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tv   [untitled]    January 24, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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collection. on this. breaking news tonight thirty five people killed more than one hundred sixty injured in a suspected suicide bomb attack at moscow's busiest airport. president medvedev says those behind the attack must be brought to justice but the first concern is for the victims. i express my condolences to the families of those killed extra security will be put in place in. transport the most important thing at the moment is to support the victims and their families. british citizens are among those killed in the attack with more foreign nationals also injured.
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continuing our breaking news coverage here on our team let's get the latest from our reporting for us from the airport. as you can imagine the security measures of course at this terminal at the delegate of an airport have been stepped way more than you can imagine there are more police officers at the scene probably then there are people coming and going from and to the airports and that is absolutely understandable this is the biggest day here in the country naturally this is a specific perfect tragedy for the for the. city and for the country as well when we arrived here shortly after the blast the first in that we know it was the fact that the planes were coming and going as you said of course at first we were told that there were reports that sounded up chaos basically at the terminal of black smoke everywhere we did speak to some because of my witnesses and
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this is what they had to tell us about the situation immediately after the blasts. someone detonated a hidden explosive device it was either in luggage or a suicide note i should have lost a suitcase was on fire and a person had his part to me so the explosive devices are their own this person or in the suitcase i don't know what she looked like he was dressed in black and standing with his back to me which looked glossary me three meters back a car stood up everyone was running towards the exit out of there was a lot of black smoke and the lights went out i went for a medical checkup at first i thought i don't know my head but it turned out i just had someone else's blood on me the good image when it's not you can't see anything at the scene of the blast it's all kind of gone and the investigators are working to become see anything that's up there's a distinctive smell in the air. that he got cut off because it was nice of people covered in blood with injured limbs and the ones their faces were covered with
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blood to someone conscious there was a feeling that something big something heavy fell down there is a construction site near there so we saw that the workers dropped something heavy but people from the second floor say that they felt a shake of the door and you know who were leaving the airport when we heard the explode. when we were leaving the luggage claim area there was something in the air into a smoke that our friends were calling us saying that there was an explosion and there were victims of the bomb was not in the baggage area but tried behind the doors in the crowd of people welcoming us in the airport sort of principle which is you know when the blast wave was very strong we are quite far from the explosion but even there we could feel the blast graziers and we felt a strong blow to the portugal. of course will we arrive the smoke cleared so to speak both literally and proverbially at that point the security measures of course were in place tremendous security measures the area the area where people were allowed to come in to meet and greet those. who are arriving was that there right
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by the arrival by the arrival area and that is where the explosion is rich native and this point everybody that's coming to the airport to meet and greet their whole force to stand to right ed the departures old so there is a sort of there's a lot of commotion there at the moment because that entire area cars been fortunate off of the whole so they are of their vehicles being evacuated right now a lot of emergency vehicles still in place you can imagine that immediately following the plus all the emergency vehicles the police vehicles were coming in and because of that the airport security had to basically kick everybody out of the airport and out of the parking area and at this point that parking lot is in fact is still taken up by all the emergency vehicles a lot there are a lot less of them now that there were several hours ago you can also imagine that probably you would assume the their flights to be counseled some of them were indeed canceled at least several flights to vienna there was also a flight to st petersburg of that has been canceled as well but at this point the
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airport is functioning normally almost to its full capacity but we also know that they've lost the mayor was at the scene also speaking to the investigative comedian out of this to get to media arrived here shortly after the blast and they're still working at the scene and they probably will cost. stay here for the remain there for the remainder of the night these folks have a lot of work that they have to do in the next few hours trying to figure out who and what is behind this particular blast let's have a listen to what the investigative officials told us earlier. that the police only seeing the explosion took place in the international arrivals who the suicide bomber is suspected of carrying out the attack. of course as we said earlier hundred sixty people are thought to hundreds at least a hundred sixty people have been injured that we know that at least three foreigners are among them we know that an italian a french missile that can nationals are among the injured has also if you mentioned
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earlier today britons are among the thirty five killed in this blast however despite this horrendous tragedy that took place earlier the domodedovo airport the mood here of course those old tense is not to panic at all we also have to remember that in this stuff this supposed to spur to consider it the room there were people coming together we know that people who are working at shops and cafes they were very close to the arrival area came together started helping the airport staff when they were evacuating the injured and of the bodies of the killed from of the arrivals area and that of course this is one of the shows of people coming together in times of tragedy but also unfortunately not all stories are that good we know that some taxi drivers were charging as much as five hundred dollars the equivalent of five hundred dollars in rubles for those who wanted to leave the air force but also good news there as well. there were also volunteers
