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tv   [untitled]    May 7, 2012 4:01am-4:31am EDT

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but easy. to get outside student of the russian federation dimitri mitigated. what am i going to thing that i see citizens of russia the friends of when the president of the old and the inauguration in the exam that shell resident to let is always a new start in russia's history and the chapter but he did. what we could for the president is the head of state and and the guarantor all the constitutional rights
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and freedom of not only in the proceeding finds in the guidelines for foreign and domestic policies in the witness with us in the uk with the continuity of government policy is a necessary requirement for russian to move onward a severe enough warrant for large scale to transform asians said we have been carrying out recently in the economy in the social sphere in a new politics it is very important for those to continue that this is the only way for us to build a strong and democratic society that has the words that going where there will be the rule of law speech in the and social justice where security is ensured than the it was motions to where everything is that's necessary is provided for what it being you might be so fulfilment us down for doing business for creating him in the it is that you win these are the tests that have been my priority as president.
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i would work as i promised when i too could both i work in an open and honest way deal as serving the people and doing i knew my best wouldn't see it here to help people to be free and confident about their future. and we have that managed to achieve a lot even during the difficult period of the global crisis we fulfilled our social commitments the beacon and we launched the modernization of our economy of course we feel that not everything we're. like what we think land. entirely of those nuggets of bullshit this work has to go once and i'm fully confident about this but if you look but i do think you have made but then we went through serious trials together. youth russia's security was tested.
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but that we had to fight against the grass or those in it but it was too that he and we continued fighting terrorism. which remains a threat to our country should go with us misusing you. want to be obvious achievements that was our citizens became into more actively involved in politics it is very important that the government is no more open for a dialogue and copper ration of the water the a state cannot work effectively without feedback from the people. without taking into account initiatives that come from society. in my work i have followed this rule. we all are united by deedes sire for real common good freedom because progress nothing and of course we're all united
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by love towards children in our country russia. is i conclude my work as president i would like to think everybody who supported me throughout these years that you. think you're. here for. the comfort in you gave me for your help. like your sympathy. but that's the only with me. for being together. i would also like to thank all the citizens of russia will think you know. we still have a lot to work on. these gigs of the earth will be in the shadow of the russian state working for our people is
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a great responsibility and a great honor. and i'm happy. that lattimer putin will become president today he has experience and he is a strong leader which supported by a maturity of our citizens. i hope. you will be successful as president i wish him success. and that i mean he's work for our homeland for our people. ok well you just heard what mr that i've heard this is a very shortly you'll be handing over the presidential emblem to the president elect of the russian federation vladimir putin is. there is or can i believe
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chairman of the constitutional court with russian federation of teachers or like of the russian press releases it in there and you say most of them are saying. cause of articulating to the constitution of the russian federation the new president of the russian federation from take the oath prescribed by the constitution of the russian federation and here it comes to do it you know it but. if you do it as i fulfill the duties of the president of the russian federation i swear to protect to guarantee the rights and freedoms. all our citizens the stat is that she had been fit to and i served and protect the constitution of the russian federation to protect the solar and seat and independence it still is these little dots that our state here in the full treaty not and its territorial integrity and to serve its people faithfully would you. still feel that those in the us but as a young student of the russian federation.
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they. say.
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it. was.
