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tv   [untitled]    May 16, 2011 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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violence is once again flared up. and these are the images seeing from the streets of canada. operations around. our half past the hour here in the russian capital you with r.t. will do a recap now the top stories and he becomes a target for nato airstrikes and international arrest warrants as prosecutors prepared to charge three libyan leaders with crimes against humanity. with the e.u. struggling to keep the euro afloat with bailouts for portugal and greece unemployment hits spain looks to be next in line for a costly rescue package. and a blood stained birthday on the anniversary of israel's creation israeli troops on
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leash on our protesters killing at least sixteen and wounding dozens. well next year r.t. we talked to bernie dena dorm the former leader of the radical and t.v.'s on group underground she says america's militarization and wars pose a threat to the entire world you with us here. archie is in chicago sitting down with longtime activist former leader of the weather underground radical group that operated back in the sixty's and seventy's and now clinical law professor at northwestern university and director of the children and family justice center bernardine dohrn thank you so much for joining us today pleasure now you obviously have an extremely diverse biography hated by so romanticized by others from being on the f.b.i.'s top ten most wanted list to now being a law professor and dealing with children's rights which one of these stages serves
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your purpose is the most i don't think of them is that the state and i feel like i've been obsessed with a couple of things my whole life certainly the question of justice and certainly he swore in peace you obviously throughout your career had received so much criticism of. your activities and actions were very radical about this group the weather underground. did some things that were you know later deemed terrorist and you say this entire time that you were really fighting for peace we've become used really since nine eleven as an example of american terrorism but we were never terrorists in fact i think the whole. the war and black freedom movement in the united states were militant had militant edges but really were always restrained and if you look around the world at the time we in fact were
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tactically very restrained our rhetoric was sometimes a little inflamed and hyperbolic but our our actions really were quite restrained. in that revolution and insurgency takes is constantly changing we just saw the mideast uprisings who could have imagined that before it happened when those events broke out a lot of people in the united states worst. sort of fearful that the same could happen here on that kind of scale do you think that's possible of course it's possible you know we grown up in an era of american exceptionalism right the last seventy years where the united states somehow isn't bound by the other laws of history but of course we are bound by the laws of history militarily the united states is obviously still in full swing with iraq afghanistan libya military power still what do you make of that and what do you make of these particular wars and also what the peace movement where is it all this is going on it's not forget that
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well i think that the u.s. economic down and spoke with globally hundred seventy four military bases you know over three five wars three shadow wars i think that it's you know a great danger to the world i think that the militarization at home is also quite significant since nine eleven and the i'm raveling of all of victories of the sixty's where is the peace movement i think the peace movement in the veterans coming home and i'm not sure why that is i think that people oppose the war there's no question that the american people oppose the iraq war continue to oppose it and think we should leave but we oppose the escalation in afghanistan they supported it you know the day after nine eleven and have opposed it ever since and and they already opposed the libyan. so i think the american people are not i mean really. right they haven't been able to change the tremendous military
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control of this democracy so we haven't been able to stop the wars but i don't want you to i don't think you should read in my eyes how much the american people don't like these wars and then i think the second major force people i work with are the veterans coming home because as in vietnam and. as in every war they come home and see the truth about what they've been asked to do and i think this current glorification of the troops can't hide the reality of what happens when these young kids women and come home and they are the real truth tellers this us imperialism we've touched on a little bit yourself as well as quite a significant number of other people believe that the u.s. power is dying down both politically in interaction rather with other countries economically where does it really stand now realistically well i think that it's destroying itself american hegemony is no longer to be we have too many rising
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economic and cultural powers in the world i think that gives us here in the united states a tremendous opportunity as well as a tremendous risk the risk of course is we've seen other countries other empires decline but where their military stays very strong and that is a tremendous danger can turn everything into a military opportunity instead of there's a social and human opportunity do you think that. that decline economy is also like a very significant large contributor to the fact that the united states is losing its power abroad just the fact that so many people here are struggling and are not contributing to the economy or the country as a strong force the tremendous acceleration of that gap of income in the united states in the last decade says it all yes most of us are getting poorer tiny handful or less than one percent of the population are getting extravagantly
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wealthy you know you look from nine eleven till today and you say you know yes people who perpetrated the tragedy and i reckon take justice are many ways to do that could have. brought them in front of an international tribunal could have had a police action three or. millions of people being displaced separations of countries accusations of three countries that couldn't bring the united states to the work country and it certainly has imposed a tragedy on the rest of the world one of the latest developments to the war on terrorism course the death of bin laden i want to ask you as a law professor under what legal basis was that committed by the united states i heard a legal commentator yesterday on the radio when i was driving home and i was laughing out loud because. he claimed that under the u.n.