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people standing outside offering free rides to moscow or to the closest metro station to those who needed to leave also the air at the train that is taking that is transporting to the past. just to and from the airport between you. and most of the fellow those train rides were also offered for free for everybody to take them at this point however we do know that those security measures of course have been stepped way out but of course they are actually even braving filming inside the airport when we went in they told us to leave but no more filming no more camera crews allowed inside the security measures are so strict that at this point people have to literally open their bags before they even get into the departure area you come in and you immediately met with a cordon of police you have to go through the metal detectors you have to open your bags they're checking everything even cell phones unfortunately it takes something
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as big as this tragedy for this if you're the measures to be stepped up to where they really should have been. at the very beginning as some people that we've heard have been saying. police are currently working to identify the suspected suicide bomber behind monday's attack security has been tightened across the capital of the capital russia's anti-terrorism committee says the situation at the airport and across moscow is under control. as soon as we received information about the explosion police officers federal security experts and emergency teams went to the airport we're taking every measure to prevent any such incidents in other public places in accordance with the presidential order we've tightened security at school transportation hubs in moscow we are considering various motives but the most likely one is an act of terror the national antiterrorism committee has already asked the public for any information about the incident the situation in the am poor and across the capital is under control this is of course
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a very grave incident and it shows a society should mobilize to fight against terrorism. president medvedev held an emergency meeting to discuss the response to the domodedovo blast he's also delayed his trip to the world economic forum in the swiss city of davos where he was planning to make a keynote address archy's tom barton has the government's response. the president. as you said canceled his delayed his trip to the the divorce economic forum where he was going to be a keynote speaker and he also recently had this meeting with the prosecutor general the investigative committee and also the russian transform ministry where they outlined really their immediate priorities the immediate priorities that he highlighted. first of all to get on to the people who were behind this attack who planned it in his words to be hot on their heels also really to provide immediate
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assistance to the people on the ground medical and psychological help if you don't if the people hospital oversee medical help if they weren't actually wounded physically that then also need psychological counseling if they're traumatized from this bombing also he extended his condolences to those people affected by the attack the russian prime minister vladimir putin also spoke to the health minister saying that those people will be will get compensation i am recommending the health minister visit them in person the president earlier spoke after this meeting and more just to hear some of the things he had to say there. but. the explosion in domodedovo took people's lives are spoken for the health minister and the emergencies minister those injured in the explosion will receive all necessary aid i express my condolences to the families of those killed extra security will be
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put in place in all airports roee stations and transport hubs a special investigation group will be set up to look into the incident we need to look at what's happened in the immediate aftermath as for security on transport we've recently approved a number of laws on that we need to check that those laws are working because what happened shows not all of those rulings are being properly apply. i read we have to look into it the most important thing at the moment is to support the victims and their families. the laws to which president medvedev are referring is referring there are laws passed after last year's march metro bombings and the earlier bombing of the nevsky express train on its way to some petersburg in both cases extra laws were added to russia's antiterrorism legislation but as he said those laws are either not being adhered to properly or are in need of some adjustment and they'll have to be scrutinized to see how they actually work in practice also of
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note was the fact that the moscow's mayor and also the regional governor of the moscow region made a very swift public response to go to the scenes the hospitals and the airport to show leadership on the ground and to be at the center of the decision making process so as the president said in the in his in his address really. it's a matter of public transport safety public transport hubs have had security massively steps up especially the other airports but also here in the center of moscow i'm pretty close to the kremlin our in the head of the federal security service this is visibly heightened police presence on the streets here it is reminiscent of the increased police presence after the moscow metro bombings which only happened under under a year ago and so the atmosphere of what it be vigilance really
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a lot of increased vigilance now from the security services. made a london based expert on terrorism in conflict resolution tells r.t. there are similarities between this attack and others carried out by terrorists from russia's restive north caucasus region. well obviously the first impression is that this is. similar to others that have taken place in moscow in recent years and the all indications are that this is part of the insurgency going on in the north caucasus so unless we hear evidence of. other suspects i think it's natural to suspect that it's people from the involved in the insurgency the north caucasus that are behind it we must keep in mind. the insurgency in the north caucuses. now has connections with other terrorist groups in the middle east and in other parts of the world so we are seeing yet another
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outrage yet another attack against innocent civilians on the same pattern as happened in new york in london and paris and in other parts of the world. of course the insurgency in the north caucasus has domestic routes and. there are causes for it that are local but in the end this is in my view a part of much wider international threat to. peace loving people everywhere in the world. this blast happened in our to moscow's largest airport domodedovo earlier r.t. sara first told us about the security measures being taken to add moscow's second busiest airport sheremeta. taking going through the check in and having your luggage checked just taking a lot longer now as a measures against that you've also seen the troll stuff around the apple grounds