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a national anthem and that he. had a race and like him a few things about the speech as the presidential standard which goes up behind the tree and we have guys that i see a city that is always russia france it goes in his face i take the office of the president of the russia which i don't ration i realize still is the food scope of my responsibility before hideously our home lives up but it seemed to us security to security of our citizens yes we did. i have always been but you see my utmost priority is. willing to do my best do you want to justify the trust of millions of our citizens. i think it is demeaning you know my whole life and it is my duty to serve living in that hour in the country serve our people and yes pick up a little bit now whose support encourages and inspires me and held me address the most
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difficult tasks we have fooled and passed a long and difficult road together so what we now feel confident that on this we have made our country stronger. we re stored our dignity as a great nation the world now sees. every steward to russia this is a result of what our entire country did they are working hard. every person who contributed to this work to do we have everything we need to move onward and to continue building we have with a viable state we have a strong economic foundation in that we have responsible civil society to the home with me and i think you will meet three mitzvot it made a major contribution to this he's a presidency ensured continuity and i'll forever is forward and gave an additional
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impetus to the modernization of our laws. and now he has a very difficult and responsible period of coming and when we shame all this we are entering a new stage in our national development we'll have to address all tasks you know what i did are totally different level and scale is a she would do it next few years we'll need to find the future of russia for decades ahead you know if you love me when you might we all should realize that if they do you think if you're unsure of coming generations of our nation that's. depend on us to deal with on the real money medicine that we have in developing our economy to create a new living standard but i say preserving our nation and so we boarding russian families. how we both arrange the tast
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territory of russia from the baltic sea and the pacific but it will depend on icy weather we will be able to become the leaders of eurasia on them that all of them will be successful is when we remain one strong nation if we treasure our home a strengthening of the russian democracy the constitutional rights and freedoms but only if only in one involving our people more actively in the. formation of the political and she end up with you yet but if you can you should all work together to make our country a process of human filth and we will definitely be a successful as long as we rely on the strong foundation of our cultural minutes on the traditions. and that will be the cultural traditions of our i'm outta there nick nation to handle it alex that have always been the pillar of the poor
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global ethic life if we all live according to our conscience with faith and love to our motherland way to her family take care of our children. and our parents. we want to live in a democratic country and we will. free again and the way you operate unity but we can if we want to use his talents and energy will live in a successful russia which will be respected in the world as an open and predictable partner you will not believe our commentary they all use this area but as you and our determination to transform our country our joint action is three million years our joint effort pretty desperate to freedom and justice. but that we are ready for it coming in trials and coming each human to russia as in reading history
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and in equally great future and we will work in the living. room with one inwardly i think with a pure heart thank you you. thank. hearing . glory today how did rush and that song is it back but how did that other famous version of. you know kevin so if you're just looking at these two gentlemen here is a dalek and saves the tandem continues if you just. check out his continuing coverage. of your presence no gration it's. also the ship i'm not sure the street. show them to be treated to a thirty one gun salute. president who to me is me if i can i just really quickly review when president has returned to office just said there's a few priorities here
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a continuation of positive guy demographic trends because you have to contributions to security job creation and prosperity economic performance in russia's place in the aeration land space. so now let me put in he's going to because it will square to revive the presidential regiment who's going to go out and like kevin sat thirty one gun salutes. are honoring the president and the supreme commander in chief of the russian speakers as you know so we don't have mixed in with that in the past about what i would want to pass all the three homeless and that's what i don't know why you don't sanjay's you've got a long way to go to get there not just. go outside it's quite big. no coming so if you think it's really interesting use it to much of what he had to say as was expected there's many trials ahead but he also you think to be remembered for his time in office again these two gentlemen have known each other
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for over twenty years two different generations two men of very similar mindsets they have different styles one would expect that. putin's top five protests continuing positive demographics. there's been a problem in russia but it's like they have turned the corner and i mean just go to the r t newsroom ok the countries turn the corner ok pregnancy is a very popular thing right now in russia. that. look at play. other top five parties to make positive contributions to security. job creation economic performance establishing a new regime you need the former soviet republic seals who talked about wanting russians to be able to live in a democratic society and i think one of the here now it's what i think certainly are some people in moscow that want to hear that in st petersburg i think it's interesting discourse i think talking about russia's democracy use is back on the agenda which is as it should be. we have a country that has been going through
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a modernization as well process over the last twelve years fourteen years and in a certain point you have to have other parts of society modernized as well and i think we've seen this in russia i've lived in russia for over twelve years almost thirteen years now and i'm finally happy to say that russians are talking about politics that means they don't all agree that's what democracy is all about another point for policy you can say very much about it in of course we know in western capitals and so people are watching seeing what mr putin is going to do now with a lot of people are talking about how will the reset quarter quote reset continue with the united states i've always believed it was kind of a p.r. stunt i never believed in the reset because the united states and russia have mutual interest they have also things that they disagree on ok that's called the nation's foreign policy my thing mr putin will continue the course what we've seen over the last four years which he has actually established during his presidency during his eight years in office ok vladimir putin has gone through st andrews an
