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tv   [untitled]    March 5, 2012 9:30am-10:00am EST

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six thirty pm in moscow we're continuing our special election coverage here on r t a lot of your putin has reclaimed the presidency after a four year run as prime minister with nearly all the votes and it has given him a landslide victory with almost fifty points separating him from the runner up. european monitors praised russia's electoral progress since december is a controversial vote but there is room for improvement according to the army of observers putin says all the rigging allegations must be investigated. and the
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opposition claims serious electoral violations and i want to bring people back to the streets and protest some activists and independent observers say irregularities are gathering in one of moscow's main squares. spotlight coming up stay with us here on our city. lead. player. oh yeah well welcome to spotlight the interview show on r.c.i.
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maldonado and today we're talking about the results of russia's presidential election day off to the voting the big picture is clear letterman's putin has been elected to new russian president taking almost six eight four percent and. the third is our very own likely to change as this is based on more than ninety nine percent of the ballots cast by the moment you're watching the show and head of the central election commission has already congratulated itself on the southern part of may i mean their graduation day will witness has toric all events in russia's history never before has this country seen a comeback of a supreme leader my guest to talk about this is a political analyst consensus in. the russians and cost to decide on the country's next president according to official figures prime minister vladimir putin has secured sixteen and sometimes the vote which means he wins he
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presidential term without the need for something on the ground. he's already declared victory thinking damages for this in front of one hundred thousand people who gathered on the national square outside the kremlin walls and lead into the night after sunday's election to celebrate his win the election was preceded by beats and complaining and made the biggest for one and two government rallies the country has seen since two time of year old sam what provoked the heated political debate were the results of december's parliamentary vote which sounded a majority of seats to the rule united russia party leading to fraud accusations and mass protests in response to government promised the most transparent presidential election in russia's history nearly two hundred thousand were cameras were installed all in stations across the country the online monitoring system
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which cost over three hundred million u.s. dollars allowed anyone anywhere in the world to log on to our website show one oh i broadcast on russians casting their ballots. so this is this is the world the results look like we have them on the screen and here in the studio after the sentencing of political analysts that with whom we will be discussing the the result was that in welcome the welcome to the show well as a result of the results that we see now they they they fully correspond to the public opinion polls expectations this is mean that we aired a clear transparent and fair election is it like clearly what we have to wait a couple of days you know i can see that absolute of the same as it was. but today i mean so you know i mean really all there the focus of our main opinion poll samples of the result of the before us and oddly fifty seven fifty and one percent
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so we see extremely high results sixty four percent i think and so it's a a was. but you best be can about the way in results of this election i mean we have put in the first two the second place of me says you got enough and even the surplus of profit off it was really expected so that is why in this part of your and then this is i can agree with you but of course in my opinion when he said about one hundred percent some for transparency in our well actions i think it's extremely difficult to fly and example of absolutely absolutely and almost transparent election in the world so you can compare ways a lot of examples of different three hundred elections in other countries for example united states the famous stories floor of the state when mr bush became president a lot of examples in the history of united states great britain and source on strong so that is why of course you can us here that. the last elections. last
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elections were absolutely transparent and honest but we must speak of our will. system because if you in these elections there were a lot of new instruments to come through all the selection for example webcams and you. put to literally introduce the web cameras birds some say he ran like a u.s. style election campaign especially in the last couple of weeks and this helped him get even more than expected this you see like signs of u.s. style it important country yes. because from what you've seen him in person yesterday night. i was finally you know it was for me also. because a lot of you through but finally i was on he's a cool waters and i saw him personally but you know. i see of course some. degree of you partly that we can see the company of which it was as you said united
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states style because. we you know there is such term all presidents or we see forty one years old present because he was right to take electorate from our left but it's like common despite the like fair us but on the same time he was so to speak who was so appalled by what no square in his article secured from that was twenty five million new jobs and science and so on and we see all these meetings meeting with he's electorate it was like in united states like big big big star but of course we remember that his rivals when hume there didn't want to take part in the way i think i'd lie because you know that in russia we are five candidates and that is there's usually a pool or sometimes three candidates this is what you know i mean i think i think
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this was a trick i think putting to use no war that allows him to take part and to send his representative well by not taking part in the debate he wanted to show that he was special that he was above the other four years out there so yourself let's take a break for a second now let's hear how the lead reported in south reacted to his victory. race yet we have won in an open and fair battle but this wasn't just the election of the president it was a test of political maturity in independence and we have shown that you know nobody can impose anything on us we have shown our people who are able to tell the desire for renewal from political provocations aimed at ruining the russian state and usurping power we have won with the support of the absolute majority of voters it's a clean victory we will work honestly and hard we will be successful and we call on everyone to unite over the interests of our people and our country yeah i did