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with dogs as it is night as we can see we've spoken to the security staff and they said that they've got the highest security level in place now stuff from high alert they've been extra vigilant checking the luggage and they've got people monitoring the c.c.t.v. extremely closely does of a c monitor usually anyway with me and what is next to place with the threat and the attack that's happened it on the data and i will be speaking to people on the ground in the airport trying to get a feel there's certainly no panic at the moment but people who are traveling today extremely anxious about what's happening i wanting to know as much information as possible certainly about their safety in the surplus is what we have shared much of that today saying that they were ready to take the extra flights are going to be diverted from the other day you know is actually still you can see sherman was pressed on this just a little while ago though they told us was that actually there weren't that many flights diverted to share much of those about
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a thirty minute gap when flights were strictly from coming into domodedovo airport and that's actually now according to show that the president has been listed to the flights are returning to normal at the in the dead of here they said that was they were some sneakers that could ever see some of those diverted flights as well as st petersburg airports and initially you know of course to the people who were expecting to london mosque a today now landing quite far out of the city and they'll be looking not to face a least a four hour train ride at the hirelings this clue some destruction share much of as he said ready to take on the extra capacity the extra people if necessary but what we're hearing at the moment is a looks like they start to flies perhaps will be necessary and it will look people are understandably nervous and anxious when they hear this news the actual stuff on the ground has done a really great job. every assuring people as best they can in keeping them as a phone to say possibly can of what's going on now we actually speak to some of the people in the apple some of the knew what was happening some of them were just
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finding out as we were talking to the so we can hear some of their reactions now. the most important thing is people safety i'm a little scared but there's nothing i can do have to go in there there's no other way home. you know i don't know what had. happened i really want to know what happened and they want to talk to my parents now because i think they're worried. hurt i don't they keep going to change. i was supposed to fly from should me to go but now i'm leaving from douma did or airport i'm not scared you and i don't have any other troops. there what has been interesting tonight in the comparison is loyalty the people being lost it is a real resilience of people they're not going to be terrorized by these people by these attacks are they getting on with things as best as they can is he said the stuff that we try to keep things running is effectively and smoothly and
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emphasizing that the main priority at the moment is continuing to ensure that they put every measure in place to ensure the safety of the passages coming in and out of these. porous cargo it's going from the institute of globalization and social movements says the way airports are organized and designed gives terrorists a good opportunity to strike. the way airports all denies it is actually increasing the risk of terrorist attacks not diminishing it because they're waiting for go the control of the crowd of the airports is done it's creating bottlenecks it's creating tough crowds of people which are very very easy targets for terrorist attacks and it's really impressive that nothing happened like that so far of the world or in russia because i think that they are opposed to cure it is not about providing safety and security of the presenters so far all terrorist attacks were targeted people who were targeted or those people trolling by metro and there were
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targeted people who were not really important for the first time you know have an attack which was targeted at people whose closs level was kind of a bit higher middle class maybe even of a middle class people and that is absolutely new to russian terrorism. and earlier my colleague spoke with political analyst between babiche and cross talk host and political commentator peter lavelle they said it won't be easy to intimidate russia through attacks like this. people getting back to doing their daily lives here unfortunately we do have these kind of attacks but people are not intimidated by them life will go on is tragic as this event is today number two russian afghanistan warmed up relations in the last few days soon don't discount that as somebody sending a signal because you know they've been very good at getting rid of the coalition of the willing america's willing partners in afghanistan russia's made him smile a little baby step there to work on the drugs trade but you know it's you know that
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could be a doctor we could be connecting my point is this is outside funding these are people outside funding these people training people in many cases or training people to train other people and outside and it's extremely well documented western media doesn't like to that angle because it makes russia look like it can't deal with the north caucuses and all that has a lot of problems down there who would want to have to deal with the kind of social breakdown that we've had in many cases and we need investment there's unemployment there's actually discrimination poor governance i would say in many ways but there is an initiative and has been initiative to deal with that issue but still we have this why did they come to the world capital why to send a message to keep the training going and keep the money coming in from the outside and this is something that russia is very well aware of and i agree with the idea as he started out here there's still a lot of loopholes here if you look around you know they still have a lot of work to do to use to combat this kind of activity some loopholes perhaps with certainly security when you when you see it at the metro the airport security
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is always a far as i'm concerned very impressive but you draw you draw the focus down to the north caucuses here dimitri is peter do you think it's corrected enjoy pointing the finger of blame at that area. if as i said the news that that terrorist act was committed suicide confirmed that and obviously. track will be the first or the number one track or investigation since it's such a huge c.t. you just cannot bring it to a standstill even by a major terrorist act. but i would get you on what. peter has said before you know all the financing if. the terrorist who was so north caucasus is confirmed i think the western audience should at the step let us states or the european union we not can see the russia part of the west but for each one this terrorist russia is a part of me sort of as it is when how do you have terrorism it's not your domestic issue it's
