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tv   [untitled]    March 5, 2012 2:30pm-3:00pm EST

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this election was one of many firsts and it was a unique in fact the polling stations recorded over five hundred years worth of streaming live video these videos can be found on you tube as well as not websites as for me i would never be caught dancing on screen. the phone with me and she must. be going to give a try hard to move and she was asking me god or you can probably find that online too but i have to talk about we continue to bring the lady we continue to bring you the latest reaction to russia's president so we'll have more a little later on but let's check in just bring you up to date on what's happening in the capital two rallies one on one yes and i want push for one pro one are anti
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government it seems the notion i want ended i'm pretty much exactly at nine o'clock when the permit or its sanctioned paper you know allotted its time to two hours they're not the case i put a lot of movement there tonight we talked to peter all over at the top of the hour it was clear behind him but we are hearing that people have moved up there has been a rest will continue to monitor the situation of course these are pictures from earlier tonight out pushkin's times square where police did clear it after the permit and it at nine pm yeah but the year later those pictures were coming through to us of the bit earlier on. but as you know if you've been watching the progress of also we had a couple of opposition activists and spokespeople it as well covering their say there so you different side of the story from what maybe the police will say you know you can kind of us we have been bringing in the shots more i visited happening throughout the night these are the latest pictures just. much noise and as mrs
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paine say these are shots earlier all the see the unfortunate going to be much to show you of the moment because it's now gone quiet but. really things wrapping up here now behind this square there was a big rally in their own businesses said that's not finished a couple of hours ago. coverage continues throughout the night but next a special sport my program for you considering the possibilities for the current protest movement here in russia. hello again awoken to spotlight veil. on party i have. the option is over but russia's main cities are looking forward for another week at least how fierce political debates massive street rallies began on sunday when
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blatter put the supporters flooded moscow's main supporters more are scheduled for the coming days both pro and anti the action is sparking mixed reaction but it's clear that a lot of consider this protester demands as some of them were reflected in his electoral manifesto so is it a sign of growing political turbulence all rather a sign of consensus that well we're asking. their political analyst one of the flattery put his face is during his election campaign and the head of the european institute for democracy and proper. russia's december two thousand and eleven parliamentary elections took place amid serious mood through or decades ations usual protest wasn't long in coming as crowns flooded the streets of russian cities demanding fair elections and liberal reforms noticing that the polls just one point at least with many analysts praised them as
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a rise of civic activity promised to contain and his allies took them skeptically but didn't reject them timely question responded to some of the protesters demands in seven detailed articles widely seen as electoral manifesto. issue thank you very much for being with us. i wanted to ask you bad news about the nouns and. concerning the calfskin will be present in advance you made an announcement that the that the prosecutor general should inquire into the case of his team so does that mean that. he will be released from prison or not well that will be decided by a court so where i see bob it was what was it announced on election day
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why now and is it somehow connected to the campaign to. be quite honest as far as i am concerned as far as i understand. it. is clearly moving his way to the leader of a liberal part of society and i think that fits his picture saying things about the other of course. from the legal point of view it's all a court that could decide whether the prosecution. was held in. legal requirements of the law so i can't predict any outcomes of the maybe the leaves. on the issue of course key which seems to be. the point of headlines in the western media
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is the least program that. is so important for the russian society. very interesting thing. who's leaving and who will no longer be president is is trying to become believe are the liberal point of the russian society well. this is a very poor evolution of political wife in russia because before you if you want to be in politics in russia all you have to think about is is to be closer to the president as well civil to be closer to putin to be new clue or realist to learn what is you. know he's not trying to be constant would he rose trying to be sort of opposed to point to winning winning the vote of the society is is this a significant change that we will see i think it is because it's all signifies the
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russians political life is changing and this is becoming close to what we see in the west of course with special russian features and but as far as i am concerned i think that mr madrid if is dedicated to stay in politics and that is clearly at least for the moment. as far as liberal protest concerned the worst in my opinion seems all chooses to ignore all disregard the fact that the way this thread protests sentiments are of different origin and the majority of process has to do with this affection of people that put in who started to move from yeltsin time stopped somewhere in the middle and they want to continue. the what i can say for the whole liberal
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opposition but at least for the leaders of the blood in a square which are in the eyes of the majority of society the band crap of the ninety's they would like to turn back and so there are protests and protest in the majority of protest you wait. expect mr putin in his next term to. energetically attack such programs as immense social inequality because social state is not what we have now and of course he helps those who are and the virtue of perishing which has never been done before but he is not he hasn't touched this. origins which is reproduce all the time these foundations for this such social inequality but in russia we can