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exam designed the same judges reception of the ground crew out of there this year. the national flag and presidential standard carried with him over to the should value. no that's not really dislike i mean because yeah it's worse the westerners you really it was you were is brutally honest so when you were here in russia a new president it seems like yesterday almost four years of the you and i was sitting here actually took us a day or two to get used to it we're going to say everyone should do it again everyone should be fined a hundred bucks every time the media lost five hundred dollars they were told that there was a token newsroom for the year to make them a cup of tea at the time it was very very grand kremlin palace from the outside saying that's not what it looks like everything just something it's a big house for one person one family what happens in all those really but i know i've only been to those beautiful three halls but i assume there are some secret
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chambers that i wasn't sure which is the official presidential residence which which believe that you know the building i was. there so if he is a woman of amazing taste what is your favorite place in the promo i think it has to be st george's hall because it's really impressive i don't know if colossal is the right word for it but really overwhelming it is majestic but you know it's not cheesy majestic it's just perfect everything is it's in the right place and it really takes your breath away and again you know looking at the ceremony and seeing so much pomp and circumstance here and so much history and tradition this country has entered a new era and i think mr putin made it very clear that there are a lot of challenges ahead and i think also made it very clear that he's listening to other voices and again russia's transition is slow but it's remarkable if you were here in one thousand nine hundred nine if you came back in two thousand and twelve you would see a new russia but it has a long way to go we still have in moscow we talk about moscow a lot the rest of the country has an enormous amount of reform ahead of it even
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your expectations. to be bandied around a lot will we see a putin time seems continuation of kootenai seeming very busy continuation of putin . putin outlook ok on the way the country should develop again if you had if you. in the one nine hundred ninety s. you could understand that with the russian political elite today the chaos of the nine hundred ninety s. will people will not return to that chaos and that's one of the reasons why they voted for mr putin pause if i can take a phrase from on reagan we are you better off today than you were four years ago a lot of russians will say yes actually and as we've been reporting on the protests a lot of the people that were protesting over the last few months have benefited over the time that putin putin back in office which is since he's been around. from the national television feeds what's going on here now. showing us. shots of kremlin inside but from what i understand let me put it in and you have to go out to the cathedral square where the presidential regiment is awaiting for both
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of them and this time by the way when will revive the presidential regiment just to which you know i can bet you that you know they're going there together and then the next big piece of news political news coming out of this country is the new government and we're going to be looking at who's going to stay because there are a lot of people in russia quite honestly would like to see some new faces on the question but very busy is it does it just to be prime minister what do you see as far as we know that we could least for the time being he will come to become prime minister i mean you know the there's no question he's there's no question mark here about him promise is something he always does brings up a very good point here and i and i say this to putin's the detractors you know what he says usually he does and it's quite remarkable that he has a double obviously on telly here very simple that sort of he had promised a lot during the presidential election we'll see if he can ok he threw on the articles he was he ran in a part he was prepped for me i'm going to i'm going to first of september with amber when he actually announced that he would run for the president he said that i would like to be an interesting point you. know state secret and say this is right
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now we're waiting for president clinton to the show and address the region but he's actually receiving the so-called nuclear briefcase ready because when i was leaving right that's just tacked on. seriously i was for the three because it goes to authorize but we can it should never be used as a room for more current affairs says yeah but the that's the the briefcase used to authorize it ever would have needed the use of russia's nuclear shield never has this. splendid fanfare again that we hear every christmas and well before the president he'll address so they're going to revive the wrestling faith letting them just want to know that it's a very special day for the regiment let's listen in a bit. oh. oh. oh.
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oh what is. going to come of president of the russian federation the presidential rachel nichols used ready for your review on the occasion of entering the office. of the president of the russian federation image in richmond commander colonel culkin. congratulations on this seventy sixth in your verse or of your arrangements for indecent. and.
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this . in the books.
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some of the focus certainly continues to see the. president. the ridgewood mind. marching in shortly to the degree to prevent it will be exiting the ground crimmins palace as well will be going to be a cathedral to make to me the picture a picture of.
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this is very much a day of pomp and circumstance but the work starts a new government will see dmitri medvedev. as prime minister but could be very curious a lot of other russia watchers going to take up all the cabinet posts there's been a lot of talk we. know we'll hot tips we just got to see some new faces hopefully some younger ones meet. a lot of transition going on here and in political discourse is going through a transition so i think the government is going to reflect that if you'd better do that i mean there's a political conversation started in this country and i hope it continues and the government could have to be just as much part of that as the people so once again we're just seeing the president revive a presidential regiment and i just want to say again that this is a special day for this regiment because yes it is the inauguration of the president but some of the maize also the foundation day for the presidential big birthday regiment itself yeah and it's a regiment that obeys protects the president only the credible. i can. tell you
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those are really impressive a lot of people looking at putin seems to me i think he's he doesn't look happy to me he looks like he's got a lot on his mind like a lot of work ahead which is not going to remember it's what you. like a western politicians nonsense but certainly a lot on his mind six years ahead of him these two gentlemen have been working together for a long time i suspect they will continue to do so would be hoping to see political reforms more with political parties with elections also with the expression we did have some protests yesterday was a provocation but nonetheless i think russian political societies getting used to a pretty tough conversation i think is good for everybody and mr putin will be with me. this is going to the music and just remind you for just showing this you're watching out. for you big event today you know the new russian president.


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