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tv   [untitled]    May 21, 2012 7:00am-7:30am EDT

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three. years in video for your media project free media. and demonstrators clashed with police near the summit side in chicago with around a dozen injured more than sixty arrested after one of the city's biggest protests in years. the new faces of the russian government. is replaced as. president earlier this month. as clashes between local supporters of the government in neighboring syria and the opposition spread.
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a very warm welcome to you from all of us here. in the russian capital day one of the nato summit in chicago has been mobbed by mass demonstrations that resulted in fear clashes with police dozen people were reportedly injured around sixty arrested after officers started using batons to disperse thousands in the crowds. and it was in the middle of what became the biggest rally in a week of the war protests. this was really expected to be the biggest action day of action here in chicago and this is certainly turned out to be the case what we witnessed was a march that lasted a few hours that was overall peaceful that ended with violent clashes between riot police and anti-war protesters hundreds of police clashed with hundreds of outraged protesters there were bridge tons being swung by police plastic bottles being
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thrown by protesters paint balloons being thrown of violence at least twelve people from what we know have been injured at least sixty people arrested there were several warnings from police coming that they might have to use chemical on the protesters unless they dispersed that had not been the case of violent clashes leading faces a lot of chaos about one hundred one hundred protesters were really involved in the action whereas many of them the majority of the ones marching were able to disperse before violence kick started here on the ground for all the details on the clashes now let's turn to our report. the clashes began as protesters try to get through the barricades that the police have made it on their way to the convention center police in riot gear against protesters there trying to push away protesters away from the area that's barricaded off during. clashes continuing as police is trying to get the protesters to move out of the march area there's
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fighting going on there trying to move into the protesters we have heard warnings that possibly chemicals would be used on the protesters. still pretty chaotic the police is warning the crowds to disperse we have heard some rumors in the crowds too for people to start putting in earplugs the sound cannons could be used we do know that the police has held rads accessible they have issued several official warnings over a megaphone seen that it's time for the crowds to disperse we did see clashes break out several times. and as the protests unfolded in the streets outside the nato summit some big announcements have been made on the inside the talks mainly focused on afghanistan and missile defense in europe with the blocs chief saying the shield is up and running with interim capability with details as artie's gun a chicken. this is the first step of
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a small to stage missile shield program in europe nato secretary general says for eighteen months they've been working on technical legal issues now they're on track to carry out the program in for the first stage involves mobile interceptors those are the interceptors and radars installed on ships the plan is to have land based elements of the system deployed by twenty eighteen countries like romania poland the czech republic the netherlands those are going to be systems designed to intercept more and best weapons the missile defense shield that the u.s. is building in its in europe is a very contentious issue it's been a point of bickering between russia and the u.s. for many years now russia says the shield has the potential to offset the strategic balance that will make russia kick steps to restore their balance that is to deploy more weapons something that russia doesn't want to do nato is saying that the system is designed to counter possibly a potential threat from iran but you're right doesn't have the kind of weapons that the shoulder is intended for also the us refuses to give legal guarantees that the
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system will not be aimed at russia at some point so it's a huge issue which is not just about trust it's also about guarantees of galveston is at the forefront of this year's nato summit agenda its member states are going to coordinate this their steps of withdrawal the u.s. is the key member is of course calling the shots american troops are set to leave afghanistan in two thousand and fourteen but under their new agreement with guys then they will remain in certain numbers as the u.s. claims in a supporting role the general perception among experts is that nato as war in afghanistan has been a failure as much as the u.s. is trying to truly coat it with the eventual killing of osama bin laden still the war ended up in raging the local population fostering a new kind of extremism also drug production became rampant in afghanistan during the years of occupation and it's billions of dollars that go to support terrorists and organized crime networks around the globe that's the kind of against them. needle is leaving behind nato is also facing identity crisis in
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a way the alliance is supposed to be about the fence but it has long taken up the role of an offensive force the bombing of libya had nothing to do with defending europe or north america you saw thousands of people in the streets of chicago protesting against nato because they fear that in order to sustain itself to make it to make itself useful be a lie as it is in the business of making wars rather than stopping them. or let's go deeper into a subject now i'm joined by asia times our roving correspondent pepe escobar live here on the program thanks for joining us on our to today as you as you were just hearing from our correspondent guy nature can the main stumbling block in russia and nato relations this ongoing missile defense in europe now part of it officially up and running at the summit so some officials giving the political guarantees that the system is not aimed at russia are you buying it. of course not nobody buys it the russians don't buy it the chinese don't buy it the iranians don't buy it and
