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tv   [untitled]    March 4, 2012 12:30pm-1:00pm EST

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but you know and beyond their toes you could see we have here what's one of the many videos of all women here multiple times shoving a ballot into the box we do see the framework of like the official site today where people can go to watch the elections if they signed up beforehand but you never know so that's sort of the mystery of twitter some things are fake some things are real we don't really know what's going on but we do know that there is a fake account for the u.s. ambassador that is soft for sure there. is so. here's another video happening right here as we see this one person here shoving multiple ballots in this so yeah very interesting developments one other little interesting child here is this blogger is writing about how their site scary that there are tents for soldiers who may be working today to would defend downtown but when you're having thousands of
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protesters people celebrating naturally they need some security so all of this happening right now leading pens and your perspective so all right let's turn to some bloggers him kermit sorry about that we're running out of time thank you for that nonprofits a lot there as we continue if i may notice here is one of the helicopters go over ok you know what used to did live coverage of the presidential elections not saying it's good to have you in this we're coming to you from the heart of the russian capital. we'll go vote is now closed on the ballots are being counted after tens of millions took to those voting booths across the country where the first official results will be announced early abundance mentality to carry on throughout the night for the first time the next head of state will list their paid for a six year term off for a change in the country's constitution in two thousand and eight but he moved from today's widely expected to win the question is whether you round up enough votes to avoid a runoff as you can see on the screens of the modems. going to see it myself we're
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reporting sixty two percent in these exit polls at the moment are not official we see the most heated election campaign in the country's recent history of course it's been well chronicled and russians have also been showing an unprecedented level of political activity that's why we've seen tens of thousands demonstrating rallies both for and against the government in some dramatic reform others calling for stability to avoid what they're labeling aren't revolution at all they're its critics there's people who are certainly very actively supporting the government and this election we will continue our coverage throughout the night we're going to take a break now and cross over to the bribers so i petitioned coming up though spoke good now so enjoy will be back at the top of the hour see. wealthy british style it's time to rise.
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markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy is causing reports on our. hello again and welcome to spotlight the into the shallow part i'll bring our friends today we're talking about the presidential election in the show so this is it the voting is over and just moments ago we heard the latest on the fullam early results this election was a very special it's the first trial after a constitutional reform that russians elected a president for six years instead of floor in a row court as being the most expensive but the most transparent voting as anyone
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could watch it all night so roll that very special election to cover while still in russian a political list which will discuss it now live with editor in chief of the moscow news to war and the head of the general political science department at the high school of economics needs political. russians of cost and the next president election communities across the country in the broad and on busy counting the ballots and processing the data six presidential election is also the first to reach a president is elected from six years instead of for the final candidates were prime minister vladimir putin believe in anything for her and also the three leaders of the political parties represented in the dumont community unite isn't gonna leave iraq the liberal democratic party of ideas you know ski and soon gave me room of ok russia on to the election was preceded by bates and containing and we
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had biggest problem one and two governments rallies the country has seen since the time of year what provoked a heated political debate where the results of december's parliamentary vote which handed a majority of seats to the ruling united. party leading into fruity accusations and mass protests in response to government promised the most transparent presidential election in russia's history nearly two hundred thousand cameras were installed polling stations across the crown tree the online monitoring system which cost over three hundred million dollars allowed anyone anywhere in the world to log on to our website showing a live broadcast of russians cast in. hello gentlemen tim lee only thank you very much for joining us on the show well first of all human the the the front upshift in there many of the public opinion poll
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company had published preliminary results just a couple of days before the for the actual election and it predicted that put in a win in the first round well this is pretty much the same that we are having today at this minute when we are hearing the first results from the from the central election committee well here here's the call here's how here's how the the public opinion polls are those asian predicted that the voting will be well how accurate is that how how good were were were they the stairwell lead by the way for us this year i. saw because this approach is so for. curing the calls it is also it's not the first time. sold our pollsters are very very well equipped. of a lot of them want much more from from western experience although personally i
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trust most of these figures. there was information published during the last couple of weeks that putin's popularity was rising over the over the last month of exposure over the last like one to two weeks. before the election that he really he really made sort of a breakthrough in the polls in the popularity so good but he didn't seem for me he didn't seem to do anything special so so do you believe this is so it and why is that happened. well i think it's probably true that the the protest movement slightly ran out of steam. in that they didn't quite know how to take things forward. a big problem of the opposition is that they don't really have what i think a lot of people would regard as being a strong candidate if someone like alexina volley would have stood who is more uncompromising towards the authorities than anyone who's studying in the election
