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tv   [untitled]    March 4, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to kaiser report on our team. and this is our tease presidential election coverage of live from moscow with me sean thomas and it looks like prime minister vladimir putin is set to take russia's top job for a third time preliminary results give him a commanding lead here is that taken almost sixty percent of the vote so far and has already claimed a victory put in and outgoing leader dmitri medvedev addressed tens of thousands of supporters who had gathered in central moscow earlier this evening called and was visibly emotional but later said that there were tears had appeared on his cheeks were caused by the cold when he said it then that the country will continue to
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modernize under his strong new mandate doing thank you we have won in an open and fair battle but this wasn't just the election of the president it was a test of political maturity and independence and we have shown that you know when he can impose anything on us we have shown our people are able to tell the desire for renewal from political provocations aimed at ruining the russian state. power we have won with the support of the absolute majority of voters it's a clean victory we will work honestly and hard we will be successful if we call every once and united to the interests of our people and our country yeah i did promise you we would win. i. but we have won. well for the latest on what's happening we can cross live to our cheesy good piece can offer us thanks for joining us now as we saw just there mr putin has already
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claimed victory what is the situation at the moment. for the prime minister has already claimed victory but in fact we're still getting more figures from the polling stations the ballots are being processed after russia guns ranch. with every hour we're going to be getting more brush figures from. the polling stations at the moment. managed to get over sixty percent. more exactly sixty four point eight percent at the moment he's already met with reporters. which is actually right behind me over there in the very center of moscow right near the kremlin. few hours ago where was filled with fans or thousands or people gratz. with their prime minister vladimir putin it was
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a company president. as many pointed out. during the motions as a here when. a leader he did say that that was caused by the rather the prime minister after the visit into his campaign headquarters where he. stood with his supporters both in the headquarters and in some of the regions. video conversation. with ross but just barely and i mean it's look you know there are some insulin people but you put them back in their place those people who are offended workers the working class but what you did together with your colleagues people who actually work of factories plants and the physical labor your intellectual level turned out to be much much higher levey's people who consider themselves to be on to lecture. hall with his return to presidential politics
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a lot of attention has been placed on reading your post and what can you tell us about the other candidates. well for other candidates taking part in this election let's start with. the head of the communist party he's still far managed to get just over seventeen percent of the vote so although united are gone of credible strongly criticized this election saying that neither a fair or transparent time it's really not the first time a bad economist leader ran for president in fact we've been thinking courting the presidential election since the ninety's and never really succeeded only always managed to take second place the other candidate is that. he had all the liberal democrats very expensive first. figure in washington politics known for his often even quite aggressive towards but actually. if you will again you
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gonna be there actually going graduated prime minister for going on. quite a successful coalition of the fools which are coming in right now on the other hand there's old growth i think you know one of things you had all. the other political party in the north of there are russian party enemies also. had all these standards he's at the moment managed to get nearly four percent growth now of course the campaign of billionaire. much in the spotlight with many analysts saying he is a new force in russian politics where does he stand right now. absolutely. wrong the line of the other candidates that's why i really didn't want to be didn't want to put him on that list talking about the three other candidates just before four civilian near. the floor and quite famous.
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quote if he was already person in russia only starting his political career is never the last you culpable for has managed to get to this point. seven percent six point nine percent for me exactly it is actually more then why do you deserve the most people like i said he's also been reports in numerous elections in the several presidential elections before and also it's more than a silly game you don't know if so even though this is called first time running for president russia is already more successful than some of the politicians which have been trying to do this for a while practically two decades now he's a target targeted audience sort of electorate is the middle class sold out by the rallies in support of fair elections and he doesn't call themselves as somebody who is being prime minister vladimir putin he says he doesn't agree with politics.