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charter the great of self-defense was in operation here self-defense yes maybe after nine eleven the operation that was carried out against this terrorist cell would have been justified under international law ten years later you invade another country with your military and land and do it. and the other hand we can take this moment i think as an opportunity for peace really ok now it's time to declare an end to these wars which came at least a rationalization by u.s. presidents who was just you know to prevent nine eleventh's from happening again why don't we see this is a moment to withdraw from afghanistan and iraq just for ok do you think that's possible or is it also possible that this could this moment could be taken as an extra opportunity to really intensify efforts and well afghanistan's not going to
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go well no matter how you define going well it is not possible to win these wars whatever that means and everybody knows that but the lamb is you can hear that drumbeat now for pakistan you know against pakistan and there's always going to be were ran was always available for the military aggressors that seem to dominate you know we've seen the united states. people want an end to these wars they voted for the current president as a peace candidate and now we've got two more wars so let's have an end to this as the death of bin laden should be a moment where we can say yes now withdraw american withdraw from occupation what are the chances of that really well i don't we don't know until we know we do we we don't know until we insist on it and i think it's our only hope is demilitarizing the entire american economy so large that will result in patients going on because
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politicians love the occupations i think that they serve the interests of you know . the late empire of capitalism if you will there about oil you can't say well we didn't intervene in bahrain but we did intervene in libya right. i mean you had there's reasons why it will stay under it was very couple standards of course double standards we have the fifth fleet in bahrain and libya has oil and is near to europe and has no air defense system yeah there were very practical reasons why we pick and choose you did declare a state of war on the us government that was seven jeans and you were on the f.b.i.'s top ten most wanted fugitives list and you were known to say that the real terrorist is the u.s. government yes do you still maintain these sorts of statements i think we were rebellions i think that we were in insurgency we were dissidents american dissidents in the classic tradition. you know we were we thought it was possible to
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join the global struggle of revolutionary war at that moment in the sixty's so i understand how unkind about it. i think now as many people do metaphors so terrible it's just so caramel and quick so much suffering on every one . that i wish we had kind of kept that rebel. rebellion metaphor instead. of the other things that we said and i stand by them about the u.s. government being terrorist that didn't come about long ago from what i read this was only in ninety three just you know decade ago do you still believe i do believe that i think you know i mean from the year in order to save people is a terrible idea if those bad people don't like it is that terrorism it usually is terrorism because it's killing civilians. i think you can call it you know
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a message of. war to free people but i think that of course the wars of wars of empire have always been wrapped in. paper and ribbons of democracy and bringing education and freedom to people it's terrorism when you yes i mean civilian populations occupying land to make sure i understand correctly in this war on terror the u.s. is also a terrorist is that what you mean that is what i mean i think if you look at the terrorist act of nine eleven which created tremendous suffering and hardship here and around the world i mean it wasn't just americans who died in the world trade center and they're not in this activity is certainly made. thousands if not millions of arabs and muslims suffer as well.
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and there's nothing to justify its total and. it's also true that the response of the us government war and occupation in both iraq and afghanistan are not justified. it's ten years later whatever we're doing in afghanistan it isn't about al qaeda and bin laden and as you can see from the arab spring the world has moved on the arab world is. really struggling for the same things who are all we all want real democracy not paper democracy real economic futures for our children living in more harmoniously not being afraid all the time what is the media doing these days when it comes to all of these issues they take the defense department. press releases and read them as news uncritically we need a robust independent critical media and especially critical of our border jim
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jordan thank you so much for your time and just a question. here is the same. maybe. we'll. let you use the word. is a place a state or even a specific time in history. the official click ancient your mind called touch from the. child's life on the. video on demand she's mine old girls and feeds now in the palm of your.
