspect after discovering a radical islamist material on her computer. the changing face of u.k. politics and party moves from the margins to claim a stunning result in local elections leaving the governing conservatives to wonder how to win back lost supporters.
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and broadcasting live from our studios in moscow this is r.t. glad to have you with us let us start with our breaking news this hour massive explosions have rocked the syrian capital damascus according to syrian a state t.v. a military research center has been attacked u.s. officials have reportedly confirmed that israeli jets were behind the attack local residents are describing the scene as a huge blast which caused everything to shake damascus based journalist xeni earlier told me the details. or there are people read it all so we. know we wanted to make it about but. in order to. actually. call. it quickly. and actually. know what i wanted to make it told in school.


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