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then i think that we could have actually seen a much more sort of close run thing. but i think that you also have to say you know look at some of the methods of have been used by the pope newton county i mean it's clear that everybody who was pushed into luzhniki and i went around the stadium that day and saw the hundreds and hundreds of buses which were there from the city government there were even moscow city government school buses and lots of accounts of people who had been told look you have to go you can have two days off are coming along one day or something like that here all of the people we're told come along for muslim it's or something like this and this doesn't the problem for putin is that this might fly in russia but to the rest of the world it doesn't look quite right it doesn't look quite like a free and fair election when you. have an impression that putting wasn't actually
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afraid of competition that the only thing that he was afraid the need still is afraid at the moment is that is that maybe not everybody will trust these elections to be legit and he was doing his best to make them legit isn't it so you agree the main intrigue of the selection is not god who will win it was clear and you can't resist yes yes plotting on the second round would have been fair. but i think i think we had even had somebody who may really oppose putin but nobody in the nobody really did oppose you know i think to be honest i think that the real probable level of support for putin is somewhere around forty five to fifty percent a. year but you know he didn't have a rival or challenge him seriously. now that we see the second place or for the same a leader of companies united to go on are frequently years. people didn't buy
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therefore. the result was predictable but you are right the main issue of this. election is the legitimacy and how to legitimize this is the big concern because you know this is the open war and the global war within russia we have some opposition groups called the definitely. which wasn't free and for the international community. was here or tentatively of this people therefore it's a big concern now these are the only fresh face that we saw during this russia where with me profit off the billionaire. but he said i'm not in a position to put in i'm like an alternative i mean we have the same platform we we we we want the same thing i like we have goodies but i am just for those who are
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trying to put in if they can vote for me well isn't this a pretty strange there's great platform for for a presidential campaign i think i just think it's a little bit too much control yeah i mean you know we have someone in pickering skiing who's been a fixture on the russian political scene for you know twenty years like the rest of them got twenty years and he's not really a serious candidate for president but there are a lot of people who like the kind of liberal slash social democratic politics that he stands for he's not really a threat to anyone and i couldn't really see the point of why he was excluded from the ballot you make a good if you undertake you know presenting the caucus or for the least of the signatures of four of his supporters and he violated the law well you see i don't know why. they give me a good example i mean you can make the same kind of mistake when you when you when you say we've done this for a visa and you don't get released for no reason just you make a slight mistake to me that even if the wrong picture i mean you you know he you
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put it there and that's what this stuff is when. they have a. very nice lawyer. and now i wonder why he did this mistakes or it's to me it's very strange when you know you know i think you asked about the proper off as a real arrival put in but your ideological believe borth a center right candidate saw there for a little profit of is. this is this is maybe why you said i'm not i know turning to have but not opposition but this is yes well let's see the latest results we have heard them from from the central central actual committee were ten minutes ago in the news but here they are what are we out of this minute is that we having sixty two percent for seventeen for love and seven point five four of which is a pretty good result isn't it isn't it because he he's easy newcomer huli well just
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learning i think that the something that probably our viewers have to maybe bear in mind here which is i think that a lot of the people who voted for any of the candidates puton. really we even went into the into the polling station not even quite knowing who they were going to vote for who just knew there were going to vote for someone else i'll take they found any of the candidates ideal you know like we said i think that the person who probably gamed the most out of this election campaign wasn't even standing it was alexina valley and of course it's very controversial but we'll see what he comes up with tomorrow when he launches his protest and we'll see whether that might just stay within the law and to stay peaceful but i think that he's gained an awful lot of support and i think he has his eye possibly on the next election campaign but you think so well i mean the position well i actually i prefer to hear your opinion do you do you will i ask clearly do you believe that an internet creation like alex
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eleven is who's against he's the person he is against he's always he doesn't trust these againstand well he's a guy like one hundred percent hundred percent computer computer virtual like person. but online he is popular or like do you think that he made make a can there for the next political political action like four years ago in the various times i think. you think he has a good chances to become a quality is the real politician and declaring not just that he is against but his positive program and he has a. million many opportunities. to participate in municipal elections in resident of absence maybe our viewers know that it's going to be a free elections. for governor so it's a good opportunity for him to test himself as a politician pretty quick questions
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a question do you think the results will be changing as as we'll hear as we hear the difference count from from east to west of the country. for. the search for the thirty year old i think that the interesting thing is will the will of results be challenged on up to the will there be any kind of independent inquiry they are supposed to be seeing starting to be challenged but we'll talk about it out to ray just throwing today we're talking so journalists a wall and a political analyst clearly needs only a coffee spotlight will be back shortly after we take a break so don't go away stay where you are. from. we all make choices sometimes it's tough.