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com. we'll. bring you the latest in science and technology from the realms of. the future of coverage. headlines. colonel gadhafi becomes a target for nato airstrikes and international arrest warrants as prosecutors prepared to charge three libyan leaders with crimes against humanity. and with the e.u. struggling to keep the euro afloat with bailouts for portugal and greece unemployment hits spain and looks to be next in line for a costly rescue package. and a bloodstain birthday on the anniversary of israel's creation is ready troops unleashed have a common hour protesters killing sixteen and wounding dozens. more those are the
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headlines here next it's now with over highlights. rory thank you maria watching the sports news in archaeology up stories this hour maria sharapova is back she brings about a saucer in the final of the talent open in rome to claim her fast title of the season right before the french open. russian football held as an eight missed the chance to go top of the premier league off the drawing tool with former champions rubin. and in goal of south korean k.j. choi grabs the players championship title and the biggest prize money on the trail with a playoff win over the tallest. person on this whole key west and until then you will champions off the baiting swigging with some style in the final on sunday the
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fans defying the odds as they thrashed last year's bronze medalists six one was one one off to two periods the underdogs out of thought without supplying the final twenty minutes to play into the first world title since one thousand nine hundred five when the old saw this way it's this by the law sweden built around the big balls it was named the tournaments l.b.p. . and russia had been denied a medal as they in those roles to the czechs their admission going down seventh poor oman chair of income that you have tricked for the when else while in the claims a vote for the disappointed russian scored and moving on and in football champions and have missed the opportunity to finish the weekend top of the crimea league standings the clash bringing together the only teams to have won the russian championship since two thousand and six and it was the current holders who did better early on tonight's dani proving his have can be just as deadly as making one nail hard work pay dividends for beans equalize and grow a great through ball much talent to buy cars the nice car
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a day nice was lot the been critical enough for one one. and the visitors would do lead to a. believe that it seemed very did not bring home a leg this means cross to put has been to one in france isn't it how well paul would gather themselves for an equaliser and a beautiful one such as i call letting rate with a scream from outside the area helping be seen from the side disappearing this was when this weekend's. sunday's first game failed to reach the same heights as current is now mostly played out. was all the home side in the opening period with the muscovites lockie to go in level at the break captain andre braugher ruling in doing everything in his power to help him not to get back on track but he suffers were denied by a car keeper said gate not open and russia's highest paid for bullet came in karate was also amongst those stop buying
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a ribbon in the dying moments so no one knows how time. elsewhere spartak moscow we have been having a nightmare season to date seem to be gradually recovering the muscovites left the blade but managed to now both three points away to relegation threatened really a survey of five zero yards of live from that scene first part back in the seventy second minute to seal the final result of one nil. try finding out what to do for a stall flaming a two one win in the moscow region thomas that's a joke in full and it's listees man on twenty nine minutes after he found himself one one with a keeper. doubled says comes late to make week attack right before half time. at the very beginning of the second harvard business school one back making it to one but that was it was the house held on to the wind which meant them up to fifth in the standings. which no stove needed and it's a very globally managed to win with play the right way being
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a lot of attention to controlling the ball i would say it was going to be as we scored twice then and present moment was when we conceded he goes straight to celebrate but often it's with a very concentrated and didn't let it happen again. now let's say you know i did maybe the new installed english premier league when i was by the hunt for the automatic champions league sponsors still very much shown in the england and chelsea have guaranteed one of them despite joy at home so you can't sell that often the only other team who could have been in second place also lost to us in villa the girls themselves could now be taken in by not just the city of marjah steve was behind the game and have else was leapfrog liverpool into the europa league spot for now all three to me a win at anfield west ham are the first team to be relegated from the competition off to losing to the los to lose play again and then against last of pull them in either as they will. find themselves in the two remaining drop zone places.