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we will be getting more figures of course if. it were me corporal what if i've managed to get more support from the right. now you know a lot of it has been an interesting election so far and all over the world there's been international attention on it it's been described as one of the most interesting elections russia has ever had what has been so different with this election compared to the ones in the past. it's not only an interesting alexion it's a very interesting time at which this election is being held a spike in a little a little political activity among the public we seem massive rallies both for and against candidates scores of people have been taken to the streets after the recent selma feel lection in december i made i feel visions also ballot fraud and actually a massive social campaign is underway for
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a rhinestone presidential election and indeed quite a lot of effort has been made to make this both as transparent as possible over ninety thousand polling places that have been equipped with web cameras which have been eating the videos from the polling stations as we've always went on on you with what little core internet users and even if you want to own the line and. it was conducted basically making them sort of digital to a girl versus off the prop that people value markets have been introduced to ralph and i think if we can unprecedented amounts of observers hundreds of thousands of people have been you monitoring are still monitoring the election as the counting also about is still going to meaning there have been visions of irregularities and violations quickly was what cameras will help establish how correctly was the vote conducted at the. polling station. we also heard
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a statement from you i didn't we didn't grasp that degree do you think this was let's listen to what he had to say. actually it's a very high result definitely we're thinking about it but positive result we were hoping for. victory in the first round but i think the first stage of fire was so it's even harder than there would predicted for so. many shows once again actually it proves that putin is a political figure number one in this country and a he's potential. is yet to be closer and he will be able to prove it through his. presidency. so once again we will be getting more russian numbers as about are being counted and all thought on monday where are expecting. rallies in north toward for and against the carrot of what
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we'll be reporting and covering that but i think we as well. a good piece can offer putting first there will be coming back to you through the night as more information becomes available. that dmitri medvedev enco has been following elections from putin's election headquarters where he spoke to nikolai slogan from the russia and eurasia project at the world security institute. he may have secured victory in the first round i loathe to talk more about this i'm now joined by nikolai zlobin political analyst here at the beaches campaign headquarters because i thank you so much for being with us so what do you make of this was all the around sixty three percent i was it seemed to be lower than it was eight years ago but you know who was running probably. because more than just the i could solve them for but i think it's quite fair for this question is more difficult because it would have because lists are for much work of british than this campaign so i would say it is a big or a victory it wasn't
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a solvent for even if you got quite sure list of the tribes so i think it's a big victory for i wouldn't consider it. becomes almost political situation because of the russia hold the problem it's a push with thickets it's a very good result for any politician who in the election were everywhere so i think you should be very proud of you really think of that right now he had strong compasses that people were voting actually for him and not for the absence of outside as well i think for. people tired of politics of course obviously some people disappointed some people looking for some new faces and that's for a so-so no no for mikhail prokhorov is a result of that i think which and did the best book you could do in the current situation and i think what he did she worked very hard i would say first time of
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his political life she campaigned so far she put together very first style of campaign particularly last for months and i think partly his victory is a result of this very story from playing do you think that this protest movement some precedents that movement against letting a person basically is going to gain more momentum as we see people come out in the streets. first of all i think it's very philosophical. people expressing their opinion and i think it's very healthy for him who sees it go to every by degree to see what some people go into and think to be. liberal for i think it's healthy i think it's good if he will be able to be unifying. both people i think the protests will go down if he will be divided there if people start to divide. political spectrum even bigger than it does now and i think real quick
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a problem with. our correspondents first is that the most opulent election headquarters in this presidential race where some have been touting their candidate as the next point. he had to have reaction from the press. because he's running as an independent candidate anyone in this presidential election say he doesn't have the party behind him here at the hague cool to give us their response that's been a surprise among many better than expected result we don't have kids yet yet you know if. they don't oh. thank you very much for doing a lot of people say that the reason that the opposition haven't succeeded safer is because of the divisions among the tea things make up of in each it could be the man. the opposition and. i think he's i think brokers and you will see. the country start of course and
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generally they're going to be more and more people who will be. voting for you to proffer of my theory might be their candidate for next to march because he's the guy who can actually has both has. the experience and the support of more. parties washington correspondent has been monitoring how the media abroad has been treating the elections she says much of the coverage has suggested this is the beginning of the end for vladimir putin's political career despite his strong showing. before the elections even started the underlying message in the media here was that those were going to be unfair elections most of the coverage is focused on the discontent with the litter shared among many washes and here is a very telling headline the beginning of the end of putin but inside the weekly you read about the surge of the middle class under putin who having first become