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promise you we would win. and we have won. oh so here you are you spent part of this part of this election right in there in the. headquarters to tell us a couple wait what please you're going to say both your questions help americans to . work and the way. you said of all these debris i see that we will see the main candidate to our presence here like you said yesterday on the debate if we will have approximately the same political system and political culture in the united sooner i've been through it in the way i once meant by this and all that we will see this changes because you know this elections is not the end of our history it's only the beginning and if you allow me if television viewers alone me i would say that actually we do have this system because this
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elections would not was not for a communist liberal democrat it was for important or against putin so these are therefore. they took the votes of those who were against him no this is some people call russian system. so-called. in the way it's it's not a good idea i mean the united states american system as we see so-called centrist now because the culture when putin is will not kill each other and that is what i agree with you about because for candidates they gain support in the same store it was during our parliament election on december seventh that is why i hope that we'll have more serious who are loosened to be stupid system who i think this this system is is part of the political system created by putin in helps him well as i've said in the beginning of the program he actually we witnessed we witness a breakthrough in russian history never before in foundations years of russia we had the supreme leader coming back after being out of prison for four years out in
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north was a very supportive was not for how far for a condo or do i were you as i knew it was a real combine though you would say that a good war really never. before we had it we will we had someone with oh yeah and well well well well well but my ideas were simple but this is not the air and the four hour story will kill on the beginning of serious reform in the phone call system a couple of words about when you saw him this night and you saw him hear the news of him be gloating what was he like was he drinking i mean drinking alcohol or was he was he kept saying people are doing. what i know you or should he do i mean if i would treat him in my opinion in my opinion. he was very emotional during last night and we see for example his face during this meeting in my opinion of course this through actions was very specific and very extremely important for portion we can compare maybe on the risk his trust present electricity what does he like what is the champagne. there was it was
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a champagne party the second night we don't know something. we may have some hours after the show well so so you must say that that's he really for him it was really a victory he looked so like somebody who won but it was like saying it was routine for. you and. i saw that for him it was a very emotional week that was not revealed it was a very very very you can see in the jessica and i saw that it's like. after maybe a serious serious fight. you know the question put to me say that people who voted for putin voted for stability not for him but just for stability instead of a new revolution or whatever how many votes do you think putin would have taken if he if he wasn't the former president the prime minister would just like it if it was a did you like the proprietor of him personally and some of his campaign and there were a lot of interesting questions was considered what will be there is out of work and
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if his rivals for example well some people from mars orientals but it's very difficult to say because how can we imagine what you who is a newcomer to o'malley's your feeling his personal rating as a politician i mean if we disregard his political history but i agree with this idea that maybe with the help of these meetings after the state duma election when putin saw the real protest against his policy. strategy was very clear to try to explain to his supporters that we see the real opportunity of this so-called orange revolution and we see the real of the increase of the increase of his supporters maybe the reason of the presence of his supporters during this elections but for me so difficult to say what will be the level of support but a sudden interest in one detail that you were speaking about his rivals we see that the results of three candidates were less than the result of that but is your last
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day do i complain and we see the result of this is maybe the end of this political system which we're talking about just to remind the political analyst constantin seaman that he's seriously our studio to the spotlight will be back shortly after we take small break so stay with. us. we'll. move. to. the
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big. hits. to. see. you. if you come. to the. sixty. six.
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welcome back to spotlight on al green over in just a reminder that my guest on the show today is constantin student of political analyst and we're talking about the results levy first unofficial but but these are both probably the results that we will have on the election when the president has won has won so. you talked about the the the opposition you talked about being sort of on the defensive to the. meetings there rallies do you think that in may after the inauguration putin will have to stay like him on the defensive trying to be good for for the opposition. voters or will he. and the country go on an offensive and start and you like from afar from the french. these six years will be not so easy
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for me supports him because as we began to speak about it here if we had tried to think about what in a so-called natural leader it will be very difficult to have the same level of consolidation is the work so you have to consider the changing political reality yes and that is why. you know that agenda protocol and gender and economic engine is very difficult to tell a lot of problems in our economy it's not a secret so that is why i will have a plan for very serious political and economic. solutions. for very very serious sort i mean for very serious very serious problems so that is what. we. came third in all russian election but in moscow where putin got less than fifty percent profit of what more than twenty which is a great success for a political debut let's hear what thinks about the elections and the results.
