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tv   [untitled]    August 25, 2011 7:31pm-8:01pm EDT

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hate freighter that failed to reach its orbit unquestioned by. the stars. arrives in russia to draw north caucuses club. a record breaking page at. our top stories this hour our interview show spotlight is up next in the chat this time is back in once exiled from the soviet union he's not considered one of russia's greatest contemporary artists. called.
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the world.
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this is essentially mr chirac you know and thanks for coming to our program and the admission let's walk down memory lane a bit as we all know that you were expelled from the soviet union in one nine hundred seventy one i was initially also they stripped you of the citizenship. what was your who stole explanation of what was the officer reason for expelling you from the country music that it was called where you put in your book is about since
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i was not one of the chosen people he stole my expulsion was quite a complicated one. i was arrested and then taken to the kind of state security for a so-called chat. explained to me that i had three options. first option which was to go into a man to asylum where i spent half a year. no it was the os above clinic us which was an experimental clinic actually one of the most horrible wants as it was under the jurisdiction of the state security services. they tested a new psychotropic medication on us. did help. my mom hadn't gotten out on bail as a disabled i think i would have spent three years there she was told that she should be expecting her son back no sooner than three years later and he says he would actually i wouldn't have the honor of talking to you today b.c. of the usually people left that place in a state of dead had to go straight into the hospital for people with chronic diseases. who wouldn't if you when he took those medications know if you're well
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it's not that we actually took them it was different all the time i was in an almost twilight state when they said various experiments for example they would who'd had films on my head and shout out the names of western artists but with gross mistakes. instead of picasso for example they would say because. my sense of humor help me i mean conscious. so they would shine the names together with things like motherland the land followed by a bride flashes of light i was seated in front of a huge color screen with some stripes moving on it in different ways. there could be complete darkness and then suddenly the screen would burst with right such were some of the experiments. to me don't you think there's something like that yes i mean that's why when i got to france my friends advised me not to watch that movie
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because they knew my story though when i did watch it i found many similarities. so basically if they wanted to see creepy over your personality and your intellect . you see they try to catch us in the young people and to help us stick to the truth cough they first tried to crush us in certain organizations and read us. with. them when they saw that you didn't give in psychiatry would give a cue if. the can't be considered as if you were to version two was to the principles on all. your denial of socialist thrillers or something else then you weren't a dissident as such right now but i have always protested against being called a dissident you know no it wasn't like that i don't like it when someone says that she can is a dissident dissenting i was actually involved in very simple things like studying
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russian icons but it was considered as interest and mr says though it was also into group there was a book called match his group written by an author from the german democratic republic it was a very distressing fascination i don't know if you know anything about books but she writes a lot about crucifixion it to me using a very expressive catechism etc the main crime was my interest in renoir says on sicily it was considered a crime yeah even if you were interested in impressionist because they praise the buddha ideology moreover he really want to. make it a pain to the naked and gay people so when you were expelled from the soviet union nine hundred seventy one. before we start talking about. the socialist liberalism that you basically denied as you were do you sanction the soviet union which is now becoming very trying to special in the west words
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fashionable in moscow actual in russia people aren't that kind of warred. and that's. what's your attitude towards that doesn't make you said i was there. you see i have never been opposed to socialist realism. on the contrary when perestroika began the small knowing the russian nature i was one of the first to write a letter to the ministry of culture warning them against bringing down the monuments out of whole russia and suggested preserving the ones that are made by some real lost as. like any. bill and tomsky as works of ott. so if you know that people started to smash down stalley monuments and monuments of a different political leaders. but those were done by some real. i actually seriously defend the school of socialist realism.
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because i had teachers like an amazing illustrator it was illustrations kolob bring on. the tremendous long to come with him. my author teacher was you know she was an amazing theatrical monster. i have always admired from. so i think what happened back then was a big mistake. russia is known for its extreme decisions. but if you saw it union collapsed it was tragically what happened too quickly. and immediately everything that it was connected with it was it was declared very bad. well on the other hand it's well deserved when its. people also destroyed all the. destroyed tortures. that's what they call germs you know it's in the old world.