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live but in a social state because our conditions are different from the west. anyway putin's victorious election campaign is over but the political activism is far from subsiding. as more and. russians have demonstrated an unprecedented level of political engagement within up to the presidential vote the biggest moment anti-government really years receded sunday's election and more really as i get to count within the next five days wouldn't supporters of the first to make their voice heard. over one hundred thousand people gathered on my national square below the kremlin walls a late into the night after initial results were published to celebrate putin's weigh in where in the motional addressed his supporters. we have won in an open and fair battle but this wasn't just the election of the president it was
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a test of political maturity and independence and we have shown that nobody can impose anything on it's. the following morning showed putin really had reason to celebrate he gained more than sixty percent of the vote which secuity him victory without the need for a second round two of the four other candidates in the presidential race sergey miron of and the idea here in all ski work week to congratulate the president elect however putin's nearest rival communist guinn that is who got off with just over seventeen percent of the vote came out with criticism. this election was neither fear nor legitimate fear elections here dialogue between the power party and the opposition the ruling party never took office the billionaire proper of who came in third in the voting took the results philosophically promising to stay in national politics the problem is not whether i'm personally disappointed or not
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it's our citizens who decide if they decide there have been no critical violations during the elections then vats is an objective reality. although the presidential election was described as the most transparent with all of the polling stations been equipped with. this if you were reports of violations alleged irregularities are central to the post-election and you put in release question in the prime minister's landslide victory. we heard about the these parameters some of the ask and you see what portugal actually was pretty ambiguous in his reaction to the mass opposition grows on the one side he was calling these people banner loans and he accused them of being directly paid by by hillary clinton resell the other side he published his his articles appealing to
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the middle class and trying trying trying to look good in the eyes of those of the angry angry citizens as we clung to. this sort of a contradiction no not at all first of all we have to recognize that the leaders of the protest i mean the leaders. only more belies putin supporters and that was the result of public polls shortly after those action. public manifestations on the square only i think more realize that. no no no to fold. but on the other hand let us talk a little bit about russian middle class. social scientists and political scientists also seem to ignore the fact that russian middle class is very different from the west around there is no sign of russian middle class becoming so what the
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french call. and the germans. by the in the beginning of. middle class rise in the worst middle class was also very nationalistic even and pax reward to the. young service is the nation that was the motor of friendship. russian middle class was never revolutionary lenin who can't be denied political. feeling yet he immediately the clear russian goals are reactionary a huge. i mean middle class you can't call me a liberal position roof it is reflecting the interests of russian middle class i know so many of the middle class or even richer who are where it has always been
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who have always been for putin because of his national conservative stand also put in really tried before and now to be a little bit liberal a little bit patriotic a little bit conservative. with everything but that is what a leader of a nation should be because president must be a president for all and of course everyone once reform i think of our political system so it's not only the demand of liberal opposition it's i'm quite conservative but i am sick and tired of those parties. says natale and their actions go ahead of the european institute for democracy incarceration spotlight we'll be back shortly after we take a small drink so stay with us don't go.
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welcome back to spotlight i'm just threw in the got my guest on the show today is not really in the head of the european institute for democracy and cooperation and one of latin republicans campaign phrases during his glorious victorious rather. election campaign. well we can see now that these seven articles all different issues published by your kind of the jury is an actual campaign in different newspapers were sort of his election manifesto were a program that he will start fulfilling on the seventh of march when we will be no greater because the president of the russian federation so let's go step by step the first article i think it was in in his best year it was called russia is concentrating and pushing was addressing that middle class that you just talked
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about two minutes ago and he was promising a brighter future for the people and especially for the middle class do you consider this putin's as good an arms to the process as his as his effort to make friends with an opposition to school no i don't think so although it is addressed to the whole nation but i would like to tell our viewers that russia is concentrating this is a quotation from of our famous foreign policy chancellor prince got in the middle of nineteen century and it bears all the contents of this motto which is. which is the same. that russia must must do well on its. internal problems to be strong and this is the most important and more important even than
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outer active it's a bigger problem you are quoting in terms of loneliness he said ok when you were here and fall apart you fly. a couple of years ago you were in the studio and you woke one thing called your story and so does that mean that you personally took part in formulating this. record. not tell you one of your crew or favorite authors story is but i think you know. the. the sharpness of political life in the recent several months stimulated little thinking and political sort and i would say that these political manifesto of mr putin has no. nothing has been known by us in the files because it's much deeper than all. you know regular and customary political