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the problem is not whether i'm personally disappointed or not it's all citizens who decide if they decide there have been no critical violations during the elections then that is an objective reality it would have been better for the country there had been a second round but again it's not up to me and now with the government basically a branch of the kremlin i am not interested in working in such a government now i see another charge i am going to be old and new political party . do you think people really voted for pearl harbor for his program for for for for his ideas or did they go for a new face is a new face what russia needs the first of all their water for the new phrase and also all they want it against. because we have several millions i'm very proud of himself said he said i'm not. i'm not position to put in i'm just an alternative
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just because also it was the chance for profit of not to take part in the selections and use a non old hierocles and give us no yes ask people to take part and that is why there were a lot of rumors the progress was likely in kenya the subsequent days but people in big cities why again sportin take who took part in this meeting on baldness where they were trying to see ways which is more calls. to their expectations so that is why i just saw that the majority of people the water not for profit of they voted for us or against putin and for changes of political so do you think the process is going to become a serious problem to show in the coming two three five years or rather he as a businessman as a tycoon will convert the relative success into hard currency there is a way because as i said i'm thinking that people are not watered for him that is why i don't think that he can be the good leader for the youth or called right party but we must understand that we have several millions of people we should want
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to take part in our politics and wish want to see the real leader of possible right party well now let's turn to number two in the presidential race good night is the ground of the communist leader came third and here is his thoughts about the elections and the results. of. this election was neither free nor legitimate. fair elections mean a fair dialogue between the power party and the opposition but the ruling party never took a step in fair elections mean old heads of parties take part in korea lection debates but vladimir putin never showed up. here elections i mean the bureaucracy wants to provide equal opportunities for all the candidates but in these kids it was working in the interests of one candidate a lot. well if
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i'm not mistaken it was the election in which this communist party was. for some yellow i think six six parliamentary elections for the communist party and for a presidential national something like that well ask you didn't vote but yes he said it or not yes. and once again he couldn't even be even close he he showed nothing nothing. new to what he showed four years ago eight ten years ago this is that mean the end of the political career of mr zyuganov and maybe they're all communist party you know it's the serious challenge for the electorate of communist party because we must understand what the expectations of people who are now award for mrs reagan and they really sit a swathe of communist party and maybe will be on the second plays during next three or four elections and this is a guy on the field on the second place during next present
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a little it's enough for them or not because if they really want to see their party you know you know these people are out there around so many people know in the war they're not a team i mean a little girl the war is a serious question is will them so is it enough to see it illegal for their part in the parliament on the second police what they really want to see the leader of the communist party as the next president of the crown i says well maybe at the end of the gig i suspect the majority of the people who go to the communists will be in their late seventy's by the election if it's it's enough for them to see a communist party. in the parliament on the second place they can sirius is a girl of his not so old and not pollute the same but if they really want to see a communist party of the possible either of course there must think of new faces the big loser said again you are there for the former had the upper tremor of the
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russian parliament here's his interview after the election this night. wherever is elected president of the russian federation must initiate the deeper social reforms which will necessarily involve conditional and political reforms the president must start according to crush and seriously if all this is not be done will face hard times you know i'm sure this new president will not hold on until their little sister and i the country star the country badly needs to change social security must be provided for the majority of the people all this while absolutely positive that the new president we'll start the reforms. would you agree that mr miron of the whole campaign all his interviews including his well prove that he actually played a sitting duck for the country in these elections what the politicians who would have said i will resign if you elect me stand any chance anywhere in the world but
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this idea was absolutely no way because you know we see the very high result of his party during the last election so this girl last december why it was not people who i really trust to mr muir one of its so-called protestant electorate the people who wharton for fear russia because they were against united are saying he lost not to put in but to profit of rather. this people not their water for pork or what. his campaign was very strange by the way because they were in parliament company and their main slogan of the main idea of the main idea or for fair russia was so this struggle against united russia is all this openly that we are against another plus now provocative didn't say that i am against mr putin but when he said i will resign it was a very clear idea so please remember all of us a lot mr ward for me. and we'd ok well let's run with
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a couple of absolute when you see some so that's was he's an idea. he lost ok now now now last but not least of lead immersion in ascii the the the man who once once again appeared in a period in designing clothes during his life which we expected from the let's hear his. dear mr putin i congratulate you on the street tree i've been to a polling station and witnessed how lots of people voted for your i did not doubt for a second that you would win i got what i got but i hope that some elements of my election program will be considered by you all the government in the future if you think that useful for the country but. well you know i think sure enough he is still the number one stand up politician. that i will never see our present in the yellow suit well. there cheer have an impression i certainly did that juneau ski
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didn't really run an election campaign he was rather bargaining the conditions of his retirement now. yesterday he said that he will not retire but we understood the will never get the president are now in the real that's better than he thinks greene was and was around while he was. really he's a good public politician it's not a secret but the question is now i see of course he reached his limit so maybe he'll be in our parliament during next election or maybe do in two cycles and hugh pope will take part in the next present campaign but we understood that for him it's impossible to increase his results but it will speak about communist party when he saw that it's a serious party with serious i'd always you. a liberal democratic thought is applied to those in your state if you like so we want to know how to add though that if i don't think you thank you very much because then didn't just the reminder that my guests on the show today was political analyst constantin suman and that's
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it for now from all of spotlight and we'll be back with more first time comment on what's going on in france and russia of course comment on the results of the presidential election in this country until then they are saying time to make. the fight.
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blind in russia would be soon which writer if you knew all about songs from finest impressions.


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