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but it can be an easy call. choice chandy left to fate. or is can be. limited. we can become. chums and. it's always personal. except one day when choice matters to everyone.
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welcome back to spotlight on algorithm of in just a reminder the i guess today here in studio is tim wall chief of the moscow news and need probably call of head of general political thouse the president in the high school of economics and we also have a special guest here our russia today reporter in the central election committee you continue with a good evening and do you have any new figure is there any any new preliminary results of the vote as it's being counted but definitely do l. now that eighteen percent of the ballots across the country have been counted the outspoken favorite prime minister vladimir putin is leading with sixty two point three percent of the vote coming second is communist candidate deny the zyuganov who is seventeen point six percent of the vote but you measure it in the of ski candidate from the liberal democratic party with seven point eight percent an independent candidate billion or brought her out is now getting seven point five
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percent of the vote it's definitely a victory for a newcomer to the politics he only announced that he would be running for presidency several months ago and now the last one on the list as candidate from i just russia party said gave me all enough it's you second election which is trying to get the country stop drop and he's getting only three point seven percent of the vote now with so many observers participating. in this year's election we understand it will take longer for those observers to put signatures and final protocols to seal official results and the selection definitely sets a record in terms of being the most expensive and the most closely monitored if you want the most transparent in the country's history and overall of over three hundred million dollars have been spent on installing web cameras very expensive says if we work across the country also there were transparent ballot boxes
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installed at all polling stations and a record number of observers as well almost a million watchdogs have been closely monitoring these presidential vote in russia with seven hundred of them from abroad now russia's most recent nationwide ballot the december for parliamentary elections were married with accusations that the vote had been raked and those accusations were behind the government's decision to allow more of service in to install cameras hundreds of websites on the internet have been showing. video materials from polling stations in all nine time zones of the country all in all almost five days of video was recorded on these one day only of course the main intrigue in the around these surrounding this election is whether they'll be a second round now he's the the one talked the least. current prime minister in the end when all ballots are counted doesn't get that
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much needed magic figure of fifty percent of the vote and they'll be a second round and question very much alive who would be running against him in that second round if if again this is the case but time will tell we still have almost a day to go we remember from the previous nationwide ballot which was in december of the state duma elections as there are so many time zones and almost ninety eight thousand. all the stations across the country will definitely take time to analyze and to count all the polls to process all the information so we expect the most final results by the evening moscow time tomorrow. thank you thank you very much and your three minor children from the central election commission have from the ground zero of the russian election from from from the central command point where it's. happening so you know as we just heard the situation there was pretty much
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stable sixty something for putin seventeen something for for the runner up it was who was the communist leader at the moment. so we have started talking about the possible protests about the possible accusations after the elections tim said that he would like to see that happens or not if if the people will be complaining about the legitimacy of the election well this is this is already started that part of has already stated there that he has reports of thousands of irregularities do you think that something will happen close to what we saw after they leave this and move action you know that. this is the game is not an idiot because you know we know the winner but the responsibility of participants of this presidential paul is quite obvious. for candidates i believe
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they should recognize the results because it's a really transparent free and fair elections maybe through us and the history of a very very little history or demonic democracy in russia otherwise they would be responsible for any possible unrest. tomorrow morning to more nights. now let's hear from one of the observers should we do have we do have an observer from the. if you would look and let's hear what this man had to say about the election. more i saw two groups involved in multiple voting they arrived and left in the same bus i managed to take pictures of one group but i scared them and i glued disintegrated when it reached another precinct but the second group were found here we could track them down and the police detained them and to the men which it was i'm sorry to say it's impossible to find out who they were booted for . well this was the guy who controlled the elections on the part of the communists