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and that's why i suggested not to denounce it so quickly because those sculptures were true masters of the school. socialist realism. if you're going to side special order things which clearly trouble again. the school of socialist realism world even if the world doesn't you know about it yet. greet a number of truly great. britain russia has all the rise to be proud of that. parody on that school like the works of art of meet. for instance in the distorted linnean hugging mickey mouse and the marilyn monroe kissing stalin. or an almost pornographic. stalin on the top of a naked lenin those little girls there as well. it's a nasty takeoff on what was going on. on the one hand it might be needed but it really has nothing to do with the serious school of socialist realism in. your
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story with a few thousand dollars it. has already be comically share came to america with fifty bucks and. i didn't go to america i went to france. fifty dollars in your pocket when you got to france which was one hundred fifty francs at the time. was it hard to find your place you had to find in any local already seen the artistic establishment yes did you feel like no one needs you over there. my fate was a difficult one in the sense. that but almost nine hundred seventy want. i was a vision of mine was held by i didn't invest in his gallery and you know very nice a well known gallery going to my you're my old school my muse who because she was his muse. his entire property. to some litigation but she laid her hands on all his
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house his duty is everything he had ever created in his lifetime. something delayed is anything but poor. from a death of our own stalk using right now. well we did she was in love with me and my work it. came to france. and gave me as a gift a small shutoff and trumbull here. three days later she king to the chateau with a contract for ten years. the way was an absolute give. russia today that is a market. i was wise enough to see she was out to milk me. under its terms i was supposed to do as i was told. i had to give up my quest in the area of metaphysical synthesis i was only allowed to do gallant scenes and still lives because they were sold better than anything so on and so forth. do you mean you.
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refused to sign your contract. which you know i gave up to shut. up when i returned and three days later after reading the contract i said to my dear girls in my wonderous creature my sweet roly-poly i'm giving you back the key. blue and dreams of us travelling in india me seeing the world and not for me. i want exchange a plane or a gilded one. left for the great wide world to the screams about any crawling back in three days on my knees. for him she was yelling i was a soviet but not in the western jungle i would soon learn what it was like. but i said to her proudly precisely because i'm a soviet my pride is a special one that i won't come back to you either on my knees or otherwise. you.
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will be back shortly. stay with them to. discover it. communicate with the wild and. test yourself and become free. see what nature can give you. wealthy british style the stock.
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market. has come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with max concert for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kinds a report. welcome back to spotlight i am now doing our than just to remind you that today we're talking about all right my guest on the show is we should make it. you said you had come to france with two hundred something francs in your pocket you and your each competitor i'm a christian should you wish a. contract for twenty years but your clientele that and you would through the answer talk of so with what was left of your francs is that yes the states are you
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sure you didn't make it was little or was it because of something in green. bill it's russian nature of five years i had handled some. and messy jobs. i was a menial work at the hematite and that implied that you did the dirtiest and hardest jobs. i was a hand to the city scrap yard. with a pair of rubber boots on and a pitchfork in my hands i had to move restaurant and so eating house and waste. so what i was handing those heavy speech after the first of may but it's because the first of may padres were held in a palace where waialae and eleven guys were in charge of the palace square of what they do with it so it was absolutely out of the question that i'd be scared of hard physical work the most important thing for me was my freedom and when the encroached upon the holy of holies my creative freedom which was my conscious
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choice after all i could have joined the artists union i could have made good money as a black and white artist but did your really part your first encounter with the sheeple that contrary to your really feel that you war in the free world after all that the west did truly boast their freedom which the soviet union left yes of course absolute freedom i wasn't seeing portraits of landing on a. non-standard. everywhere you know still beyond that numerous as lenin. and for another i knew fairly well that the conditions where i live but just. there was no heating the windows were smashed and hammered some plywood on and painted the walls as good as i managed. there was no kitchen at the well known generally anything. it was an abandoned me where i began my new life when i was happy i was happy for one simple reason because i knew that no one would invade my friend
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mrs without even a search warrant and no one would drum machine my books drawings easels and letters . six in the morning and knew that i wouldn't be taken for questioning with the word up read on it as it happened in the past and most importantly i wouldn't be confined to a mad house they didn't mean it with god knows what in short i was walling and happiness. and where money or poverty was concerned i wasn't frightened at all i didn't come to pass from the sky i didn't think i was a genius so do you believe you're one now it's because you said i didn't. know i'm describing the frame of mind i was in shock. and i felt the other way about it . nor would i make a new shows a ball. and be just marking time big problem with some great guys because at that time we were all nonconformists and had the same status regardless
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of how good. a stick skills were but when we began making it to the west became clear that some were not quite so good painters others are not so good sculptors and it's natural if i differences cropped up for me i came knowing full well that if i had to take or annoyed to take it without thinking twice i even have an article entitled. hand i keep it in my archives. by the way the latest project. based on. fairy tales. details. this fantasy world is coming though i have a new. idea. adduced has been cherishing it since. the stream has turned into the biggest project that they were. this worked on since
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the collapse of the. new computer animation or special effects on the stop motion. well it's unique atmosphere created shoemaking had to first make sketches for the one hundred fifty characters in the seventy eight minute. vision of hoffman's world is want to be trusted the russian audience has never denied the chairman of rages in france. hoffman himself is the main character in the new cartoon during his lifetime he found refuge in the true work likewise the animated hoffman is travelling in the mystical world of his own tales in the cooch is produced in his own imagination. this particular fairy tale for children has also become in this drama something they were on the should escape from group life. you've been working on for some time now in the small orange film about there's the you know. the fairy tale writer so many edie as you call it you promised it would
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hit their screens in two thousand and nine we didn't see it any time soon. the problem as usual. we're making a piece by piece ten to fifteen minutes a film and then wait for the sponsors should all wait for the government to shell out it was not mostly the entire project has been stalled for several years because the russian government lacks the money to sponsor the project at all it's that it's here to truly that experience or what is a ballpark figure that goes into fooling third soon just peanuts i don't even say how much it was really never let me know but i know the conditions we've been working in so little why don't you invest some of your and money spent that it will run its way which usually i have nothing but debts to. be quite happy for what i have in my pockets nash my lane. used to the not character in the marine ski future. not only that stage five volleys.
