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the wildfires will receive compensation for new homes which will be built before the end of october this year. not everything has been done to fight the fires but it's not the right time to place blame. we need to consolidate. the disaster. situation remains extremely difficult. in the most affected areas in central russia stabilized it still remains and unfortunately there is no forecast of the temperatures going already we've heard it's running into millions and millions of dollars worth of damage and everyone just very anxious to contain the situation. they could only watch helplessly at the fires that. someone has to follow. love about fifteen minutes over and. one of the places worth affected by the fires many of the homes completely destroyed. the fire wasted no time
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flames leaping from building to building incinerated eighty houses and making two hundred people homeless in the space of a couple of hours. i never thought fire could spread that fast but the wind was very strong it was like a hurricane police told us to leave the new dangers to stay here it was only thanks to them where i live and with ingrid it wasn't at night because then there would have been much more victims. one elderly man desperately trying to leave his burning house got struck by falling wires the electric shock. friends and neighbors have been rallying round and there were many tales of courage. if i didn't come back on time my neighbor would have been burnt alive because she didn't see the fire approaching from both sides she could have been trapped in the middle at the last moment she ran out in her gown and slippers she's left without her identification and any of her documents the devastation wasn't just restricted to property. i buried my rottweiler he was near the
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house for. and didn't let anyone approach him. he was burned a large it was a good dog people are now coming to terms of how everything that has been lost but they are help is coming from many causes. we've come here to one of the temporary refuge centers where people have been turning up in their hundreds bringing food and clothes and offering help to those who lost everything in the fire with so many people left homeless the government has promised immediate help and that new houses will be built by winter in the meantime fit it is like love reeling from fire damage left trying to pick up the pieces. for a knish. witnesses have been sharing their experiences of the deadly wildfires on the internet some of the uploading their own videos of the drama. because the more
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you feel knowing that it was really slow or slow or stop it. to be bloody have no. get out of the car even if you don't have the we weren't flying shuttle jewel this was a. good old region that's about four hundred kilometers from where we are here in moscow a group of men were trying to escape from the village using the road and found themselves trapped by walls of flames they had to. find one of the men later described this as being in hell. of the news now here in our team urgency crews are hunting for more than two thousand barrels of highly toxic chemicals floating down the chinese river towards russia it was thought the drums might reach the country in two weeks but some experts now say they could arrive within days. explains the potential danger. the river is one of the biggest
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sources of fresh water in russia's far east and in the city as well standing now and it's ecology is still under up with threats because china is just several dozen kilometers away from here and so is the sun for river which joins the where the place where this emergency happened the chinese authorities do say that they've managed to extract several ferals which have been previously washed into the river as a result of the biggest flood in a decade china has experienced several more thousand barrels are still in the water in the sun en route towards the border and towards russia china has built eight beers in order to prevent them from getting here but there are several factors suggesting that anything could happen for example out of the seven thousand barrels which of initially got into the water three thousand of them contain toxic substances including acids which make it form to humans and animals and it's not clear how many of these so far. extract barrels actually contain these toxic
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substances there are also reports that some of the barrels may have sunk to the bottom which makes them up attentional future of threats for the ecology and also obviously makes it much more difficult to extract them to the surface this is not the first time that china as it has experienced such problems back in two thousand and five a huge chemical spill has left millions of chinese without the supplies of fresh water this time the authorities on both sides are monitoring the situation at the emergencies ministry here is already monitoring the quality of the water so far they haven't reported any abnormalities but they do see that they are already planning ways to distribute fresh water to the local population in case the contamination does happen of course we'll be monitoring the situation and we will report on this story as it continues to develop. community from the russian capital twenty four hours a day a little later in the program this hour for you the close up to this is the time
