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tv   [untitled]    August 30, 2012 4:30am-4:39am EDT

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you're watching r t here's a look at the top stories the e.u. is paymaster has eased germany's chancellor is in china trying to convince beijing that euro currency is still stable enough to invest in that's how the euro zone's fourth largest economy spain desperately tries to avoid asking for another bailout . iran says it will create a group of green states to stop the violence in syria and start talks on the national reconciliation that has the main day of a summit of the nonaligned movement opens into iran despite u.s. criticism. and the rebel opposition in syria will be wiped out sooner or later as for the us that in a t.v. interview by the insurgency no weaker as they continue fighting the army bringing
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further destruction to the war torn country. we have an interview with a woman who lived in syria for twelve years and witnessed what the people went through when the first sparks of conflict ignited the war. well today we're joined by sister agnes mariam of the cross she's founded a christian community and i'm on a street in damascus she's been living there and working there for the last twelve years thank you very much a sister for joining us today my first question is you've been there for twelve years working in damascus in syria around different areas has there been a difference in your work throughout those years and in the recent months that we've seen uprising and violence of course we have been facing. reality evolving to get more and more tragic and the democratic. you know it's
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really in the sample head. it's so for us it was new because we were. put in sort of position of the smallest pity since nineteen ninety four when we really. appreciate. the security team in syria you know its security of course which is imposed somehow. by regime which is a very strong good and sometimes it kind of. began but nevertheless the reality is that everybody was living in security now were when the events begin. to appraise we were very happy. because really also wanted felt that the that is a need for a chance but very very quickly. we got bad
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news. from. witnesses. in our day offices in homs. and also from damascus in daraa. where what to do is written as civilians without any political. position you know they were counting us telling our story as it were expecting the contrary of what we were seeing on the television so we took position for the objective truth. real information and also for solidarity because lonely by scotty you had to help opposition where you had. people detained so you were also helping the opposition
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yes it's what we call opposition. to the civilian or push your position which is not under any party and that i am not are not are. you have you have always until today peaceful demonstration ok. so we had in our village to free to set free people also if there is a need of humanitarian help even we had opposition meeting in our monastery and the first appeal for the day a log and recourse a geisha and was in our monastery i'm sure very well aware of all the criticism that has been thrown your way what is your your relationship with the assad regime . you know i have normal relationships with. a religious entity and our also it is a religious it's not political. it's not even civilian you know we had
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mainstream reports that came to syria and for in one way for a while i went with them on the scene you know but in a january. in december i asked to go to a position where the good were already implemented and so i could have an idea as an eyewitness and in the beginning we did not even know who were those people and we said said those people there were only identified. gangs you know we said we don't know who they are but they are spreading. these or the. killings abducting and many kind you know of metal rods. to destabilize
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a country and all saw to implement a kind of ration for its civil war for example they would kill. very targeted targeted for example they would keep a low if i have seen. in homs. a flock of blood. because in the day before. people you know source and i did then defied gangs have been beheading nine i know with people just because they were i know it i have seen this with my eyes and i talked to the population of the sunni population who do you think has has put. rated this they didn't know they said they were wearing like soldiers but do you think that it's their loyalty towards the what do you want me to do i cannot shut up if if if
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nobody is reporting this i feel that if i know it and i do not report that i am helping. women and to continue that way and after evil of human rights watch begin to talk about things perpetrated by. actual armed insurrection affiliated saying that it is affiliated to the opposition that were doing sings against humanity. and this is any problem and we're talking about the syrians in general do they want regime change look i think that yes and said to do regime has fallen there is no more of the civil jeem you will never ever have the same regime on what now the commission they have been discriminated not because they are commission but because being commission they could not but dissipate in islam is the most patience. and sometimes it arrive to
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violence is against them. everyone says you know we had more than two hundred thousand coalition that had to flee out because of this on big worse position that we have to hear to discern between exterior opposition you know in some of the leaders of the opposition outside of syria they never came back to syria since thirty years so they don't have. a popular ground. they want to come to be able to come but with the help of. the forum. what in media thirty. but you have the. opposition. who doesn't want these kind of foreign
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intervention. a conflict. of guns on the streets.
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