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most of the developing world doesn't buy it the fact is this is unique to expansion in eastern europe it's always been the case for the past stands fifteen years in fact so russia's going to have a response they're going to deploy a russian missiles to cleaning ground near the polish border so we're back to the cold war expect you can take the cold war out of nato but you cannot take nato are old a cold war and this is what doing the thinking months near rust. on . european investment in their energy industry they will never at jack in the european capital with an intercontinental ballistic missile this is alice in wonderland territory now suddenly we've been we've been hearing from some people on the far east that china i think that this is not so much and in russia rather this is meant to possibly force in or put a fence around china being such a large growing economic power also the biggest holder of american debt is there
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some sort of bullying going on here perhaps on the part of nato increasing its presence towards that region also at the same time with america deploying more military personnel in that region it's very interesting because this has not been discussed anywhere one of the reasons of this nato summit you know deep underground is to bring central asian stance to the table effect nato would like bases in the central asian stance as well in kyrgyzstan they lost the base but they want it back they want to be singles becky stunned that they had been through a few years ago the pentagon effect and they also lost it and they want to be seen to it when they start and also bees in kazakhstan why so round is actually china with bases not only that three magazines in afghanistan seen burned by. and kandahar but into central asian zones all this century asians are part of the
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myriad partnerships that need to or has all for the world including all sorts of middle eastern and east asian countries the problem is they don't trust the pentacle just like they trust a hundred percent neither the russians or the chinese the want to do what does that stern says a lot factory diplomacy which is big big powers against each other so i'm not sure nato and abet are going to are going to be very successful in central asia are now i'm going to jump in here because i'm running low on time but i really want to come back to the nato summit and address the issue of afghanistan that was one of the subjects up for discussion nato saying that it will stop combat operations there in two thousand and fourteen assuming the role of trainers and advisers first do you think they really will step aside and second how will that impact the security in the country if they do well rory and nato will step aside because there's no money it's simple as that the europeans will step aside but the pentagon states last year
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of european union countries they spent one hundred in the billion dollars on defense and still that's not enough for nato the problem is with the european economy absolutely devastated there's no more money for military adventures so they will be out in two thousand and fourteen holand told obama at the g eight summit in camp david that france will be out by the end of this year and this thing is the immediate deal obama told holland ok i can live with that but you have to come to convince angela merkel that we need rules in europe so i can be reelected here in the u.s. so does is that what is going on this past year this under the current of the g eight and nato and what's going to happen in baghdad on the way as the when they discuss iran it's a kind of mega package that the obama administration is trying to assemble reassuring that in the next five months nor sink. we're happy. to be reelected that's the strategic speaking at the moment they don't care about nato
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they don't care well merkel which is low is there is a reelection on the save as your time's a roving correspondent pepe escobar i sincerely wish we had more time for this we don't thanks for joining us on suits today. russia has a new government with recently you know granted president vladimir putin unveiling his team of ministers there's been a significant shake up from the previous cabinet with all the details now on sarah joining us here on the program so tell us what prompted the shakeup and just how big is the change. was out with the old and in with the new with these appointments at the new government seventy five percent of the new ministers and many of the people be taking place in government for the very first time so really a significant shakeup in from in large part by the wife go process we see in the save the recent months in the country and much more politically gauged population
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that really made their demands very clear and one of those was for a shift among the political elite that reflected that simone's well what they were calling for and so a lot of people going to be looking very closely now to see whether this is going to be the government that's going to be cohesive. working so well so reforms that they've been so loudly calling for everything times the loss of most of the major youngest based in state we should expect expect some of those young mocha liberals the prime minister in the day this is david during his term in the crime then now as prime minister that's expected a lot of people will be taking the post some of the key minutes to have retained that efficient they still got a lead role and the role is for a minute the defense and finance minister saying the same as well as a big change if that's the case that seventy five to thirty minutes the energy minister will be with us. the point now really going to be that. the president.