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why do you like this office so much well. let me explain the son of a very jealous when i did company and possibly even half a setian in the family hollywood my actress model and when he fell in love with her . hand in marriage under the condition that she'd follow him to the battlefield. for two and a half years my mother served with my father's cavalry division it was during the war during the war. but when your humble servant was conceived to the roar of cannons and the time came for my mother to give birth i was sent to moscow where i was born. after my birth mother again went to join father taking me along and would follow the division of the baggage train and thus reached
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county to bury today's a kaliningrad where i grew up. at the. beginning. my father was the military commanded after koenig's back became kaliningrad and the germans were removed my father was sent for further service to saxony. he grew up in germany till nine hundred fifty eight. my mother well educated person was fond of the german romantics. and it was the german romantics writings. their favorite tales influence in my mind. not the brothers. of the green brothers to their not quite in the romantic category well they retailed quite cruel. there is little romanticism in them and much fantasy. you handle many productions including in years a theatrical designer. what is your attitude
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more than music you seem to be a man who'd rather you know something composed in art. they are age or would you. classical more than music there's a stylistic vice. that. you know you're not quite tried there because my second larry. the magic is an elaborate as it were not correct. it is its first act at the y. and not cracka became the not correct. of several choreographers to fit it into a tchaikovsky score the most but it was unbearably tough it was illegible in each stood a story of the prince's spittle a part of the story of the magic of not a crack into what i decided to make a new scenario and i wrote a new libretto. even before i lost a friend who in my youth is in a very good we have a hard poser in the positive sense of the word sergei slim's. try to score to my
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libretto for his wally but the more. system some unimaginable sounds and you. are simply didn't know it. was like me secured for not writing all the right way. when you were made an appearance in moscow i mean those with children people started saying that she knocking. supposed to give people education. here really believe in this. week or are you more supportive for all the art for art's sake approach. he wants. to read. they would not have been such tyrants. the truth is it's a nice phrase and an interesting one. who sometimes say that it would change
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mankind again they didn't change them. individual people. are more involved and interested. but cannot position itself is a sort of messiah. and i don't think of myself as a missionary. i think that we do things that are required by the present science or live in. my society or yourself. but i cannot live without thought. there were times when i was painted at night and worked as a menial work enjoying the day time clearing snow you got to i knew for sure that my paintings would not be exhibited and i would not make any money and i could not and still cannot live without it as a real artist. thank you thank you very much and just a reminder that. world renowned artist was my guest on this show today and that's it for now from all of us here if you want to have your lights or if you have some
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in the minds who you think. that's it for now we'll be back tomorrow with more first and comment on what's going on outside rush until then. take it.
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twenty years ago largest country in the suitcases of the. one hundred troops. began the journey. where did it take to. load.
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the stories and all see isolated heavy fighting still reported in tripoli and the hunt continues for the kind of khadafi rebel forces old said bouncing on the kind of his home town of the senate meanwhile the united nations is set to vote on freezing one point five been killed in the. search and recovery operations underway nice in russia the consulate in minds a braincell that failed to reach a little bit and watched by. some while the heat on the u.s. push for cautious functions against the risks president the son of twenty people are reported to have been killed by security forces but some journalists question to fit it used to highlight the governments of. the last five months and say it may have been staged. outside the stars trying to sound the latter iran's and russia to join north caucuses club. by record breaking track.


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