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the glory days of back or yuks meanwhile after historic sunday in the netherlands the dutch giant securing the first amassed a crown in seven years up to beating the on the side who could have stopped them absolute went to the top two teams had never met before to decide the title on the last day of the season went ahead of into the clash holding a one point lead meaning they needed just a draw to be crowned champions but the all had home supporting representative when you three minutes sides would exchange by. those and those from time to fill the sparking wild celebrations and on the amsterdam they own the three one victory giving them time i don't know but it seems. to tennis now where mike is set up about his claim to a first trophy ok yeah the russian baiting semaphore style story in the talon open final in rome a brilliant showing progress seven scene chapa but never really letting her australian opponents into it taking the title in straight sets since two seats and
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grabbing have passed through a year and. shut up about previously soft welcome von karajan was no great timing ahead of the second grand slam of the year next week's brain choked on shut up about sauce or have. also switch spots in the new w.t. rankings with the russian moving from eight to seven. three to be the champion of rome i love this tournament for many years have been a semifinalist before and to come back and into it on clay especially to thing this is my second total and right clay. this is a tough draw many great players here and so to be the champion means a lot to me. meanwhile no stopping no but george mitchell the man stood this season the service blows and i'm going to get more bilious as all time record winning streak of forty six matches posting his thirty nine big trade in a row of dull shot by the joker for the second time monthly and losing his cool
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consecutive moss the spinal to the relatively easy six four six for school i'm as into the doll struggles as the spaniard is no longer considered the favorite ahead of the rules when he's won five times djokovic meanwhile showed no signs of fatigue as he claimed his seven titles when he eleven low rich. goals k.j. choi held on to the failed and the weather on his way to clinching the players' championship trophy and pocketing some one point seven million dollars in the process sunday schedule included both the third and fourth round action after severe rain had caused a lengthy delay the day before propelling himself into the driving seat on thirteen as we moved within one shot of the leading debut. south korean born to have following this birdie on the seventeenth. however tom stayed in touch losing out before alan's with the same thirteen on the part or is true forcing a play off don's mistake free in
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a hall full of bar prado on the first extra hole here while showing tempting bar in the championship the thirty year old moving up to world number fifteen with the biggest victory all his career to date. in the meantime darren clarke bounced back from the versity to take a win in my york adding to i don't know but it seemed to be his name from an old to can't show when i need a chris wood and his game to create and for the west when he double bogeyed at the levels to find himself four shots behind would the englishman though drop five out of his next six shots while clarke regrouped with back to back birdies on the fourteenth and fifteenth got the bar on the eighteenth then sealed the three strokes victory for him to time also when the whole scenario all as regulating clarke on kong three eight course of his design. it's sounding similar to sports now where case a stone is now just twelve points behind move you know jorge lorenzo off the
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winning the french grand prix the two thousand and seven champion finally conquering the track and mulching his best victory many closs on the legendary circuits the australian softball pole and held on to that spot virtually the entire race record crowds of over eighty eight thousand people cheering on that's why the five year old as he is haunted them in may to be competition one of his main challenges done it also touched bikes with marco see one challenge with the race eleven that early still no meanwhile cleared the checkered flag with plenty to spare ogle fourteen seconds separating him from team eight hundred of his jasa in sac and in the meantime going into they're also finding that the podium finish on his new ducati bike with dr pushing reigning champion jorge lorenzo a tuple like ice. and in the n.b.a. playoffs the oklahoma city thunder all through to the western conference finals. is one of five lines in game seven l.t.c.
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will battle the mavericks in the conference decider next with that serious starting in dallas on tuesday. and the finals out in the east with chicago edging miami on their home courting of you mean game one all three hundred eighty two one guard jerry crowe's stop scoring for the bulls with twenty eight points their. first the biggest team and we were. sort of. group players only we were going to make sure. make sure you know gets a little money to begin with making sure they see birdies seamlessly. and we're just post one great team nation and we try to get out of the chute. i'm going to do this when i want to. and that's already will bring you the news headlines right after the weather.
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for the full story we've gone to. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news maker.
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