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consumers have now become citizens points out the officer there's a great deal of critique here but then you come across a table which would make for a pretty good resume for any presidential candidate g.d.p. per person in russia more than doubled in the last twelve years private housing olmos doubled the number of cars tripled tourist travel abroad more than doubled the number of internet users increased almost five hundred times but again this find the part of our russia's achievements under his rule journalists will focus on discontent in this is side citing pollsters which they around forty percent of russians don't trust prime minister putin then he makes you saying wouldn't it be strange if everyone were happy with the government but interesting in the latest polls i've seen forty one percent of americans strongly disapprove of president obama and the word was exact exactly strongly so yes this content among the russians lottery put new losing losing popularity those are the things that the
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media here are focusing on maybe vision mass protests again before the elections even started the underlying message here was that those were going to be unfair elections was also interesting about the coverage everybody knows that putin is the most popular politician in russia but at the same time there seems to be some like of respect for the choice that russians have made but also one thing all media agree on when covering the opposition movements and all that is that russians begin to pay attention and show that they care there's another issue the media are looking at of course and that is the u.s. russia relations with the new old. president putin they mention this chemistry that existed between presidents obama and medvedev and prime minister future presidents putin as kind of a hawk whose response to certain u.s. policies has been blunt sharp and at times unpleasant for washington and they raise
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questions about the reset it's going foreign journalist actually asked prime minister putin about the future and the results of the reset and what he said was basically that reset doesn't mean russia has to give up its national interest or not be able to express its views on some crucial international each shoes but despite the differences as the prime minister said the reset has worked and it's set to dramatically advance economic ties between the countries in the first place and he's determined to continue the policy and he's going to reporting from washington for us there now one of the our deterrence of russia's of foreign policy is constantine he says putin's international agenda will be to promote and defend russia's national interest. clearly what understands full mr fortune is and what is to expect out of his supporters the bold moves in the mexican foreign policy and i do not expect and indeed changes. i believe that the most changes bill take
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place in our domestic politics well before the board a single continue to work to keep its country and use it for the simple reason that foreign policy over us is very much a thesis on russian nature that national interests have these national interests that are in different counties want to be part of the global one could be they are equal participants in the approaches this week are taking place in the global temps we want to be treated fairly and the. only call grows and of these will not change and definite near russia will continue to promote. took promotes the human rights to promote democracy to want to promote the same values each are shared by most countries in the world but let's get some more on the results from journalist and blogger yvonne source he joins us now live thank you for being with
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us now some pushing supporters say that because this vote has undeniably been legitimate protests should shrink as a result are they being a little optimistic there. well i'm not sure that depends on i'm not sure the process will go away anytime soon actually the society is divided and mr putin has not done enough yet to bridge that divide i think that he considers this to be the job of mr medvedev who is who is about to appoint a prime minister i think the whole of the whole plus of work like this that matures in a good it will become the prime minister sort of the dialogue and become provides guy but he should get to bridge the gap between the protesters who are more left. leaning and liberal leaning at the same time and and with the structure of power which would emerge would have little to control is the place i think that the
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russian stage would work like this and then be very very accurately sincere if they do enough if they take into account the views of their opponents like they did with the political reform then i think they have a chance to see one on. the public participation leading up to this election was unprecedented and all of the protests took place under the slogan for a fair election with so much effort putting been put into ensuring its transparency in this vote what will drive the people on to the streets next. well i don't think that everybody will believe that the elections have been apparent transparent i mean that the people who are being deceived already are not trusting the government so they have no they have no motivation to trust the government they wouldn't trust them because i mean it's i've already declared that the elections were not legitimate and they will probably need some more with the opposition maybe yes
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maybe not but some people will not take the result is there and russian power will have to leave that because there are cases where people were caught with manipulating and. no matter how much voting they're putting will try to make the election a spare many officials many appointed governors who themselves threaten them and there are not enough people voting for quitting so it's really hard to stop them from playing with the ballots and i think that it was a tough job ensuring that elections were fair but it's going to be a tough job prosecuting those who are guilty because otherwise the lessons will not appear fair to those who witnessed the wrong going so i think that there is a lot of rush of color to do. well despite the wave of protests if you look forward the opposition is as divided now as it was before you think that they are going to be able to unite behind
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a single leader and if so who might that be. well i'm not i well i think that we are quite far from any kind of elections so the east your focus isn't uniting behind one leader is no it's not so urgent it's not pressing the opposition can unite at some point later but now what they can do so they can. they can station you proudest to gether because they are not satisfied with the way become pain run even if the election itself was fair become pain was not completely fair and it was so much still theirs and covers the role that it would have put in as opposed to other candidates and then so so many people could not participate as candidates there are only five and you believe that you could participate other people how to dissipate the phrases are there plenty of dissatisfied people i thank you very much i appreciate it but what is important what is important i think is that there is still room for change and room for better for change for the better.