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the ball of skin the kaluta region of russia their traditional architecture has become a canvas for contemporary art and satirical cartoons. that's still to come but first a stone in veterans who sided with the nazis during world war two against the soviets a gathering in the northeast of the baltic state and has sparked outrage over why the country's authorities are welcoming fascist sympathizers and some of those who want to oppose the meeting i've been barred from entering. now it says in one of the most feared movements the world has a countered yet there are those who glorify it today. we are told. that there were two liberation wars in the world one began in one nine hundred fourteen the other in one nine hundred thirty nine soon there will be a third war and it will start here gaining momentum and giving the world true freedom. the estonian waffen s.s. were created by german forces in one thousand nine hundred four and sent to battle
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the anti hitler coalition forces thousands of civilians died at the hands of those soldiers get there glorified as the true heroes of a stony. rallies like these take place every year with full support from the government people turned up in full regalia wearing nazi symbols and selling german war souvenirs a bitter pill for those who are trying to stop them in the baltics from rearing its ugly head they to hold rallies but few manage to take part as the authorities in a stone you do everything in their power to stop them yes. i'm not going myself because a stunning or thirty's in two thousand and seven put the latvian anti fascist committee on the blacklist we all received explanatory notes my note contained a hardly credible statement that the latvian anti fascist committee posted a threat to a stunning state route from civil. blacklists with no explanations sudden
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inability to speak anything but estonian our crew witnessed all these tricks they enter fascist organizations however say nothing will stop them from calling the world's attention to this because the pain is too raw even sixty five years on so. i drew some of these clothes for a second time and came up to the barbed wire and all of a sudden i imagined that excuse me please. this standoff between welcomed neo nazis an unwelcome anti fascists is almost absurd authorities go as far as to ask the anti nazi activists to turn down their microphones as the sound interferes with the s.s. veterans rally. and as they lay flowers and light candles at the graves of soviet soldiers and the stony labor camp victims they can but wonder how can the rest of
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the world tolerate such a glorification of not says the entire world mourns the victims of the nazi killing machine here in a stony however those who participated in the murders are viewed as heroes and are given more glory and many believe they ever deserve the anti fascist movements here in the baltic states however do say that they will put in every effort to prevent this attempt to rewrite history as much for the future generations as for the memories of those who lost their lives in the second world war castro's r r t. the time to have a quick look at other stories making headlines around the world and the death toll from the worst floods in pakistan for eight decades has reached eight hundred one million people have been affected by the waters triggered by monsoon rains with some four hundred thousand stranded in remote villages roads and damaged bridges have hampered rescue efforts a state of emergency has been declared to richel rains expected to continue over
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the weekend. police have fought on hundreds of protesters in indian administered kashmir killing two and injuring find the demonstrators tried to set police camps on fire and threw stones at offices four others were shot dead during protests against indian rule on friday over the last six weeks twenty three have been killed by government forces wisdom separatists in kashmir have been fighting for an independent state or to merge with pakistan for more than twenty years. and of course his rock southeastern iran a day after another quake in the country's northeast left over two hundred injured there are no reports of anyone hurt in the latest earthquake but there is extensive damage iran is located on seismic fault lines and is prone to quakes experiences tremors almost daily. a memorial service is being held in germany to remember those who died in the stampede at the love parade techno music festival a week ago chancellor angela merkel broke off from her summer holiday to attend the service in the western city of duisburg twenty one people died and five hundred
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were injured during the mass panic and crush at the event seven foreigners were among the dead. when our close up team travels around russia so you can see some of the country's lesser known areas and this time we take you to the kaluga region. lies just eighty kilometers from moscow and has existed since the thirteenth century the picturesque town has many hillside churches however it's not all about traditional religious architecture its houses have become a canvas for contemporary art is katrina which over discover it. where else so close to moscow would you hear church bells ringing so often every fifteen minutes at a dozen churches similar tenuously this beautiful chime can be heard in the provincial town of bor of school located just eighty kilometers away from moscow and it's the