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slogans during the elections because all of these parts all these articles have drawn analysis from very far and trace the roots of our problems. and so it reflects that putin and his team fully understand this seriousness the darkness and the deep rooted nurse over all this program let me quote it another article in the norco our national union is a recently because you are putting was separating the ethnic russians from other ethnic groups in russia and he even called them the state constituting nation the russians which as a matter of fact some are contradicts the preamble to the russian constitution so. do you approve of that i do and i applaud so you think we should change the
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constitution and we should return return to the point the reference of national ethnic nationality to into the passports russian language russian doesn't mean necessarily ethnicity it's a state of mind as all serious decisions of the russian cause and history have mentioned because russians are those who are bearer of the national cultural code they are the only you as me we lived in the serbian times and we remember that guys from next door who said we are russian reside now you know more russian you are jewish. i never said that but this one i. didn't even understand what it was only i didn't hear me and this was happening to look in your passport i mean. you are trying to emphasize to say that they are all russians were and to some it it which. not country so much as was in
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fact truly russian wife and soviet life. and it was a car then it was one of the cards that club and played and used to play you know. there were many carrots and i was going say i wouldn't say that was a real. which is spread by. our dissidents angry etc but my own has lived my life and i only now being an adult and mature i now remember that some in my class of my class my mates were of different ethnic origin i bet them we didn't even realize or didn't even think about such type of my identification there is no no no no your typical. do you believe that it's possible to. modern russia to build a society where every person who considers himself prussian whatever is origin will
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be will be considered russian by the society as good as they actually exist because russian it's not. it's not in the third and he for the first time during train for century he then mentioned russian people as. there are of statehood because and culture because we are all citizens of russia but culture as a product of spirit is not produced by if there are no culture there is an arabic culture and we as citizens of russia we promote a better political system etc but tales and literature is composed only by cultural relation to the reserve it. and if you compare russia's internal life russia has always been
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a multi country from the very beginning the famous russian historian clear chance to mention that contrary to the western europe where states where from the very beginning. on the formation of the uni. monarch ethnic and confessional entities russia's team of russian pre-christian prince was international. another question very important part of putin's manifest through the economic published in the bed of misty he prime minister. described the dependency on a commodities of russia that has not been overcome despite that it was constantly repeated the goal of the government and putin. with his presidency the article that explanations of the reason. overcoming the the dependency can you and as one of
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the election faces explain it well during the olds and. what we watched it was. step by step deep in the story liz ation of the country put it out of twelve years it's not twelve it's only eight and the other for a prime minister charge of the economy during these recent four years the percentage of commodity. constituted in the budget has been a shift now it's. less than thirty percent it's still norma's. figure so we have to move but certainly one must. invest immense effort to first technologies and also can help in creating it. jumps all fulfilled people also on it also is investment into original russian territory so were
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exactly russian people were the main qualified personnel in all plants and all and when. the plans were done. they became. also creates problems so without any accent on nationality if you invest into industry russia russia an engineer instead of selling. real chain is. certainly what i need to look for here big can become ingenious and their social status is improving and that harmonizes the relationship between and the engineer diploma and street the under oath. teachers decision you know that very important fear is the is the former
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international relations with russia and putin in an article in the moscow news he called the us and the western allies all mentioned in the article on foreign policy as the destabilizing force in the world does that worry you as one of the as one of the principal russian abass used in europe today. or for. someone who is normally drawn i mean not with this limits and paris but the. servo not going to make your community are you worried about. i think the west and especially the united states have a lot to this illusion of the russians society in these series of america's ports where we were drowned practically drowned and intoxicated by the. by the
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infalling cobra truck new sinking the west used. to the utmost the traditional thinking and we watched the worst absorbed by. all these fears of. many centuries. russia and even known was moving the military infrastructure we know that the international law is undermined because. you know with the pretext the rich cannot persuade us there were aggressions on interference into domestic lives so the security council resolutions were misused and so granted the foundation of post list in the public international law is now. you know so vague and so we must see to it that there is some.
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legal system left for us otherwise. as far as i understand you though what what the worst those concerns you. want. ok thank you very much that is the only reaction i really think sincerely and in his manifesto you cannot find any desire for risky confrontation not only on national was my guest on the show today she's that of the european is busy for democracy and cooperation and one of their campaign phrases from that a bit better but after wards stay on r.t. and take.
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feel. the limits. susan least some seem. to. see. serious technology in.


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