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was also a game for a very much for your time journalist evolve there's a risk in speaking about some of the opposition and controversy leading up to this yes and we are also missed here in moscow we are all to miss don't worry everything will be fine all right and as we just heard the election has been held against a background of mass street rallies in russia's largest cities but as a member of the protest movement for a fair election. told r.t. the opposition demonstrators are in the minority. results didn't come as a surprise and obviously most of the people share the same scene of the great russian classic but no revolution is worth of a child a child's tears i hope it will not be blood on the streets but obviously we don't agree with this result and unfortunately we are in mine a minority but you have to consider every minority and this is the only way to
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democratic country three last months showed that is civilized society with the loss of needs can go somewhere and it can grow the only thing that lack that is a position lacked was that one one solid lead the international community and europe in particular have been for the most part critical of putin's decision to run for the presidency again and of the subsequent election campaign our europe correspondent has our cilia is following the mood towards the vote in brussels. well it's all been very consistent from the very start again that they've had a very critical view of the election campaign of russia as well as right now today on going counting of the votes who've already been seeing of reports on of the recorded irregularities that's what makes it every day here in europe especially because these calls for free and fair elections is essentially the basis the basis of the basis of all of the criticism that it started and then leading into the
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protest movement we've had a lot of opposition voices opposition activists being featured a lot in the european press and today is no different been complaining about those irregularities as well as some russian voices who say that actually there is a lack of choice in a russian elections and therefore they're making a protest move by just voting for a party they may not believe it but it's just against united russia or against putin and of course there's a lot of analysis also coming in here from europe first of all of what is going to change especially now that there is a very very active opposition the biggest in about two decades now was far as the european leaders are concerned they are taking a wait and see approach to soccer the march wanted to summit european leaders and said several of them saying they have to they want to wait and see what will happen after the russian elections and then reassess again of the positions especially on international issues maybe about syria and iran now on some commentators do point
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out whatever the outcome of the russian elections or whatever the european leaders and the media me think of whoever becomes russia's next president the fact remains that russia is still a very big and important partner for europe especially in trading business and therefore no reaction definitely on and that alice is on the impact of what happens on this important russia and europe relations and a little earlier we heard from international election observer john berryman who praised the use of cameras to monitor the vote and says everything appears to have gone on without a hitch. a group of with a group of fifteen years that was a concern sister very good group from many different countries italy austria and finland. and members of parliament and we visited in the morning to polling stations and in the afternoon to polling stations overall i think our
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observations were. unanimous there was no evidence of any. problems with the conduct of the elections i think without their very responsible and. present fashion so far it seems three new technology has worked very well and i commend. the government for bringing this in because it may lay to rest a particular focus on the process of the presidential election rather than the policies in the near future. and i'll bring you up to date for now we'll be continuing with our special coverage of russia's presidential election right here on r.g.p. i'll be back with a wrap up after this short break don't go away. some
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stanchfield agree and one farm or another socialism has spread a shadow of human regimentation over most of the nations of the earth and the
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shadow is an approaching a river to. leave early twenty first century military bases a network of military bases all around the former east the empire that the united states is trying to build it's astonishing most americans have no idea there are more than a quarter of a million more than two hundred fifty thousand u.s. troops stationed on these bases all around. we don't have power bases of america we don't have any british base we don't have any korean base we don't have any french bases or you know we just all american bases in in our bases or fly there or the noise is our norms and doesn't bother us at all because they're all bases but for other people it's almost like a cancer here for speed. since the end of world war two the spaces.


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