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closest cause of the kaluga region to the capital it takes so while defenders hilltop position thanks to the architects who started to build the town in the early fourteenth saying morris comprises of several unique churches like the christian old believe us church also the legendary. monastery adds to the towers must see list but more of it is not only about traditional architecture and golden dome scent crosses it's houses are canvas for contemporary art to self-taught artist but cheney is recording the history of his hometown through his paintings but his art his service comes at a prize. charm of a russian provence to which nothing it seems could be add it couldn't. be
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returned construction engineer has turned a whole town into a giant canvas. rack and his native born collect food culture and splashed images of churches historical figures and still live on its walls in all one hundred new roles for ninety four percent of people you know town don't visit on galleries and museums or to and thus they can take in the outdoor exhibit which is not the great is our time but still this is aren't the towns near like to images and to them your list turned into a satirical commentator after the artist made a wall sized political cartoon. picturing a local governor he became persona non grata. there were three paintings on this one is left to others will want washed under the pretext of this house being repaired the mayor has already destroyed ten of my works the biggest nero decorated
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a local bakery now that it's been whitewashed some locals haven't claimed the bread tastes wars well side is too holy for a chain it covers brush including walls opposite the mayor's office this painting for example depicts historical figures space travel theorize a constantin ski while based on your own right opposite the mayor's window is typical soviet well done cucumber sets. the mayor didn't appreciate the humor of jeannie cove was fined several times and even faced court charges a local newspaper criticized him as a moral especially after he painted a controversial image of a religious martyr in a town where every second citizen is a regular churchgoer but surprisingly the biggest local ministry doesn't think the artist touched a raw nerve. we say i can painting is the bible in colors the same could be said
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about these paintings there the history of our town and colors it's especially good for the young people who were raised without knowing their roots. monk maxime turn to religion at the time of year is truly can russia images of abandoned church isn't wide washed icons are still strong in his memory he's convinced that the artist should not give up and should continue with his dream of painting all of border of squid his meals to talk more about why the provincial town of bor of scores of favorite of so many tourists and historians are now joined by expert in russian history and. professor william brumfield hello and thank you very much for joining us you're welcome you tell me about the town of bor of held a deeply for you why is that what is so special about this town i think part of it is the landscape the river that runs through the town creates a park but it also creates ravines and hills that played an important part in the
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history of the town and that's preserved today the other thing is that the town is off the main road there's no railroad so that the architectural heritage here the old tells us and for these have been remarkably well for a researcher some call this that above might have more history would concede from here for the town of bor do you agree i certainly do in terms of its history its architecture its spiritual heritage it has seventeenth century frescoes. main cathedral is a late sixteenth century it's a monastery of many dramatic historic events in fact in the monastery one of the main figures by jadine models that was incarcerated and ultimately died there then later of course its role in. the repel and various invasions of the poly on a conveyor that second world war the so that it's always been very much a part of the history of russia's art the first time you visited one of it was
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about twenty years ago wasn't it how has the tone changed since that i think it's to change to a remarkably and for the better they haven't destroyed what was left from the pay off in the problem prosperity comes up please let's hope that the town will remain just as well preserved historically for the next generations to thank you very much but that one side very well said william browne photo expert in russian architecture and history from the town of bor of sc in a colored girl region. and in the next i will be joining modern no injuries as he takes a journey back in time unlocking the secrets of russia's historical golden ring and the town of deem it and its glittering white stone cathedrals which are on the us go heritage list. magnificent gold and white something cathedral was built in eleven fifty seven it was the principal place where the princes of ancient russia were crowned and as a sign of political and religious hour they can be seen kilometers away.