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thank you. the spillover of violence from syria has now reached the capital of neighboring lebanon deadly clashes broke out between opponents and supporters of the syrian government it's come in response to the killing of a sunni cleric who was a vocal critic of the assad regime political analyst says if president assad does step down the repercussions will be felt across the entire region. the violence in syria advice in the north was expected and delayed for a while it seems that whoever wanted to create this free zone in turkey and on the borders of turkey and syria or jordan and syria. have failed and is trying to build that free zone in northern lebanon in order to create the bridge between the fighters. related fighters who are coming from all over the world to
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fight against the syrian regime they want to create this freezone for them in the north and create the bridge between tripoli and homs if assad is forced down this will not resonate in lebanon only it will resonate in the whole arab world this is the war of the almighty this is the jihad for the oman and for the hell if i will if assad falls down the way americans want him to fall down there will be definitely. the whole region will be ruled by the khilafah and then we will have an islamic extremist. on the right islamic rule in the whole arab world and this might also heard the interest not only of fresh air but the whole issue and we will definitely see later on some severe movements and asia as well trying to claim the money and this is a very serious time for lebanon syria the arab world but also the entire world this
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is a new world war with a nontraditional world war nontraditional means and weapons used in this world war . it's good to have you with us here on r t still to come for you this hour victory for the red machine russia regains the world hockey title after crushing slovakia in the final to win this year's championship defeat. serbia's presidential election is won by a nationalist candidate but what does it mean for the country's plans to join the e.u. . and it looks like a rather bumpy ride for london's fast approaching summer olympics severe delays line closures and bus strikes all threaten to put the squeeze on the games. the relationship between south america and the united states comes under focus in the latest edition of julian assange just program here on r.t. and the president of ecuador rafael correa is this week's special guest where he
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explains why he kicked the u.s. out of the military base there and it looks like a from the very beginning they both well established quite a friendly. government close the u.s. base at montauk. can you tell me why you decided to close this base because they said that here would you accept having your foreign be set up in your country juliet. in any case if the matter is that simple if the matter is that simple as i already said at the time ok it's not a problem to set up a u.s. base in ecuador we can give the go ahead as long as we are granted permission to set up an ecuadorian military base in miami that if it's not an issue they should agree with us at that are you having a lot of fun with the interview julie and i'm glad to hear that me too.
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just to remind you that a debate tomorrow at eleven thirty g.m.t. the latest edition of julian assange show airing right here on our team. now russia have become ice hockey champions of the world after beating slovakia to take this year's title victory in helsinki brought the team with their third championship win in five years. reports from moscow where celebrations big ones have certainly been taking place the atmosphere here one zero shubha elation ass russia wins the two thousand and twelve world hockey championships it was a tough much against rival slovakia but in the end the score was russia six slovakia this win means that they didn't lose a single one of their ten games throughout the tournament it's been a tough two years of russian hockey the entire look of motifs club teams joined in
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a plane crash last year on the national team after wins in two thousand and eight and two thousand and nine has been lower down the rankings the past two years north anymore seems that i've made some friends here the international i saw keep it a ration named the russian team number one in the wounds even before this and now they've proved it. is time bomb right there we don't miss all the details of the game and our sports bulletin that will be in about ninety minutes time also you can read more about the match and c.b.c. special snapshots of the big game over on our website for the key moments along with the joy of victory all the pictures and r.t. dot com. nationalist thomas laugh in the call that has defeated the pro e.u. candidate boris tadic sion serbia's presidential vote so because of previous government that's already served to. terms under boris tadic chaz often being criticized for the country's economic downturn job losses and corruption the
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election has largely been seen as a vote on your membership in the winner of the poll thomas of the call it shows already confirmed the country will not stray from its european path political export of moscow gas which says that voters had simply run out of patience with boris tadic which was really think the serbs realize that membership is not a panacea not a cure all for all evils in the system and there are many evils in the system i mean ex-president now is presided over eight years of poverty in which he's oligarchy have drawn all the financial benefits and they created a kind of replaced a kind of communism with a kind of corruption is there which has been very good for them and very bad for everybody else in the country and this really has been the problem for the population has been afraid of change but they also have been afraid of further poverty and despite promises of e.u. rose garden even the e.u.