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out in there do you do you believe that we'll hear a lot more of such accusations or be regularities. unfortunate think that we will i mean i've been watching the process all day today is looking at you know media reports and videos online and you have to say that the pattern looks pretty much like the december elections now of course it's one thing. making the accusations it's nothing proven but i think that i think that the main problem for the authorities is. as we've talked about before how does the government the judge to my eyes these elections. the problem is we don't have a non-system candidate if you i mean you maybe you can count as a non-system candidate but maybe only half so what we do have a non-theist in candide in british elections two there. there will. be i would tend to think it's a phrase we did everything but i think it's quite significant to register
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a political party that is here that say now is going to view very easy the next couple of months you're through it right i think that the main problems are so does legitimacy and you know whatever the result of this election if there is twenty thirty percent even war of the population who doesn't think that this was a legitimate election. and is willing to protest then the authorities have a problem because later in the day if there is something that brings into the display into question if the people who supported putin this time because he promised to protect their jobs and protect their pensions and their salaries it's somehow falls apart because of the world economic crisis then the then the government has a problem. what do you think will the reaction what will go there are irregularities that any elections all around the world they depend on the scale it is a sure bet and also the different different things in reaction of the government of
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the winter do you think the reaction of the winner this time would be the will be similar to the reaction december when there had been no reaction. expected different and different yes i mean that all of those who are or who will be caught and will be proven that they. have broken the law and be committed some procedural irregularly. they will be brought to the council for responsible or even punished according to the law this will prove the government really owe us or israel we are interested in him in the fair and free elections where we have two other observers that we have. reported actually met in the city of two men and here's another opinion about how the elections when down as of now we have not recorded any violations but i should note we have not counted any ballots yet the turnout was quite impressive but if you ask
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me what i think about these elections i can see the whole process was transparent. here we hear these spokesperson for me who who says that there was fraud but did we hear one of his spokespeople say that at this particular problem station everything was my we have another one we have another representative. also in there to me and in the to me region. he actually and he actually also said we have recorded also a couple of hours ago he actually said that everything went smoothly and there were there were no irregularities at this point in a particular procession so. the thing is is the main question is that do we actually expect that whatever regularities there may have been that they will actually influence the final result or not. clean
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it up so you know international community. i don't know i think that this is pretty much as i expected but i think the problem is you have to look at the election process as a whole and i think it starts with you know who you allow to registrants country starts with who has the who has the dominance on the t.v. airwaves and i think that i am disappointed to be honest that the authorities didn't just allow a sort of more level playing field but have you heard this and this interesting if we're all a gene that channel two state television has announced the they made up a special special technology sort of machine that counted seconds split seconds of every candidate that was at number one was you got a friend put it was number two and under three years this was present on there. ever is a one hour fifty three hours and put in more than one two or four years wasn't put
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in is first decide to vigorously you know you don't believe. you know you i also got an impression that there was more put in there the others but here we are the figure is only three because i couldn't quite believe it himself didn't participate in the debates yet therefore as a gun i was also heard. there is. actually an actual general running out of time so so the last question i would like i would like to ask here is. the next ten days over ten days everything's planned around moscow meetings every day on every major major square there is that the meetings. are going to be fun or is it going to be just. i don't know so saying goodbye to me good of the whole to put i mean i think that there is a there is an inherent danger in the situation because you've got a hard core of the opposition supporters now who will i think you know feel the
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pinch. did and feel that this sort of come to the end of the road to begin to protest peacefully and i hope that it doesn't develop into a confrontation with the security forces thank you gentlemen thank you very much unfortunately ran out of time so we'll see more results of the deal that shook out here of russia in the russia today in a matter of minutes that's it for now from all of us here is why it will be back home to live here i keep on taking it.


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