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well have to bring it up to date for the moment just twenty twenty minutes past the hour in the russian capital of about with a look at the headlines at home in the meantime stephanie is next with the business . hello welcome to the business but a tin hat on a t.v. russia has declared a state of emergency in four more regions hit by the west drought in a century and twenty seven regions are estimating about losses and market watchers warn of new price hikes that tell you how to have reports. crickey soil and plants such a total of two pictures can be seen in many russian regions the heat has burnt out
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more than ten million hectares of green fields he retired this may fall by quarter this year like many other farmers hundred and is counting his losses amounting so far to fifty percent of his films grain production vegetable production in essence all crop production that's open field crop production. and primarily the dairy industry but we're losing a significant volume of milk because of the heat but as soon as the heat is over we'll eventually bounce back the quality of the feed won't be quite the same the cost of the feed won't be quite the same drownd has a knock on effect on almost every agricultural sector the cost of producing green milk beef and hogs has doubled cattle breeders have lost their grass and now they're running out of cheap grain as drought continues dot clouds are gathering around the finance ministry as they contemplate their inflation forecast in two
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thousand and seven when there were also the similar rally all their cultural markets it's true that russia received. local inflation so personalized just upgraded the inflation forecast for this year but greatly by zero point five percentage point from the level of seven percent off some point five percent this is not that very. i don't believe that this level will constrain the comic recovery marketplace there's no reason for panicking and promise to keep prices at acceptable levels so the government doesn't have to intervene but looking into the future they can see another problem looming we have to change your whole policy on insurance there's only about ten percent of the crops have been insured and the insurance companies are not very friendly towards. not only. insuring the crops but they're not terribly friendly on pain obviously once that
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once the situation happens he says insurance companies should change their approach but also from more responsibility rather than strict you know their hand to the government and then you can slow the business. despite ending friday's trading session in the red it was a good week for the russian stock market as the head of research at metropole explains overall again that we were quite strong and when out on the talking about equities we're talking about. commodity is and there is gases russian market did really well this weekend you know addition to the support of their god from international markets from the performance over international equity markets it also got a strong dose of support for hamas strong commodity prices were sold prices morning . five dollars and this way you can actually stand there a new era of oil has begun the disaster in the gulf of mexico suggests the problems
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of one oil company may go global there are many more reserves are in hard to develop fields and that's pushing safety on technology higher up the agenda seen a timid reports. one hundred days and counting the gulf of mexico oil spill becomes a turning point for the whole oil industry and perhaps the global economy top exploration rules are coming into force just as easy as oil is running out energy companies will be forced to explore hard to reach fields and the extreme surroundings deep water and arctic conditions. for you know we're into really knew we were. risks of very high it was the gulf of mexico show it was. the water story robert dudley pioneered international level security and labor norms in russia now he's facing a tougher job setting and even lower threshold for ecological risk across b.p.
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all oil companies involved in sheltered spot ration are already working on a common security fund the accumulate emergency deposits chief jobs for what is going to be needed to make that commitment to safety for the environment for workers a priority number one we're going to see a sea change called boy as a result of what's happened in the gulf hopefully that sea change will reach the shores of safety security risk management could be the oil industry's new motto and russian oil giants wouldn't be immune is in the new innovative a business are cheap. and that's often the business here for now but you can always find most stories on our website that's our flash.
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wealthy british style. markets why not scandals. find out what's really happening to the global
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economy in the kinds of reports. coming into the future. just received schemes from a cinema and landed in your living room. on specialises street your stereo display a life no glasses no problem potentially a flurry of three d. consciousness she updates. we've got the country. the state has provided citizens with. child so full of. himself to find it odd stuff analysts of the tab. had a problem like. mum when the government since tank. shows on my flat. right hog is. going to kill him and are going to.
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to. the liquor.
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if you live from moscow this is top stories in this russian inferno twenty eight people have been killed and thousands left homeless as forest fires rage on in a record breaking heat wave. toxic fishing chinese authorities struggle to retrieve thousands of barrels of dangerous chemical waste from a river that supplies fresh water to self east in russia. and nazi defense authorities brought county fascist protesters from entering the stadium as ex nazi soldiers a commemorated in the baltic countries. about with more news more developments in less than half an hour from now in the meantime all golf talks to the spanish architect joseph who thinks that moscow must develop into the state of the capital of eurasia that's in his interview show spotlight next on altie.
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powell again allowed him to swaddle i.v. into a shell an r.c. i am now doing all that and today my guest is young as that has said believe it i could nine hundred ninety two he transformed better solo and into real olympic capital turning it from an aging city into one of the most vibrant and modern cities in europe he claims now that moscow can and must develop into a state of the our capital of eurasia is it a fantasy or a sensible evaluation we're about to find out. the big city and a beautiful city.


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