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garden looks very bare at the moment and target is offering looks even more bare as a result. straight to yemen to kick off the r.t. world update now over sixty soldiers have been killed many others wounded in a suicide bomb attack in yemen capital sanaa a bomber dressed in uniform blew himself up me during the rehearsal of a military parade to remember the unification of north and south yemen no one at this point has claimed responsibilities but authorities suspect al qaeda behind it their troops have been fighting in the south of the country for over a week now officials also say militants have attacked u.s. coast guard trainers in the west of the country injuring. the head of the un's nuclear watchdog the i.a.e.a. is in terror on for the first time since his appointment with a visit by yukiya amano aims to settle the terms in which suspected iranian nuclear sites would be prohibited by the organization's inspectors iran only allows the
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partial inspection of its facilities leading to western suspicion it could be trying to build an atomic bomb attack iran has always denied those claims. with the summer olympics fast approaching all eyes are on how london is gearing up for putting on a show to the world but as i have a better found out there are growing concerns over chaos for commuters as bus strikes an aging infrastructure leave the city's transport system struggling to cope with what will be a huge influx of visitors. welcome to britain where you'll be greeted by queues longer than many flights to get here the maximum wait for passport checks at london's heathrow airport should be forty five minutes but these passengers were stuck for up to two and a half hours last month as britain's busiest airport seized up why because it rained says the government not exactly the sign of a city ready to welcome the world at the imminent olympics four hour delays are
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predicted and not just at the airports there are huge problems with the transport infrastructure in london as anybody who has visited the city will realize we are basically running on a kind of nine hundred fifty s. infrastructure in terms of airports railways the metro system and so on it is a very out of choosing with the rest of europe three million journeys a day are enough to make even a normal service grind to a halt on london's famous underground never mind the gap it severe delays and impromptu line closures that are notorious here and with a surge of fifteen million journeys on the busiest days of the olympics it's no wonder even transport officials admit you'll be better off on foot this is waterloo station one of london's busiest and a limb pick transport hotspots in fact is expected to be so congested here during the olympics that people already being handed maps like these telling them how to
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avoid stations like this one and advising them to walk to work during the olympics because it'll be quicker than taking a team the advertising may be light hearted but walking to work is no laughing matter for most commuters especially when that's what over six billion pounds of investment gets you we've got the best transport system in the world without question everybody telling people to work so work because we're responsible organization we're just giving practical advice god. so that they understand the jewish vote on the guy yes it's going to be pretty you know we don't we're not hard behind the fact that the network is going to be busy and that's why we keep the people who are sensible guidance and advice so they can avoid. so the annoying people being here and that i actually perhaps might enjoy actually walking rather than going on the train and the brakes are on the buses to this london icon may not be seen at all this summer drivers are threatening to strike because they're
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london's only transport workers not in line for a limb pick bonus pay without them it'll leave another six million passengers to squeeze on to the tube if london's buses do come to a standstill because the strike action our members will be forced into this city will be gridlocked nothing will move people won't get to the games the athletes the journalists the coaches and the spectators won't even get anywhere near that when. with barely two months left much of london twenty twelve is on the home straight but in getting from a to b. there are still plenty of hurdles ahead either bennett. london. and straighten it out or there you are standing by the r.t. business desk obviously as we've been reporting this hour the new russian cabinet has been named by president putin one of the markets making of that. while there are still up there are a number of new faces in the cabinet including the minister of energy alexander
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novak and the economic development under way below so of course the key position on the finance minister is still until and still want of arkady dvorkovich is now named deputy prime minister oversee a wide range of issues including the energy sector formally he was putin's and later dmitry medvedev presidential aide he is known as a reformer and next hour will. full analysis for you with jacob now the chief economist of morgan stanley presenting his view of the new cabinet and now let's check out the numbers as i mentioned the russian markets are doing quite well there you can see there the r.t.s. is gaining more than one and forty percent this hour most of the blue chips are gaining value on the my sex at this hour and they of course include the financials
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bear bank is more than that two percent and the oil rising crude is benefiting the energy sector but as you can see lube oil is gaining draws nafta is losing more than two and a quarter percent this hour and now on to the european equity markets and they are quite upbeat the footsie is doing while the dax is gaining more than one percent mainly being encouraged by the weekend meeting of the group of eight. nations speaking of europe global leaders met over the weekend to discuss the fate of the united europe u.s. president barack obama who hosted the meeting has repeatedly stressed the need to stimulate growth one of his main concerns is that the eurozone crisis spreads to the united states but essentially there were no breakthroughs as the g eight leaders once again agreed it would be best for greece to stay in the euro zone but
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that doesn't mean it can wait a lot of its financial committee so let's now see how the euro is reacting it's actually doing quite well it's a gaining value although just a notch against the u.s. dollar and the russian currency the ruble is mixed it's a gaming to the dollar and a losing value to the euro and last but not least crude is gaining for the first time in seven trading sessions after it hit a six month low in new york on friday and that's all latest from the business desk this hour will be back in about fifteen minutes. still to come here on the program of the headlines i'll be backed up by paedophiles cross talk.
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