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a global issue and i would like to it's like the weakest link. in the west it's dangerous and difficult to strike at ease with israel's security it's very difficult to strike the states it's a bit easier to stroke in europe but europe gets very easily but in russia because it's such it's basically a new state and it's a poor city of all the really sort of porous they're all sort of communities here so it's just easier to strike a treasure but the problem with russia for these people the terrorist is that russia is not so easily intimidated for example spain in spain the terrorist immediately had a positive effect on their actions in russia because of its political system and because of all the many reasons they can strike again if it came and there is no result and if we have north caucuses connection here too we have a very huge immigrant communities from central asia i mean we have people mixed in
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here very easily in very strong communities right here it's very good coverage here because they're not they're not wiretapping the technology isn't really there they're not know he's dropping i mean of course they go to find individuals and groups and in clans that could be very dangerous but there are so again it is not as tight here security wise as so many people would think russia is all about russia's very loose on very many things and and its easy place to blend in and to organize these types of terrorist attacks at least one hundred eighty people were also injured in the blast more than eighty of them have been taken to hospitals across the russian capital many of them in critical condition artie's europe is going to have reports from outside one of the hospitals. at least eighty people have been hospitalized there and around half of them are thought to be in critical condition at the moment. maybe injuries are connected with the burns severe burns
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caused by this blast also the very same injuries caused by shrapnel and head traumas as well the injured were dispersed to various hospitals across moscow but also had several clinics in the moscow region and we're getting reports that they may be sent to a bigger more advanced general medical center so to receive more. advanced medical attention also the this blast happened at four thirty pm and at the time this was right after several international flights had just arrived to do my due the airport and we're getting reports that some foreign citizens were also affected by this explosion of fourteen to investigators to british citizens were killed in this blast and there are differing reports on the number of those foreign citizens will be injured unconfirmed reports that a german citizen and
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a french citizen were injured in this blast confirmed reports from the italian embassy that an italian citizen was injured in the explosion that he was already visited by diplomats also out of the thirty five people who have been killed in this blast and we've heard that three or three lost their lives already after being delivered to hospital one person died why while on on his way to being treated by doctors at a hospital as well. hotlines have been opened for psychological help another hotline has been all been to form a lot transfer cycle psychologists are also working at the idea they were airport itself for. everybody in need of not only those who are going to have to live in the affected by this attack but really everybody because out of the dozens or even hundreds of reports we're joined now flooding the internet and other media by the
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people who were at the airport at the time of this explosion all everybody says that every person really felt it and this is why everybody's really affected not only those who were in the actual area of the explosion but everybody who was at the airports had to over time so. unfortunately officials say that judging by previous. experiences of all attacks in moscow the number off a tele he's still mail me rice and the health ministry has published the lists all the casualties but hopefully it will stay the same as at least it is at this moment . many passengers traveling to and from out of the airport using the air or express train that travels from pavel lecky railway station in central moscow artie's lines in france reports from their. well it's been a lot of shock and a lot of dismay some people were and many people were scattered about the airport
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when it happened some people thought it was construction work they had no idea bob had actually got off and gone off there was dust falling from the ceiling isn't it seemed a bit odd to them but they had no idea just how how abnormal the situation actually was a lot of people said they didn't actually see or hear anything but they smelled a lot of heavy smoke and got on the train out of the airport as soon as possible this train is about forty kilometers away i'm sorry the distance is about forty kilometers away from the airport to get into this station so it does offer them a very quick ride it allows them to avoid traffic so a lot of passengers were talking with each other about their experiences on the train before it before they got here and their passports were checked by security a lot of people were warned before their planes landed what was going to be happening at the airport and they were very worried that maybe people were there waiting for them that family members had been waiting for them and something had
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happened and they there was no way to confirm that until they landed at more taxing and could get on their phones and confirm that so those were some very nerve wracking times others. actually hadn't taken off or were were about to get on their airplanes when news came that had been bombed and had to get on the phone with loved ones who are going to be waiting for them to avoid the problem so there's a lot of anxiety here trains are still stopping by here at the station and letting people off and so everyone sort of settling down but these first couple of hours have there's just spent a lot of shock and a lot of dismay over what's happened. after the events of daudet of zero president medvedev delayed his trip to the swiss chard of davos that's hosting the annual world economic forum or to his lawyer and it has more from doctors. we're just at the very very beginning of this forum at the moment it's not until wednesday so leaders and business people are just starting to arrive in. we have had. a reaction
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from around the world of course but also from inside europe president medvedev received phone calls of condolence from the u.k. prime minister david cameron also from king of spain the polish president come out all ski and president hosni mubarak of egypt more specific things william hague of course we now know that two britons were killed in this attack and william hague the foreign secretary came out and said he was deeply shocked and saddened at this explosion and the loss of life that it entails and he sent his condolences to the victim is and to their families we've also heard from the head of nato. and he offered solidarity and he said that we were in this fight together that was his message to the people of russia that this is a common threat that we have to unite to face we also heard from president sarkozy of express france also.


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